15 Photos Erin Andrews Would Rather Have Forgotten

As one of the most widely known reporters in sports, Erin Andrews has plenty of moments in the spotlight she would prefer remained private...

The sports world gives birth to stars on a yearly basis, and the names that emerge from the pack of each sport has a chance to become synonymous with fame and glory. Man, or woman, these individuals reach the highest level of their profession, and their sponsorships help make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. There are even instances where cheerleaders can make a name for themselves, stealing headlines and photo shoots from already established stars. Though this happens less often than an athlete becoming famous, cheerleaders are not immune from becoming popular, especially with the rise of social media.

Occasionally, we see sportscasters become famous thanks to their work on channels like ESPN or Fox Sports. Whether they become known for their fiery personalities or their ridiculous assessments of current events in the sport world, these sportscasters garner enough fame and attention to warrant coverage from celebrity news sites.

Then, you have Erin Andrews. A beautiful, talented woman who began her career with ESPN as a sideline reporter. Andrews' looks and abilities helped her become popular with viewers, though it would take a crime to get her name some mainstream recognition. Andrews was the victim of a peeping tom who secretly recorded her as she undressed in her hotel room. The story quickly spread like wildfire, and the instance catapulted Andrews to becoming a household name. With fame comes exposure, and the constant media coverage is bound to yield unfavourable results. Today, we will be bringing you 15 pictures that Erin Andrews would not want you to see.

15 The Sign


Playing an up-tempo style of offence is a common trend in college and the NFL, and making adjustments on the fly can be instrumental in marching your team downfield for a touchdown, effectively stealing the momentum from the other team. One such way of keeping your offence moving quickly is the usage of signs that are meant to tell the offensive leader which way to take the upcoming play. These signs are meant to be indecipherable by the other team, and we have seen an array of clever and hilarious signs used by teams while competing. This sign here features a number of different ESPN personalities, including Erin Andrews. While we aren’t sure what they use of Erin Andrews did for the team, the sports world was treated to a comedic moment courtesy of the Indiana University sidelines. While some may be flattered, Andrews probably wishes that this never happened.

14 The Gatorade Bath


During their 2013 campaign, the Boston Red Sox were looking to bring another World Series title back to Boston. The city had famously been cursed by Babe Ruth for decades, and after winning the World Series back in 2004, the team was looking to make up for lost time. They won another championship back in 2007 before making a massive push in 2013. While competing in the ALCS, the Red Sox needed to topple the Detroit Tigers to head to the World Series, and when Jarrod Saltalamacchia brought home the winning run, the crows went bananas.

While being interviewed after the game, Saltalamacchia was doused in a traditional Gatorade bath, and Erin Andrews, who was conducting the interview, was caught in the crossfire. This picture was captured at the perfect moment to show that Andrews was a bit too slow to get out of the way. She was a good sport about the whole thing. As for those 2013 Red Sox, they would go on to defeat the Cardinals in the World Series.

13 Caught Filming A Commercial


Even though her massive amounts of fame didn’t necessarily come by way of something positive, Andrews has plowed ahead with her life. Her court case made her a recognizable name and face, and she has seized the opportunities that have been presented to her since the whole incident occurred. When a company comes knocking on your door offering you money to appear in their commercials, very few people are going to turn down the opportunity. Such is the case of Erin Andrews when TruBiotics offered her a part in their commercial.

While filming a scene for the commercial, Erin Andrews was snapped as she made her way across the beach. The commercial for TruBiotics was centred around a beach volleyball game, and even though this photo of Andrews was leaked onto the internet, she can at least take some solace in the fact that she looked amazing in the ad.

12 Beauty And The Beach


Being photographed while filming a commercial is one thing, but being caught by the paparazzi while enjoying a day in the water is something entirely different. Stars with a big enough name in the industry have a hard time living normal lives, and even the most menial daily task becomes a hassle when photographers and interviews interrupt you around every corner. Websites and magazines are full of stars eating lunch and buying groceries, making you question why we bother looking at them in the first place. It can be an annoying life, but the lifestyle of the rich and the famous can be incredibly rewarding as well. Erin Andrews was trying to spend a day having fun in the sun when she was secretly photographed by a sneaky cameraman. These types of pictures, especially of A-list celebrities, can fetch a pretty penny from publications, and this photographer was looking to make a quick dollar when he snapped this photo.

11 Busted Rolling Her Eyes


After becoming famous, Erin Andrews wasted little time in cashing in, and back in 2010, Erin Andrews competed on the hit series Dancing with the Stars. The show has been a fixture on television for quite some time now, and the season that Andrews competed on boasted names like Chad Johnson and Pamela Anderson. Andrews performed admirably on the show, and she would finish in 3rd place overall. She would take over hosting duties in 2014, adding yet another impressive notch to her belt.

Back in 2015, Erin Andrews drew some criticism from fans when it appeared that she rolled her eyes when contestant Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend during the show. People were upset that Andrews seemed more annoyed than happy for the couple, and fans voiced their displeasure on social media. Andrews revealed that she had to wrap up the segment and that she was holding back tears when the incident took place.

10 Caught Getting Ready


Because she is no stranger to being on television and in the spotlight, Erin Andrews is all too familiar with behind the scenes hair and makeup preparation before hopping in front of the camera. The team of people responsible for making celebrities look perfect at various events and on television are unsung heroes, and though their work is appreciated by viewers, they are hardly household names. Fans are accustomed to seeing the finished product, but getting the opportunity to see the behind the scenes happenings is just too intriguing to ignore.

Because Erin Andrews is such a natural beauty, she doesn’t really need to wear a ton of makeup of have her hair a certain way in order to look presentable to an audience. Nevertheless, her hair and makeup team do great work in keeping her looking amazing. Even though she still looks great, this photo of Andrews getting ready to wow audiences was a moment that was meant to stay private, but found its way online.

9 The Trial


The trial that Erin Andrews waged against the peeping tom who leaked a nude video of her on the internet was a taxing ordeal that saw the normally composed Andrews break down in the courtroom. There have been countless instances of private celebrity photos and videos finding their way onto the internet, but rarely do you see a video of a star being secretly recorded while they are changing. Michael Barrett was the man responsible for taking the videos of Andrews, and he would be sentenced to over 2 years behind bars. Andrews would also sue Marriott International and Radisson Hotels for invasion of privacy alleging that hotel employees tipped off Barrett as to Andrews' stay in their hotels. Though Andrews would be awarded $55 million for the incident, you have to imagine that she wishes the whole ordeal never took place. Money can’t fix public embarrassment, and this picture shows the damage that Barrett did.

8 A Fierce Look


What in the world is going on in this picture. There is a lot to take in, so go ahead and take a moment to process everything that is going on here. Getting a chance to blow off steam backstage and have some fun is a good way to stay loose while filming, and this hilarious picture of Andrews and a creature of some sort is exactly what we are talking about. Instead of burying herself in a trailer and secluding herself from the rest of the production crew, Andrews is hanging out with the team and genuinely enjoying her day. She may be incredibly beautiful, but this hilarious photo probably should have been kept private. Sure, it is good to show a humorous and more personable side to your audiences, but this photo looks like it belongs in a photo album reserved for Andrews’ private collection at her home.

7 A Much Younger Look


Before she became the household name that she is now, Erin Andrews was cutting her teeth working for ESPN. She covered a number of different sports, and she was always a pleasure to see on television as she was a great sideline reporter. She may be far too popular these days to cover a college baseball game, but there was once a point where only people who watched sports on a regular basis knew of Andrews. As fate would have it, Andrews would become a true celebrity, and she has since moved on from ESPN.

Sporting an orange top and white pants, the look that Andrews has in this picture is a far cry from what she can be found in while hosting Dancing with the Stars. While she still looks great here, seeing her wear beautiful dresses and having her makeup on point puts her current look in a different league from what it used to be.

6 In Between Takes


Erin Andrews has been performing in front of cameras for years now, with the main difference being that she hosts a reality show as opposed to covering sports games. While on set, Andrews can head to the back for a touch up or to take a second to gather herself. It is one of the luxuries of performing on a major television show. Back in the day, Andrews had little options in terms of places to go while the games were raging full on, and she would often get caught off guard and appear in less than flattering photos from onlookers. Keep in mind that less than flattering for Andrews is till hotter than most people we know.

While getting ready to hop in front of the camera, Andrews got caught doing some research, ensuring that her segment could go off without a hitch. A professional like herself much prefers to be seen when everything is good to go as opposed to looking unprepared.

5 The 50 Cent Incident


We can’t be the only ones who remember this. 50 Cent may be one of the most successful rappers of all-time, but even he isn’t immune to having a cringeworthy moment. Back in 2013, Erin Andrews was covering a Nascar event when she ran into rapper 50 Cent who was there as well. What transpired from here can only be described as awkward and uncomfortable. 50 Cent tries to kiss Andrews who turns her cheek, and he then begins to follow the reporter around like a puppy. If you haven’t seen the video, it is available on YouTube, but we have to warn you that it awkward enough to make you feel uncomfortable.

Erin Andrews was a great sport about the whole thing, and she even took blame for making the situation incredibly awkward. As it turns out, the two are business partners, and the incident wasn’t that big of a deal to either of them.

4 The Richard Sherman Incident


Athletes competing in a huge event have a tendency to get fired up, and back in 2014, the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks were competing for a spot in the Super Bowl. The division rivals were two of the best teams in the league at the time, and their rivalry was incredible. After winning the game thanks to some late heroics, the Seattle Seahawks were Super Bowl bound, and Erin Andrews pulled Richard Sherman aside for a quick interview. Sherman is an emotional player who was for too pumped up for his own good. What happened next quickly grabbed headlines everywhere.

When asked a question by Andrews, Richard Sherman exploded, getting loud and issuing a warning to those who disrespected him. Andrews handled the situation like a complete professional, and the video of the incident spread quickly throughout the internet. It was both hilarious and shocking, and both of them would benefit from the publicity.

3 The Creepy Viral Video


Sometimes, people can be unintentionally funny or unintentionally creepy, and in a day and age where everything is filmed and recorded, these moments hardly go unnoticed. Erin Andrews was addressing the camera in a seemingly normal moment. Once the video made its way on to the internet, however, viewers noticed something a little strange going on in the background. Just over Andrews’ right shoulder, there is a young man who was either terrified to be on national television, or who was in awe of being near Erin Andrews, Honestly, we can’t really put out finger on it, but regardless of why he froze in front of the camera, this small incident provided huge laughs for people on the internet.

Once the guy in the background of the video was noticed, the video quickly went viral, and the internet was ruthless, turning this still into a meme, and having a field day with the video. Wherever this guy is now, we can’t imagine that he is anonymous anymore.

2 In Shock And Disbelief

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into Super Bowl LI, fans were genuinely hoping to see the Atlanta Falcons defeat the Patriots in the biggest game of the year. Let’s face it, everyone outside of the greater Boston area is sick and tired of watching the Patriots win. They have dominated the sport of football for a ridiculous amount of time, and Tom Brady clearly discovered the Fountain of Youth, because despite being 40, he is an MVP candidate once again. The week leading up to the Super Bowl is filled with media coverage, and at one press conference, Erin Andrews was caught looking shocked.

As well all know, the Falcons would go on to have the most monumental collapse in sports history, and the Patriots once again walked away with a Super Bowl win. I guess when you’re rich, good looking, and have a Super Model for a wife, things tend to go your way more often than not. Despite a rocky start to 2017, the Patriots once again look like a lock to make the Super Bowl.

1 Funny Business At The CMT Music Awards

Larry McCormack/The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK

Who in their right mind would turn down a chance to host the CMT Music Awards? It is a free trip to Nashville and comes with a great amount of exposure. Back in 2016, Erin Andrews was offered the chance to co-host the famed ceremony, and she jumped all over the opportunity. Not only did Andrews get to host the show, but her co-host that evening was none other than one man wrecking crew J.J. Watt. Watt, of course, if the greatest defensive player of his generation, and aside from his injuries, he has been an unstoppable force in the NFL, haunting the dreams of lineman round the league.

During the ceremony, a photographer was able to snap this hilarious picture of Erin Andrews. Despite looking like a bombshell for the ceremony, this quick moment was captured for the world to see. She has a great sense of humor, so she probably laughed hysterically when she saw this.

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