15 Photos Eugenie Bouchard Wants You To Unsee Of Her Family Members

This family is so steamy that a network out of Montreal should seriously consider starting a reality show following the lives of the women from the Bouchard family. The members featured on this list have an impressive social media following and that’s excluding the obvious viral giant, Eugenie Bouchard who’s got the backing of 1.5 million supporters. Now those on this list don’t have that kind of fan base, however, they’ve still got an impressive followers count nonetheless.

In the article, we feature three smoking family members that are not Eugenie. The first, one you might be familiar with is twin sister Beatrice. We’ll also feature the little sister of the trio who doesn’t appear to be so little anymore, Charlotte Bouchard. As you’ll see in the photos below, she strongly resembles her big sis Eugenie. Finally, we’ll feature a lesser known family member who’s residing in the UK, first cousin Mimi Bouchard. We’ll salivate over some steamy pics along with giving some background information on the three.

So without further ado, here are 15 photos Eugenie Bouchard wants you to unsee of her family members. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s get started!

15 Mimi – Fellow Cats On Halloween

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Of course, Eugenie due to her massive popularity made all the headlines for the picture above. Halloween is one of the times of the year that Bouchard goes all out for and she did not disappoint on this occasion with a revealing “cat” outfit. However, what flew under the radar in this photo, is her smoking hot cousin Mimi that’s posing next to her in the picture.

Looking at the photo, you wouldn’t even think the two were related, instead, most thought it was a friend of Eugenie’s. But no, they are in fact related and first cousins. Now Mimi Bouchard isn’t blessed with the same height as her Superstar tennis player cousin, but as you’ll see throughout this article, she’s certainly blessed with good looks like Eugenie.

14 Beatrice - Smoking Black One-Piece

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If you follow the Bouchard family, aside from Eugenie you likely recognize her smoking hot sister, Beatrice. She’s accompanied her sister to a couple of tennis matches in the past, though she’s grown her fame via Instagram with over 200K followers. Yea, it helps that she’s Eugenie’s sister but her beauty is a huge selling point to making people want to click the follow button.

Similar to Eugenie, she’s taking advantage of her social media fame by working alongside various companies and promoting them on her page. Not a bad gig, wear some steamy attire and get free clothes, a big time win/win. The photo above clearly proves why she’s worthy of such gigs, as will the others on the list. The key question here, does Beatrice do it better than Eugenie? Verdict, split decision depending on one’s taste.

13 Charlotte – Swimsuit Game Strong

Bikini Bottom🐚

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A good chunk of you clicking this article are likely baffled by this entry, a little known fact about Eugenie is that she has a second sister, the youngest of the bunch, Charlotte Bouchard. Like both Beatrice and Eugenie, her social media game is starting to grow upwards with more than 75K followers, not too shabby.

In terms of looks, twin sister Beatrice surprisingly doesn’t resemble Eugenie all that much, though Charlotte certainly makes up for it as she has several similar qualities to sister Eugenie. In some close ups, you’d think it was actually ‘Genie when she was younger.

The picture above is a smoking shot of the youngest family member taken during the summer. Like her sisters, Charlotte loves the beach and loves to rock bikini wear, not a bad mix.

12 Mimi – Instagram Legend

This weather makin me miss summmmma ☀️

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Nowadays, with the rise of social media, it’s a lot easier to get one’s name out there. Just imagine back in the day, getting access to a beautiful woman was limited to either the television or magazines. Today, they’ve got a platform like no other with the likes of Instagram enabling a hottie’s stock to rise overnight.

Mimi is one of those people as she’s grown her fame in large part thanks to her impressive social media following of close to 150 K fans. A lot of it has to do with her new role on a reality show overseas, but we’ll have more on that a little later.

Like Beatrice and Eugenie, a lot of her fame comes from repping other brands - along with her own brand as she’s the proud founder of her very own line, MIMIBEE.

11 Beatrice – Another Insta Legend

Jungle Jane 👱🏼‍♀️🌿 📷: @tu_es_canon

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She refers to herself as “Jungle Jane” in the picture above, a plethora of guys are likely thinking of another word due to the heat of such a picture. Similar to her other family members, Beatrice continues to rise her fame working several endorsement deals, one of which is a lace company. We might have lost a lot of you just declaring that, but nonetheless, stay with us, we’ll have more steaminess throughout the article.

Beatrice does have some bragging rights over her sister Eugenie. Beatrice is actually the older of the two by just a couple of minutes. However, she laughed off the fact that her sister is the one blessed with the athletic genetics given the two height differences - although that might be the case, they're quite even when it comes to good looks.

10 Charlotte – Instagram Workout Selfie

stretch day

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The photo’s labelled stretch day, so yes, even sister Charlotte seems to be the athletic type. Seriously speaking, had such a picture been posted on Eugenie’s account, most wouldn’t even question if that was Bouchard, Charlotte looks identical to her sister in the photo above rocking a similar body type which in truth, isn’t a bad thing at all.

The picture was posted during the summer and in the UK, so one can assume Charlotte paid a little visit to her cousin Mimi overseas who lives in the area. To her credit, despite being on the road, she still found some time to stretch and well, post about it on the World Wide Web. Given the picture, nobodies complaining that she kept us up to date rocking the smoking fitness gear.

9 Mimi – Made In Chelsea Reality Star

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As we stated earlier in the article, the biggest reason for Mimi’s recent rise to fame is her involvement overseas on a huge UK reality series, Made In Chelsea. We here in North America are pretty oblivious to the show, though it’s a pretty big deal over in the UK.

Mimi was casted to the show and although she was over joyed for the opportunity, like us, she had no idea what she was getting into having barely seen the show and not knowing what it was. Whatever the case may be, the show has been on for 14 seasons, so yea, you can say it’s a big deal. The program also helped Mimi find love as she was romantically involved during the reality series.

8 Beatrice – Army Girls With Eugenie

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Like Mimi in an earlier post, Beatrice has matched her sister in the past when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Like Eugenie and the rest of the family for that matter, Beatrice takes the day pretty seriously and you’ll see that throughout this article as she’s rocked some smoking ensembles in the past. The photo above is just one example as she matches her sister in the smoking hit army girl outfits. Looking at what they’ve rocked in recent years, the outfit choice was quite tame on the year.

Eugenie moved the needle a step higher this year with her sizzling Baywatch outfit while sister Beatrice was no slouch either rocking a spectacular “Not So PG” prison guard ensemble. We’ll pay homage to her Halloween prowess in the next couple of Beatrice photos. Given the steaminess of the costumes, perhaps Eugenie might be a little envious? Are we just stirring sh*t up? Yes, yes we are.

7 Mimi – Out Of the Water Smoke Bomb

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Look out folks, there’s a bomb in the water, oh no, it’s just a smoking hot bomb and we’re talking about Mimi Bouchard who looks like a Goddess in the picture above. So the question a lot of you, or at least some of you might be asking is how does one stay in such shape? Does she play tennis like her cousin? No, she does not and according to Mimi, she didn’t get the family genes of being the athletic type as she isn’t into sports all that much either.

Instead, she focuses on a weird type of diet to facilitate her fantastic looks. It might be weird for non-gym goers as she follows intermittent fasting, which allows a person to eat for only eight hours of the day. Forget about snacking in the morning as your usually fasting for the first couple of hours on the day. Rocking a body like that, the diet seems to be working well.

6 Beatrice – Smoking Skeleton Costume

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Are you still with us? We’ve likely lost a lot of you by know given the steaminess of the Bouchard family, this picture might have been the final dagger for most as Beatrice makes us roll off our chairs as she rocks the Skeleton costume to perfection. Of course, the real kicker here is going with the white costume, just something about a chick wearing white, it grabs men’s attention most of the time, especially on Halloween.

On that year, Sister Eugenie did not match Beatrice which is extremely unfortunate; just imagine Eugenie rocking the same attire, good heavens. Instead, she still made us salivate nonetheless rocking a near perfect Bowser costume which featured a bikini top and tightly fitted skirt. So the question is; Bowser versus the Skeleton; who wore it best?

5 Mimi – Smoking Red One-Piece

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Oh boy, the question in this picture is, where is the Tequila club and when can we go? Once again, Mimi looks like a true Goddess rocking the perfect red one-piece, seriously, this chick can’t take a bad picture.

Similar to her family members overseas in Canada, Mimi is all about the travel life. If you take a look at her Instagram account, she’s all about seeing the world and loves to just lay on the beach, which is again another common family trait. Who can forget cousin Eugenie nearly breaking the internet with her banana inspired bikini, perhaps cousin Mimi suggested the attire given the European feel of the outerwear. Whatever the case may be, this article has clearly shown us that any of the family members can rock bikini gear. Oh and if you forgot about how Beatrice looks in a bikini, just scroll down to the next entry and brace yourselves.

4 Beatrice – Swimsuit Babe

An okay day 🤷🏼‍♀️

A post shared by Beatrice Bouchard (@beatricebouchard) on

She calls it an “okay day” in the picture above, for most of us, seeing a beauty as such would result in the best day ever. This photo comes from Beatrice’s Instagram account which is absolutely loaded with bikini pictures. In her defense, some are meant for the purpose of promoting a company, but in truth, lots of people aren’t really thinking of the brand when ogling over such pics. One can make the claim that no Bouchard family member rocks bikinis better than Beatrice and in making such a claim, you really wouldn’t be wrong.

The photo received near 17 K likes which clearly isn’t enough. She’s a long way away from her sister’s 1.5 million followers but there’s no debating the steaminess of the content that’s for darn sure.

3 Charlotte – This Year’s Halloween Swag

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As documented plenty of times in this article, the Bouchard family loves to go all out when it comes to Halloween. Starting from Eugenie to Beatrice to Mimi, the family loves to play dress up. It seems like little sister Charlotte’s continuing to pass the torch as she also dressed up this past year, putting a “Not So PG” twist on a Fairytale outfit. Without a doubt, sisters Eugenie and Beatrice were smiling knowing Charlotte’s got the gift of playing dress up just like the both of them. Heck, you can even add in cousin Mimi for that matter.

Surely, for years to come, we’ll be seeing more and more of Charlotte. Like sisters Beatrice and Eugenie along with cousin Mimi, we can expect Charlotte to get endorsement deals with various companies once her fame grows a little more.

2 Mimi – One More Swimsuit Pic

Missing Spain.. ✨

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Goodbyes are usually the worst and sadly, this is our final Mimi picture on the list as once again, she rocks the bikini to near perfection. The photo was taken in Spain and the country likely misses her presence just as much they miss a World Cup trophy.... Okay seriously speaking, let’s sign a petition to get Mimi back home in North America, she’s too darn far!

Inappropriateness aside, Mimi has suggested some of her tips to maintain such a figure. We discussed the fasting diet earlier, but she’s also strict when it comes to cutting sugar from her diet. Similar to lots of other fitness models, the Canadian indulges on various vegetables and lean protein, which is pretty much the holy grail when it comes staying fit.

1 Beatrice – The “Not So PG Nun”

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We close off the article with a fantastic “Not So PG” photo of Beatrice rocking a Nun Halloween outfit. Of course, she adds edge to the ensemble, man would the world ever be a weird place if nuns looked like that.....

Okay, so we’ve featured a lot of good things on the article but sadly, we saved the very worst detail for the very end. Thanks to our prowess here on The Sportster in reading the French language, we recently discovered via the Journal de Montreal that the beauty Beatrice Bouchard is officially taken as of late October, yes, all good things must come to an end. She’s been photographed with her new love interest and even posted a photo on her account, so we guess we can say things are getting serious...

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