15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of Women A-Rod Hooked Up With

If you didn’t hate A-Rod before, you WILL after reading this list of his hookups throughout his life. Let’s put things into perspective for a second: he’s filthy rich with a net worth of $300 million, he’s in his 40s and still shaped like a Greek God, and oh, he hooked up with at least 15 beautiful women as you’ll see in this article.

We’ve covered this same topic with Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods but in truth, we can argue those three sporting icons don’t hold a candle to A-Rod based off this list. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves with these stunning “Not So PG” pictures of females A-Rod hooked up with. You’ll likely feel the same way after finishing off this article!

So without further ado, let’s get the party started. Here are 15 “Not So PG” pictures of women A-Rod hooked up with. Be sure to engage in conversation via Facebook and pass it along to a friend. From models, to fit freaks to countless celebrities, here is a list of these 15 breathtaking females in a “Not So PG” photo. We start with arguably the hottest number on the list, a model, Melissa Britos. However, you can make that claim for all 15 ladies - yup, the list is that stacked. Enjoy folks!

15 Melissa Britos – The Model

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One can make the argument that Britos is arguably A-Rod’s hottest hookup from the past. This “Not So PG” picture above is just a snippet of her beauty. Rocking her black hair and slim figure, the sunning brunette has rocked several runways in the past. A-Rod scored big time with this catch.

The hookup took place following A-Rod’s divorce back in 2008 to Cynthia Rodriguez. It was at that point when the “flood gates” began to open in Alex’s dating life and casual hookups. Reasons for the divorce between A-Rod and his ex-wife included an alleged infidelity by the baseball All-Star along with being uninterested in supporting his family any longer. Seems like he didn’t lose much sleep however moving on to this stunner, the two were spotted for the first time together back in 2009 on V-Day. So I guess we can say things were kind of serious...

14 Demi Moore – The Legendary Actress

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For the most part, A-Rod selected his hookups of the much younger age variety. Although, there were some cougars in the mix like we’ve seen time and time again with athletes in the past. Heck, even the great US legends Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps opted for older cougar blood at one point.

A-Rod did the same with popular actress Demi Moore, who like, has a thing for dating younger men. Moore is 54 today, while A-Rod just entered his 40s at 41. So yea, there is a pretty substantial age difference. According to the rumors, the two were spotted together back in 2012 having a dinner date alongside one another. The encounter took place following Moore’s divorce to TV star Ashton Kutcher. The cougar was out and about and it seems like her prey for the night was one Alex Rodriguez.

13 Cameron Diaz – Another Legendary Actress

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The stunning “Not So PG” picture you see above is actually a Miami shot taken of Diaz while she was spending time with A-Rod. The two dated for quite some time as the relationship began in July of 2010, lasting more than a year till September of the next year in 2011.

Unlike Demi, the age gap wasn’t all that significant as Diaz is only three years older than her former man. Both are fitness freaks, so isn’t too difficult to understand what type of common interests the two shared with one another. Following the end of the relationship, Diaz admitted she was pretty heart broken by the breakup. As for A-Rod, you’ll see throughout this article that he wasn’t all that heartbroken judging by the slew of females he’d encounter next.

12 Kate Hudson – Add Another “Not So PG” Celeb Crush

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Yup, it’s rather obvious A-Rod has a fetish for female actresses as the beautiful Kate Hudson was just another one of his brief hookup flings. As you see in the picture above, the LA native can rock the hell out of a bathing suit. How A-Rod dated this female so briefly, we’ll never know... Just kidding, we do know.

The dirty details of this romance revealed that Hudson bailed on A-Rod due to the fact that he kept on calling an old love interest, wait for it... wait for it... Madonna! Yup, it seems like A-Rod just didn’t get enough during his time with the old cougar and it looks like it cost him his relationship back in 2009 with this gorgeous actress. We celebrate his mistake by ogling at the “Not So PG” picture above.

11 Julianne Hough – The Hockey Wife

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For those of you that know a thing or two about hot WAGS in pro sports, the name Julianne Hough likely rings a bell. Hough went from one extreme to another dating Ryan Seacrest for three years and later, moving on to the more athletic type. The stunning Dancing with the Stars beauty was recently taken off the market as she tied the knot with former NHL star Brooks Laich. Poor Brooks is struggling to find a team nowadays, but we can bet he’s not sweating it that much nowadays out and about on his honeymoon with his new smoking hot wife.

So where does A-Rod fall in all of this you ask? Well, the two reportedly had a brief fling following her breakup with the American Idol host. Tabloids claim Julianne just wasn’t all that interested in A-Rod and that she took the dates to make a certain ex-jealous. We assume Rodriguez didn’t lose much sleep over that encounter.

10 Cynthia Scurtis – His Ex-Wife

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Before A-Rod became a massive player in the dating field, he was locked up to his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. The two got married back in 2002 after meeting in a gym out of all places, seriously are you even surprised? The couple seemed to be happier than ever raising two healthy children but things would eventually take a turn for the worse as we discussed previously in the article. Cynthia ended up filing for divorce making the claim that A-Rod checked out on the relationship a long time ago. The divorce was very costly for the MLB star losing a boat load of money in child support.

Rumors would then come out of A-Rod having an alleged affair to a musical icon. Who’s that icon you ask? Well, scroll down to the next number to find out!

9 Madonna – The Singing “Cougar” Sensation

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Yes, Madonna was the one that the tabloids speculated was having an affair with A-Rod at the time of his divorce. Things got so out of hand that Madonna actually stated that she had nothing to do with the divorce. The two shared a special bond with one another, that led to the speculation of the hookup. As we noted earlier in the article, even Kate Hudson added fuel to the fire claiming the two spoke regularly.

Like A-Rod, the 58 year old had her fair share of hookups in the past. She had two failed marriages along with a plethora of hookups. She’s actually making the headlines nowadays for her breakup letter she sent to Tupac back in the day. Not many people in this world can claim they stole the hearts of both Tupac and A-Rod.

8 Erin Simmons – The Fit Chick

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Along with dating popular celebrity actresses and musicians, A-Rod also had a thing for women in the fitness field as you’ll see in the next couple of entries. The beauty you see in the “Not So PG” beach picture above is of the stunning and chizzled Erin Simmons. Not hard to see why A-Rod took part in this recent hookup.

The relationship between the two took place in the spring of 2015, making it one of his more recent hookups on the list. Simmons is not only a fitness freak but one hell of an athlete as well excelling in a variety of field sports such as the javelin throw, yup, she’s got some juice in those pipes. She’s also significantly younger than A-Rod as the two shared a 12 year age gap.

7 Ella Magers – Another Fit Freak

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Ella Magers is seriously a beast. Take one quick look at her social media accounts and you’ll likely be scared to workout, especially if she’s around. Her “Not So PG” picture above tells a different story but don’t be fooled, this marvellous creature can kick some serious butt inside of the gym.

This was another low profile relationship that took place between A-Rod and the Vegan trainer back in 2011. The two actually had a serious romance not only dating, but even being spotted on vacation together. When you bring a chick on vacation, you know things are pretty serious. Turns out they weren’t as Magers just became another number in the long list of A-Rod hookups. Hate him or love him, the guy gets it done with the ladies folks.

6 Bethenny Frankel – The Mogul

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Bethenny Frankel is one impressive human being. Take a quick look at her resume, and she’s clearly one of the most impressive A-Rod hookups from the past based of her tremendous accomplishments. Creator of Skinnygirl cocktails, the entrepreneur made women around the world feel health conscious about swallowing a drink. If that wasn’t enough, she authored four tremendous self-help books and oh, she rose to stardom as a reality star with The Apprentice and The Real Housewives.

So how did A-Rod land such a chick. Well, he was pretty quick as they briefly dated following his divorce. The two were an item in 2009 but by 2010, she had remarried for a second time tying the knot with Jason Hoppy, another relationship that didn’t last for Frankel.

5 Kyna Treacy – The Australian Bikini Model

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Just by reading the header of this entry, most of you dudes out there were already sold, “Australian bikini model” is normally enough to entice most guys. Take a look at the “Not So PG” picture, and it just adds the cherry on top to this spectacular looking human being. From the smile, to her body, Kyna has it all going on.

The back-story to this hookup is quite hilarious. Rumors circulated that Alex actually hit on this magnificent model during a Championship Game of all places, not even a regular game! Hey, he needs a challenge you know. His words were enough to entice the beauty as the two went on a date following the game. Other claims made mention that A-Rod wrote his number on a ball and tossed it to her during a game. Whatever he did, it seemed to have worked and nobody really isn’t all that shocked.

4 Joslyn Noel Morse – The Affair


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Joslyn Noel Morse is an unknown compared to the others on the list, however she did rise to popularity for a controversial issue allegedly having an affair with the star baseball player while he was married. A dancer out of the Vegas district, Morse made the claim she had a lengthy affair with A-Rod. The two were even said to be spotted in lots of different areas including Toronto and Miami. The news caused a firestorm when the story first broke out.

Nowadays, Morse is living a quiet life although you can browse her personal pictures via Instagram. If you like photos of the “Not So PG” nature like the one up above, you’ll like the others featured on her profile as well.

3 Elaine Spottswood – More Models

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Elaine Spottswood is a natural beauty, pretty much like most of the others featured on this list. A model out of South Florida, the two hooked up briefly just before A-Rod’s romantic entangle with Kate Hudson. The two dated for a couple of months, but once again, Alex was on to the next one following the breakup. We remember Elaine and her time with A-Rod by paying homage to the beauty and ogling at the “Not So PG” picture above. You did well Elaine, we thank you for your contributions in A-Rod's life.

For the next two entries, we’ll close off the article with the most prominent names featured on this list. If you weren’t envious yet, you will be with these two stunning creatures from another world.

2 Torrie Wilson – The WWE Butt Kicker

You can add the wrestling community to the list of males that hate A-Rod due to this hookup with the lovely Torrie Wilson. The former WWE star rose to stardom in the early 2000s, her status was blasted into the mainstream following her Playboy magazine nude portrayal. She left the wrestling business eventually, but she re-entered the headlines for her relationship with A-Rod.

This romance was quite lengthy and one of the longest for Rodriguez lasting from 2011 to 2015. The two were spotted together frequently and got along famously. However, Wilson made the claim that A-Rod just wasn’t ready to settle down and that he still had a close connection with his ex-wife. Despite the breakup, the two remains good friends. We conclude this entry starring at the beauty of Torrie Wilson in the recent “Not So PG” picture above. At the age of 41, she somehow looks even better today.

1 Jennifer Lopez – The Current Girlfriend

Missing Miami...⛱🏝☀️👄

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The internet nearly broke when it was announced that A-Rod and J-Lo were in fact an item. The two initially met back in the day, during the early 2000s but officially began dating just recently. The couple is already vacationing together in France, with J-Lo rocking some incredible beachwear. Normally when you get close to your 50s, beachwear isn’t as “Not So PG”, but when it comes to J-Lo, this beautiful woman is like a fine wine getting better with age, hard to argue that anyone on this list is better than the singing sensation.

A recent rumor also indicated that A-Rod apparently tired to lock her down early only to get rejected. However, it the words of President Donald Trump, that appears to be FAKE NEWS. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t blame him for doing so if he did.

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