15 Jaw-Dropping Eugenie Bouchard Photos That Prove She Should Never Play Tennis Again

Eugenie Bouchard is arguably one of the hottest female tennis players alive. She's also currently struggling in professional tennis. Don't get us wrong, to the average person or aspiring tennis junkie, Bouchard is fantastic. But, as a professional with a professional singles record of 224-152 (59.57%), she's currently ranked 74th in the world and well below where she'd like to be. She's never reached higher than 5th for a ranking, but she's brought more media attention to women's tennis than just about anyone who isn't a Williams' sister.

While being attractive has prolonged Bouchard's tennis career far more than her playing has, there are a number of things she could do with her "gifts" off the court. A model, an actress, a tv host, another sport or more modelling? Why not all of the above? She's got a larger than life personality and could pull off any number of jobs when her tennis days are done.

She's wildly active on social media, letting her fans keep up with her and giving them a glimpse into her personal life. From going on dates with a Twitter follower to sharing her latest vacations or shopping trends, Bouchard consistently lets the world know that tennis is only a small part of her everyday life.

Below are 15 photos that show why Eugenie Bouchard may want to consider another career. Be it for positive reasons (like she's just too damn hot to be only a tennis star) or because she's struggled in her professional career as of late.

You be the judge and tell us what you think! By the way... we're being hard on Eugenie in some instances here, but we really do love her!


18 The Bottom Half


All we can tell you is that there's more to this photo. And when we say more, we mean the bottom half that we left out to keep you guessing. Bouchard posted a photo of herself in a thong bikini and it leaves little to the imagination about what exactly her bottom looks like. As you can imagine, it's pretty great.

Check out her Instagram feed and enjoy this and many other photos that didn't quite make our list but could have. As one commenter put it in the comments section of her photo, "Cheeky little thing you are!". We tend to agree. This photo shows us that tennis is not her greatest "asset" if you get what we're saying. And, we know that you do.

17 She Was Made For The Camera


How can you look at a photo like this and not think Eugenie Bouchard is made for the camera? Everything about her from her face, her hair, her outfit and her smile to the way she's posing for the camera suggests that tennis was not her natural calling, but modeling is.

It's easy to see why people view her as one of tennis' hottest female athletes ever. And, that's saying a lot considering this is the same sport that produced players like Maria Kirilenko, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova. That's a pretty incredible group of women to follow and Bouchard does it with ease. She also has that sense of innocence about her that makes her even more attractive than the other women listed.

16 Swimwear Model


What can we say about this photo that the picture alone doesn't already say? Bouchard looks stunning in this little yellow bikini and is showing she has the assets to take on the swimwear world as a model if she wanted to.

Is she relaxing on the beach when she should be practicing? Is this a photo shoot for a magazine promoting her as one of tennis' sexiest players? Is this a photo she planned to share with her millions of followers on social media?

Honestly, who really cares. We're just glad she took the photo in the first place and it's one of the hottest to make our list. We could have placed this one as all 15 of our entries and felt totally fine about it.

15 Those Eyes


If you were lucky enough to be up close and personal with Eugenie Bouchard and she looked at you with those eyes, would you not just melt? This photo looks like something right out of a Revlon or Maybelline commercial. In fact, Bouchard should be doing more commercials.

From what we know at this point in her career, Bouchard has signed an endorsement contract with Coca-Cola. Earlier agreements exist with Rogers, Pinty's, and equipment sponsors including Nike. In 2015, Bouchard signed a 10 year deal with Canadian insurance company Aviva. There is definitely a future for her in marketing and unlike a lot of other top athletes, she's not getting these deals because she always wins. We know that not to be the case based on her professional record.

14 Frustrated With Her Game


For all we know, this picture was taken at a time that Bouchard was excited to have scored a big point during a tennis match. We're also as likely to believe it came during a point of frustration.

Bouchard was ranked as high as fifth in the world at one point in 2014. Since that time, she's failed to live up to expectations and some suggest that her many endeavors outside of tennis have distracted her from being as good as she could or should be in the sport. Since 2014, she's been repeatedly eliminated in first round matchups at some of the world's biggest tournaments. So far in 2017 she has a losing record. For someone who was at one time touted to be tennis' "next big thing", she's fallen off the rails and that has to be frustrating to her.

13 Just An Everyday Beauty


A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@eugenie_bouchard_) on


This photo was posted in July of 2016 and it shows a Bouchard that is simply naturally stunning. There are lots of celebs who look great when all the makeup is on and the hair is "did" with the outfit to match, but Eugenie looks amazing just chilling on the couch with her hoodie and understated makeup.

She's repping Nike in this picture too, but she's so natural you almost don't even notice. This is the type of photo that proves that no matter what Bouchard wanted to do, she could probably pull it off. She's naturally pretty and her face just draws you in. Keep taking those selfies and your fans will keep flocking to your Instagram account. She's up to 1.5 million followers to date.

12 Football Analyst Turned Online Dater?

During Super Bowl LI which saw the New England Patriots play the Atlanta Falcons, Bouchard used Twitter to give her thoughts on how the game would turn out. She picked Atlanta to win and if you recall, Atlanta was looking unstoppable by the third quarter.

A fan of Bouchard's named John Goehrke bet against her, saying that if the Patriots would win the game she would have to go on a date with him. Lucky for this fan, the New England Patriots managed to beat the Atlanta Falcons after a historic 25 point comeback. She wasn't the only one to jump the gun on her prediction that day and being the good sport she is, she later released a statement on her Twitter which said "I will do it, I stay true to my word".

The two went on a date to watch a basketball game at Madison Square Garden. Bouchard paid for Goehrke's flight and accommodations and she proved it is best to leave the football predictions to the experts.


11 Golfer?

Best shot of the day thanks coach @themichellewie

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Ok, we'll admit after watching this video, Bouchard doesn't have the most natural swing in the world. That said, we've seen way worse and there's at least something there to work with. A good pro teacher should be able to get something out of a natural athlete like Bouchard. The nice thing about golf is that it's also become a sport where the female athletes don't necessarily have to be the best to get famous.

Outside of tennis, perhaps golf is the one sport for women that openly flaunts how attractive their female stars are. We've seen what Bouchard looks like in a tennis outfit. Maybe it's time she took some lessons and gave golf a try! The one thing we did see in this video is how she can rock a golf outfit.





7  7. Professional DJ?

Genie lookin mighty pimp with that shirt and those Beats

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If you've followed Bouchard on Instagram, you'll notice a trend. She has a handful of photos where she is seen posing with a pair of headphones. In this one, it's a yellow/gold pair of Beats by Dre. A lot of people know that Beats headphones are the choice of many DJs and this photo, along with the fact that she's posed with other music stars like The Weeknd make us believe perhaps she's a music aficionado?

If that's the case, one of the quickest ways to hop into another industry is to become a DJ. Paris Hilton did it, as did other celebs, and this may be a path Eugenie is thinking about following once her tennis career is done. Drop that beat DJ Genie!

6 Ok... We Lied

💚💚💚 @si_swimsuit

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Ok, when we said before that the other bikini photo was the sexiest of all the photos we put on our list, we may have overlooked this one. This shot for Sports Illustrated show Bouchard on the beach in a sexy green one-piece that doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination.

She offers that mix or steamy, cute, naughty and wholesome all in one photo and it's working for us big time! Canada should be extremely proud she's a native of their country. The only thing that could make them prouder is if she was wearing red and white.

We've decided that the only fair thing to do if ever remade this list, is to take this photo and the last photo and alternate them over and over.

5 Bed Time!

Friday night feels

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on


If this is really what Bouchard looks like when she goes to bed, then she should quit tennis right now and take up modelling evening nightgowns for women. Bouchard is suggesting by her tag "Friday night feels" one of two things. First, this is either a natural look for her on a Friday. If that's the case, have mercy. Second, by "feels", she could mean that somebody special is getting a little lucky. Makes you wonder who that somebody might be.

It was revealed not long ago that Bouchard was dating professional hockey player Jordan Caron. Maybe he's the one who this photo was intended for? This photo was posted on her Instagram account not long after she posted a photo revealing she was dating Caron.

4 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmasssss

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

While Bouchard gets in the spirit of the holidays, we can't help but think, why don't all of Santa's little helpers look like this? If this is what the average run-of-the-mill elf looked like at the mall, we know for sure we'd be shopping a lot more.

Bouchard must really love her fans because she took time out of her day on the actual holiday of Christmas to post this photo and wish everyone a "Merry Christmasss". I'm not sure why she added so many sssss's at the end of that tag, but we can forgive anyone who rocks a Santa hat with such glamour. She almost looks sad, as though she didn't get what she wanted this past year. Maybe she was asking for more individual tennis success and so far that hasn't really happened.

3 U.S Open Failures

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Changing up the theme a bit, we had to include a photo which might describe in a picture the frustration Bouchard has been feeling as of late. Taken at the US Open, this was a winning moment for Bouchard although it may not look like it. The US Open tournaments have not been kind to her as of late.

In 2016 and 2017, she has not advanced past the first round in singles competition and was eliminated in the first round of the 2017 tourney in doubles action as well. She's played in the tournament since 2013 but just can't seem to get to the point where she can be considered a serious contender.

The one thing we'll give her, whether she's winning a point or losing a point, she looks extremely attractive doing it.

2 Movie Star?

Genie and The Rock!!!

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When you get as much press as Bouchard does, and then you get to pose with one of Hollywood's biggest and most current A-list actors, why wouldn't you get a little taste in your mouth for the movie business?

This photo gives us all sorts of ideas. Maybe she could make a cameo on the Rock's show Ballers on HBO? Maybe, he could bring her in for a one-time appearance in the WWE? Maybe he finds her a small cameo role on one of his upcoming movies? When you know someone who works as hard as Dwayne Johnson does and has his hands on as many projects as he does, there are limitless possibilities when you look like Bouchard.

For all the ladies out there, the Rock doesn't look too shabby either.

1 The Lifestyle

While out West

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Here's the thing with this final photo on our list. We're not really sure how to use it to suggest Bouchard should stop playing tennis immediately. We could take the approach that the food in this picture is not exactly the kind of diet any superstar tennis player should be eating. We could also suggest that if she's going to be repping something as a tennis pro, she might want to pick something a bit more high profile than In-N-Out Burger.

Alternatively, we could go a completely different direction and suggest how amazing it is that Bouchard can still look this attractive with a huge tray of junk food in front of her. One of the things people seem to like so much about Bouchard is that she doesn't appear to be your typical jock. She doesn't always eat "athlete food" and her fans love her for it.


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