15 "Not So PG" Hogan Family Pictures That Will Creep You Out

Before we begin to bash Hogan and everything involving his twisted personal life, let’s take a second to appreciate the good that he has done, especially for television. Hogan put pro wrestling on the map in the mid-80s, bringing its popularity to a place few thought possible. What else would he do? Bring it to another boom in the late 90s as the pro wrestling world brought in numbers that we’ll never seen again with more than ten million fans tuning in on the regular, putting on either WWE or WCW. Along with that, we forget that Hogan had a huge part in another type of boom, the reality TV world.

In yet another different decade, Hogan took TV by storm once again with the release of Hogan Knows Best in 2005. The VH1 reality show was one of the very first of its nature and the program killed it in the ratings. Because of divorces and court battles, the show ended negatively but in truth, the family was great TV during the time.

After the show, it looks like things unravelled for every single family member. In this article, we pay homage to the tough and creepy times, taking a look at 15 haunting, “Not So PG” pics of the family. Get ready to be repulsed folks as these pictures push the envelope. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend! Let’s begin the madness shall we!

17 Hulk Takes A Peak At His Daughter’s Booty

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You know things aren’t the sanest when Hulk’s own daughter took to social media on more than one occasion defending her father and his at times, “creepy” behavior with her. Time and time again, Brooke has felt the need to address some of the madness claiming Hulk is the best and most loving father in the world.

This picture surely doesn’t help his cause however as his eyes seemed to be focused in a rather “Not SO PG area”, Brooke’s backside, which is without a doubt, one of her top assets. What makes the picture even greater is the fact that Hulk’s wife is right beside him completely oblivious pulling a smirk/happy face. Stay tuned for several more creepy step-mom, daughter and dad pictures altogether throughout the article, we’ve got quite the collection.

16 Linda In A Rap Video

If you thought Linda’s Instagram was creepy, wait until you see this. Of course, naturally, Linda proceeded to work a rap video out of all things, playing the role of a MILF during a Ricky Romance song. You know it wasn’t very good when the clip has just as many dislikes than it has likes. The comment section is also filled with negativity as fans hate on Linda for just about everything. Surprised anyone? No, not really.

Nowadays, Linda’s still desperately trying to stay relevant by any means necessary. Brooke even posted a creepy July 4th bikini photo with her mom that once again, received questionable reviews. Like Hulk, mostly everything Linda does is creepy. Looking at the evidence, as twisted as it sounds, you can argue Hulk kept her sane during the marriage.


14 Hulk Creepily Watches His Daughter In Some PDA

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Oh where to begin with this one, to make matters even more creepy, not only is Hulk starring at the two, but his eyes seem to be pointed at his daughter specifically. Yikes! Throughout her claim to fame, Brooke has dated several men, including the dude you see in the picture, in who she spent a brief amount of time with. Adding to the creepiness, he resembles a little bit of Brooke’s mom’s ex-boyfriend, the teen she dated.

Nonetheless, Brooke’s relationships haven’t lasted all that long to this day as she still searches for love nearing her 30s. She was actually engaged at one point back in 2013 to an NFL player, Phil Costa. After saying yes to the proposal the future wedding date would be cancelled as the two called things off in November of 2013. Deep down, father Hulk is probably smiling knowing his daughter is still not snatched up by any man.

13 Awkward/Creepy B-Day Celebration

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A birthday is supposed to be a happy time spent with family, especially when you’re in your 60s. Hulk did exactly that, but with a creepy twist on one of his most recent bdays. During his birthday festivities a picture was unveiled of his naked daughter inside of a cage. Hulk posed for several pics in front of the art form just making it all so gosh darn bizarre and “Not So PG”. Seriously, did he have to see such pictures on the day of his birthday!?

Following the awkward pic posing in front of his naked daughter’s picture, Hogan proceeded to have cake while sitting next to his wife, and daughter, who rocked short “Not So PG” dresses on the night. The entire situation was just so darn cringe and everything about it was “Not So PG”!

12 Nick Hogan Leaks

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As it turns out, not even the youngest Nick Hogan survived not doing anything creepy. His problems weren’t in the genre of creepy, faces time in prison for a terrible car accident, however, it shouldn’t shock anyone that he to also underwent a creepy type of situation after he saw personal pictures get leaked.

Back in 2014, the leaks began and the privacy of countless celebs were exposed at the expense of a hacker. For the most part, the victims were females, however, Nick ended up being the first male targeted in the acts. Pictures that were exposed including several “Not So PG” shots and photos Nick likely wants us to forget about. Following the release, Hogan claimed the photos weren’t real but many believe otherwise (seriously who would think or want to release fake pictures of Hulk’s less than relevant son?). Real or fake, it’s all just so darn creepy.

11 Linda Embraces Husband During Brutal Divorce

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By now, you’re likely aware the Hogan family is not the sanest out there. This picture is yet another example of that. Back in 2007, the National Enquirer started a firestorm as they made the claim Hulk was cheating on Linda with one of Brooke’s good friends, Christiane Plante. The news caused the crumbling of the entire family as Linda would file for divorce and the entire show was to be cancelled despite its success in the ratings department.

The divorce was absolutely brutal. Hogan nearly lost everything when it was all done with, Hulk only retained a mere 30% of the liquid assets, meaning Linda got more than half. According to the numbers, Hulk left with a tiny smidge of $10 million from his total assets, yikes! Despite all that madness, the two are photographed in this picture sharing an intimate moment while Hulk’s new wife watches on. Creepy, yes. Normal, no.

10 Using His Daughter As Eye Candy In Pro Wrestling

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Aside from minor cameos, the WWE wanted no part of the Hogan family aside from Hulk. Of course, TNA took the other route welcoming in Brooke alongside her father. Brooke began as an Authority Figure which was fine, but then, once again, things got creepy.

With Hulk having so much power within the company at the time you’d think he’d have a better input on her work in the business; instead, he opted to make her yet another piece of “eye candy” as she took part in a twisted storyline alongside a dude in his 40s, Bubba Ray Dudley. Hogan was even present for the madness on several occasions such as the couple’s wedding you see in the picture above. It took some time but TNA finally realized what a disaster it all truly was. After getting a “divorce” from Bubba, Brooke was quietly written off the show only to be released right after. It was her final involvement in the sports and entertainment business.


8 Linda Hogan On Instagram

Following her divorce with Hulk, you’d think Linda would just quietly fade away along with her massive cash from the divorce settlement. Instead, it’s been quite the opposite as the former reality star continues to desperately try and stay in the spotlight. Heck, even after the divorce she still uses the last name Hogan, instead reverting back to her actual real last name, Claridge.

Her madness is on full display via social media whether it be on Twitter or through Instagram with here mere 6K followers. Despite inching towards her 60s at 57, she has a slew of “Not So PG” pictures available. Stumbling on the profile, you’d think she was a part of a creepy GILFs high-end escort service. Looking at the evidence, it truly looks like every family member has been caught in some form of creepiness. That works double for the Hogan family mom Linda. We’ll have a couple more creepy shots of the 57 year old later in the article, so stay tuned.

7 A Little Too Similar Brother?

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Only someone like Hulk can manage to make this picture one that’s regarded as rather creepy. Such a picture caused a firestorm for the simple fact that both step-mom and daughter almost look exactly the same. Many pointed out that Hulk has a thing for women that look like his daughter, only adding to the onslaught of creepiness.

Putting the uncanny/creepy resemblance aside, Jennifer McDaniel entering Hulk’s life was actually a huge deal for Hogan, especially during his depression days losing his family. The two began dating shortly after Hogan’s separation and they would proceed to tie the knot in December of 2010 in Clearwater, Florida, nearby their residence. The two recently moved, as they enjoy time away from the spotlight nowadays, which is only a plus for Hulk’s damaged public reputation.

6 Nick & Brooke Way Too Close

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Not even Nick can say he has a good reputation, some would even go on to say that Nick is the very worst out of the entire family. Hogan made the headlines for all the wrong reasons back in the summer of 2007 following an awful car crash. Not only was he racing during the incident, but he was also under the influence. The result of the accident caused the passenger John Graziano to basically end up turning into a state of paralysis, making things worse, Nick was even caught on tape speaking negatively of the victim. The entire situation was a complete mess, and Nick would end up serving time in prison due to his reckless ways behind the wheel.

He's maintained a close connection with her sister, one many say is a little too close. This creepy “Not So PG” photo proves exactly that...

5 More Twisted Brooke & Pro Wrestling

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We add another creepy photo involving Brooke and her time alongside dad in the wrestling business as she’s caught making out with a wrestler backstage during the show. The wrestler in the photo is none other than long time veteran Bubba Ray Dudley, who’s inching towards his 50s nowadays at 46, while Brooke, is yet to enter her 30s. Putting things into perspective, Brooke was three years old when Bubba was making his pro wrestling debut as Mongo Vyle back in 1991...

The moment was yet another dark cloud in Brooke’s lackluster wrestling career. Looking at her size and look, many question why in the hell Hulk didn’t think of actually training his daughter as a legit pro wrestler? Instead, he thought she’d be better as strictly eye candy while doing minimal work...

4 Linda’s Young Man Adventures

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Linda was absolutely devoured by the press during this relationship following her divorce to Hulk. For some reason, Linda elected to date a dude that was 19 at the time, while she was inching towards her 50s at 48! Seriously, out of all the dudes in the world, you pick a 19 year old? Talk about creepy.

The poor human being involved was some guy named Charley Hill. The former couple took part in numerous candid “Not So PG” pictures which were quite revolting to be blunt. The couple tried to capitalize on the situation going on the VH1 show, Couple’s Therapy. Ultimately, it was just all disastrous and thankfully for everyone involved, the relationship quietly fizzled out. Unfortunately, we’ll always have these pictures to remember however...

3 Triple Threat

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The pictures photographed on this day took the word creepy to another level as Hulk, his wife Jennifer and daughter Brooke, were captured in several questionable pictures. The very worst of the bunch is featured in the number one slot. Scroll down if you want to fast-forward to that one.

As for this one, its right up there as one of the creepiest. Brooke inexplicably holds her hand out while Jennifer, is either smelling or spitting on it.... Yup, “Not So PG” and creepy are both essential elements to this forgettable picture. The paparazzi had a field day with questionable pictures from this day, even the creepy photo of Hulk starring at his daughter in the pool with some dude got snapped on the same afternoon. What was in the water that day? Only the Hogans know!

2 Hey Guys, This Is My Mom

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Linda and Nick both grew to fame as sub characters on the Hogan Knows Best reality series. The show was one of the very first reality shows ever produced and for that reason, it absolutely blew up, especially in the rating department. VH1 had a field day with the show airing it for four successful seasons along with 43 episodes. Say what you will about the family, but the show itself was quite the hit. Had it not been for divorce and Nick’s legal problems, one would assume it would have been picked up for a fifth season.

Nowadays, Nick and Linda are the least searched members of the family. Nick continues to lay low, while mother Linda looks like she lives day-by-day in a bikini top. Celebrating another creepy “Not So PG” picture, we share this shot of Linda, looking nothing like a mother alongside her son.

1 Hulk Rubbing His Daughter

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The connection between Hulk and his daughter just always happens to find its way onto the top headlines. Heck, the hold premise of Hogan Knows Best was surrounded around Hulk and Brooke’s adventures together as she tried to make it in the music business.

Slowly, slowly, things would take a creepy turn with numerous questionable photos. Hulk using racial slurs protecting his daughter was another example of how protective he is of his daughter. That protection plan was taken too far in this shot however as he rubs and looks at his daughter inappropriately in this candid, forgettable picture. Seriously, Jennifer’s sitting right there, could she have not creamed her bum instead! So many questions, so little answered! We guess something’s are just better left unsaid, right Hulk?

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