15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of Cristiano Ronaldo Hooking Up In Public

These pictures feature intimate Ronaldo moments from just about anywhere and everywhere!

Hate him or love him, the 32 year old mega soccer star is currently regarded as the best in the world. His formula is pretty simple, work hard in the season, and party hard during the summer. However this summer, the partying took a little bit of a back seat due to ongoing court battles involving alleged tax fraud problems.

Aside from the minor hiccup, he’s lived it up in the off-seasons and by living it up, we really mean picking up chicks. Cristiano has dated a slew of women in the past along with countless hookups. In this article, we celebrate those times with actual evidence of the hookups taking place with these public PDA shots. If you want to continue digging into his personal love life, we recommend you take a look at our list involving 15 “Not So PG” hookups from Cristiano's past!

From wearing a disguise while in Disneyland, to soaking up the sun between a female’s legs on the beach, these pictures feature intimate Ronaldo moments from just about anywhere and everywhere! Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 “Not So PG” pics of Cristiano Ronaldo hooking up in public. Let’s begin with a picture involving one of his teammates watching on uncomfortably!

15 Hooking Up While Pepe Watches On


In terms of “Not So PG” public pictures, Ronaldo has a slew with his ex-girlfriend, the stunning Irina Shayk. In terms of serious relationships from his past, that was the lengthiest of the bunch spanning from 2011, all the way till the bitter end in 2015 when rumors of infidelity on Ronaldo’s part were making the headlines one too many times.

Things didn’t end all that well between the two, but they did share many close encounters including the picture you see above taken at a hotel. Poor long-time teammate of Ronaldo Pepe is forced watch on while the antics took place. In all likelihood judging by his reaction, he’d rather be somewhere else. The picture wasn’t the first time Ronaldo got involved in some PDA while a teammate was close by, we’ll have another example of that later in the article so stay tuned!

14 Putting The Moves On A Mystery Girl


Here in North America, most of us aren’t aware, but overseas in Europe, the paparazzi is all over everything Ronaldo does. When a snapshot of any form of PDA is available, the press will have it for us that’s for darn sure.

This throwback picture actually comes from 2009, during the rare days the saw Ronaldo as a single bachelor. Following his signing with Real, Cristiano instantly spent the contract money partying it up North America during that summer. He was seen with various chicks, including one Paris Hilton.... Remember her? Remember that time former NHL goalie Jose Theodore was trying to sweet talk her? Nonetheless, this is a picture of single Ronaldo working his magic in public with a lady labelled as the “mystery woman” according to the press.

13 Ronaldo & Gemma Spotted


During his time in England as a part of the prestigious Manchester United franchise, Ronaldo hooked up with various females from the area. He even had a “Not So PG” hookup with an adult star, Alice Goodwin. That was more of a quick flick, unlike his actual relationship to the beauty you see above, the Great Manchester native Gemma Atkinson who’s a popular actress and of course, a model.

The two enjoyed some time together as a couple back in 2010, before Ronaldo met Irina. Gemma shared the details of their date claiming it was nothing like many would have thought, as the two just sat back, relaxed and watched a movie while sipping on some tea. You see folks, he may look like he’s chizzled out of granite, but at the end of the day, he’s just a regular dude like the most of us... well, not really, but you get our point!

12 The Help Me Picture


Gemma Atkinson admitted, the press was obsessed with finding out dirty details pertaining to Ronaldo. Gemma took the high rode and instead, opted out of ruining her former partner, claiming she enjoyed the time they spent together. For the most part, his hookups shared the same sentiment, that is putting aside Nereida Gallardo of course, one of his first public hookups.

As you see in the picture, things weren’t the smoothest between the two. Ronaldo has the “please help me” type of look on his face while he looks into the camera at the candid shot. Things ended on a bitter note between the two with Gallardo absolutely blasting Ronaldo for breaking up with her via text message. The breakup went down in 2009 and years later, Nereida is still ripping the dude to shreds... Bitter much?

11 Beach Fun With Romero


In terms of “Not So PG” content, Ronaldo has a slew of photos with several different females on a beach setting. That’s not a bad idea in truth, the guy is ripped to shreds and why not enjoy a refreshing beverage while soaking up the sun alongside a beautiful female wearing the skimpiest of bikinis. Yup, the guy knows what he’s doing folks.

The only problem with such a date is the fact that it’s out in the open. More times than not, Ronaldo has been caught by the press, particularly in some sticky situations as you see in this throwback picture with one of his quick flings, Merche Romero. Romero was one of Ronaldo’s first partners; the two shared quite the age difference with Merche out aging the Superstar player. Eventually, the two quietly broke up leading to numerous Ronaldo hookups soon after.

10 Ronaldo & Kim Spotted Together


One of the more random Ronaldo hookups featured the star soccer player enduring somewhat of a relationship with the mega reality star, one Kim Kardashian. According to the gossip mill, the two partied it up together several times, as evidenced by the picture you see above which is actually pretty recent. Looking at the history between the two, it’s said that they were actually caught kissing overseas in Spain just before Cristiano’s relationship to Irina. Who needs Days Of Our Lives when you got this type of stuff folks!

Obviously, the high profile relationship wouldn’t last, and things quietly fizzled out. Kim had a thing for athletes at one point, literally going from sport to sport, but that all finally changed once she settled on a popular musician, someone you might be familiar with, Kanye West.

9 More Teammate PDA


This picture was another hilarious shot of teammates both getting intimate in public. Unlike poor Pepe who was left out in the cold watching Ronaldo and Irina, this time, former Real Madrid goalie Iker Casillas also had a partner to warm him up during this throwback tennis picture. The couple were a hot topic on this day, as the Madrid paparazzi had a field day with the couples. Both pairs were spotted getting intimate at some points during the tennis match, this picture however shows the two cleaning their beauties up for one hilarious picture.

Of course, the legendary Spanish goalkeeper has moved on from his Madrid days. At the tender age of 36, the keeper is enjoying the final chapters of his career playing in goal as a member of the Porto football club over in Portugal, a place his buddy Ronaldo likely recommended, given like, his passport and stuff.

8 Living The Club Life With Paris


Looking back at Ronaldo hookups, this is one he likely regrets as it took center stage in all magazine spreads at the time. Coming off the heels of signing a mega deal with soccer giants Real Madrid, Cristiano decided to celebrate by taking the party to North America. During his time, he met up with Paris Hilton on various nights as the two were even spotted in some interesting PDA on more than one occasion.

Thankfully, the relationship was only fling that lasted a couple of months during the summer. Ironically, it was said that Paris was actually the one that ended things claiming Ronaldo acted to “girly” for her liking. We doubt Cristiano lost any sleep following the fling as he would proceed to destroy Spanish soccer, cementing his name as one of the greatest ever during his run with the Madrid soccer team.

7 Getting Intimate With Basu


Ronaldo took his talents overseas to Bollywood for this hookup. Rarely did the press take juicy “Not So PG” photos of this nature, but Ronaldo was in fact caught in the act with popular Indian actress Bipasha Basu. The paparazzi had an absolute dream of a day photographing the two together back in the day, judging by the evidence, it looks like Ronaldo was the one all over Basu that very day. Looking deeper into the evidence, a hookup following the encounter was very likely...

Both sides are now in different places, Basu, a huge star in India is edging towards her 40s at 38 and she’s recently happily married to another Indian actor, Karan Singh Grover. We hope Karan doesn’t take a walk down memory lane and accidentally stumble on such photos, he’ll likely enjoy some sleepless nights after seeing such content!

6 Keeping It Low Profile At Disney Land


Following the break up with Irina, Ronaldo wasted no time in finding the next in line. Of course, she’s a model and of Spanish decent. His current love interest is none other than the beautiful Georgina Rodriguez. The two went public with their romance back in November of 2016 and it looks as though they’ve really been hitting it off with various intimate pictures already available online, some, even of the “Not So PG” nature.

The photo you see above was recently posted by TMZ, as the couple shared a nice day together at Disney Land. It appears as though Ronaldo kept things low profile that day, covered from head-to-toe, rocking the hat very low, the hood and the glasses. You can’t blame the dude for going through such lengths!

5 Early Times With Irina


Back in 2011, the media went nuts when it was unveiled that model Irina Shayk was the love interest of Ronaldo. Once this was revealed, the couple was snapped together just about everywhere, including at a soccer game as you see in the intimate picture above.

As we discussed earlier, “Not So PG” pics of the two are pretty easy to find as the paparazzi did their very best to stalk their every move. However, nowadays, the two are in different worlds as Ronaldo enjoys his life with Georgina over in Spain, while the lovely Russian, is recently engaged to popular actor Bradley Cooper. The two met shortly after Irina’s breakup to Ronaldo, and it seems like the relationship is sticking with the recent announcement of Irina and Bradley locking things up with an engagement.

4 Come & Sit Between My Legs


In terms of “Not So PG” action shots, Ronaldo’s earlier relationship with Nereida Gallardo certainly ranks right up there. Once again, Ronaldo took his “talents” onto a beach setting with his former love interest. On this day, the two took the term “Not So PG” to another level, as Ronaldo appears to be wrapped around the legs of his ex, a position he looks to be in no rush to get out of.

That was the good, but what followed was just all bad. Gallardo blasted Ronaldo on various topics, even calling him a “flop” in the bedroom, yikes. Along with that, Nereida called Ronaldo a cereal cheater and a dude that’s ego is way too high. She labelled the Superstar player as nothing but a coward. Again, she sounds kind of bitter no?

3 Smoking Candid Shot


Seems like Ronaldo was infuriated this time around as he spends some boating time alongside his ex Irina. The two likely weren’t expecting any company, just looking to lay and likely, enjoy in some PDA time. After all, the window for a soccer player to enjoy some rest time is quite thin, especially when you take into account summer tours overseas, and, the International type of tournaments. Rest is limited, and you know that players crave the rest and privacy when the off-time does in fact occur.

They didn’t get much privacy in this situation, however, those looking at such a picture aren’t complaining given Irina’s smoking hot “Not So PG” stance. Which begs the question; who do you think is hotter, Ronaldo’s ex Irina, or his current partner Georgina?

2 Getting Intimate With Georgina


Keeping things private is nearly impossible for an athlete, and that works double for someone with a high profile world standing. Just ask the likes of Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps who have seen their entire love lives on full display via the press. Ronaldo also falls under the same category with most of his hookups being made public. This one in particular however, went even further as the press snapped an intimate picture of Ronaldo and his current girlfriend, the Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez.

The summer has been tame for Ronaldo unlike the past as he’s currently undergoing some court battles for tax fraud allegations. Cristiano claims he’s being framed and we hope the situation isn’t a distraction come the start of the season.

1 Hey, Undo My Bathing Suit Please


Here on The Sportster, when it comes to “Not So PG” content, we appreciate the formula, “the more twisted the better”, so naturally, this candid shot seemed like a good fit in closing off such an article.

His most troubled relationship from the past with Nereida also has the most “Not So PG” types of photos. Of course, he was young at the time and likely too blind and oblivious to the impact the paparazzi could have on one’s personal life. However, looking at the other clear examples on this list, he didn’t learn all that much, continuing his PDA ways for the most part. This picture shows Ronaldo working his ex’s bathing suit and judging by her reaction, she’s loving every bit of it!

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