15 Of The Hottest Daughters In Golf

Professional athletes tend to have hot offspring, which shouldn't be all that surprising given they're finely-tuned athletic machines which often attract the finer members of the opposite sex. Let's be honest, you can be dumb as a doorknob with little personality, but if you're a megastar athlete raking in millions of dollars, chances are you're going to find yourself a sexy partner and make beautiful babies. About 20 years later, however, you'll wake up and realize your daughter is the object of affection for millions of men reading lists like these online.

However, we don't generally think of professional golfers as being the fathers of beautiful women. While golfers of today are generally in good shape, that wasn't exactly the case 20 and 30 years ago, when players with the bodies of John Daly and Mark Calcavecchia dominated the tour. Yet, somehow, a lot of those players produced daughters that are absolutely beautiful, stunning bombshells. There's even one former golfer with perhaps three of the hottest women on this list, but we'll keep you in suspense for the time being. We can't quite be sure how this is possible, but we're assuming it began with a hole in one.

15 Peg Parnevik

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Peg Parnevik easily has the biggest following of any of the women on this list. That's because the 21-year-old blonde beauty is a singer-songwriter and star of the Swedish reality show The Parneviks, which follows the lives of herself and her three siblings, along with her parents, Mia and Jesper Parnevik. Peg is so well known in her home country that she has over 200,000 followers on Instagram - however a lot of that could be do to her penchant for posting photos showcasing plenty of skin.

Her father, Jesper, is currently competing on the Champions Tour and has won a combined 15 professional tournaments. He didn't win a major championship during his career but he finished second at The Open Championship in 1994 and 1997.

14 Lesslye Perry

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Unlike Addison and Rachael above, Lesslye Perry has a bigger footprint on social media. That's because she's a former cheerleader for the National Football League's Tennessee Titans. Lesslye first came into our collective sights when her father, Kenny Perry, was in contention at the 2009 Masters. Kenny let a lead slip and missed an opportunity to win golf's most prestigious championship, but the rest of us were happy enough to see Lesslye cheering him on in the crowd.

Presently a member of the Champions Tour, Kenny turned pro in 1982 and has 14 victories on the PGA Tour, along with finishing in the top-ten in all four majors; in fact, he tied for second at the 2009 Masters and finished second in the 1996 PGA Championship. In 2013, he won the Jack Nicklaus Trophy as Champions Tour Player of the Year.

13 Britney Calcavecchia

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Britney Calcavecchia is a 27-year-old blonde bombshell who has previously appeared on lists similar to this one not so much because of any of her accomplishments, but because of her overall looks. She's currently engaged to someone we would consider a very lucky man and is scheduled to marry in November of 2017. A graduate of California State University, she's presently a marketing director for The Ritz-Carlton Residences.

Her father, Mark, is currently competing on the Champions Tour and previously won 13 PGA Tour events. He finished second at the Masters in 1988, but struck gold a year later, winning The Open Championship for his first and only major championship win. The 2011 Byron Nelson Award winner is divorced from Britney's mother, Sheryl, and remarried in 2005.

12 Morgan Leigh Norman

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Greg "The Shark" Norman was a colorful personality on tour and, if we're being honest, he had quite the reputation for being a ladies man. Putting it bluntly, he was a good-looking dude. So it's no surprise his daughter, Morgan Leigh, is a stunner herself. And not only has she won the attention of thousands of male appreciators online throughout the past decade or so, she was once heavily adored by Sergio Garcia as the couple previously dated. Morgan Leigh, in fact, broke up with Sergio in 2009, leading him to openly express his sadness: ""It hurt. It was probably the first time I have been really in love. It took me a while to get over it." We can't blame him.

Greg Norman, meanwhile, is a World Golf Hall of Famer who became so synonymous as the "Shark" that his website is actually shark.com. He's a two-time winner of The Open Championship and has accumulated 20 PGA Tour victories throughout his lengthy career.

11 Kelly Paige Watson

Step-daughters count too! Eight-time major champion and 2014 Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson has been involved in two marriages that lasted over 18 years and has five children as a result. One of them is his step-daughter, Kelly Paige Watson, who is a singer-songwriter with over 7,000 followers on Facebook. So, while she isn't necessarily a famous musician, she's more popular than the band you check out at the local pub on a Saturday night. She also happens to be quite the looker as well.

Watson, meanwhile, is a 67-year-old who is tied for 11th all-time in PGA Tour victories with 39. He has won five Open Championships, two Masters, and one U.S. Open. The only major that eluded him was the PGA Championship, as he earned a personal-best finish of second place in 1978. He's, however, a six-time PGA Player of the Year.

10 Chelsea Stewart

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The winner of the 1991 and 1999 U.S. Open Championship as well as the 1989 PGA Championship, Payne Stewart was tragically killed in an aircraft accident in 1999, months after winning his third major. He was just 42-years-old. Stewart, who won 11 PGA Tour events throughout his career, left behind two children - Chelsea and William Aaron.

The former, Chelsea Stewart, is a beautiful blonde with the grace and strength once exhibited by her famous father. In 2014, along with her mother, Chelsea made the trip to Pinehurst to accept the Bob Jones Award in honor of her father. She recalled where she was when her father won the tournament 15 years prior: "I actually was on a school bus headed back to Orlando from a basketball camp at Florida State University ... [and] someone ran into the building where we were unloading yelling, "He made the putt! He made the putt!" We all cheered and hugged. I got back to my friend's house that evening and watched all the highlights. It was great."

9 Annie Elkington

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We realize few of you reading this follow Steve Elkington on Twitter (OK, none of you do), but if you did you would have come across a picture he posted of he and his beautiful daughter Annie, who was just a baby when she was photographed with her mother and father and the 77th PGA Championship in 1995. Steve might not be the most photogenic dude around, but it's clear the apple fell quite far from the tree in regard to Annie; the 23-year-old is simply stunning.

A 54-year-old native of Australia, Steve turned pro in 1985 and has since accumulated ten PGA Tour victories, including his lone major at the PGA Championship in 1995. He met his wife, Lisa (who must be a bombshell) while attending the University of Houston. In addition to Annie, he has a son, Sam, who is a member of the University of Houston's golf team.

8 Melanie Faxon

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The daughter of PGA Tour veteran Brad Faxon, Melanie notes on her Twitter account that she's "eating my way through life, one day at a time," but we find that hard to believe as she's a cute-but-sexy 28-year-old brunette with a charming smile.

Melanie is the eldest of Brad's four daughters, which includes Charlotte, Sophie, and Emily, who works alongside the previously mentioned Addison Roberts and Rachael Lehman. Brad, meanwhile, turned pro in 1983 and has eight PGA Tour victories. He hasn't been that successful at major championships, however; his best finish at the U.S. Open is a T33, which he recorded in 1989 and 1994, while his best-ever major finish was a fifth place result at the 1995 PGA Championship. He's currently competing on the Champions Tour.

7 Josie Azinger

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Josie Azinger is a hairstylist in Bredenton, Florida and although she doesn't have the profile some of the women on this list have, she is more than deserving of a top-five spot. The dark-haired beauty knows how to dress up and she looks great in all settings; unfortunately, she recently got married, so she's off the market fellas.

Her father, Paul, won the 1993 PGA Championship and has 12 PGA Tour victories throughout his career. Zinger, as he was known for much of his career, is now 57-years-old and retired from both the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. He was the Comeback Player of the Year in 2000 and has since taken an interest in poker, competing in the main event at the 2006 and 2008 World Series of Poker.

6 Rachael Lehman

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Tom Lehman is a 58-year-old Minnesota native who has five PGA Tour victories, including the 1996 Open Championship. Among other honors, he's the only player in history to win Player of the Year on the PGA Tour, the Web.com Tour, and the Champions Tour. Perhaps his greatest honor, however, is being the father of Rachael, a TCU grad and director of the Patriot Golf Championship in support of Folds of Honor, a nonprofit organization in support of disabled veterans.

Rachael works alongside the daughters of three other famous pro golfers - Bill Glasson, Brad Faxon, and Loren Roberts. The blonde beauty looks up to her her dad, as she said in an interview with Tulsa World: "My dad has always treated everyone around him with kindness and this is a trait that I truly admire. I continue to aspire to be more like him, he is the best man that I know."

5 Addison Roberts

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Addison Roberts works alongside Rachael Lehman with Folds of Honor. While Rachael serves as the tournament director, Addison manages the Patriot Golf Club's three cottages. For our money, she's the most beautiful member of the four-woman group leading the golf club's management team. Addison earned a bachelor's degree in communication and media studies from the Auburn University School of Communication and Journalism in 2004.

Her father, Loren Roberts, is a 61-year-old who turned pro in 1975 and has 21 professional wins on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. The California native won his first PGA Tour tournament in 1979 and, although he has never won a major, he finished top-five in three of the four majors and tied for seventh at The Open Championship in 2000.

4 Georgia Faldo

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Georgia Faldo was just a child when she was profiled along with her father Nick and their family in the Daily Mail. Now, however, the 23-year-old is an attractive woman living in the United Kingdom, where she works as an event coordinator for Aurelia Probiotic Skincare. She has some of her father's athletic ability as well, previously serving as a member of the University of East Anglia's lacrosse team.

For his part, Nick Faldo was one of the best golfers of his era, having won six major championships on the PGA Tour (The Masters three times and The Open Championship three times). He also finished second in both the U.S. Open and PGA Championship. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1997.

3 Anna Riley Crenshaw

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Okay, we hinted at it in the intro, so get ready for a dominant run of Crenshaw's to close out the top-three of this list. We're not exactly sure what the secret to creating a beautiful daughter is, nor is that something to really brag about (unless you're the President of the United States), but if you were curious you might go ask PGA Tour veteran Ben Crenshaw, whose three daughters completely stole the show - and camera time - at the 2015 Masters.

Anna Riley Crenshaw is the youngest of those three daughters and is currently attending the University of Austin. Judging from her Instagram account, she appears to be a typical 19-year-old who enjoys laying in the sun and spending time with friends. Not surprisingly, a brief moment on TV during the Masters has helped her amass over 2,000 followers on the social media platform.

2 Katherine Crenshaw

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Like her younger sister Anna Riley, Katherine resides in Austin, where she is a makeup artist for the company Cren de la Cren. Katherine is the oldest of the three sisters, and it's clear Ben and his wife Julie got it right the fire time. The family did a photoshoot for Golf.com in which all three daughters are simply smoking hot, but Katherine has the look of a woman you would love to take home. She graduated from the University of Texas in 2011.

And although she is a makeup artist, it's clear her proficiency in decorating faces isn't the reason she's such a looker. Perhaps even more than her sisters, Katherine is a natural beauty who makes looking good look effortless. But...

1 Claire Crenshaw

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The honor of hottest Crenshaw and hottest daughter of a professional golfer (an obscure list, to be sure) goes to the middle child, Claire Crenshaw. Unlike Katherine, who has made her Instagram account private, Claire has embraced the pseudo-celebrity she received from her on-screen appearance at The Masters. The owner of a clothing line, she has nearly 6,000 followers, which is a lot considering she's the daughter of an aging golfer, but not enough when you factor in just how stunning she is. She was far-and-away the daughter most people discussed on Twitter and in blog posts following The Masters and for good reason.

Ben Crenshaw, for what it's worth, is a 65-year-old native of Austin Texas, who won the Masters in 1984 and 1995. He has 19 PGA Tour victories throughout his career and spends most of his time nowadays designing courses. Not surprisingly, he's good at making beautiful courses too.

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