15 Most Cringeworthy Athlete Pictures With Fans

Depending on who you talk to, there are folks who agree that athletes are even more famous these days than the people who were usually believed to be the definition of celebrities. That sounded rather weird, so let’s just put it more simply. These days, it is not hard to find athletes who are more famous than movie stars or musicians. That is just the reality of the world we live in today, and it is one that we are totally fine with. People following athletes usually means that these people are in love with the sport, which subsequently leads us to believe that people are practicing sports, which is healthy for everyone.

With the fame, however, also come the responsibilities that other celebrities always had. Sure, athletes always have had to take pictures with their fans in order to appease them, but it was never to the level they have to today. It is not like Michael Jordan had to stop at every corner in Chicago so that someone could take a selfie with him. People did not usually walk around with cameras back in the day, which actually made it harder for us to see some of the most cringeworthy pictures of athletes with their fans. Sure, there were those that fit the bill, but absolutely not as many as we have today. After all, more pictures just mean that we have more chances of catching athletes looking bad in a photo with their fans. So, get ready for some laughs, because here are the 15 most cringeworthy athlete pictures with fans.

15 Mom, that’s not a kid

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Isaiah Thomas is one of the best players we have in the NBA today. This guy is coming out of a career season with the Boston Celtics, where he averaged 28.9 points per game, as well is almost six assists a night with the Celtics uniform. Oh yeah, he shot better than 90 percent from the free-throw line, that is not easy to do.

Nevertheless, having those great numbers don’t seem to be enough to get you the recognition of everyone. While every single basketball fan definitely knows who Isaiah Thomas is, that doesn’t mean that their mom also does. The picture in itself is not that cringeworthy, but the conversation that follows sure made us feel bad for the 5’9” point guard who is now with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

14 Smile like Beckham

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If there is one ultimate athlete-celebrity, it is David Beckham. You could go up to anyone around the world, even the people who know nothing about soccer, and there is a huge chance that they will still know who David Beckham is. When it comes to the sport, this guy has won almost everything there was to win. He has six Premier League titles, one La Liga, one Ligue 1, a pair of MLS Cups, not to mention one UEFA Champions League title. Yes, Beckham was one of the best there ever was, but more than anything else, he was one of the best-looking guys ever to take to the pitch.

Finding a bad picture of Beckham is hard. So, to find one, we had to find someone who caught him by surprise.

13 Touching Much?

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We will give you one guess to find out who is a fan of who in this picture. In case you thought that our question was stupid, let’s just say that the guy next to Hulk Hogan is the famed British singer and songwriter, James Blunt. So yes, there is the possibility that the Hulkster is a fan of James’s work, but apparently not as much as James is a fan of Hogan.

It is not hard to find pictures in which fans are touching their celebrities in some weird ways, but you don’t expect that from people who are used to stuff like this, as we assume is the case with James Blunt. Nevertheless, when he met Hulk Hogan, it seems James wanted to see if Hogan was really there, and someone snapped this picture while he was touching Hulk’s forearm in a very disturbing a way.

12 DeAndre not feeling it

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There are a lot of perks of sitting courtside at an NBA game. First and foremost, you get to be right in the thick of the action, as the game is literally happening just in front of you. There is no annoying person sitting in front of you to get up at the worst possible time and keep you from watching one of the key plays in the game. But more than anything else, you get to be really close to the players, as you can see in this selfie a guy took with DeAndre Jordan.

The only problem here is that it doesn’t seem like Jordan is feeling this selfie. He really just looks like he wants to smack the back of this kid’s head before getting into the game.

11 What the Hell?

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Well, there is not really an easy way to describe what is happening in this picture. You know when people tell you that a picture is worth 1,000 words? Yeah, this is one of those instances. There is no lack of images of celebrities giving autographs to fans. There is also no lack of pictures in which male stars are signing the breasts of their female fans. So, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised when we saw Danica Patrick autographing one of her fan’s “boobs.”

Nevertheless, this has to be an embarrassing photo for everyone in their vicinity. What do you think Danica’s reaction was when this kid appeared in front of her, opened his shirt, and asked her to autograph his man-boobs? That had to be either one of the most hilarious or terrifying moments of her career.

10 Pure Power

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This might not be the most cringeworthy of photographs, but it sure is one that we thought could fit into this list. It is not every day that you walk into a store and find Shaquille O’Neal there. It is also not every day that you ask Shaq to lift you, so it will look like you are levitating for a photograph. Seriously, how strong is this man? Shaq is literally lifting this woman with one arm and still making it look like there is no effort involved in it.

Now, there is also another question we would like to ask: where the hell is his hand? For a second we thought that was it on her right arm, but if he was lifting her by the arm, the balance should be completely off. Mysterious indeed.

9 Tebow Time

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Well, it is hard to say that this kid was the only person crying when Tim Tebow signed to play for the New York Jets.

During the 2012 season, the only one he played for the Jets, Tim had some impressive numbers. After all, this guy had a 75 percent completion ratio as a Jets quarterback. Of course, he only threw eight passes that entire year, but that is still funny to remember. Tebow spent most of his time playing as a fullback and tight end. He was targeted one time the entire season and ran 32 times for a respectable 102 yards. So yes, we cannot really blame that baby for crying so much when taking a picture with Tim Tebow. Still, the way things are going for the Jets, who knows, maybe Tebow could make a return.

8 Does He Look Happy?

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Green Bay is an interesting place for football fans. The people who live there are fanatic about their Packers, and it is not hard to see why. The Packers have perhaps the best quarterback in the game today, in Aaron Rodgers. They also have solid players in many other positions, like this good fella pictured with a bunch of fans, Jordy Nelson.

To tell you the truth, if it wasn’t for these two, there is a good chance the Packers would never even have featured in championship conversations since Brett Favre left. That being said, you can be sure that there is no happier moment for Green Bay fans than when a guy like Nelson jumps onto the stands to celebrate with them. The only problem here is the Nelson doesn’t look nearly as happy as the guys around him.

7 Drake Madness

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We have seen the interesting case of when James Blunt groped Hulk Hogan’s forearm as if it was something else, but James is far from being the biggest celebrity fanboy out there. Yes, celebrities from the music and entertainment world are huge fans of professional athletes. Just go to an NBA or NFL game and take a good, long look at the stands and you will see a barrage of celebrities.

However, there is one celebrity who reigns supreme in the realm of sports’ fanboys. That celebrity is Drake. The Canadian rapper is, without a doubt, the most annoying and dedicated celebrity fanboy in the world. And the interesting thing about Drake is that he does not reserve himself to professional sports. Here you see him giving DeMarcus Cousins a super friendly hug from the time when Cousins played in college for Kentucky.

6 The Girl Who Was Touchy Feely

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Omaha, Nebraska, is an interesting place. It is home to a few of the most respected higher education institutes in the country, but it is also home to some of the weirdest things you will see when it comes to sports. This is not a selfie or a staged picture, but rather an impromptu action by a 17-year-old high school student that became national news.

Omaha is also home to the College World Series of baseball, one of the most important events in college sports. So, one would imagine that everyone takes that very seriously, right? Well, that wasn’t the case with a particular high school student from the city. This 17-year-old named Candice just decided on the spur of the moment to jump onto the field and grab a couple of the players' butts.

5 Don’t Judge

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A wise person once said that you should not judge someone else until you have walked at least a mile in their shoes. Now, you will understand what we mean by that in just a second, but just hold that phrase to heart before you start laughing at the poor guy who was caught in this picture.

From an outsider’s perspective, baseball might not seem like the most dangerous of sports. The only danger is getting hit by that tiny ball, isn’t it? Leaving aside the fact that the ball is heavy as hell, and it really hurts when you get hit by it. You don’t know how dangerous baseball is until the ball is coming your way and a 220-pound man is jumping into the stands after it, and the only thing between him and the ball is you. Sure, the face is hilarious, but you shouldn’t judge the poor guy.

4 Drake Strikes Again

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Hey, it is not our fault that Drake seems almost too keen on putting himself in embarrassing situations while taking pictures with athletes. He might not be too small for a regular person, but next to LeBron James anyone looks like a tiny person.

And, this might just be us reading too much into it, but this picture seems like that moment when a stranger tells a couple that they look great together. Seriously, trace the parallel. LeBron is giving that sketchy smile every boyfriend or husband gives to that statement, and Drake is waving off the complement like any wife or girlfriend would do. Sorry guys, we may be reading too much into this one. We just feel bad for the King. He is just yet another victim in the string of terrible cringeworthy pictures Drake takes with athletes.

3 Fan Strikes Back

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Well, not too long ago we told you not to judge a guy who was terrified of the fact that a baseball player was jumping after a ball towards him. Just completely forget about that one and take a 180, because this is the exact opposite. In yet another unscripted photo, this is something that neither the fan nor the player was probably proud of after they saw it on tape.

It is hard to tell what happened to the ball, but the one thing we are sure of is that one of them was dearly wrong about where the ball would land. And our best guess is that the wrong one was the fan, who caught the nose of the player instead of the ball. We just really hope the outfielder managed to get the out, because if he didn’t, he just got punched for free.

2 Drake Gets the Strikeout

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This is the last one, we promise. For real this time, this is the last terrible Drake picture that we are going to put on this list. Now, we have to revisit our definition of cringeworthy when we are talking about this particular photo. For us fans, and probably Demarcus Cousins when he got home and saw this interview on television, this was very cringeworthy. On the other hand, given the in-love high school girl smile that Drake is sporting while staring at Cousins, we have no idea how embarrassed he would actually be after seeing this on television.

This guy looks almost too happy to be where he is at. In case you haven’t seen this interview, it is priceless. Mostly because Drake spends the whole time tucked in under Cousins’s arm.

1 You Can’t Beat This

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Seriously, the caption says it all. You cannot beat this. When we first started writing this article, the idea was to take funny pictures of fans and athletes posing together for a photo. Well, it turns out that the best and most cringeworthy pics were the ones taken at the worst possible time by photographers, who should really get pay raises more often.

There were the Drake pictures, the girl who liked to touch butts, and several others. Nevertheless, you really cannot beat this streaker, who had his run stopped when a rugby player tackled him. The man literally got everything he wanted, as he and his butt are worldwide famous now. The player, on the other hand, got nothing but the opportunity to smell the worst scent he will probably ever get a sniff of.

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