15 Most Adventurous Athletes Behind Closed Doors

When average people dream of becoming an athlete, they tend to dwell on the perks. Not the hard work or the determination...the perks. It’s not hard to see why. The world’s most famous athletes are wealthy, popular, influential, and tend to resemble statues designed by people trying to sculpt the ideal human. Of course, some people just focus on the fact that athletes sleep with beautiful people more times in a week than many people do in a lifetime. Again, those kinds of things will happen when you’re wealthy, popular, influential, and...well, you catch our drift.

Still, there are some athletes that go beyond the call of duty. While their teammates and rivals are dating supermodels and other such trivial things, they are engaging in the kind of private adventures that most of us just assume only exist in the world of fiction. Some of these athletes became adventurous when they grew bored with the normal activities. Others simply always enjoyed such activities and used the opportunities that being a famous athlete can provide in order to further their adventures. Some are weird, some are wonderful, and others are just prolific. These are the 15 most “adventurous” athletes behind closed doors.

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15 Greg Oden’s Strange Party Invitations

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Many scouts thought that Greg Oden was second-coming of NBA big men. To be fair, he played like the second coming during his time in college. Unfortunately, a series of injuries derailed Oden’s NBA career and prevented him from realizing his full potential. The good news is that Oden had plenty of other...talents to fall back on even when times were bad. Some leaked photos released during Oden’s career revealed that Oden’s physical gifts are greater than most people thought.

Apparently, one of his favorite college pastimes involved walking into parties with his...physical gifts hanging out and politely asking whether or not anyone wanted to join him upstairs. Reports suggest that his request was usually answered by several women.

14 Kevin Durant’s Mass Texts

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Trailblazer’s wasted pick of Greg Oden is made that much worse when you consider that they could have drafted Kevin Durant instead. Of course, it’s quite possible that Kevin Durant would have just left them for the Golden State Warriors anyway, but that’s a different subject. While Oden and Durant will be forever linked due to their back-to-back draft status, they should also be known as two of the most adventurous athletes in the history of college bedroom escapades.

While the details of what Durant got up to behind closed doors are unknown, it’s long been reported that Durant’s preferred method of attracting ladies involved sending out mass - as in double-digit - text messages to the considerable number of ladies on his phone. He would then schedule the girls as the texts came in.

13 Lawrence Taylor's Endless Appetite

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In the minds of football fans, there are two Lawrence Taylors. There is the Lawrence Taylor who almost single-handedly reinvented the linebacker position with his aggressive play style, and there is the Lawrence Taylor who almost single-handedly reinvented the idea of debauchery with his off the field actions. Where do you even start with Taylor? How about the half a dozen prostitutes a day that Taylor would hire? Or would you rather talk about the prostitutes that he would hire for other players in order to tire them out before games? Better yet, let’s focus on the penicillin-infused milkshakes that Taylor would apparently drink in order to combat the diseases he acquired from his prostitute friends. Let’s just not even get into the time that he apparently tried to pay a 16-year old girl $300 to sleep with him.

12 Cristiano Ronaldo’s Idea Of Team "Bonding"

Lawrence Taylor wasn’t the only player who recognized the strategic benefit of hired bedroom performers. Let’s look at a couple of players who bonded with their teammates over prostitutes the same way you might meet someone over coffee. First, we have legendary soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was a well-known playboy who loved to sleep around with various great beauties. He was not, however, a selfish playboy. After Manchester United scored a huge victory over the Tottenham Hotspurs, Ronaldo decided that the best way to celebrate and ensure that the team bond remained strong was to arrange a massive team, um, 'session' catered by a large number of prostitutes. For what it’s worth, Manchester United did have an excellent year and looked to function as a cohesive unit.

11 Dwyane Wade's Secret Parties

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Compared to the adventures of some other NBA stars, Dwyane Wade has always come across as a pretty average guy. Sure, you’d occasionally hear stories about his divorce or something like that, but compared to the Kobe Bryants of the NBA, he seemed downright saintly. That’s not exactly the truth, however. It turns out that Dwyane Wade really liked to party. A former business partner of Wade’s revealed Wade used to host massive bedroom parties at one of his apartments two to three times a week when he was able. While this businessman seemed to be oddly fascinated by the fact that Wade smoked marijuana at these parties - shocking, we know - many people were surprised to hear that Dwyane Wade the party host is apparently a man without shame.

10 Derek Jeter is Basically The Real American Psycho

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Jeter, much like Dwyane Wade, is another one of those high-profile athletes that people tend not to associate with too wild of a personal lifestyle. Sure, the man got around, but you try being an attractive, wealthy, world-famous athlete without racking up a few notches on your bedpost. According to various reports from some of Jeter’s former bedroom companions, Jeter was scarily obsessed with himself in the bedroom. The most famous of these stories involves Jeter’s fondness for preparing for bedroom adventures by sitting naked in his living room while watching highlights of himself and yelling “YEAH JEETS!”

There are also the stories involving him gifting his bedroom companions with gift baskets largely consisting of autographed items. Occasionally, he’d forget he slept with someone and give them the same gift twice.

9 The British Olympic Team’s Rooftop Activities Forced the Olympic Committee to Intervene

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This entire list could have consisted have Olympic athlete stories and it would still represent the most wild bedroom stories in the history of athletic competition. Whenever you get thousands of world-class athletes together in the same place, they seem to become very fond of hooking up as many times as possible. It’s a time-honored Olympic tradition that the 1988 British team took too far. Apparently, Olympic representatives decided to take a trip to the rooftop of the hotel that the British Olympic team was staying at after receiving various noise complaints. When they arrived, they found what has been described as an ocean of used condoms. The Olympic committee was forced to step in and inform the British that they would have to ban the next person they caught getting it on.

8 Breaux Greer’s Nightly Activities Cause Him To Withdraw From The Olympics

via nypost.com

Now, when we say that Olympic athletes have a history of setting bedroom records during the global sporting event, we’re not just talking about the most high-profile participants. To give you an idea of the scope of these activities, there was once a table tennis player named Matthew Syed who supposedly slept with more women in just a few days than he’d slept with in his entire life up until that point. However, few Olympic athletes have ever been as successful in that regard as Javelin competitor Breaux Greer.

According to Greer, he slept with at least three women every night. While that’s impressive enough in its own right, it’s also been reported that the knee injury Greer suffered which forced him to withdraw from the Olympics was the result of his nightly habits. It’s all about priorities.

7 Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich Take Wife Swapping To the Next Level

via espn.com

The idea of wife swapping is one of those things you don’t really think about outside of the premise of a bad reality show or some story about ancient Roman history. However, there are people who occasionally decide to swap spouses for fun. It’s a time-honored tradition that former Yankee teammates Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich arguably took further than anyone could have possibly imagined. After realizing that each man was very attracted to the other player’s wife, Peterson and Kekich decided to not just swap wives but essentially swap lives. Peterson and Kekich basically swapped families. The strange part is that they remained quite close after the swap. Truth be told, we’re not entirely sure if this counts as adventurous, but we’re pretty sure that you don’t go in for this kind of thing unless you’re free of hangups.

6 James Worthy's Strange Addiction

via youtube.com

The 1980s Lakers are famous for being one of the greatest basketball dynasties of all-time and a team comprised mostly of hardcore partiers who so happened to be great at basketball. Obviously, Magic Johnson was the star of the team in terms of on the court activities and off the court activities. However, he was far from the only person on that team who eventually had to confess to some shocking bedroom adventures. James Worthy is probably the most notable example of the Lakers’ debauchery during that era. Many of you might remember that time that Worthy was busted as part of a prostitution sting, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Worthy hired prostitutes while on the road more times than most people tied their shoes. His own wife later stated that it was just something that was part of his character.

5 Charles Haley...Just Everything About Charles Haley

via bloggingtheboys.com

Charles Haley was crazy. Not funny crazy or occasionally crazy, but the kind of crazy that would have gotten him locked up were it not for the fact that he was an all-time great defensive player. In fact, we’re not even sure if the stories about Charles Haley even qualify as bedroom adventures given that they seem to take place anywhere but the bedroom. Stories of Haley’s antics involve the usual things like literally carrying multiple groupies back to his hotel for some rough fun, but they also extend to activities that we’re not even sure how to classify. For instance, Haley loved to...wow, how to say this...please himself to completion during team meetings while yelling at other players about how ugly their wives’ were.

4 Tigers Woods' Very Specific Tastes

via thenypost.com

Remember when Tiger Woods was just the greatest golfer on the planet? Weren’t those simpler times? Maybe they were, but ever since we learned that Tiger Woods has apparently slept with half of the blonde women on the planet, it’s been hard to associate those times with reality. It’s become clear in recent years that Tiger Woods’ non-golf time pretty much consisted entirely of him sleeping with as many women as possible. Tiger reportedly rarely slept as sleep interfered with his bedroom activities. He would also request that his companions wear red underwear because red was his mother’s favorite color. Oh, and then there was the time that he made sure a girl was into choking and golden showers before she came over. So far as Tiger is concerned, that last one is quite gentlemanly.

3 Dennis Rodman Really Is That Weird

via theshaderoom.com

While Tiger Woods’ was into some pretty freaky stuff, he’s basically a choir boy compared to Dennis Rodman. It’s hard to say whether or not Rodman is the freakiest major athlete that ever lived, but he’s certainly one of the most vocal athletes in terms of boasting about his bedroom adventures. Let’s start with Rodman’s claim that he broke...err...Little Rodman on three separate occasions following some intense bedroom sessions. Then there was the time that he admitted a particular fondness for transgender people (including Caitlyn Jenner whom he recently asked out).

Oh, and we can’t forget about the time that he forgot that he was wearing a live mic and eventually left an audio record of his sessions with six women. Remarkably, this is all the tip of the iceberg.

2 Suzy Favor Hamilton Decides to Change Careers After A New Experience

via abcnews.com

Suzy Favor Hamilton began training to be a long-distance runner when she was only nine years old. It’s rare that someone knows what they want to be in life at such a young age, but Hamilton’s relentless training schedule helped her achieve her young dreams. As many of you may know, however, dreams have a funny way of changing over time. For Hamilton, her career goals changed when her husband hired a prostitute for them when they were in Vegas.

Apparently, Hamilton was so into the experience that she decided to become a $600 an hour escort. In a pretty shocking confession, Hamilton revealed that she enjoyed being especially aggressive with her high-profile clientele that included CEOs and other athletes. Eventually, she decided to retire from her new lifestyle.

1 Max Mosley Dungeon Was Full of Women Paid to Act Like German Officers

via eracemotorblog.com

Given the scope of the complete history of athletes engaging in kinky bedroom activities, you’d think it’d be hard to find an example of an adventurous athlete that stands tall above the rest. In this case, there is not. First off, you should know that Max Mosley’s parents were prominent Nazi supporters. Mosley was inspired to become a racecar driver because people in the sport didn’t really care about his past. His past came back to haunt him, however, when photographs of Mosley’s personal 'dungeon' were revealed to the public. While that’s strange enough, these particular photos also revealed that Mosley liked to hire escorts to dress up as German officers while they did things that make the rest of this story sound quite tame.

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