15 Most Attractive Female Athletes From Unexpected Sports

Female athletes have been more and more empowered in recent years, as coverage has gotten better and many have found ways to market themselves better. But there's alwasy an underlying theme in female athletics. Many people tune in to watch women in action simply because some of them look mightily hot doing their thing. They can brighten up even the most mundane of days, the most boring sporting occasions.

The common perception is that hot women only partake in certain sports. Track and field for example, is one sport where you’ll find a lot of fine female athletes. Soccer’s getting there, there are now quite a few sultry soccer gals around the globe sizzling on the field, and of course, everyone’s favorite, a sport that seems to breed, attract stunning women, tennis. We’ve come to expect that if we tune in to see such sports, there’ll at least be one or two stunning women on hand. We all know about the attractive athletes from these particular sports, the so-called mainstream sports. But what about those from other sports? There are plenty of stunning athletes around the globe that partake in different sports, sports you wouldn’t necessarily consider to attract hot women into the mix. But there are plenty, the hidden gems of the sporting world. They may not have the same profile as athletes from the world of tennis for example, but by the end of this article, you’ll certainly know their names, put them on par with some of the other sultry athletes from the more mainstream sports. Here are the 15 most attractive women from sports you wouldn’t expect to find them.

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15 Dagmara Wozniak – Fencing

I said in the intro that a lot of people watch sports to ogle at the women on show. Well, that doesn’t really work for fencing. You can’t really tell if someone’s hot or not due to all that protective gear, that steel mesh head guard. When people come to the arenas and see Dagmara Wozniak remove her head guard at the end of a fencing bout, their jaws probably drop to the floor. Seeing someone like Dagmara Wozniak would act as an unexpected surprise, an unexpected pleasure.

Polish-born Dagmara, fences for team USA. She’s been involved in three Olympics and is rated as being one of the best fencers in the world. She’s also incredibly cute, beautiful, possesses the all-round package to make a success of things as a sportswoman and stick in people’s minds. She’s done just that, and she’ll probably stick in your mind too.

14 Anne-Marie – Karate

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This one’s a pretty odd entry; you’ll discover why in a sec. Anne-Marie may ring a bell to some of you. That’s because she’s currently making waves in the music industry. Actually, making wave may be a bit of an overstatement, but she’s doing quite well. Her recent single in collaboration with the band Clean Bandit, "Rockabye", which also featured superstar Sean Paul, went to number one in the British charts and achieved global success. You may be thinking, why the hell am I talking about a singing sensation? That’s because Anne-Marie is more than that. She’s one hell of an accomplished karate competitor. Anne-Marie’s been practicing Shotokan Karate since the age of nine. During this time, she’s competed in many official tournaments, karate championships, and has pretty much always emerged with a gold or silver medal. When she decided to try her hand at making it in the music industry, her first EP was called Karate – it wasn’t just a random name.

This karate champion is, I’m sure you’ll agree, despite what the haters and bodyshamers might say, an absolute stunner. She’s got a curvaceous body, got the looks, and regularly shows off her assets by wearing raunchy outfits, sticking two fingers up at the haters. Just what you’d want, but not expect from a karate champion- turned – pop princess!

13 Hilary Knight – Ice Hockey

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Clad in all of that protective gear, it’s hard to see if someone’s hot or not on the rink in ice hockey. But when it comes to women’s ice hockey, there’s one name that pretty much everyone knows is right up there for being not only the hottest woman in ice hockey, but one of the world’s hottest athletes, period. When Hilary removes her head guard, takes out her gun shield, she’s resembles a model, one sultry hockey babe. She’s team USA’s knight in shining armor alright, and over the years she’s gained a tremendous fan following, not just because of what she’s achieved on the rink, but because of what she’s done off it. Hilary’s posed in some seriously racy shoots over the years, including some nude shoots, in which she’s shown off her beautiful, muscular, toned body in all its splendor.

12 Miesha Tate – MMA

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Think of MMA and you think of big, muscular men going toe to toe with each other in the octagon. But in recent years, especially since the growth of figures like Ronda Rousey, women’s MMA has evolved, and is now a hugely popular sport. It may be popular, but still, you wouldn’t really come to an event expecting to see a beautiful fighter in the octagon. It’s not really a sport like that – it doesn’t breed or promote beauty, it’s more about beasts. But there are a select few fighters who are absolutely stunning. They may not be preoccupied with looking fabulous, maintaining their looks when they get down to business, but in the leadup to fights, when they’re working on their fitness, are in the preparation stages, their beauty’s on show for all to see. Miesha Tate is one of these women. Upon first impressions, you could mistake her for being a glamor model, a lover, but certainly not a fighter. She’s one seriously sexy woman, very few can beat her in the industry in terms of her fighting prowess and her looks. No wonder she was a massive pull in the UFC.

11 Lauryn Eagle – Boxing

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Boxing, just like in MMA, is generally perceived to be a man’s sport. But just like women’s MMA has been on the rise in recent years, so has women’s boxing, although to a lesser extent. One person whose career has risen along with the sport, is Lauryn Eagle. She’s successful, but a real stunner in terms of her looks too. That’s certainly one thing you don’t associate with women’s boxing – beautiful babes lacing up the gloves. Go in the ring and you’re going to get hit – most women would be too preoccupied with maintaining their looks, so wouldn’t dream of getting into the ring. But Lauryn isn’t most people. It’s staggering that she chose boxing as a career, because she is also very much into her looks; she’s even had a modeling career, has competed in beauty pageants! This occurred around the same time she became a water skiing champion, but after her dad died in a water skiing accident she decided to try something new. Boxing isn’t what people were expecting. 15 Wins from 20 fights since 2010 isn’t a bad record for this Aussie bruiser. She’s also still as beautiful as she’s ever been; she’s graced the pages of lads’ mags such as MAXIM magazine, which just goes to show how hot she really is!

10 Isa Guha – Cricket

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Cricket – now the yawns come. But all you naysayers, simmer down. If setting your eyes on a beauty like Isa Guha on the cricket field doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, I don’t know what will. Isa no longer plays professionally – she got in and got out while she was still young – but still plays the odd competitive game here and there. But when she played for England, she was the only woman on everyone’s minds. She retired from international duties in 2012, but since then this British Asian’s popularity has just reached new heights. She’s transitioned into a fine sportscaster, commentator, and has become, arguably the hottest woman in cricket. Whenever there are competitions around the globe, networks are all clambering to get her on board, and because of that we get to see a whole lot of Isa throughout the year.

9 Laura Graves – Equestrian

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Equestrian is deemed to be a sport for the privileged. Think of those who partake in equestrian events and you think of toffee-nosed princesses, those born with a silver spoon in their mouths. That’s why it’s not really a sport that appeals to the masses, and consequently, not a lot of people know a whole lot about it. Competitors also tend to be older than the average athlete. But one dressage rider who’s been getting people’s attention, because of her youth, beauty, and charm, is Laura Graves of team USA. After a stint in beauty school, she put all her attention into her love for horses, and has had a mightily successful time of it. She’s the darling of the U.S. equestrian team, and it’s clear to understand why.

8 Brittany Rhodes – Bodybuilding

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Bodybuilding is perhaps one of the most hated so-called sports, and consequently bodybuilders get a bad rap. People have this perception about pro bodybuilders, that they’re steroid-infused selfish maniacs who just pump a load of drugs into their systems and stand on stage. Of course, there’s far more to the sport than that. But as much as the men are hated, women are perhaps hated on even more so. Why would women want to take testosterone-based drugs, lift heavy weights, and build a body that resembles a man’s? A lot of people just can’t get their heads around it. But one woman who lifts, steps on stage, and has been able to maintain her femininity, her sex appeal, is Brittany Rhodes. She’s beautiful and has a killer physique, ripped to shreds, kind of curvy and muscular at the same time. Brittany may not be everyone’s cup of tea body-wise, some people may be intimidated by her physical presence, but she’s undeniably sizzling hot, one of the sexiest bodybuilders on the planet.

7 Amber Hill – Sport Shooter

How many of you watch sport shooting? I’m guessing not many, it’s not really a mainstream sport and only really gets any real coverage at the Olympics. When those major shooting competitions do come about, one person those eagle-eyed fans are looking out for, is Amber Hill. The British babe started out young, and has risen through the ranks to become classy with a gun in her hand; that sound so wrong, but there you go! She’s still only 20, but has caused quite a stir on the shooting scene already. She really is drop-dead gorgeous, a blonde bombshell, a model, someone who you wouldn’t think in a million years would be a dab hand with a gun in her hand. Feast your eyes on this sexy pic, and sports shooting could become your new favorite sport!

6 Helen Maroulis – Freestyle Wrestler

This Greek-American freestyle wrestler has been turning heads in the sport for around six years now. At the age of 25, she’s won numerous medals for team USA, pretty much achieves success in whatever competition she’s in. But she hasn’t been turning heads because of her wrestling alone. She can wrestle, but she’s super-hot too. On the mat, she may not look all that attractive – it’s hard to in that situation – but off it she’s certainly a real stunner. Over 100K Instagram followers says it all; they don’t follower her to pick up tips on wrestling! Helen regularly keeps her social media pages updated by posting seriously sultry pics, and so when she steps onto the mat, she’s got a hell of a lot of people cheering her on in her corner.

5 Kayla Cox – Softball

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A lot of people don’t really pay softball any attention, unless their kids are doing it. But it is actually a pretty big sport, one that adults get involved in too. If women like Kayla Cox play softball, it’s time to pay it some attention! Kayla was a model pitcher if ever there was one. She would strike out batter after batter, oozed confidence, had a sense of superiority about her, and has used this to gain success in other fields of work. Modeling is something she’s tried her hand at, and unsurprisingly she took to it very easily. She’s incredibly photogenic, and achieved a whole lot of fame because of her sexy snaps. She’s received a whole lot more fame too since getting hitched to pro baseball player Eric Fornataro.

4 Zoe Smith – Weightlifter

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Again, if you’re paying attention to the stenotypes, you think of weightlifters as these big burly women, not necessarily attractive competitors. Sure, that is the case for most weightlifters, because the heavier you are, the more you’re – or should be – able to lift, and looking glamorous when you’re under, let’s say 250 lbs., is pretty hard to do. But there are weight classes, so the notion that the women are all massive, doesn’t exactly hold true. You’ll see that when you look at Zoe Smith. The British weightlifter started off life as a gymnast, but switched her attention to weightlifting so that she’d have a greater chance of getting picked. Not only has she gotten picked, she’s won numerous medals and has broken records. Because she’s an attractive woman in weightlifting and probably stronger than a lot of guys out there, she’s been the subject of vicious cyber bullying, people calling her a “bloke” among other unmentionable things. I don’t see it; she’s certainly all female, and she’s a strong woman too, in a number of ways, which just adds to her appeal.

3 Michelle Waterson – MMA

Michelle Waterson really doesn’t resemble an MMA fighter, upon first impressions anyway. But once she steps into the octagon, the diminutive, petite Michelle, transforms into a fighting beast, one that’s been decimating opponents for around a decade now. But outside the octagon, she’s gained a ton of attention because of her looks, her beauty. Michelle’s nicknamed “The Karate Hottie” for a reason – she is sizzling hot; her 393K Instagram followers seem to think so anyway. Her social media pages are a hive of activity, because she uses them to showcase her beauty, her hot sweltering physique, to the world, and boy does she post some racy pics. She recently posted a pic of herself in the nude, and it was a pic that sent Instagram into meltdown.

2 Ellen Hoog – Field Hockey

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All sweaty, with messy hair, mouth guards in place, female hockey players don’t really cut very dashing figures when they’re out on the hockey field. Not that they’re preoccupied with looking hot when playing anyway. But when they’re all scrubbed down and dressed in the everyday attire, you come to realize that there are some real beauties involved in the sport of hockey. One of these stunning women, is Dutch international, Ellen Hoog. She’s won numerous medals and accolades throughout a long and illustrious career. Another achievement which she may or may not care about, is that she’s regarded to be one of the hottest hockey players out there. She may not care about being labeled as a hot athlete, but she certainly knows she is one, that she’s got the looks and the body, and she never tires of flaunting her package, much to the delight of her fans.

1 Alexandra Kosteniuk – Chess

via chess.com

It’s safe to assume that no one expected a chess player to be on this list. Firstly, that’s because it’s open to conjecture as to whether or not chess is an actual sport, but many countries do deem chess to be a sporting activity. It’s also because of the widely believed stereotype of chess players being swotty, intellectuals – geeky is a good a word as any. Sure, it’s pretty much a given that the average chess player is intellectually superior than the average sportsperson. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be hot too. Alexandra Kosteniuk is a prime example of that, a chess player who’s bright, super-intelligent, but also incredibly beautiful.

The chess queen is a grandmaster, the highest accolade that can be achieved in the game. She’s also balanced her chess ambitions with modeling, and has modeled swimsuits and walked catwalks "I want people to see there is a fun side to chess. It can be made as exciting as soccer or tennis. Things are changing. I am clever, so I can play chess; and I am not so ugly, so I can model. Beauty and intelligence can go together, " she’s said. They certainly can, and Alexandra’s demonstrated that superbly.

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