15 Phenomenal Wrestling Records Held By AJ Styles

AJ Styles is widely considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but unlike many of the competitors on the same list, AJ has the records and the statistics to back up what has been a truly Phenomenal career.

Styles has reached the top and won World Championships in four of the biggest companies in the wrestling world including TNA, ROH, WWE, and NJPW. He is one of the most consistent performers in wrestling history and has won incredible accolades over the past few years.

The 39-year-old's Styles Clash finisher has won Finisher of the Year while he himself has won Feud and Match of the Year on two occasions.

Styles shockingly left TNA while he was still World Champion back in 2013 and went on to make a name for himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling as part of The Bullet Club, following Finn Balor's departure.

Styles then followed Balor over to WWE but interestingly wasn't made a part of their developmental show NXT with WWE officials instead opting to allow Styles to head straight for the main roster and make his debut on one of the biggest shows of the year.

AJ 's debut at 2016 The Royal Rumble was one of the biggest shocks in WWE history and despite many fans being set against The Phenomenal One joining the biggest company in the world, it has allowed him to go on and create more records to add to his already flattering resume.

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15 Inaugural X Division Champion

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Before TNA gave AJ the opportunity to compete at the highest level in the company alongside the likes of Sting and Kurt Angle for the TNA Heavyweight Championship, he began his career with the company fighting it out for the X Division Championship (basically their version of the Hardcore Championship).

Needless to say, AJ excelled in this division and became the first ever X Division Champion in 2002 before going on to become a six-time champion in a record four years. While his six reigns with the Championship was a recognized record and one that he shared with Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin broke this record back in 2013 before he won his eighth title the following year. Perhaps TNA officials did not entirely believe in Styles at the beginning at a main event talent?

14 First Man to Complete the TNA Triple Crown

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Much like WWE, TNA has their own three championships that need to be won in order for a Superstar to become a Triple Crown Champion. It probably doesn't come as a shock that AJ managed to become a Triple Crown Champion in TNA in the space of a year (yes, he was ready to be a main event star).

He debuted in TNA in 2002 and was awarded the NWA Heavyweight Championship to complete his Triple Crown feat in June 2003. This along with the NWA Tag Team Championship that he won in 2002 with Jerry Lynn and the X Division Championship of which he was the Inaugural winner in 2002 gave him the honour of becoming the first-ever TNA Triple Crown Champion. Styles will forever live in the TNA record books.

13 Ring Of Honor Pure Champion

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As well as every other accolade that AJ Styles won during his long career with TNA, he managed to perform for ROH at the same time. This meant that he simultaneously managed to become Ring of Honor Pure Champion while also competing for TNA on a regular basis.

This lasted for four years between 2002 and 2006 and also allowed AJ to become a ROH Tag Team Champion with Amazing Red. The duo were the second holders of the Championship and managed to match the reign of the inaugural Champions, The Prophesy who held the titles for 175 days. The pair could have gone on to create another record reign here but they were forced to vacate the Championships after Red suffered a knee injury. They would never regain the titles.

12 Only Man To Have Held Every Male Sanctioned Title In TNA

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Given that AJ had an 11-year tenure with TNA, it makes sense that a lot of the statistics on this list refer to the space where he has spent 75 percent of his entire wrestling career. AJ had managed to win the Triple Crown Championship just a year into his career so it didn't come as much of a shock when he then went on win ever Championship that was offered to a male wrestler on the promotion.

This includes the X Division Championship which he won six times, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship that he held twice, the Tag Team Championships he reigned with twice, the TV/Legend's Championship title that he held twice, and the NWA World and Tag Team Championships that he also held more than once.

11 First TNA Wrestler To Be Ranked #1 On PWI List

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The PWI 500 List is a huge deal in the wrestling world because every wrestler wants to know where they rank when it comes to Superstars that they are unable to fight against because they all compete at different promotions around the world even though some of these wrestlers may never step foot in the ring with each other.

The list is the only way to fairly decide who is the greatest wrestler in the world and shockingly in 2010 AJ became the first ever TNA Superstar to be ranked at number one on the list. Many wrestlers on the list had been chosen from the WWE or WCW rosters so it came as a shock when a contracted TNA Superstar was actually ranked as the best wrestler in the world by the people at Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

10 First Man To Complete The Triple Crown More Than Once

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As already stated, AJ became the first TNA Superstar to be awarded with the title as a Triple Crown Champion back in 2003, just a year into his eleven year stint with the promotion. So it's perhaps not such a shock that he managed to repeat this feat another four times (that's right, another four times).

This not only gives him the record as a five time Triple Crown Champion, but means that he is the only person in TNA history to have ever managed to become a Triple Crown Champion more than once. He is also the only ever TNA Grand Slam Champion having won all the recognized Championships in his weight range during his time with the company. And to think, WWE would continue to overlook AJ during this time.

9 2-0 Against Cena on Pay-Per-View

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Not only is this an incredible record to have, but having a winning singles record over John Cena on Pay-Per-View is not something that many Superstars can claim. However, thanks to his victories over Cena at Money in the Bank and SummerSlam, Styles can claim just that.

Kevin Owens defeated John Cena in his first ever WWE main roster match at Elimination Chamber and is now holding the WWE Universal Championship. The fact that AJ has gone from defeating Cena less than a month ago, to becoming the WWE Champion is no accident from WWE. Cena has worked as a Superstar putting over talent for the past year and thanks to this, AJ ends his first year with a 2-0 record against John Cena in singles matches on Pay-Per-View.

8 Career Win Record is Above .500

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Throughout his career AJ has competed in 1434 matches which include 849 wins, 539 losses, and 46 draws. That means that despite the fact that AJ has lost almost 600 matches over the past 17 years, this means that his win percentage is around 59.2% which means he has won more than half of the matches he has been a part of.

Of course in wrestling it isn't always about wins, but given the fact that this article is covering all of the records that AJ has set over the past two decades, it's safe to say that these 849 wins have definitely helped him to become one of the most recognizable and underrated wrestlers of this generation. Win a winning percentage above .500 and approaching two decades of active in-ring competition, we must take time to acknowledge AJ's lifetime record.

7 Seventeen PWI Entries

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated's 500 list has become one of the biggest publications of the year where it ranks the best wrestlers over that calendar year in the entire wrestling world. The publication really shines a light on the wrestling world like no other.

The magazine has been the focal point for many wrestling fans and given the fact that AJ has been wrestling for 17 years and he has featured in PWI 17 times means that he has been one of the top 500 wrestlers in the world for the last 17 years. Many stars have been ranked on the list more times than AJ. They include the likes of Chris Jericho and Christian who have had much lengthier careers than the Georgia native. The all-time leader is Jushin Thunder Liger with 26 appearances on the PWI list.

6 Competed in 1434 Matches 

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AJ began his wrestling career back in 1998 and incredibly over nearly two decades of action, he has managed to clock up 1434 career matches which includes over 230 Pay-Per-View matches along the way.

These include all of the Pay-Per-View matches that AJ was a part of during his time in TNA as well as the matches that he has competed in since joining WWE back in January. As well as WWE and TNA, this total also includes the matches that he took part in during his stint with New Japan Pro Wrestling. When it is all taken into perspective and these matches at live events and TV show tapings are added together, this doesn't seem like a lot for almost 17 years of wrestling, but it actually one hell of a lot of ring time.

5 Second Most TNA PPV Matches in History

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AJ Styles spend a huge amount of time during his career with TNA, and he will always be remembered as one of the best competitors that TNA ever had. Because of this he now holds many incredible records from his time with the promotion. As well as the considerable amount of annual awards AJ managed to pick up, he also holds many statistical records with the company as well.

The Phenomenal One was part of some of the best TNA Pay-Per-View matches during his eleven year tenure so it comes as no surprise that he is ranks second among TNA Superstars who have appeared at the most Pay-Per-View events with 191 appearances and matches. Styles is only second to James Storm who has had 201 matches at TNA sanctioned Pay-Per-View events.

4 Most TNA Impact Matches in the History of TNA

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Despite the fact that AJ Styles left TNA back in 2013, he still holds the various records with the promotion. One of which includes the fact that he was a part of 217 Impact matches during his time with the company from 2001-2013. While with TNA, AJ wrestled on a consistent basis and was not simply there for show like many other wrestlers.

Obviously the fact that AJ spent almost eleven years at the promotion is one of the biggest factors in this record, but the fact remains that the closest person to Styles' 217 matches is James Storm with 199 closely followed by Bobby Roode with 196. These two Superstars would make the switch over to WWE. (Even though Storm found his way back to TNA not long after, Roode has bene enjoying a rather steady rise while working for the NXT brand.)

3 Won First TNA World Title In Five-Way Match

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Considering the wrestling Superstar that AJ Styles has gone on to become over the past few years, it's shocking to know that he didn't win his first TNA World Heavyweight Championship until 2009 when he was 32-years-old.

That match was under the umbrella following NWA's disassociation with TNA which makes it purely the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This match at No Surrender is one that creates history itself though after it was contested in TNA's first-ever Championship Five-Way match which also included Matt Morgan, Hernandez, Sting and reigning Champion Kurt Angle. While this specific match format has bene used on multiple occasions in various promotions (WWE, ROH) it has yet to be used again in TNA as a way to decide the World Heavyweight Championship.

2 Sixth Fastest World Champion in WWE History

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When AJ Styles made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble back on January 24, 2016, the former TNA Superstar began on an assault course that has finally led him to the WWE Wolrd Championship less than eight months later. AJ's shocking win over Dean Ambrose at  Backlash has also allowed him to head into the record books as one of the shortest times between a debut and a Championship win.

This means that AJ Styles has managed to go from WWE debut to WWE Champion in just 231 days which makes him the sixth fastest World Champion in the history of the company behind the likes of Sheamus, Yokozuna, Ric Flair, Brock Lesnar, and Goldberg in WWE's history books. For years it was speculated that AJ would never appear in WWE, and now The Phenomenal One holds a place in the company's history.

1 TNA, IWGP, and WWE World Champion

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AJ Styles made history when he defeated Dean Ambrose at WWE Backlash to lift his first Championship in WWE. It was no accident that Styles went straight for the WWE Championship and shockingly managed to lift it this early in his WWE run.This win allowed AJ to make history by becoming the first-ever Superstar to win the WWE, TNA, and IWGP World Championship.

Despite the fact that many fans believe Kurt Angle was the first man to do this, Angle's IWGP win is not officially recognized as a title reign by the company because it was just after NJPW ended their association with IWGP. Not only has AJ Styles become the first Superstar do achieve this accolade, but he has also managed it in less than three years, which is an outstanding achievement.

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