15 Jaw-Dropping Photos That Prove Maria Sharapova Should Just Retire And Model

Maria Sharapova's tennis prime seems to have run its course, but not her looks... 15 Jaw-Dropping Photos That Prove Maria Sharapova Should Just Retire

In the world of professional sports, some athletes decide to make more money on the side besides playing their respective sport. In the old days, athletes would take up part time jobs in the off-season to make ends meet. Now a days, with significantly high contracts taking over sports; athletes do not necessarily need a second job. However, some still take advertisement contracts to appear in commercials seen worldwide. You've seen them before, such as Peyton Manning doing Papa John's Pizza, Michael Jordan doing Gatorade, etc. These athletes could probably get away with surviving on their contracts. But instead, they choose to do the commercials to save their money for a worthwhile retirement. Besides commercials, another good way for athletes to earn some extra money is by modeling.

Modeling is a great profession if the athletes can keep up with their figure. One athlete that seems to be doing nice work with her figure is world renowned female tennis player Maria Sharapova. Sharapova has been a dominant player ever since she turned professional at age 14. She has won five singles titles which includes two French Open championships in 2012 and 2014. But the craziest thing of all is Sharapova is beautiful enough to give up her tennis swing for a career in modeling. This list takes a look at the potential fantasy of Sharapova turning full time to modeling. Seeing as how Sharapova is 30 now, that could be a very realistic possibility in the near future. Here now are 15 jaw-dropping photos of Maria Sharapova that prove she should just retire and model.

15 Abs Can Be Attractive!


Every professional athlete dreams of having the perfect body with solid abs. Fortunately for Maria Sharapova, she doesn't have to worry about that. At number 15, she is modeling off a dark black bikini top and black skirt. But besides trying to promote articles of clothing, the other big message to take away from the photo is that Maria is rocking a tight stomach and hard abs. Tennis players need this especially because of the rotation in their hips to have more power on their serves and returns. Well give Maria credit; she serves hard aces, killer returns, and all while having a sexy stomach and abs like that. This is only the beginning of some phenomenal photos that will prove just how sexy off of the tennis court Maria Sharapova really is. Yes fans, there will be some with a lot more skin; not to worry!

14 City Girl Kind of View


Some athletes like living in the suburbs. Others like to do "big city living". The number 14 photo shows just how sexy Maria is with the big city behind her. This photo resembles Sharapova in a beautiful red Nike top, holding on to a glass window with a fierce look on her face. There are a few reasons why this photo can be well-received. The blonde hair green eyes showing off in this photo make her face look incredibly sexy. The view of the city in the background shows she can have a good time anywhere. It is amazing to think Sharapova can look that good from that high of an angle. The best part is the mysterious look on her face in this. Could she be thinking about her next match? Could she be thinking about her next shoot? Only Sharapova knows the answer to that. If you like fierce photos of the tennis star, the next one is truly a gem to see.

13 Fierce Yet Elegant

70's vibe for today's shoot. And a fresh haircut. đŸ’đŸŒ

A post shared by Maria Sharapova (@mariasharapova) on

There is fierce, and then there is Maria Sharapova fierce. Coming in at number 13 is a photo of Maria that shows more tenacity and fearlessness than even the previous photo could offer. Here is Sharapova in a country setting with her left hand up and having a look of deep thought on her face. Intelligence is sexy, ask any person in the world. With this photo, Sharapova is showing off her intelligence by being in deep thought. Maybe she is thinking about her 2006 U.S. Open and how she dominated the competition in that particular tournament.

Once again, the blonde hair green eye combination is one that shows off well in this photo. The one part that hasn't been focused on yet is Sharapova's slender legs. This next photo will hopefully give the fans what they want.

12 What A Smile, And In Heels!


What is it about men loving women wearing heels? Maybe it is the fact that it makes legs look more appealing and having women taller is a good thing. Only the eye of the beholder knows the answer to that. But for now, we'll focus on Maria Sharapova. The number 12 photo perfectly portrays two different parts of her body: her legs and her smile. Sharapova is listed in programs at 6'2, definitely taller than the average woman. So she doesn't have to wear heels to look good except for the occasional red carpet event.

However, this photo nice shows off just how gorgeous her legs are when she's not using them to get to a ball on the other side of the tennis court. This is just one of many looks that will make non-tennis fans drool over tennis superstar Maria Sharapova.

11 Boca Raton Beauty


There are some beautiful places to visit in the world. Some include New York, Boston, Chicago, and others. As far as beaches goes, one of the best places to look for great beaches is Boca Raton, Florida. Obviously if beauty is mentioned in tennis, Maria Sharapova's name is sure to get brought up somewhere. That is why the location of the number 11 photo along with Sharapova's beauty make it a match made in heaven. Here we have Sharapova smiling at the camera with a beautiful beach in Boca Raton being portrayed in the background.

Sharapova is rocking a blue top with blue bikini top hiding underneath. This one just shows how beautiful in general Sharapova is. It doesn't focus on any particular body part too much on the upper half of her body. There will be more photos later on that focus on the lower half specifically. But for now, let's enjoy Maria and the beach.

10 Schoolgirl Sort of Look


Have you ever seen the movies where there are school girls that wear the stereotypical schoolgirl outfit? Or have you seen the women on Halloween that dress as naught schoolgirls? Well, Maria Sharapova does the schoolgirl look proud in the number 10 photo on this list. Sharapova has a blue sweater on with a white collared shirt showing up at the neck. This looks like she is ready to attend class at the local private/catholic school. She also has the smirk on her face that says, "I know you're looking and adoring me right now." Way to tease us with your unbelievable looks Maria! Anyways, she really knows how to get the camera person's attention. Maybe Sharapova has a costume idea for Halloween 2017 based on this sizzling photo.

9 All-American Girl


The great thing about Maria Sharapova is she can pull off any look. She can pull off the city look. She can pull off the sexy, schoolgirl work. In the number nine photo that proves Sharapova should model full-time, she pulls off the All-American girl look. You've seen the movies with the All-American girl before. They have the beautiful hair, beautiful smile, humble personality, and all around good girl. The same can be said about Sharapova. She has the beautiful blonde hair, big green eyes that can easily be lost in, and the body that keeps heads turning.

Sharapova's smile and dark black top help put the All-American look together. The best part about this photo is that the rest of the photos get better. Sure a nice smile and nice eye/hair combination is sexy in its own right. But the rest of these photos will make eyes pop open.

8 Smile For The Camera, Maria!


Hopefully, seeing some skin on Maria Sharapova will get more fans to read and view more about her. The beautiful Sharapova has a good photo of herself at the beach coming in at number eight on the list. Here, she is seen in the water in a small, black bikini holding her phone in her hand and looking away in a different direction. Why does Sharapova have a phone in her hand near the water? God only knows! But, we are sure glad to see her in a swimsuit. The confidence she has in herself and her body is simply outstanding. Not more more can be said about this photo except wow, simply wow! But have fans ever wondered what Maria Sharapova looks like in a car showing off her natural beauty? Well, the number seven photo about to be seen will answer that question!

7 Want To Take A Ride In My Car?


This photo is for all of the car fanatics out there. At number seven on the list comes Maria Sharapova modeling inside of the driver's side of a car. The smile once again is the main attribute that sticks out. She also gives a flashback to the schoolgirl outfit picture with the blue vest and white collared shirt underneath showing at the neck. Imagine walking down the street and its Maria Sharapova in the car driving without a care in the world. She pulls over next to you and asks, "Want to take a ride with me?" Only faithful men or absolute imbeciles would say no. Anybody else would jump at the opportunity to come within the same vicinity as Sharapova. This photo also discretely shows how toned her arm is in this photo. It just goes to show whether it is modeling or professional sports, the results are shown if the work is put in!

6 Let's Go To The Beach


The next photo coming in at number six on the list is a simple, yet effective one. Here we see Sharapova laying out on the beach in a white bikini. Everything looks good here from her hand positioning to her feet ever so slightly kissing the sand. The stomach is nicely shown off here as well as the brightness of her blonde hair. All of the 6'2, 130 pound Sharapova shows here as she lays on her side. The most amazing part of it all is that Sharapova is on the smaller side for twins, only being a 32 B size. Well, her curves show nicely in this photo as they seem to want some attention. Don't worry Sharapova fans, there will be more bikini pictures of the lovely Russian tennis star to go around.

5 Thinking About Her Next Championship


Now it is time to get into the cream of the crop photos that show off Sharapova's modeling potential. At number five comes a picture of Sharapova presumably in a train of thought with her long, blonde hair flowing in the background along with a soothing water background. What could Sharapova be thinking about one might ask? The answer could be her next singles championship. Maria Sharapova has won five major open championships in her career, her last one coming in the 2006 U.S. Open as the article mentions earlier. She has to be wondering when her next championship is coming. It certainly is tough considering she has to deal with dominance in the form of Venus and Serena Williams in presumably every major tournament she participates in. But for now, we all can enjoy Maria looking back at life and wondering what she could have done differently and apply it toward her next singles major tournament victory.

4 Have To Love The Polka Dots!


She is beautiful, she is in a swimsuit, she is smiling, what more could this photo need to show off the beauty that is Maria Sharapova? There really isn't a lot more. It settles in nicely to the number four spot on this particular list. The bikini she is wearing shows red and white with polka dots. It isn't exactly the itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot swimsuit that she wore for the first time today, but fans certainly will take this photo. Her long, toned legs definitely show as well as the flat stomach. This could be even a number one photo on a lot of other lists. But for this one, there are three more that simply show off even more beauty than this one shows.

3 Should I Lay Like This?


Any man would love to see a beautiful woman laying down on a beach in her little swimsuit. This picture of Sharapova coming into the number three spot proves to be no different. Here, we see Sharapova laying down posing for the camera laying down. This photo is great for a few reasons. The look on her face is simply breath-taking. It can make a man's heart heavy. She also shows off her behind really well in this. There definitely will be more on Maria's butt later on. The sandy left arm in her picture also shows she is not afraid to get down and dirty when the time calls for it. Sharapova has dove for many balls in her career to get that difficult last point in a set. We are glad to see her just laying down in her swimsuit doing nothing but giving us something to drool about.

2 Want A Sneak Peek?


Coming into the number two spot is truly a picture that cannot be looked at only once. Sharapova is seen modeling a fur coat and very short blue skirt along with blue and grey high heels. The best part of this photo is it gives a sneak peek of Maria's butt for all to see. Anytime a professional athlete gives a sneak peek of their private parts showing, it can send fans into an absolute frenzy. The stern look on Sharapova's face gives off an impression of, "My derriere may be showing, but I want it to show so you all can stare at what you can't have."

Come on Maria, why do you have to tease all fans like that? But on a more serious note, this is a photo that really shows how Sharapova can model just about anything from bikinis to regular clothes.

1 The Beach, The View, and The Maria


The number one photo on our list puts everything together. The beach in the background, the view of the whole beach around her, and Maria Sharapova looking the sexiest she has ever looked. Here, she is laying down in a side plank position in a white bikini looking fierce and ferocious. Her stomach is shown greatly in this photo along with her sexy legs. This is the top photo that can perfectly portray just how beautiful of a woman Maria Sharapova really is. The writing on the wall (or in this case post) is simple. Maria Sharapova has had a great tennis career and made a lot of money playing tennis. But, she could also easily give up the racket for the cameras to make a solid paycheck while showing off how good looking she is. This photo helps round out the top 15 photos that prove Maria Sharapova should just retire and model full-time.

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15 Jaw-Dropping Photos That Prove Maria Sharapova Should Just Retire And Model