15 "Not So PG" Photos Of Women That Tiger Woods Hooked Up With

May 29th, 2017 was yet another dark day for the legacy of Tiger Woods. It was unthinkable to imagine his downfall back in the day but things have just continued to spiral both on and off the green. Woods was recently arrested at 3 am in Jupiter Florida after he was found by police asleep in his car. Thankfully, no drugs or alcohol were identified in his system as it appears as though he reacted negatively to medication. Nonetheless, Tiger’s currently seeking "professional help" as he recently revealed in a public statement.

Those that have followed Woods’ debacle are well aware that the spiral began a long time ago, specifically back in late 2009 when infidelity rumors began to surface. As of 2010, he was divorced with a plethora of women announcing that they hooked up with the golfer while he was married. For the most part, these females were either adult entertainment stars, worked in the night club industry or served as models (lingerie and Playboy). In this article, we take a look at some not so PG photos of these jaw dropping ladies.

So without further ado, get the popcorn ready and enjoy this article as we take a look at 15 revealing photos of women that Tiger Woods hooked up with. Let’s begin folks!

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16 The Latest Mistress

Before the arrest, Tiger was making the headlines for another touchy subject, once again, his personal love life. Despite the fact that he was dating the previously mentioned Kristen Smith, The Sun released a column linking Woods to the ultra steamy hot Playboy model Laci Kay Somers. We said the dude has a type when it comes to the women he dates, but he also has a totally different type when it comes the women he, you know, hooks up with. Somers is definitely the poster girl for what he looks for in that part of his life.

With over eight million followers on Instagram, Somers has a huge following and let’s just say it’s not because of her fitness tips alone. Her profile will make your eyes turn red. Viewer discretion is strongly advised when viewing her not so PG profile!

15 Elin Got Booty

via thesuperficial.com

Oh the candid shot, this type of picture can make or break the beauty of a well known celebrity or athlete in the spotlight. The candid shot of Tiger following his arrest hurt his image even further, while we can’t say the same pertaining to his ex-wife Elin, as this not so PG picture clearly shows the Swede has some booty!

Elin was certainly and underrated beauty as she lived in the shadows of Tiger’s fame and of his prime while the couple were married. Ever since the divorce, she’s kept a low profile enjoying life away from the media and tabloids. She was also contractually obligated to do so as she signed a clause agreeing not to harm Wood’s image any further. As for her dating life nowadays, she’s been linked to exchanging text messages with musician Gavin Rossdale.

14 Lindsey Vonn Post Tiger Arrest

Unlike most of the others on the list, it was a well known fact that Tiger and the high profile skiing beauty were an item at one point in time. They met at a charity event in 2012 following Tiger’s divorce and would start to date a year later. However, once again, things didn’t work out for Tiger and the relationship ended on fine terms in 2015. Vonn was also rebounding during this relationship undergoing a divorce herself in 2012.

Well, this recent picture is awkward for a couple of reasons. The most obvious one was the fact that Vonn posted the steamy picture just hours after the announcement of Tiger’s arrest. She captioned the photo, “thankful for great friends and fund adventures. The future is bright”. Adding to the awkwardness, she was living it up alongside her new boyfriend, Kenan Smith, while Tiger, was like, behind bars, at the lowest of lows. Ouch.

13 His New GF Kristen Smith

via celebrityxo.com

Tiger’s new girlfriend at the moment is no slouch either in the looks department. Heck, she even looks a little similar to his ex-wife Elin. The dude certainly has a specific taste when it comes to the girls he publicly dates, usually opting for the blond headed, girl next door look. As for his personal life when it comes to the hook ups, now that couldn’t be any more different as you’ll see throughout the article.

Not surprising, Smith was irate when she heard the news that Tiger had been taken into custody. Witnesses said she even yelled while out at boutiques, seems like Kristen let off her frustrations by maxing out her credit card spending thousands of dollars that very day. We all deal with grief differently... it seems.


11 The Girl That Started It All: Rachel Uchitel

via dailymail.co.uk

Rocking a great looking bikini, we can all agree Rachel looks like Tiger’s type. Hearing her name today however likely causes Woods’ stomach to revolt a little despite her great looks. It was speculation of Woods and Rachel hooking up that started Tiger’s downwards spiral. After the National Enquirer published the affair story in 2009, it was downhill soon after that.

Despite the fact that she denied the claims early on, she would later admit that the two had in fact hooked up. The evidence was pretty much quite clear as pictures were even taken of Rachel entering Tiger’s hotel room in Australia.

Fun fact, she even had another affair with actor David Boreanaz, aka the dude from Bones. The VIP host would finally get some helps following the Woods debacle entering a rehabilitation center.

10 Adult Star Holly Sampson

via gossipcenter.com

Seems like Woods also has a fascination for women in the field of adult related things... Yup, he hooked up with adult star Holly Sampson. Holly opened up about the affair claiming it took place during his bachelor party.

Adding insult to the situation, the adult star went into further detail about the hook up. Holly recalls it being quite great and making the claim that Tiger, “knew what he was doing”. Well that’s a great... although he does have a prosperous career in putting the ball in a, okay never mind. In Holly’s defense, she was one of the few that did have intercourse with Tiger while he wasn’t married, so like, she can take some great pride in that.

Nonetheless, this not so PG picture is just a snippet of Sampson wearing a naughty school girl outfit.

9 Joslyn James aka Tiger’s S**ter

via fabzz.com

Joslyn James was another adult star that hooked up with the golfer, although her relationship was more than a one night stand. James actually hooked up with Tiger for three years if you can believe and she was also extremely candid pertaining to the relationship, even revealing text messages that further dampened the golfers reputation.

If you assumed the texts were naughty, you're right on the money. The messages were of the not so PG nature with Tiger being very aggressive in terms of what he was going to do with her. He even popped the question of a three way act with James and another girl, yup, the guy liked and likely still likes intercourse very much.

As for this not so PG photo, hard to believe James’ goods stayed in place in such a tiny bikini, good heavens!

8 Julie Postle Aka Number 11

via blog.donga.com

We’re more than a couple of entries into this not so PG article and it seems quite evident that Woods had a thing for women that enjoyed doing chest exercises... to be frank, Tiger liked hooking up with girls that had big breasts and Julie Postle was no exception to the rule.

Postle, better known as "number eleven", was the eleventh woman to come out and make the claim that she hooked up with Tiger. Postle was another female hook up to make a shocking declaration claiming that Woods would actually text message his other mistresses while still being in bed with Julie, man the legendary golfer just couldn’t get enough! Postle would add even more fuel to the fire making another bold claim that Tiger told her that his marriage was all for publicity and his image. We believe Postle didn’t get a call back from Woods following these reveals....

7 Cori Rist The Lingerie Model

via zimbio.com

Add lingerie model to the list of Tiger Wood’s hook ups. Looking at the picture above, that’s no surprise as she’s got a stunning body rocking the short dress. Truly hilarious that a picture of Tiger Woods appears in the background, oh brother! Rist recently made headlines defending Woods for his recent arrest. Rist took the sensitive approach, something not too many of his other mistresses have done.

In the situation with Rist, it was a little different as it was Cori’s ex-husband that took to the public making the claim that Tiger would transfer money to Rist. Ex-husband Santos made these claim when trying to gain custody of the couple’s child. Rist took to the public claiming her ex was only trying to make money out of the affair. Nonetheless, no matter how you look at it, it was another situation that hurt Woods even further.

6 Jaimee Grubbs The Cocktail Waitress

via fishki.net

Grubbs was another Tiger mistress, it seems like a reoccurring theme for Woods was either a hook up with an adult star or, a hook up with a night club worker. Grubbs was in fact a night club worker and another one of the first female faces to come out with the announcement of the affair. She was an LA cocktail waitress at the time and it was believed that the two hooked up for 31 months while Tiger was married. Yikes. But seriously though, Elin never wondered where the hell this guy was half of the time?

Nonetheless, Woods proceeded with his “side relationship” for 31 months. The two also exchanged somw text messages of the sexual nature that were revealed by Grubbs. Once again, Tiger was caught right handed as another mistress kept the personal information. Oh and as you see in the picture above, she was pretty smoking.

5 Jamie Jungers Aka Mistress Number Four

via pstatp.com

Jungers was another lingerie model that hooked up with Tiger. The blonde bombshell was yet another mistress that went full throttle with the details. According to Jungers, the relationship with Tiger led to her downwards spiral as she fell for the golfer, unlike most of the other women. Jungers became an addict following the relationship reaching its end.

Jamie was very bitter that she got nothing out of Tiger. According to Jungers, she asked Woods for money or practically anything, but he wasn’t willing to go to such lengths. Some rumors came out that Jamie was also an adult worker, but she shut down those allegations claiming she did nothing of the sort. Her quote that pretty much sums up her time with Tiger, “I got nothing from this – except a broken heart”.

4 Loredana Jolie – “The Author”

via pintrest.com

A Playboy model, Jolie was another mighty fine hook up of Tiger’s from back in the day. However, like most women, Jolie looked to claim some fame from the hook up, she took things a step a little too far by writing a book discussing her time with the star golfer. Too far? Maybe. For what it’s worth, she even claims she once flirted with Michael Jordan, that’s impressive Jolie, maybe you can write a side book on that altercation. “Flirting With MJ, The Trials & Tribulations”.

The Playboy model basically touched on things that we already knew discussing the fact that Tiger had lots and lots of sexual fantasies. She even called some of them, “not normal”. I think we can safely establish that Tiger wasn’t the most mentally stable when it came to his sex life, but thanks for the groundbreaking info Loredana.

3 Vonn & Her Man

This picture is likely a double whammy for Tiger to deal with. Not only is Vonn looking insanely fine in that jaw dropping, not so PG dress, but she’s also alongside her new boyfriend, Kenan Smith. His Instagram bio reads, “life is good”, good heavens, talk about an understatement!

As we stated earlier, the two got separated in 2015, although Vonn admitted they ended off on good terms and that she still has a soft spot for the golfer. Vonn admitted the media didn’t help the relationship but at the end of the day, it was best that both sides moved on, seems like the young 32 year old hasn’t been effected one bit by the relationship ending as she looks better than ever. As for Woods, we can’t say the same....

2 Ex-Wife In A Bikini

via nyppagesix.files.wordpress.com

Hard to believe that somehow, someway, despite everything that went down between Elin and Woods, the two maintain a formidable friendship today. Woods even made the claim that two are best friends. Talk show host Stephen Colbert asked Tiger how that was possible and Woods swiftly replied that the children have a lot to do with it. Pretty surreal nonetheless given everything that went down between the two.

Nordegren lived a low key life while she was with Tiger, and that remains the same today at the age of 37. However, as evidenced by this not so PG shot, we can safely make the claim that she can rock the hell out of a bikini top. With the shades, hat and revealing bikini, Tiger’s ex looks pretty darn smoking in this shot.

1 Laci Playing Golf

via thesun.co.uk

So Laci apparently loves golf, singing and training. Oh, and like we mentioned earlier in the article, Somers is also a Playboy model. Judging by all of this, it seems like she was custom made for Tiger.

Looking at Laci, we can definitely understand why the links have been made she certainly appears to be Woods’ type. As for Somers, she’s said to be into guys with tattoos, muscles, personality and that have a sense of humor. Well, we’re not quite sure Woods has any of those criteria under his belt, but hey, he’s Tiger Woods so his name alone should be good enough for the jaw dropping Playboy model.

So there you have it folks, let us know via our Facebook page which one of these beauties do you think deserves the recognition as Tiger’s top hook up?

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