15 Of The Steamiest Legends Football League Players EVER

Whether you want to refer to the LFL as the former Lingerie Football League or the more professional Legends Football League (legends of what exactly?), the fact remains the same, the ladies are scantily clad and absolutely beautiful. Now throw in some shoulder pads and a football, and the creative genius behind the LFL, whichever moniker you want to associate it with, belongs on a Mount Rushmore next to the folks who created yoga pants, push-up bras and sliced bread.

Chances are many of you who read this list haven't actually turned on or gone to a LFL game and unfortunately for you, you're missing out. Now we aren't going to pretend that these ladies are a replacement for the NFL, that's what the XFL was for. But what we are going to say is that these following fifteen beautiful women and their teammates aren't just out there prancing around in skimpy outfits. No sir, we dare you to mock some of these ladies and the game they play, because chances are if you do, they will not think twice about knocking you on your backside.

So don't get us wrong, while we take this time to appreciate and acknowledge fifteen of the steamiest Legends Football League players of all-time, we also tip our hat to them for the skill set that they bring each and every summer.

15 Kimm Chase - Nashville Knights

After joining the helping the Seattle Mist to the LFL title last summer, Chase has taken her talents to Nashville in order to help the expansion Knights kick off their inaugural season. Whether she is lined up on the offensive or defensive line, Chase may be a beast on the field, but is without a doubt easy on the eyes, similar to everyone else involved on the list.

With a well rounded sports background that includes MMA, track and soccer, Chase was a huge component to the Mist capturing their second LFL Championship. A former LFL rookie of the year the Los Angeles beauty keeps her body in game shape (and ready for the LFL uniform) as a personal trainer during her offseason. Judging by her washboard abs on her 150lb frame, she knows what she's talking about.

14 Brooke Finneke - Chicago Bliss

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It may have been hard for Finneke to be taken serious when it came to her regular day job. When the Chicago Bliss linebacker wasn't nailing her opponents to the ground with bone crunching hits, she was handcuffing them and throwing them in the slammer as a member of the Chicago Police Department.

For those that enjoy the Seattle Seahawks "Legion Of Boom", the Pittsburgh Steelers "Steel Curtain" or the Chicago Bears "Monsters of the Midway", the Bliss had their equally as impressive defensive unit "The Triangle of Doom", which was made up of Finneke, Summer LaViolette and Nikki Blon. But let's look aside from her rough and tough demeanor and enjoy the fact that Finneke is on this list for a reason.

13 Adrian Purnell - Atlanta Steam

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After turning heads on the sidelines as a cheerleader in high school, Purnell decided to turn heads in a different way hitting the gridiron as an adult. As a tight end (pun intentional) for the Steam, Purnell has also suited up for the Jacksonville Breeze. As a former LFL Defensive Player Of The Year, the University of South Florida grad has found fans and followers overseas as she has also suited up for the Australia League.

Although extremely sexy, Purnell's game face and notorious trash talking makes it seem like everything goes her way or it just doesn't go. Be warned though, before suiting up for the Steam, Purnell and her Breeze teammates got into a catfight with the Steam and she ended up punching then Steam's head coach right in the kisser.

12 Angela Rypien - Seattle Mist

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Not only is Rypien one of the hottest ladies to ever suit up for the LFL, but she is one of the most talented the league has ever seen. As the daughter of former Super Bowl Champion Mark Rypien, Angela has taken over the family business and has produced some jaw dropping stats (among other things) during her run in the Legends (Lingerie) Football League.

Throw in the fact that Angela's mom was a former Washington Redskins cheerleader and she has taken the best of both worlds from her parents. While it is tough to argue Rypien's place in the history books of the LFL, unfortunately she doesn't have a league championship ring to match her pops, but thankfully she doesn't have the looks, otherwise she wouldn't have made this list.

11 Liz Gorman - LA Temptation

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Defensive Player of the Year, two All-Star game appearances and a spot in the LFL Hall Of Fame - not a bad resume for the now 30 year old beauty from New York. As a well rounded athlete in her youth, Gorman turned her soccer skills into an NCAA scholarship and eventually switched to a football of a different kind.

After signing with the Tampa Breeze as part of the LFL's maiden voyage, the female version of Richard Sherman (definitely a lot better looking, but same fiery approach to the game) played two more years on the East Coast before finishing out her career on the West side with the Temptation. For those that think Gorman is just another pretty face (which she is), if you check out her highlight videos, those hits will very easily change your mind about trying to hit on her with some corny pick up line. What we question is why the WWE turned her down during tryouts a few years ago, we have the perfect tag team partner for her later on this list.

10 Tanyka Renee - Philadelphia Passion

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Chances are if you're hot enough for Playboy, you should be on this list. Considering how steamy the former member of the New York Majesty and Philadelphia Passion offensive and defensive line is, the men's magazine made a great choice for their pictorial.

As a current fitness model and instructor, Renee (and fans) have seen her face and body grace multiple different media outlets around the world. Taking one look at her well toned body, it is easy to see how she was able to author, The Complete Guide To A Sexier Backside. In addition to her Playboy appearance, Renee has also graced the pages of Maxim and King magazine, allowing fans to enjoy a very steamy and provocative look at the multi-talented beauty.

9 Julie Rolfe - Tampa Breeze

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Sexy and feisty. Those two words could sum up the Breeze wide receiver. The sexy part is self evident, just look at the stunner from Florida. As for the feisty, well just ask Tamar Fennell about that. In one of the best football fights, regardless of what league, Rolfe and Fennell (of the Cleveland Crush) went at it in 2011. Now for those who think that they can just saddle up to Rolfe and throw a couple of cheesy pick up lines her way, think twice as she is married to former WWE wrestler Mason Ryan. Maybe that's where she gets her fiery attitude from.

After her time with the Breeze, the cornerback/wide receiver traveled overseas to take part in the Australian LFL. Maybe that's when the travel bug got to her as after hanging up her booty shorts, sports bra and shoulder pads, Rolfe hit the skies as a flight attendant.

8 Quincy Hewitt - Chicago Bliss

Who else is missing LFL already?? 🙋🏼

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When you visit Hewitt's Instagram page, there are numerous reasons why she belongs on this list. Take your pick, bikini pics, workout pics, tight dress pics, the copious amount of eye catching pics of the Bliss' Tight End are absolutely captivating.

Prior to suiting up for the Bliss, Hewitt started her LFL career in 2009 in the land down under as part of the Australian League before moving to the US in 2016. After her one season with the LA Temptation, Hewitt found herself moving once again, this time to the other side of the US. While Hewitt hasn't had the same success on this side of the water as she did in Australia, (two games with LA totaling 12 yards and two games last season with Chicago totaling five yards), trust us, nobody here is really checking into her production on the field.

7 Chelsie Jorgensen - Seattle Mist

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Let's get this out of the way front and center, the blue, green and white colors of Seattle football have never EVER been hotter than the NSFW Playboy pics of Jorgensen, oh my! A hometown product from Puyallup Washington, Jorgensen suited up for the Mist for two seasons in 2009 and 2010.

Unfortunately for Jorgensen, her football career featured the best of both worlds as her rookie season saw the team put together a 3-1 record only to be knocked out of the playoff rounds based on points, but her sophomore year was one to forget as the team finished the season with a winless record. Standing all of 5'5" and roughly 120lbs, Jorgensen suited up as a center and a safety during her time with the Mist. We could write more about Jorgensen's football career and throw out some stat lines, but chances are we lost our readers to some "research mission" after the first sentence.

6 Mikayla Wingle - Tampa Breeze

Most of Wingle's fans might know her more for her appearance on Survivor South Pacific. Others might have snagged a copy of her 2011 Playboy magazine. Some might even recognize the stunning 28 year old brunette from her role as part of the Tampa Bay Breeze.

While she lasted only 17 days on the reality show, her role as a Wide Receiver and Cornerback with the Breeze lasted slightly longer, long enough to make her a fan favorite on the Breeze roster. Okay, let's stop here, there is absolutely nothing that is written here that could possibly interest you more than searching the information super highway for those NSFW pics that made Heff select Wingle for his magazine. Let's celebrate her career by ogling at her recent throwback Instagram post above.

5 Chasity Morales - Austin Acoustic

Chances are not many swimsuit models would consider a part-time gig running around getting their heads and bodies bashed in. Apparently the Acoustic's receiver isn't your run of the mill swimsuit model. Considering the uniform that the ladies of the LFL wear, the transition from a skimpy swimsuit to a sports bra and booty shorts isn't much of a stretch.

After joining the LFL as an expansion team in 2016, Morales quickly made herself a fan favorite for more than just her looks as she tallied four catches and 38 yards in just two games. Unfortunately last season wasn't as successful on the field as she totaled just 9 yards in two appearances. Oh and just in case you happen to walk into your family Dentist office in the next year or two and happen to recognize this LFL beauty consider yourself lucky as she is finishing her studies at the University of Texas at Austin to become a Dental Hygienist.

4 Chantell Taylor - Chicago Bliss

A three-time champ and looks that could kill, what a mix! But don't let her beauty distract you, as the multi-talented offensive and defensive line also works security when she isn't preparing for battle on the field.

After helping the Bliss to back to back titles in 2013 and 2014, Taylor captured her third championship in 2016 with a 31-26 victory over the Seattle Mist. Growing up on the tough streets of Chicago, Taylor has put in the hours of work on and off the field to enjoy some of the finer things in life. As with many of the other beauties on this list, taking a subtle stroll through Taylor's social media pages will present you with a gallery of stunning pictures of the part time model.

3 Bre Cotton - Jacksonville Breeze

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Offensive line, defensive line, assembly line, dance line, who cares what line Bre Cotton is part of, the fact of the matter is, the Jacksonville Breeze star is smoking hot.

After entering the league in 2009, Cotton quickly established herself as one of the top players on either side of the ball. Although Cotton spent only two seasons with the Breeze, including their final year in Tampa Bay before their relocation to Jacksonville, the 5'7" beauty placed her name in the league record books as it's interceptions leader and also claimed the Defensive Player of the Year award. Throw in a spot on our list, Cotton definitely has both the looks and skills - but we'll give a slight edge to her looks which is on display in the photo above.

2 Summer Rae - Chicago Bliss

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From 2008-2011 Moinet suited up for the Chicago Bliss as the team's Cornerback and backup QB, helping the team to the seventh annual Lingerie Bowl. While Pamela Anderson turned an appearance in the stands of a CFL game into a known around the world Hollywood career, Moinet, an equally as stunning blonde bombshell, used her football appearances to launch a slightly different career path.

After leaving the LFL, Moinet donned the alter ego, Summer Rae and started life as a WWE Diva. While her six year wrestling career placed her in front of more fans than the LFL could ever, the ultra athletic Moinet never really amounted to anything more than eye candy and gimmick storylines before injuries led to her dismissal from the company just a few months ago. Too bad they couldn't find a role for her in the Baywatch reboot movie, chances are Moinet could fill out that red swimsuit just as well as Anderson did.

1 Jayne Caldwell - Chicago Bliss

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Whether her sports bra and booty shorts have represented the colors of the Queensland Brigade, the Atlanta Steam, the LA Temptation or the Chicago Bliss, one thing that remains the same is the fact that she has been one of the best running QB's in the league. The well travelled 23 year old stunner from Bangkok, Thailand has taken her game all over the United States map and even spent some time playing for the Australian LFL.

At 5'11" and hovering around 150lbs, Caldwell started her career off overseas before heading stateside to join the Steam. Last season, Caldwell helped the Eastern Conference Championship, throwing for nearly 400 yards, rushing over 150 yards and being involved in 20 of the team's touchdowns. It's almost like a female version of Russell Wilson, just without the ring and better looking!

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