15 Party Photos Of Athletes Who Couldn't Even Stand Up

When you watch these athletes in action, it's easy to be amazed by their talents. With some of the biggest names in various sports, we're pretty confident they've created memories for you that you won't soon forget. But we're also pretty confident that these stars don't remember the night that you're about to see.

Athletes may not party as much as other celebrities, but it becomes abundantly clear when they go out that they know how to go hard. They have the money to throw around on bottle services for all their friends, and fans from their cities would line up around the block fo a chance to party with their sports heroes. Let's just hope they didn't engage in behaviours that they later regret. Though we're pretty confident Ronda Rousey didn't want you to see a woman going below the belt on her (if you know what we mean!).

Several athletes on our list didn't manage to escape the night on their own two feet, and when you consider the size of some of them, that's no small feat. Others may still be standing, but as you can tell by the look on their faces, that definitely wouldn't be the case for long. Included are also sports legends such as Craig Sager and Jerry Jones who may not have been as athletically gifted, but could clearly party as heavily as the best of them!

15 Ryan Leaf

via thefastertimes.com

You can imagine the excitement that you must feel when you meet an NFL player. That excitement may be hindered however if instead of meeting a star, you're meeting arguably the biggest bust in NFL history in Ryan Leaf.

But things took a turn for the worse for the "fans" who got to not only meet Leaf on this night but also help him get out of the bar by carrying him. At the very least we're sure it was a night that these guys never forgot. We can't say the same thing for Ryan though! Judging by the look on his face we're sure he was overjoyed to find willing help to carry him out. Let's hope the morning after didn't feel as bad as getting sacked in the NFL.

14 Dirk Nowitzki

via complex.com

As we are sure you are well aware, Dirk Nowitzki is German. And as you may also know, Germans definitely know how to party. So when Dirk was feeling great after winning the Western Conference Championship in 2006, he had every reason to celebrate in typical german fashion.

Unfortunately, the Mavs then lost to the Miami Heat in 6 games. Which means he still may have been slamming a few drinks, he just may not have been as happy about it! Under the influence or not, we can only hope that Dirk will keep his presence active in the NBA even after his retirement as he has been one of the league's best players.

13 Mike Trout

via drunkathletes.com

On the baseball field, there aren't many things that Mike Trout doesn't do incredibly well. But off the field it appears that when he finds himself too inebriated, he may find himself learning what the pavement tastes like.

And considering that's a pretty expensive body/face that he has, you'd hope he would be more careful in the future! We suppose with this photo it wasn't so much that Trout had friends carrying him out, but more that he needed friends there to begin with. Let's hope whoever snapped this photo also jumped into action to help him out after the fact. The last thing his team needs is to have their best player injured for an act of celebration!

12 Jerry Jones

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Jerry Jones definitely expects a certain standard of behaviour from his players (even though the Cowboys are notorious for partying with their cheerleaders). But it seems like he is definitely willing to indulge in some cutting loose on an occasional basis. At least on this night, he had the company of two enthusiastic cowboy fans to help him stay standing up.

Judging from what appears to be a cigar in his hand, it becomes clear that Jerry was all about partying it up on this particular night. Perhaps the Cowboys had just lost and he was trying to forget about it? Or maybe he got an angry phone call from Roger Goodell! Either way, we're sure he wishes the cameras weren't around to catch it.

11 Ronda Rousey

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Now if we wanted to be technical, there's probably a pretty good chance that Rousey could stand up after this "activity" at a party. But the fact that she was inebriated enough in the first place to let this happen made it an easy "exception" to make for our title.

Plus, are you really going to complain about seeing another woman going below the belt on Rousey? With Rousey's fighting career seemingly over, perhaps she'll find herself with a lot more free nights to party it up. She's probably just going to make sure the cameras stay behind. She is currently working on a possible debut in WWE, so any embarrassing photos like this may become obsolete due to the company's tight restrictions on their talents and strong lawyers.

10 Craig Sager

via twitter.com

Now if we're being completely honest, the people in this photo that aren't Craig Sager seem like real jerks. There's nothing wrong with having too much to drink and trying to unwind in a chair and sleep off the pain. But when random kids come around and try and take funny/partying photos with you, well that's enough to make you want Sager to send Shaq after the kids.

Sager sadly lost his long battle with cancer in 2016 but left behind a legacy in the sports world that will never be forgotten. We hope he had plenty of nights in his career where he was partying it up with the best athletes in the world that went uninterrupted by a bunch of rowdy teens trying to snag some twitter fame..

9 Derek Jeter

via lockerdome.com

When it comes to embarrassing things that someone can experience in their life, passing out early at a party is pretty high up there. This may be even more embarrassing if your party seems to consist of you, two other lovely ladies and a huge bottle to help the party take off.

This was the case for Derek Jeter. That being said, we're sure partying it up with two gorgeous women wasn't even the most exciting thing he did that week, maybe even that day. Now that he's married his partying days may be far behind him. But if not, let's hope his wife, Hannah Davis, knows how to carry him out of the party quickly as he may be a limp mess. Lift with your legs Hannah!

8 Gina Carano

via deadspin.com

Gina Carano may have experience on television with American Gladiators, but almost everything she does has an athletic background. This includes a successful career in the world of MMA with an 8-1 record and a 14-1 record in the world of kickboxing.

But if she was as inebriated in the ring as she is in the above photo, something tells us anyone would be able to take her on! We're not too sure who the other lady in the photo is, but it's clear from the look on their faces that they're both having themselves a pretty good evening. It's good they at least fell onto something comfortable, so they could start sleeping off the effects of their partying fairly quickly.

7 Patrick Kane

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Patrick Kane is considered by many people to be one of the greatest American-born hockey players to ever play the game. But when you look at his off-the-ice antics, you can definitely understand why a lot of people hate his general attitude and punchable face.

Kane definitely doesn't help ramp down his reputation of being less than intelligent when you consider he's one of the biggest partiers in the NHL and has often been seen forgetting what his limit is. On this particular night, it seems like not only would he need to eventually be carried out, he passed out in the bar! Talk about a rookie move from someone who is supposed to be an experienced partier. C'mon Kane!

6 Gijs Van Hoecke

via dailymail.co.uk

Belgian cyclist Gijs Van Hoecke trained his entire life to be ready for the Olympics. But one night at the bar ended everything for him when the Belgian Olympic Committee decided to send him home after photos from this night out emerged. He could have suggested there is only water featured in the photos, but his stance clearly shows he wasn't just staying hydrated.

When talking about the ramifications, Hoecke stated "I made a big mistake. I'm happy my parents didn't tell me off. They understand that I needed this." Something tells me after this incident he may have sworn off partying for a significant while. Let's also hope he decided to throw out those pants, as we are still unsure what they may be soaked with.

5 Johnny Manziel

via sportingnews.com

Now you have to admit, if you were at a party and you saw a giant inflatable swan, you might want to make that your "home" for the night too. But that doesn't make this photo of a very inebriated Johnny Manziel (who is definitely struggling with motor control) any less embarrassing.

Especially because it looks like there may be a member of the club security trying to grab at the swan. Also, spoiler alert, if you're already having a little bit too much and being a nuisance at the party, you probably don't need to be chugging another bottle of champagne. But why would that stop Johnny Football? We all know how his ways have affected his career so this photo is actually more sad than funny.

4 Colin Kaepernick

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If Colin Kaepernick had it his way, he'd be in the headlines with the news that a team had given him a shot in the NFL again. But perhaps he'll just be grateful if photos like this manage to stay out of the headlines for the foreseeable future.

It's very possible that Kaepernick would be able to stand up here, but there's an even better chance that those women would continue to push him down and do shots off his body; all while we're sure also making sure to give plenty to Colin himself. Which means it may not have been long before he was taking an impromptu nap or trip to the floor.

3 Kyle Orton

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Kyle Orton is not the most renowned athlete on our list. But we don't know if you can see a photo like this and not include it! Orton, to his credit, isn't being carried out. But he is definitely relying heavily on this woman to keep him upright.

And when you consider Orton weighed over 230 pounds and is 6'4", you can imagine that girl was definitely planting hard with her feet to keep them both upright. Let's hope she wasn't wearing some high heels. At least she appears to be smiling so perhaps he's a charming guy at parties? Whatever he was celebrating, we're sure he was much happier to finally see his bed after this evening

2 John Cena

via youtube.com

Now it may be the case that if John Cena really wanted to, he'd be able to get up, as he is famous for never giving up. But when you have a woman pressing on your lap and another woman pushing her down to further the encouragement, do you really think you're in any hurry to get up?

If Cena wasn't having himself a good enough time, it appears he's also sure to be holding a beverage in his hand. We're not too sure where that other hand is traveling! It would definitely take a lot of party juice to knock the 16-time world champion down, but this night may have done the trick. If it didn't, we're sure you still love the photo!

1 Alex Ovechkin

via youtube.com

Alex Ovechkin is one of the most fun personalities in the NHL. Even if he's ruined your night countless times by playing on the opposite side of your favourite team! One of the best off-the-ice moments of Ovechkin's career came during the 2015 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft.

Ovechkin used this waiting around to be picked as an opportunity to do his best impersonation of a fish, drinking happily while hoping that he would be picked last in the draft so he could win the car that would be awarded to the last pick. Along with being hilarious when Ovie wasn't picked last, the whole league got a great look at how Ovechkin looks when he's struggling to stand.

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