15 Photos Eugenie Bouchard Wants You To Unsee Of Her Sister

If you didn’t know Eugenie had a twin sister, you’re in for quite the surprise in this article. Older than Eugenie by ten minutes, Beatrice, like her sister, is blessed with some fantastic looks, though you might not have known due to her lesser-known status. Her sister Eugenie continues to steal all the headlines, though in truth recently, her headlines have nothing to do with tennis but more so her natural beauty. Whether it's Eugenie’s insane “Not So PG” Halloween Baywatch outfit or her Mallorca beach attire, Bouchard’s name continues to trend as an absolute beauty and one of the steamiest athletes in all of pro sports.

After scrolling through this article however, you’ll feel the same way about her sister, and some would even argue, Beatrice might be the better looking of the two despite her lesser-known status. From beach pics to nights out, these photos might suggest that Beatrice is the true looker in the family. With that being said, maybe, just maybe, Eugenie wants you to unsee such pics! Yep, we’re stirring the pot.

Judge for yourselves as we now unveil 15 mouth-watering photos of Eugenie’s sister Beatrice. By the end of this article, Eugenie likely would want you to unsee these smoking photos. Enjoy!

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15 A Sizzling One Piece

via instagram.com

If you asked yourself, “does Beatrice look good in a one piece”, you just got your answer. Whatever type of outdoor attire she rocks, in all likelihood, she’ll pull it off with perfection. Rocking the multi colored beach attire, this photo is magazine worthy.

Sister Eugenie knows a thing or two about magazine worthy. She graced the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine with her dazzling looks and my oh my did she ever look super steamy in the spread. She even had a topless photo (covering herself up of course) which could make any man weak. With all that being said, we truly wonder how Beatrice would have done in the same pose for the SI magazine. Who do you guys think would score more fan points in the spread, Eugenie or the underrated Beatrice? If you answered Beaugenie, we applaud you.

14 Recent Halloween Costume

Catch me if you can 🔪 . . . Makeup by @aliciatoledano Hair by @hairbyadrien

A post shared by Beatrice Bouchard (@beatricebouchard) on

Judging by the last couple of years, it seems like both Eugenie and sister Beatrice are pretty big fans of the Halloween festivities. They’ve dropped our jaws year after year and this year was of course no exception as the sisters took things a step further a couple of weeks back.

Eugenie nearly broke the internet with her Baywatch outfit. One specific photo posted of her backside in the costume nearly broke the internet as it received close to 100K likes. Although she looked spectacular in the lifeguard ensemble, her sister is certainly no slouch either. Dressed up as a “Not So PG” Correctional Officer, I think all of can agree, prison would be quite amusing if it featured such a beauty. So take your pick folks, who had the better Halloween costume this year – Eugenie or Beatrice?

13 Bathing Suit Beauty

via instagram.com

Grab a bottle of water, cause it’s about to get seriously hot in here (yes, we’ve been saving that lame line for quite some time). All jokes aside, good heavens. This photo was recently posted onto Beatrice’s social media account and my oh my what a picture it is. Receiving over 20K likes, such a photo is screensaver worthy. Sister Eugenie gets a lot of recognition for her bikini pics but one could argue that her sister wore it best. Along with her beautiful bikini body she’s also got them tan lines, we feel a couple of our Sportster nation members have dropped to the floor at this point.

The photo was taken in Mexico along the Pacific Riviera, surely, some of you have circled the destination as we speak....

12 Kissing Neymar

via instagram.com

Granted, this isn’t one of the steamy type pics you wanted to see on such a list, but we promise, we’ll have a lot more of those bikini related “Not So PG” shots throughout the article. For now however, we turn our attention to Beatrice, getting kissed by one of the most popular footballers in the world, Neymar. Eugenie normally gets all the credit for her relationships outside of tennis, heck she even went on a date with her celebrity crush a couple of years ago when herself and the Biebs went out for a night on the town. Eugenie is now taken however dating Jordan Caron. By our accounts, Beatrice is not, but we’re only assuming based off her social media accounts.

This photo proves that even sister Beatrice is a magnet to the higher up celebs, but the question is, does Eugenie want us to know?

11 White Lace Goddess

When teenage boys dream of angels at night, this is likely the closest representation of what that angel looks like. Rocking the white laced outfit, we’re drooling at the sight of this mesmerizing photo. Now to be fair here, Beatrice didn’t just post this pic to get some attention and likes (though if she did that would be perfectly fine), she was promoting for the company Lace Canada. Like her sister Eugenie, despite her lesser known fame, Beatrice works as a sponsor for several companies, when you look that good and you’re the sister of Eugenie, sponsors will in fact seek out your services.

As evidenced by the photo, Beatrice has her very own promotional code but hell, she should be given her own line looking that steamy. Just imagine, the Bouchard sisters representing Lace Canada together..... Mind blown drop the microphone.

10 White On White

via instagram.com

Sticking with the all white clothing theme, once again, Beatrice turns up the heat with this matching ensemble that makes us drool a little bit more. Once again, the steamy picture was posted to her Instagram account. If you haven’t followed her by now, seriously what the hell are you waiting for? We’ll pause the article for a moment while you smash the follow button on her page...... Okay welcome back, now let’s continuing ogling at this photo...

What puts the cherry on top of the picture is Beatrice’s smile, like her sister Eugenie, both have million dollar smiles and one can say, that’s both their very best features. Future article here on The Sportster – Eugenie versus Beatrice: Who smiled better that time? Admit you’d still probably scroll through it.

9 Cake On The ‘Gram

Best view of the city 🏙 @personalvillas

A post shared by Beatrice Bouchard (@beatricebouchard) on

Okay, so thus far, we’ve strictly documented pictures of Beatrice frontwards. Some of you must be thinking well hell, there’s simply no way she’s got a booty on par to her sister’s. Well, guess again, not only does Beatrice got back, but hell, judging by the slew of booty type pics on her Instagram, she might win more points from our Sportster judges when you compare the two Bouchard booties. Future Sportster article.... okay sorry we’re done with that.

Like her sister Eugenie, who loves to travel the world, Beatrice is also fond of experiencing life outside of Montreal. This is another shot taken during her recent trip to Mexico and judging by the amount of steamy photos she took, we wish she extended her stay just a little bit longer.

8 Beatrice Rocking Yoga Pants

via ilarge.lisimg.com

Okay, so naturally, after ogling at her booty the next question you likely thought of in your mind is, “how does she look like in yoga pants?” We know how sister Eugenie looks, the Canadian beauty has left our jaws dropped with a slew of candid yoga pants photos from the past. However, once again, her sister isn’t all that far behind and again, some would even make the claim that little Beatrice wore them better. This picture certainly justifies that as Beatrice looks like true perfection in the gym attire.

As for the product she’s holding, now we can’t guarantee the validity of that. Though, the Bouchard sisters have a record of supporting the so called “healthy alternatives”. Just ask Eugenie who’s a part of the Pinty’s brand.

7 More Halloween Outfits

via instagram.com

Seriously speaking, we can do a separate clash alone on Eugenie versus Beatrice Halloween outfits, but since the day has passed, we’ll save it for next year. You can argue Eugenie took home the win between the sisters this year with her “Not So PG” Baywatch outfit but as for last year, Beatrice might have taken home the W rocking another white outfit, this one of a steamy skeleton.

The outfit is truly a treat from the front, but one can only daydream of what it looks like from the back. Sister Eugenie was no slouch either last year rocking the Bowser outfit. Yea, it doesn’t really sound all that sexy but once you see a picture of the ensemble, you’ll surely think otherwise.

6 Birthday Suit

via instagram.com

Oh to be 22, this picture was taken two years back in February, of course, being twins, both Eugenie and Beatrice share the same birthday, however, Beatrice does have the slight edge being born ten minutes before Eugenie. Beatrice made a clever little joke in an interview claiming she’s technically older, however, Eugenie was blessed with the height between the two sisters.

This throwback photo was taken out and about at a Montreal night club - which if you’ve been to, is nothing but a crazy sweat feast, seriously doorman have some respect, there’s something called a capacity. Okay, back to business as we ogle at this incredible photo – once again, Beatrice has our full attention rocking a white top, which is pretty cleavage friendly.

5 Side Action

(part 2)

A post shared by Beatrice Bouchard (@beatricebouchard) on

So we’ve posted various photos of Beatrice in Halloween and bikini gear, though, we haven’t really posted much pertaining to what Beatrice looks like during a casual night out. We know her sister Eugenie looks pretty darn flawless, yes, she cleans up extremely well of the court and that’s been evidenced by her slew of pics available online. Eugenie doesn’t have a followers count of 1.5 million based off her tennis skills alone folks.

Turns out, her sister cleans up just as nicely, if not, dare we say even better. Rocking the blue jeans and mouth watering gray top, this picture leaves us wanting more. Beatrice teased her followers posting another “side action” type picture following this one - that photo features Beatrice in a dark top.

4 One More Halloween

via 99scenes.com

We told you Beatrice was no slouch when it came to Halloween, although her sister has stolen all the headlines for her costume choices on that day, had Beatrice been a little more popular, she’d be making just as much noise via multiple entertainment tabloids. Without a doubt, this costume is certainly worthy rocking the Ninja inspired ensemble, from head-to-toe, this costume is pretty darn steamy.

Taken in 2015, Beatrice has been stealing our hearts with such costumes for a couple of years now. Like a fine wine, she seems to be getting better and better with age. Although, you make the same comparison with her sister as well, who’s always getting better and better looking, though in truth, we can’t say the same about her game on the court unfortunately....

3 More One Piece Attire

via 25stanley.com

Given the slew of beach pics Beatrice has, posting another one was easy as LeBron hitting a layup by himself on a breakaway. Once again, Beatrice looks like a calendar model in this photo, rocking the black one piece to absolute perfection, though, we get lost in the look she’s giving us from the photo.

Speaking of bathing suits, sister Eugenie isn’t too shabby either. She stole all the headlines recently rocking a banana type bathing suit during her time off in Mallorca. Eugenie was alongside her boyfriend Jordan Caron, but that didn’t stop her from looking “Not So PG”. In fact, Eugenie looked a little too comfortable as it appears as though she was even posing in some of the so called “candid” pics. Either way, nobody and we mean nobody were complaining at the steamy shots.

2 Green Bikini Goddess

via instagram.com

Oh boy where to begin here folks.... This picture was proudly posted onto Beatrice’s Instagram account and my oh my what a picture it is. Rocking the skimpy green bathing suit, the Canadian beauty looks absolutely flawless and once again, those tan lines have us drooling just a little bit more.

Posting such pictures, it isn’t hard to realize why Beatrice has a following of close to a quarter of a million supporters. Her fame is pretty much limited to the Montreal area, which really speaks volumes to her followers count. Eugenie and Beartice are twins as we stated, both 23 set to turn 24 next February. They also have another little sister, Charlotte Bouchard, who looks eerily similar to sister Eugenie, and in fact, more so than Eugenie’s actual twin Beatrice.

1 Steamy Lingerie Selfie

We end the article off with a photo that’ll likely rock your socks off, if you’re not wearing socks, got put them on and after seeing this picture, take them off again.... Seriously speaking, it doesn’t get any steamier than this fantastic selfie. Not too surprising, the photo was posed via Beatrice’s Instagram account receiving rave reviews along with more than 13 K likes which seriously isn’t enough!

One again, the photo wasn’t necessarily posted for strictly pleasure, as Beatrice was once again promoting for the company Lace Canada. As evidenced by this list, anything lace related is a win for Beatrice and this photo truly sums that up. Future article, Beatrice in lace versus Eugenie in Baywatch attire, who wore it best? Admit you’re intrigued.

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