15 “Not So PG” Photos Of Women Michael Phelps Hooked Up With

Michael Phelps’ hookups weren’t limited to one type of female, that’s for darn sure!

As evidenced by Tiger Woods, when you have everything and become an icon in the sporting world, temptations around you tend to increase. Now we can’t compare Phelps' resume to Tiger’s, but judging by the women on this list, we need to praise Phelps for landing these beauties. Also, unlike Tiger, Phelps met these beautiful females while he was single, which was fair game. For Woods, not so much as he mingled with the bulk of his females while he was a “happily” married man. We give Phelps a major plus for hooking up with these women while he was a single bachelor.

Nowadays, Phelps is living the life of a married man, happily tying the knot with a former Miss California, Nicole Johnson. Obviously, she’ll also be featured in the article. We’ll also take a look at various others which include a plethora of models, an Olympic swimmer and heck, even an adult star! His hookups weren’t limited to one type of female, that’s for darn sure!

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a buddy. Most of these “Not So PG” pictures take place in the water for some reason.... So here we go, here are 15 "Not So PG” photos of women Michael Phelps hooked up with. Let’s begin!

15 Brittny Gastineau – The Beach Chick


We start the article off with the lovely Brittny Gastineau, a brief love interest of Michael Phelps back in November of 2010. The relationship was more of a fling than anything else as by February of 2011, the two had split. Get ready to see similar cases of these relationships involving Phelps throughout the article.

Make a brief Google search on this Phelps hookup and you’ll quickly realize she loves the beach, specifically in Miami as she has a slew of candid pictures available, mostly of the “Not So PG” bikini variety. This leopard printed one piece is quite flattering in all the right areas.

Gastineau is a model, which isn’t too shocking given Phelps’ interest for those types of females. She’s also a reality television star, who apparently has a thing for swimmers.

14 Stephanie Rice – The Swimmer


Phelps didn’t put a cap on his love interests to just being models, he also took an interest for a chick in his field, Olympic Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice. According to the rumor mill, the two had a brief fling during the Beijing Olympics back in 2008. Nothing else took place following the event.

Along with being a stunner visually, Rice is also quite the accomplished swimmer and no slouch when it comes to winning Gold Medals. She won not one, not two, but three Olympic Gold Medals at the 2008 Summer Olympic Beijing Games. Following her dominant run, she was granted the Medal of Order back in her native country of Australia which is quite the accomplishment. At the age of 29, the Australian beauty is now retired hanging up the swimwear back in 2014.

13 Win McMurry – The Golf Chick


Looking at this "Not So PG" picture of Win, you’d think she was a love interest of Tiger Woods. After all, not only is she holding a golf club, but she’s even got that vintage blonde hair that Woods loves dearly in his women. In all likelihood, Tiger was smiling at Phelps for this hook up.

Turns out the two did a little more than just hookup, they actually dated for a couple of months spanning from the summer of 2013, till the end of 2013 in December. For those of you that aren’t aware, Win is an American anchor that primarily covered everything golf, whether that was PGA Tour Primetime, Golf Central or the Morning Drive. Not surprisingly, she was voted as golf’s number one beauty by Sports Illustrated magazine. Oh, and along with being a host, she’s also got talents as a producer and writer. Not too shabby folks.

12 Taylor Lianne Chandler – The Adult Star


This might have been Phelps' most regrettable hook up looking at how it turned out. Taylor was very vocal about this relationship as the adult star made the claim the two hookedup several times after meeting on Tinder out of all places. Chandler kept exposing the relationship, she took things a step too far however when Phelps’ announced he was having a kid with his current wife. This caused Taylor to go on a rant pertaining to their relationship. She even threatened to post a “private” picture of Phelps to further the fact that they hooked up.

Without a doubt, Lianne Chandler profited quite nicely from the situation, even writing a book about it. Even her darn website discusses her hookup with Phelps in her bio on the front page! We’ll have more on the exact details of the hook up in an entry later in the article.

11 Maria Ho – The Poker Player


Seems like 2008 was a busy year for Phelps’ love life, he dated several women; maybe that was cause of his Beijing success? In any event, he added to his impressive resume briefly dating a poker player, Maria Ho.

Now we can’t confirm if a game of strip poker was played at any point between the two, but we can say that if it did, Phelps was likely completely naked after just a couple of rounds. Maria Ho is one hell of a poker player and don’t make her gentle and seductive looks fool you. Ho has earned over two million in earnings throughout her career along with being one of the most popular females in the field. She also expanded her horizons competing on the 15th season of the Amazing Race, alongside her best friend another poker player, Tiffany Michelle.

10 Megan Rossee – The Blonde Bombshell


Hard to find a steamier Michael Phelps hookup than this beauty, without a doubt, Megan is one of the most impressive featured beauties on this list. If you need evidence, just look at the jaw dropping picture above as she rocks the bikini top and bottom to perfection. All of a sudden, blue is our favorite color. We’ll feature another “Not So PG” Megan picture a little later in the article but we’re quite sure, two photos isn’t enough for this kind of beauty!

Unlike his other hookups, Megan made the cut for a year as the two dated throughout 2012. Now why would Phelps break up with such a stunner? According to the gossip mill, the two were simply too young at the time. That’s fair.

9 Carrie Prejean – Miss California


We add another beauty to the list, however, Carrie should be regarded as even greater than a beauty given her past as a 2009 Miss California winner. She was also runner-up Miss US in the same year. One of her answers to a same-sex marriage question might have caused her the title as she blatantly said she only believes in men and woman type of love. In this stage of life, that answer was seen as a “no no”.

Seems like Phelps caught her during the glory days as the two dated casually in ’09, the nature of the relationship was a simple fling according to the gossip mill.

Not to worry though, Carrie would get over her Miss America defeat and her loss of Phelps by marrying an NFL Quarterback in 2010, Kyle Boller. The two are living happily ever after with two children.

8 Caroline Pal – The Vegas Cocktail Waitress


One of Phelps’ first hookups to make the headlines was a fling/relationship with Caroline Pal, a fine looking cocktail waitress out of Vegas. Now that seems like the Tiger Woods type, however, Phelps took things a little further dating the beauty for a couple of months. Pictures even surfaced online of the two out and about at a pool party getting intimate with one another. It was one of the few times Phelps was caught in public with one of his brief love interests.

Interestingly enough, years after the fling, the two rekindled the flame as they were spotted together again in 2013. Once again, the two enjoyed some quality time with one another out and about in the Vegas area. It was the last we’d see of the two together.

7 Lily Donaldson – The Legit Chanel Model


In terms of high profile models that Phelps dated, Lily is by far the most impressive, especially if you take a look at her resume. She walked the catwalk representing companies such as Louis Vuitton, Moschino and Chanel. For those of you that aren’t aware, those are some heavy duty brands and clothing we can only dream of wearing.

Despite her fling with Phelps not lasting the test of time, it seems like Donaldson hasn’t lost any sleep over it as she still appears to be dropping jaws on red carpets, particularly recently at the Cannes Film Festival. If you want more on this former Phelps love interest, give her a follow in Instagram, along with her other one million followers. You won’t regret it folks!

6 Stephanie Rice – Swimmer or Model?

We felt obligated to add another picture of this beautiful Olympic swimmer. This photo of the Australian comes from her Instagram account. Take one quick look at her page and you’ll be confused as to whether she’s a swimmer or a model? With various yoga poses and the most dazzling views in her pics, you’ll find it hard to believe she ever swam a lap in her life.

According to her personal pages, Rice is now spending her days happily retired as an entrepreneur, motivation speaker and brand ambassador for various companies that seek her beautiful mug. On a side note, she also won season 3 of the Celebrity Apprentice back in Australia. Now this Phelps hookup has both the brains and the bronze!

5 Brittny Gastineau - More Beach Candids


We started the article off with this beauty being featured in a stunning candid beach picture. So yup, we felt obligated to include another beach picture, this one, coming from 2015 in the Miami area. Once again, she’s not afraid to flaunt her bikini body and again, she’s being featured in water. Two of Michael’s weaknesses, beautiful females and a nice body of water...

Along with being an impressive model and strutting her stuff around the world, this beauty also appeared on television and briefly in film. She had a small part in the film Bruno as she played the role of a judge. Her feature in the film was kind of controversial as she was asked about if Jamie Lynn Spears should keep or let go of her yet to be born baby... yikes.

4 Win McMurry – Drink By The Water


Ironically most of the pictures featured on the list include a body of water in the background. Now we know Phelps loves his women, but one would assume he’s also likely thinking, “hey, that’d be a nice place to swim”. However, in such a picture, the beautiful Win McMurry is the true hero as she shows off her fantastic beach body while holding up a drink. In her defense, at least she’s got a healthy fruit carb with the pineapple on top of her beverage.

As documented by her social media accounts, Win is well passed her Phelps relationship as she’s now a proud mother recently welcoming her new toddler into the world, something Phelps has also recently done with his partner. I think we can safely assume the two children won’t be having any play dates...

3 Megan Rossee – Another Water Babe


We promised and we here at The Sportster love to live up to our promises. We’ve included another picture of the stunning Megan Rossee. Again, this shot features the beautiful blonde rocking a perfect bikini. Seriously, this former Phelps love interest can make us stare at her for an entire day. Who thinks we should have done on entire article on the beauty?

In truth, it’s surprising things didn’t work out between the two but like we said in the entry earlier in this article, youth played a big factor in things not lasting in the long run. Phelps isn’t looking in the rear view mirror nowadays as he’s now happily coupled up and living the life a family man. Let’s now take a look at his current partner.... drum roll please....

2 Nicole Johnson – His Current Wife


Just recently, Phelps finally tied the knot with his long time love interest, Nicole Johnson. Like most of the others featured on the list, Johnson was a former model and the winner of the Miss California USA title. Yup, not too shocking, she’s no slouch in the look department.

The two got married in the summer of 2016, however, they met long before that back in 2007. They actually briefly broke up in 2012, but according to news, the breakup just aided their bond with one another that much more. They got engaged in February of 2015 and in May of 2016, they welcomed in a new handsome little guy to the world, Boomer Robert Phelps. The couple recently made headlines for an adorable family picture that was featured on various mainstream news platforms including People and The Daily Mail.

1 Taylor Lianne Chandler – The Details


As promised, we end the article with another picture featuring Phelps’ “Not So PG” hookup with Taylor Lianne Chandler. As we discussed earlier, Taylor was very vocal about the experience, she even posted various text messages of the two talking, one which included a bed selfie of Phelps.

According to the details of the hookups, Taylor claims Phelps was very confident and that he made Charlie Sheen look like a joke between the sheets.... hmm, whatever that means. Nonetheless, despite all of the info leaking from Taylor, Phelps remained silent throughout all of the speculation and you really can’t fault him for not adding any further fuel to the fire. This was by far Michael’s most “Not So PG” hookup, and one that he likely wants us to forget about!

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15 “Not So PG” Photos Of Women Michael Phelps Hooked Up With