15 Most Stunning Fitness Models That Instagram Has To Offer

Social media has been a tool that has become a part of everyday life for most in recent years, and fitness has also been becoming more popular as a result of social media’s dominance on society. Instagram in particular has been an outlet for fitness personalities all over the world to help others with their workout regimens. They also help their followers with their diets, and provide recipes that allow people to still have tasty food that is good for them. One of the biggest phenomena’s is the fitness movement that has taken place on the social media network Instagram.

Instagram has given guys and girls outlets to beautiful women who embrace the fitness lifestyle. Many of these women offer programs, and have had a lot of success in the fitness industry which attracts more clients. Of course most of these fitness models are also very appealing to look at. A majority of their followers are probably more interested in checking out their latest photos, and these photos include sexy poses in bikinis, gym attire, and items from companies they are sponsored by. These women love to show off their incredible bodies and their followers are highly entertained.

Here are the 15 Steamiest Fitness Models that Instagram has to offer:

15 Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri is a total babe who has accomplished things outside the fitness world and within it. She is so big that she has been in Playboy magazine, but she isn’t too big to not hang out with her fans. These meet and greets are often fitness related. Cheri will lead a large group workout session, and this shows her fans what it takes to get to where she is. One of her best features is her giant caboose. There is no doubt she put in a lot of hard work to get her body looking the way it does. Her stomach also pleases the eye, and that is a product of tons of cardio throughout the years. All of this has made her a must follow on Instagram.

14 Katy Hearn

Katy Hearn is a fun sized fitness beauty who has inspired girls across the country. Her workout programs are some of the most popular programs for women in fitness. She is small in size, and has large fake breats that make her very appealing to see in a bikini. Her boobs may not be real but her backside is certainly 100 percent hard work. Her booty is her best feature. Katy Hearn also owns her own gym along with her husband, and has many different sponsors as well. Along with loving fitness she also loves her dogs. She has an incredibly flat stomach, and has an unbelievable set of abs that makes guys eyes widen. The best thing about Katy Hearn is that she’s not self-centered and has a real passion for helping others achieve there fitness dreams.

13 Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is sponsored by the company “Shredz,” and her sponsorship companies name perfectly describes her incredible physique. Her stomach is a product of a lot of hard work at the gym. She has some of the nicest abs of anyone on Instagram, but that isn’t the only feature that makes guys drool while viewing her pictures. A girl’s smile is an underrated feature and there is no denying that Hathaway has a beautiful that could light up a room. Fake boobs are not something that everyone likes, but at least Hathaway’s fake boobs are not irregularly big. She has a nice butt that isn’t the nicest one on Instagram, but it is still a great sight to see. There is no denying that Paige Hathaway is one of the best in shape models on Instagram.

12 Taylor Kaytee

Taylor Kaytee is fairly new to the Instagram fitness craze, but she certainly has the looks to garner many followers. Her rise to prominence is still taking place as she only has a little over 100,000 followers. Many of these followers just recently started paying close attention to Taylor, and it is obvious after seeing her photos why she is such a draw. Her backside is enormous. It is obvious that she works hard on growing her backside, and she is a big fan of Instagram model Katya Elise Henry who seems to specialize in making her own butt grow bigger and bigger. Taylor is currently a college student in Great Britain. Not only does Taylor have an amazing body, but she also is a highly intelligent women.

11 Yovanni Ventura

Yovanni Ventura is not a fitness model per say, but there is no denying that her body looks the way it does because of the work she puts in at the gym. She has a nice big behind which is certainly her most desired attribute among the fellows. She does have enhancements, but the most alluring thing about her upper body is the fact that she has piercings. Even though Yovanni isn’t always posting about fitness she does post workout videos from time to time. Yovanni also has a sponsorship with the supplement company women’s best, and has posted many videos and pictures of herself with the women’s best protein powders and BCAAs. Yovanni Ventura is undeniably one of the hottest most exotic models on all of Instagram.

10 Brittany Renner

Brittany Renner is a dime piece, and she is adamant about being 100 percent all natural. A lot of fitness chicks on Instagram receive a lot of hate from trolls that claim their bodies are not real. These haters are under the assumption that surgery has played into the looks of some of these girls whether it is true or not. Renner is all natural as evidenced by her small but perky twins, and her amazing glutes are a product of dedication in the gym. She’s not only popular on social media. One of the biggest acts in Hip Hop Lil Uzi Vert is allegedly dating Renner, and she can now be found in the tabloids as well as her frequent jaw dropping posts online.

9 Genesis Lopez

Imagine a fitness babe who is half Brazilian and half Japanese. This seems to be such an exotic combo that you would think is extremely rare, and Genesis Lopez has given Instagram a hottie that has features that everyone can appreciate. Fitness models online like to share their training regimen and diets so that they can help others. Lopez wants to positively influence others, but it is also obvious that she wants to entertain her followers with her body on display. Her glutes are probably her best asset when it comes to showing off her success in the gym. Most fitness girls' twins are fake, but even if hers are enhanced they look fantastic. Lopez currently has two million plus followers and with her amazing body that should rise shortly.

8 Zoe Rodriguez

Zoe Rodriguez undoubtedly has one of the best booties on all of Instagram, and her hardwork throughout the years has allowed her to transform her body. She was once a cross country runner with a very slim build. This did not satisfy Zoe, and she quickly fell in love with working out. She has made various different ventures in the fitness world including once being a power lifter. She gave up power lifting, and just recently got some enhancement surgery. Some on her Instagram were critical of her getting enhancements because they thought she prided herself on being all natural. All that matters is that she is happy, and she is still a flat out babe! Her fitness programs are some of the best for women looking to grow their booty.

7 Ashley Nocera

Ashley Nocera is a beautiful ex swimmer who transformed her body by eating right and getting busy at the gym. She competes in WBFF Bikini competitions, and the assets that she has worked towards prove she is worthy of competing. A majority of guys like a big butt and a beautiful smile. Nocera possess both of these attributes, and her grandfather was a bodybuilder making her lifestyle choice that much more fitting. Bikini competitors have to have a ripped stomach. Nocera pulls it off thanks in large part to her very clean, low carb diet. She does not work out her chest all that often, but her shoulders ad back are a big time focus of hers when getting ready for competitions. At only 22 years old her rise in the fitness world is just getting started.

6 Jen Selter


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Jen Selter is a pioneer in the Instagram fitness model phenomenon, and she created a pathway for a beautiful girl impassioned with the fitness lifestyle to have a platform on social media. The belfie is a selfie taken by a girl or a photographer that shows off a girls booty while still capturing her likeness. This fad became big because of Jen Selter, and her incredible physique caused guys all over the world to follow her on Instagram. Her body is very thin, but her butt is incredibly big for a girl of her size. Selter primarily focuses on working out her lower body. She also chooses to perform many lightweight exercises, and Selter focuses on keeping her upper body toned by using these lightweight exercises.

5 Cass Martin

Cassandra Martin has a feature that many girls stray away from, but embracing it has turned her into the type of girl that’s a total gym bro. Her biceps and triceps are massive compared to most women. She is a fitness girl that would be the most fun to work out with. Some girls primarily work on only toning their arms. Martin not only builds up her arms, but she also has a lot of muscle mass in her chest. Many fitness girls unfortunately neglect these parts of the body. Of course she also has a really solid derriere, and she has great facial features that continue to make guys follow and like her content on Instagram. She's only at around 15,000 followers so far, but that number should keep growing.

4 Ana Cozar

Ana Cozar is a shining example of what lifting weights can do to a women’s physique. Some girls claim lifting will make them look way to masculine, but Cozar is supremely sexy and has the Instagram following to back up that claim. Don’t get on her bad side though because she can probably kick your butt. Kickboxing used to be her favorite sport to practice before she became a professional bodybuilder, and both sports have contributed to her rock hard abs and firm butt. In her first professional bodybuilding contest she was awarded first prize and name Ms. Rio. Cozar is over the age of 35 but she has the body and looks of someone who is 25, and with her rigorous training regimen her body is only going to look better in the future.

3 Michelle Lewin

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Michelle Lewin has transformed herself into a superstar in the fitness industry, and she is shredded. Her abs are more cut than most males who live in the gym. Lewin also competes in bodybuilding competitions, and loves the thrill of getting up on stage and showing her progress. The rise of social media giant Instagram has given Lewin a much larger platform than the bikini competition she has competed in throughout the years. Other than her abs Lewin also has insanely big enhancements which are common among competitors in the bikini division. She also has an incredible behind, and her favorite exercise for her glutes is lunges. Cardio is a big part of her exercise routine and helps cut body fat and keep her stomach shredded.

2 Sommer Ray

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Sommer Ray is one of the most recognized models on all of Instagram, and the most fascinating thing is she is still so young. Just recently Sommer celebrated her 21st birthday in style at various locations throughout the month of September. Her ginormous butt is what brings the men to follow and like her content in a big way, and she has posted numerous videos of herself working out along with tips for others. Her twins are small but she embraces that about herself and doesn’t see it as a negative factor. Her eyebrows are also a little bushy if we are nitpicking here, but her beautiful smile is arguably the most appealing feature she possesses. Given that she's just 21, she has plenty of time to build her name in the fitness industry.

1 Katya Elise Henry

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Katya Elise Henry not only has a hot name but also has the assets to back it up. Of course Katya has put tons of hard work into becoming one of the hottest girls on Instagram, and there are a variety of reasons why she is a must follow. She possesses an incredible derriere that is all natural just like the rest of her body. This girl has not been tempted to get implants in her chest like many fitness models have, and that shows just how self-confident she is in her body. Katya is sponsored by EHP Plabs and because of this sponsorship she has gotten to travel the world to different fitness expos. Workouts by Katya is a website created to help women achieve their goals in the gym, and these workouts are what made Katya Henry one of the finest girls in the fitness industry.

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