15 International Sportscasters That Will Drive You Crazy

In the world of sports, you may often find yourself watching and being amazed by male athletes on a more regular basis than females. But when it comes to hearing about those plays the next day or conducting some crucial interviews, there is no shortage of gorgeous sportscasters that we know every guy would love to check out.

As you'll also quickly learn and see with some unforgettable photos, gorgeous sportscasters aren't just something you find up in North America. Most of our entries come from around the world, such as Barbara Ovieni who hails from Italy and has also bared it all in magazine shoots. Or Katarina Sreckovic from Serbia, who is so good looking that she's been asked to leave at times because she was too distracting to the players. That doesn't mean we'll completely forget North America though, with expected stunners like Charissa Thompson and Jackie Redmond also making appearances on our list.

Only 1 country is coming away with 3 entries, but 4 others give us 2. Can you guess which one? We bet you'll love finding out! Although if Katarina from Serbia wasn't a good enough sign, you can rest assured we've looked in every corner of our beautiful planet to find you nothing but the best.

These are 15 Sportscasters From Around The World That Will Drive You Crazy!


15 Serbia: Katarina Sreckovic

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There is no denying that every woman on our list is gorgeous, but Katarina Sreckovic from Serbia may be the only woman whose good looks literally led to her being asked to leave a sports match.

"I was also asked to go away a couple of times because I was a distraction on the pitch, and players complained that they couldn't concentrate," said Sreckovic when asked about how players (primarily in the world of soccer) react to her. She thankfully also admitted that players got a little more used to her over time, but that they can still space out at times. Who would blame them! You might not be able to pronounce her last name, but we bet you won't forget her.

14 Mexico: Jimena Sanchez

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You might need to understand Spanish to benefit from Jimena Sanchez's insight on the sporting world, but her good looks are definitely universally understood. Sanchez made a name for herself by appearing on Fox Sports' Lo Mejor de Fox Sports, but she also has a notable online presence.

With over 1,600 photos and 3.1 million followers on Instagram, she has one of the biggest followings of anyone on our list and is comparable with some prominent celebrities. It also means you have plenty of photos to ogle over! Sanchez has shown support for a variety of teams over the years, but most predominantly seems to support the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Lakers and New York Yankees. Let's hope the world series didn't bum her out too much. Though (spoiler alert) we have a voluptuous Venezualan on our list who we're sure was ecstatic!


13 America: April Rose

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April Rose has definitely had her career grow in the sports world in part thanks to her good looks and talents as a model. She's appeared on Maxim's Top 100 list on multiple occasions but has also hosted their Super Bowl party 5 years in a row. We can definitely understand why Maxim magazine would pursue her, as she is a real stunner.

Rose has also appeared as a contributor to a variety of programs, including Fox Sports Barret Jackson Auto Auction. Her Instagram profile, which currently features roughly 300,000 followers also makes sure to show her allegiance to the Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox. She may have been wishing she was a Cubs fan when they won the world series though!

12 Canada: Renee Young 

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There are many talented performers in the WWE that leave you entertained on a regular basis for their talents in the ring. But while Renee Young isn't going to be breaking necks anytime soon, she's still one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the WWE. Her talents extended instead to the world of presenting, including working as a backstage interviewer and hosting the commentary show Aftermath (originally titled Right After Wrestling). Fans of WWE are ecstatic every time she graces the screen, and we can help but thank our neighbours to the north for this beautiful export. Renee married wrestler Dean Ambrose back in 2017, and appears to have been living happily ever after ever since.


11 Britain: Diana Stewart

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Golf may not be as action-packed as some of the other sports on our list, but you better believe you'd find it hard to turn away if it was Diana Stewart that was the one breaking down the game for you.

She was obviously impressed with what European golfer Nick Dougherty brought to the table, as the two married in 2010. Something tells us their honeymoon probably included plenty of opportunities for the two of them to hit up the links! Especially because as you see, Stewart looks beautiful with a club in her hand. Stewart's biggest claim to fame in the presenting game is her role on the show Golf Night. If you ask us, she scores a perfect "hole in one" for her amazing beauty.

10 India: Shibani Dandekar

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Shibani Dandekar is a woman of many talents, making a career in the music and acting industry as well as being a talented model. With close to 1 million followers on Instagram, we're sure her fans have plenty of reasons why they love her. And as you can tell by her placement on this list, she also has some involvement in the world of TV presenting; more specifically in the world of cricket.

You may not be as interested in cricket as some of the bigger sports in North America, but something tells us Dandekar could still hold your attention. You may also be interested in learning that she also has a pretty good sense of rhythm and competed on the Indian version of Dancing with the Stars.


9 Italy: Barbara Ovieni

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Barbara Ovieni is used to letting her fans check her out in a variety of revealing outfits. But earlier this year, Ovieni let the audience check out too much of her when she flashed them her camouflage-themed underpants that were underneath her white dress.

She was presenting for the soccer show Rabona at the time of the incident. But if you wanted to see even more of her, you may be interested in finding out that she also has appeared in Playboy. Perhaps the fact that people have seen what lies beneath also made it easier to get over the wardrobe malfunction. While it's hard to say where her future career is going to lead, we're sure there are plenty of people who are going to be supportive. Especially if she elects to follow more of her modelling opportunities!

8 Canada: Jackie Redmond

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Jackie Redmond's most notable career accomplishment has been working as an anchor for Sportsnet Central up in Canada. She has moved on to perhaps an even bigger role, however, working as a host for both the NHL and MLB networks. While many fans were disappointed that meant she was off Sporstnet, she made sure to Tweet out to her fans that she'll be even more active on social media.

Which is great news for her 57,000 followers, a number that we're sure is only going to grow significantly as her profile continues to grow. Redmond also makes sure to let fans know that she's a huge potato chip enthusiast, so if you're ever trying to get in her good books at least you have that to open with.


7 Spain: Sara Carbonero

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There are many perks that come with being a professional athlete. One of the biggest may be the fact that you can capture the eye of some of the most gorgeous women in the entire world. Such was the case for the professional soccer goalie Iker Casillas, who in 2009 was able to win over the captivating sports reporter Sara Carbonero. At least you know the two had some things in common.

They have two children together, with the most recent one being born in 2016. You think those kids are going to grow up to be sports fans?! Let's hope they still manage to get to spend some quality time together, as it would be a shame for her beauty to not be appreciated to its fullest extent.

6 Mexico: Ines Sainz

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Ines Sainz should feel pretty secure in her job as a presenter on the sports interview show Deportips, as she is one of the owners of the company that produces the show! But even if Sainz's presenting career ended tomorrow, something tells us she'd probably find some pretty fantastic success in the modelling world. While Sainz is primarily known for her international work, she did have an interaction with the New York Jets that reportedly left her feeling harassed from players' catcalls and other rude comments. That's definitely not acceptable and we hope it didn't turn her off from potentially working in North America again in the future. In the meantime, we'll have to enjoy her beauty and commentary from a distance.


5 America: Charissa Thompson

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Charissa Thompson is one of the most charismatic women in the sports world. There aren't many who could stand beside Terry Crews for Ultimate Beastmaster and still be the host who is dropping some serious enthusiasm. Thompson's accolades also include time spent at ESPN and she can currently be seen on Fox Sports. Thompson should be commended not only for all she has accomplished but her tremendous attitude as well. On her Instagram account, she makes sure to throw out some positive vibes stating "Be kind to others & light. Life is too short to be so serious." Sounds like good advice to us! She also clearly take care of herself, as seen by her athletic attire in the photo.

4 Venezuela: Adriana Monsalve

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There are many people who are ecstatic that the Houston Astros won the world series this year. They definitely wouldn't have been successful without the talents of Jose Altuve who was also voted as the Most Valuable Player in the league. One woman in particular who was ecstatic with the news was Adriana Monsalve, who currently represents Univision Deportes (a major Spanish sports corporation) and like Altuve, is Venezuelan. While she's more than happy to support fellow Venezuelan athletes all over her Instagram page, we're sure you prefer the tremendous photo of just her alone that we've selected. While she may not be as famous as Altuve in sports circles, we're sure you'd rather watch her give commentary than the MVP!


3 Italy: Laura Esposto

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Laura Esposto has bounced around various stations throughout her career as a television presenter, but at the end of the day as long as she is covering the sport she is passionate about (soccer), we're sure she's going to be pretty happy.

Her career has also taken her all over the world, including seeing her spend time in Los Angeles where she also modelled, but she is currently working for Sky Sport (Italy). When you consider the fact that she probably has more friends and family back in Italy rather than in North America, you may assume she's pretty happy staying out of North America. Esposto also has a website on which she promotes the importance of being yourself.

2 India: Shonali Nagrani

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If you loved sports and you lived in India, there's a pretty high chance you'd be a fan of the Indian Premier League which is the biggest league for Cricket. The sport brings in hundreds of millions of dollars and features some incredibly talented athletes. But Shonali Nagrani, who is a focal point in various hosting and commentating duties with the league, is also no stranger to putting her talents to good use.

While she did not win, Nagrani was also named the 1st runner-up in the Miss International 2003 contest, which you also have to admit is pretty respectable! At only 33 years old, the future is still very bright for Nagrani, and she definitely is doing her part to grow the audience for cricket across the world.


1 America: Erin Andrews

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You're not going to be able to make a list of the hottest sportscasters from around the world and not include arguably the biggest name in America. Especially when this American gives the country the winning edge!

Erin Andrews has made her talent known at some of the biggest football games of all-time and is currently working with Fox Sports, but that's not the only way to see her. She is currently working as a host on Dancing With The Stars which also meant she got reunited with Terrell Owens on this past season. Andrews has also appeared in several photo shoots over the years, including one for Health magazine earlier in 2017. We're sure she was more than happy to show off the results of her hard work at staying healthy!


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