15 “Not So PG” Photos Of Women Cristiano Ronaldo Hooked Up With

It’s not hard to realize why so many are envious of Cristiano Ronaldo. The guy has a net worth of $400 million, has sponsorship deals coming out of his rear-end, oh, and he’s currently regarded as the best soccer player in the world capping off a glorious season as a Champions League winner for the second year in a row. Yea, and that Ballon d’Or wasn’t too shabby either.

If all that wasn’t enough to impress you, the guy looks like he was molded like a piece of art chizzled from head-to-toe. As you’ll see in this article, the chicks agree with his beauty as he’s even scored off the pitch with numerous flings, hookups and relationships. If you didn’t like him before, you’ll likely at least respect him by the time this article’s over with! Or hate him even more, both are possibilities.

We celebrate his romantic life with some stunning photos of the “Not So PG” nature as we take a look at all the women he mingled with in the past. We’ll also share some details on his relationships with these 15 different females. Enjoy the article and make sure to pass it along to a friend. Here are 15 “Not So PG” photos of women Cristiano Ronaldo hooked up with. Let’s get the ball rolling with number 15, an adult star!


15 Alice Goodwin – The Adult Star

THE cutest 3 piece lace set @pretty__pink__princess 🦋

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We start the article off with Ronaldo’s past hookup he likely wants to keep on the down low a little bit more compared to the others. If you recognize the name above, don’t say anything out loud, especially if your spouse is nearby! Goodwin works in the adult industry, and is one hell of a good looking female. The two dated for a brief amount of time back in the earlier portion of the 2000s.

In terms of “Not So PG” pictures, there are a slew of those available online. If that’s not enough, you can also dive into the video portion of her career... Judging by her stunning looks Ronaldo was one lucky dude! Then again, the guy looks like a Greek God so you can also flip it around and say she was the lucky one? This one’s up for debate folks. Morale of the story, he scored big time.

14 Gemma Atkinson – The Actress/ Model


When looking at a specific theme pertaining to women Ronaldo hooked up with, a reoccurring aspect about these females is quite simple, they were either models or actresses. Gemma Atkinson gets a check mark in both categories as the 32 year old spent some time in both fields. Her acting career is currently ongoing at this point. We wonder if Ronaldo has caught any of her recent work?

The two dated briefly back in the day, almost a decade ago now in 2007. Yup, Ronaldo has a pretty lengthy dating history. Back in ’07, things were quite different for the Portuguese soccer star as he was playing his football back in England, the same place Gemma hails from. A couple of years later, Ronaldo would make the jump taking his talents to Madrid, as you’ll see in the article, his taste for women also changed during that time frame.

13 Irina Shayk – Bradley Cooper’s Chick

Saturday's got me like.. 🙃With my fav @intimissimiofficial

A post shared by irinashayk (@irinashayk) on has her ranked eighth in the entire world. This stunning Russian’s resume is backed up by being a lingerie model and a goddess in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. What might be even more impressive is the list of men she’s dated in the past. The 31 year old beauty stole Ronaldo’s heart for a couple of years as the two dated from 2010 till 2015, which is extremely lengthy, especially looking at Ronaldo’s hefty dating resume. After the couple broke-up, Irina spent no time dwelling on the failed relationship moving on to another household name, some dude named Bradley Cooper. Yup, she ain’t playing around. The couple has been spotted together throughout the summer getting intimate in various exotic islands and yea, we don’t blame Brad one bit.

Judging by the “Not So PG” picture above, it’s not too hard to figure out why she dated these A-listers.

12 Paris Hilton – Yup, THE Paris Hilton


Remember Paris Hilton? Well, even she had a brief fling with Ronaldo back in 2009, before he started dating Irina. Hilton wasn’t shy when it came to flirting with athletes, just ask the great Jose Theodore who also tried putting the moves on Paris back in the day. Ironically, both these situations took place inside of the club, however in Ronaldo’s defense, it seems like Hilton was the aggressor judging by the photo evidence, unlike Theodore who went all in.

The two reportedly even dated at one point in time, seems like it was more like a summer fling as Ronaldo enjoyed life during the off season of that year. As for Hilton, she’s 36 nowadays and the reality star is still looking quite fine we must admit, as evidenced by this fantastic picture above. As for her current DJ skills... that’s not so hot.

11 Rita Pereira – The Portuguese Actress

We add some sizzle hailing from Ronaldo’s native land as we take a look at the beautiful and stunning Rita Pereira born in Portugal. She’s magnificent to look at, the 35 year old is a popular actress back in Portugal, not hard to figure out how the two initially met hailing from the same country.

As for this Ronaldo hookup, things seemed to be quite steamy between the two as they reportedly had a fling/affair in 2014. Did Ronaldo pull a Tiger Woods there? No, probably not, but still. Seems like the Portuguese goddess was one of the last ladies to steal Ronaldo away before his permanent relationship with current partner, Georgina Rodriguez aka the Madrid model, but we’ll have a little more on her later down the list.

10 Nereida Gallardo – The Agressor


The two briefly dated in 2008. Unlike the others on the list, Gallardo was pretty rough when assessing the relationship between the two. First off, she claimed Ronaldo was a “cereal cheater” back in the day, as he went from female to female. Okay, that doesn’t seem too shocking. Second, which was quite worse, Nereida made the bold claim that Ronaldo was a “flop” in bed. She pulled no punches remembering the situations explicitly, now this is a PG site so we can’t share the exact details, but to sum up, her experience with the soccer icon was not too great between the sheets.

She’s lesser known compared to the others but that doesn’t take away from her beauty as we stare deeply at the picture above featuring a candid shot of Gallardo on the beach coming out of the water.

9 Andressa Urach – Booty Model


Ronaldo took his talents to Brazil for this “Not So PG” hookup as its rumored the two had a brief affair back in 2013. Looking at the picture above, it isn’t a secret as the what her best asset is, Urach has a fantastic booty, and one that can make you stop and stare for several hours, it defies physics folks. In the later years, it would be revealed that her glute’ gains were in fact surgically enhanced, which makes complete sense.

The fling was very brief and according to the news, a down low relationship Ronaldo kept a secret. As for Urach, she went on a bit of a downwards spiral talking about her life as a “luxury adult worker” and even checking into the hospital for an infected buttock. Things got pretty rough following the brief fling.


8 Kim Kardashian – Yup, Kim


Back in 2010, the tabloids ran rampant pertaining to this situation between Kim and Cristiano. The two mega stars were caught kissing out in public while in Spain. Eventually, the relationship would quietly fizzle out and the two moved on to other people and things. In terms of high profile relationships, Kim is certainly up there as one of the most prolific when looking at Ronaldo’s dating resume.

Kim’s status of course would only expand as the years would move along, she would reach global fame as a reality star and later, start dating Kanye which only added to her prestige and worldwide recognition. We wonder if Ronaldo thinks about that booty late at night... judging by the others on this “Not So PG” list, probably not....

7 Diana Chavez – The Mistress


Seems like a trend amongst popular athletes, the fame of it all makes it pretty hard for them to stay faithful. Apparently, even Ronaldo fell victim to this as it was revealed that he cheated on Irina with this “Not So PG” beauty, Diana Chavez.

Chavez opened up about the affair with the Daily Mail claiming the two hooked up pretty often, and it all went down during his relationship with Irina, Ronaldo’s longest partner to date. Take one look at the beauty and you can see why Ronaldo lost his cool for this beauty, she’s got it all going on from head-to-toe. We celebrate this Ronaldo mistress with the “Not So PG” shot above as she poses for the cameras with a seductive look while wearing minimal clothing. Ronaldo is drooling somewhere far, far away.

6 Luciana Abreu – The Portuguese Singing Goddess


She’s now 32, the same age as Ronaldo. Once again, the mega soccer star dipped his interests back in his native land with this brief hookup with a popular Portuguese singer. According to the rumor mill, the two briefly dated in the earlier portion of the 2000s. For those of you not familiar with Luciana, she has godly features rocking the dirty blonde hair, along with some lovely cleavage as you see in the picture above, we applaud Ronaldo for this hookup as we have with all the other ones to be quite frank.

Putting Abreu aside for a second, Ronaldo’s career would really start to take off in 2006 with Manchester United. At that point, it was starting to be obvious that he was something special. By 2007, he was becoming a household name and ironically, his dating resume was also increasing as evidenced by the time stamps of his hookups with these women!

5 Bipasha Basu – The Bollywood Girl


With 4.5 million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Basu is a pretty big deal. Ronaldo added some serious spice to his love life when he briefly dated this New Delhi mega star. The tabloids were all over the story as the two quickly connected after meeting for the first time. Soon after, videos and pictures surfaced of the two getting intimate in public. Basu is quite older than Ronaldo inching towards her 40s at the age of 38.

Basu is a massive sex symbol in India, like a huge deal according to our research. She’s a model and actress, partaking in various films of the thriller and horror variety. This Ronaldo hookup is one of the most popular and highly researched. Like Ronaldo, Basu recently settled down tying the knot with New Delhi model and actor Karan Grover.

4 Merche Romero – The Cougar


Back when this relationship was taking place, Ronaldo was just scratching the surface as a big deal in the world of pro football. He met Romero back in 2005 and the two dated up until 2006. Born in Portugal, Merche was a model and TV presenter back in her native land.

This particular hookup was significant for one simple reason, age. The two have a gap of nine years which is pretty hefty and just imagine that gap back when they dated, which was so much worse. Today, Romero is already in her 40s while Ronaldo, is early into his 30s. Nonetheless, it seems like a trend for athletes to try and date someone much older, heck even the great Tiger Woods felt the need to experience it. However, that was much more twisted in context, and part of his many unfaithful affairs, credit to Ronaldo for actually dating most of these hookups on the list, yes key word, “most of”.

3 Karina Bacchi – Brazilian Goddess


Tiger Woods would be jealous at this Ronaldo hookup as she seems to fit the bill of what the golfer likes the most, blonde and busty. Bacchi certainly fills out those criteria as the Brazilian is an absolute goddess. Her looks are on full display over in Brazil as she serves the role of a model, presenter and actress. She can do it all folks. Oh, and her Instagram following isn’t too shabby either with close to two million followers. She rose to fame winning the first season of Dancing with the Stars back in Brazil during ’05.

Again, this romance made the headlines worldwide as the two had a brief fling. Like Merche above, the age difference was quite significant as Bacchi is currently in her 40s. However, take a quick look at the “Not So PG” shot above and you’ll forget about age rather quickly.

2 Maria Sharapova – Some Tennis Chick


First and foremost, let’s have a moment of silence taking a look at the picture above. Celebrating her trophy in Paris, this throwback shot seriously never gets old. From head-to-toe, Sharapova is absolutely perfect.

This particular fling is strictly a rumor as it was never confirmed by either of the two. However, various tabloids believe the two sporting icons had a brief fling at one point. Like Ronaldo, Maria also had a fair share of hookups dating in the field of basketball, tennis and even in the entertainment scene dating singer Adam Levine. When you date the Maroon 5 dude, you know you made it. Sharapova is now patiently awaiting her return as she’s set to comeback following her lengthy suspension which was reduced to 15 months after she got caught consuming a banned substance.

1 Georgina Rodriguez – Current Partner


As of November of 2016, it was reported that Ronaldo was in a relationship with his current girlfriend, the stunning Marid model Georgina Rodriguez. Take one quick look at her and you won’t be asking why Ronaldo finally settled on this stunning beauty. The two are currently vacationing together enjoying life, she’s also reported to being pregnant with Ronaldo’s child, although those rumors are yet to be confirmed by the couple. At the age of 32, it seems like Ronaldo’s lengthy dating and hookup track record might finally come to end with this relationship. What do you guys think, is this is it for the soccer icon, or does he have more flings left in the tank? Only time will tell folks.

For now, Ronaldo enjoys his off season after a heroic campaign on the pitch. We praise his season with these memorable “Not So PG” pictures. Thanks for scrolling down this list and be sure to pass it along!


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