15 Injuries That Shocked Fans Silent

Injuries are a part of sports. As bad as they might be it’s a risk all athletes are willing to take in order to play the game they love. An injury can ruin a career or send a team’s season spiraling out of control and as a fan it’s hard to put oneself inside that particular athletes shoes unless you’ve experienced a similar injury yourself. A part from the physical strain recovering from an injury puts on an athlete’s body, the mental battle going on during the rehabilitation is just as grueling. To be at the top of your game at one moment then have it almost taken away from you and have to work your way back from scratch is not an easy thing to deal with.

No one likes to see a player get hurt. Despite the gravity of the game being played or the rivalries involved, most fans take no pleasure in seeing another human being injured on the ground with their future livelihood in question. There are those dire moments in sports when the injury seems so bad that spectators can do nothing but quietly look on in silent horror. Those moments when an athlete lays on the field motionless and the only way to get him off is via a stretcher or cart.

These rare moments are some of the few times that onlookers and athletes alike feel genuine fear during a game. It becomes bigger than whose winning or whatever storylines were being exploited leading up to the game. It’s the one time during a game that we all come together with one mindset. The player’s safety and health becomes the only thing going through people’s minds at that moment. Usually these players make it back from injury but others aren’t so fortunate.

16 *Disclaimer: some of these injuries are difficult to watch, so discretion is advised.

15 Kevin Ware

14 Anthony Conner

13 Marcus Lattimore

12 Anderson Silva

11 Eduardo Da Silva

10 Max Pacioretty

9 Sa Jae-Hyouk


The Olympics are a time to celebrate competition and the thrill of sport. However injuries are still a frightening reality for all athletes who compete in these storied games. South Korean weightlifter Sa Jae-Hyouk experienced one of the most unsettling injuries in Olympic history back in 2012 during the London summer games. The 2008 gold medalist was attempting to lift 357 pounds when he screamed in pain and fell to the floor, prompting the medical staff to rush to his aid. It was clear that he’d injured himself in some significant way with word coming later on that he’d dislocated his elbow.

8 Jeremy Lane

7 Sterling Sharpe

6 Dijbril Cisse

5 Joe Theismann

4 Victor Cruz

3 Paulo Diogo

2 Kevin Everett

1 Clint Malarchuk

This is without a doubt the goriest injury in sports. An injury so bad that it completely shocked fans and players alike. The former Buffalo Sabers goaltender had his neck cut by a stray skate and required more than 300 stitches to properly suture the wound. The blood spilled onto the ice in intense amounts. Had it not been for the quick thinking of the team's athletic trainer who stopped the bleeding long enough for him to make it to the hospital, this might've turned out much worse. Some spectators reportedly fainted and some players actually vomited at the gruesome scene.

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15 Injuries That Shocked Fans Silent