15 Photos Of Ana Cheri That Drive Us Crazy

With over 10 million followers on Instagram, Ana Cheri has become an internet sensation. Cheri’s Native American and Latina ethnicity has given her that stunning, exotic look that made her perfect for modeling. Not only does Ana Cheri have the look, but her passion for exercise and fitness gave her the toned body everyone wanted to see. Naturally, Cheri became the perfect fitness model and has appeared in numerous magazines such as Punch, Import Tuner, and Muscle & Fitness. She was declared as a Maxim “Instagram Girl of the Week” and, in 2015, Cheri blessed us by appearing in the October edition of Playboy magazine.

Being a self proclaimed “Tomboy,” partially due to the fact she has four brothers to keep up with, Cheri got into athletic sports, fitness and training early on, which not only became her passion, but her lifestyle and career. Cheri is CEO of her own online training shop and gym known as “Be More Athletics” and is a personal trainer there as well. Cheri is a marketing genius and uses her Instagram to help promote her gym, its products and its services. Cheri is great at giving shout outs to her favorite brand of clothes and fitness products via her Instagram as well.

Ana Cheri is stunningly beautiful, and she isn’t afraid to show off her perfections while simultaneously promoting her brand. Just don’t let your girlfriend catch you eyeing these pictures. She may get the wrong impression. That's why we're here. We’ve painstakingly scoured the internet to find you the most troubling pictures of Ana Cheri to avoid viewing in your girlfriend's presence. To help save your relationship and raise awareness of what you need to avoid in the future, here are 15 pictures of Ana Cheri your girlfriend doesn’t want you to look at.

16 Ana Cheri Snorkeling

"Are you for scuba?" #HappyAsAHippo #GetFitGirls

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We’re all grateful Ana loves anything involving the water. During a 2017 calendar shoot, Ana traveled to the Turner Beach resort for a lovely photo op and oceanic excursion. Naturally, that gives her a chance to post another great bikini pic for all of us to see. In this pic, Ana is showing of her love for snorkeling and scuba diving, and who doesn’t love either one of those? Your girlfriend might not like this revealing pic, but it’s not your fault you share similar interests.

Following the events of Hurrican Irma, Ana Cheri has since reached out in support of all who have been affected by the devastating hurricane. She offers her support to all the victims and urges everyone to help donate to hurricane recovery.

15 Ana Cheri 1st Phorm Promo

Being a fitness model and excellent sales rep that she is, Ana Cheri promotes a variety of 1st Phorm products, especially the creatine powder. Her marketing must be working. Her instagram picture promoting the creatine powder has garnered over 140,000 likes. In this pic on her instagram, Ana kills a dew birds with one stone by promoting creatine powder from 1st Phorm, adding a short Q and A section and showing off her body to promote those results.

Your girlfriend might not like Ana Cheri’s marketing techniques, but you can’t argue with the results. She’s a great salesperson and judging from her pic, the product that she is selling clearly works. Your girlfriend should be ecstatic that you are looking into using 1st Phorm’s protein powder. Just tell her you’re looking to get fit, just like the expert Ana Cheri.

14 Ana Cheri and the Impulse Buy

This picture may make you fall in love with Ana Cheri even more, so you may want to keep this one out of sight from the girlfriend. In this pic, Ana has completely nerded out and bought a Harry Potter Hogwarts shirt, showing it off to the world. Who hasn’t had an impulse buy from Target? Ana has done just that, and this item should surely impresses all the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs out there.

Aside from nerding out which will endear her to almost any guy, how can your girlfriend be angry about this pic? Ana Cheri is fully clothed, she’s sporting Harry Potter apparel (what girl doesn’t like Harry Potter?), and she’s supporting impulse shopping at Target. Those are all things women love! Your girlfriend might even start following Ana Cheri once she sees this pic. In fact, you should be encouraging her to do so.

13 Ana’s Yoga Pants

Being the fitness model that she is, Ana Cheri has no shortage of yoga pants in her arsenal and the pants in this picture are being stretched too their limit. While, Ana Cheri’s Instagram and Be More Athletics gym's website focus way more on strength training than yoga, there are plenty of videos showing off Ana’s aerobics skills. After seeing Ana in these yoga pants, I’ve never been more interested in the downward dog.

If your girlfriend walked in on you with this picture on your phone’s screen, you’re in trouble. Unless, you’re on a yoga mat, there’s no good explanation as to why Ana Cheri is front and center, especially when she’s wearing those perfectly form-fitting yoga pants which might as well be painted on.

12 Three’s Company

These three can come and knock on my door anytime. This picture is of Ana Cheri and her apparent body engineer babes from Holland, Nochtli Peralta Alvarez and Yanita Yancheva. Together the ladies are sponsoring the Amsterdam based website www.engineered-life.com and their products. What better way to promote the brand than by showing the results of three gorgeous ladies.

It may look bad to your girlfriend, especially with two more stunning fitness models aside from Ana Cheri, but it’s not your fault they’re the sponsors of Engineered Life. Engineered Life has a wide variety of fitness apparel great for a holiday gift. Once you buy some fashionable yoga pants for your special lady, she’ll forget all about you ogling pictures of Ana and her friends.

11 Casual Saturday

Casual Saturday 💛👜 Tag your friends let's play the crown game.. 👑

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Whether it’s casual Saturday or wearing her Sunday clothes, for Ana Cheri a short skirt or shorts is a must to show off those luscious legs. If showing off those legs and midsection is casual, then I’d love to see her when she’s killing it for a night out. I supposed when you’re as hot as Ana, even casual looks drop dead sexy.

This pic screams trouble from the girlfriend, but how were you supposed to know THIS was casual for Ana Cheri? And sure, maybe Ana is also modeling for Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom and looking sexy showing off in her stylish casual wear. I’m sure we all were paying much closer attention to her outfit instead of her right?

10 Ana the personal Trainer

So, spoiler alert, Ana Cheri is hot. Of course, she is a natural beauty but she also works at it every day. She’s not just a fitness model who works out and eats right, she’s owner and a personal trainer at Be More Athletics gym. Be more Athletics has a variety of apparel, classes and available personal trainers. Could you imagine training with Ana Cheri in the flesh? They’re located in Santa Ana, CA, so if one-on-one isn’t an option, you can always purchase one of their 30-Day Challenge Packs.

For some visual proof of the results of Be More Athletics you need only to just check out the gym's own Instagram page. You’ll find even more pics of Ana Cheri’s success. How could your girlfriend possibly complain? You’re looking up personal trainers and exercise programs. She should be happy you’re taking these first steps to a healthy lifestyle!

9 Princess Ana Cheri’s Slave Outfit

Ladies and gentlemen, well, mostly gentlemen, our prayers have been answered. It’s Ana Cheri in Princess Leia’s slave outfit from Star Wars Return of the Jedi. I didn’t think it was possible to look better than Carrie Fisher, but Ana Cheri pulls off the costume perfectly. We knew Ana was a bit of a nerd from the Harry Potter shirt earlier, but this takes the nerdom to a whole new exciting level.

Apparently, the slave outfit was a frequent request for Ana, so she finally answered the call and donned the costume. She wore the costume during the excitement of the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens and signaled that she might wear a costume to the movie. So, Ana likes Star Wars and is into cosplay. Time to step up your game, girlfriends.

8 Miss October

In case you didn’t know, Ana Cheri actually posed for Playboy Magazine in 2015 as Miss October. This edition one was of the last fully nude pictorials of Playboy, and they scored big by having Ana Cheri pose before doing away with the nude shoots. Ana is clearly no stranger to the camera having modeled before. Still, not every model can transition from swimwear to fully nude photo shoots, yet, Ana makes the switch flawlessly. Ana may have been Miss October in 2015, but despite her campaign and flawless look, Ana fell short for the Playmate of the Year. Still, we’re all grateful for her campaign efforts, and she’s still a winner in our book.

Unless you’re writing a research paper, these Playboy pics are probably something your girlfriend isn’t going to want you to see. Normally, I’d try to think of an excuse for viewing these pics, but in this case, I got nothing.

7 Ana Cheri’s Swimwear

There's a sale today!! Details in the next post 🌴💚

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Ana Cheri pretty much lives on the beach. She models on the beach and shows off her bikini body which helps sell her gym and other products. As it turns out, showing off her beach bod not only attracts views for her as a model for hire but also attracts women who may be interested in Ana’s own line of swimwear. Because one Instagram account isn’t enough, Ana flaunts these bikinis not just on her official Instagram account, but on her own swimwear Instagram account as well.

Yes, Ana has bikinis that she designs herself and sells on her website. According to her site, every bikini is even handmade in the good old U.S.A. I have to admit, those bikinis look very impressive, but good luck explaining to your girlfriend why you are shopping for bikinis. Unless they’re for the misses, you’re going to have some ‘splaining to do.

6 Ana Cheri’s pigtails

via anacheri.com

Ana Cheri is seen in a wide variety of bikinis, “casual wear” dresses and lingerie. Depending on whether or not she’s at the beach determines what her hairstyle is going to be. In this pic, Ana is rocking the super cute pigtails look. Pictures such as the one above can be found on her website, on any of her social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or even her YouTube Channel.

Sadly, your girlfriend is not going to be too happy with you viewing any of Ana Cheri’s social media accounts and her YouTube Channel is no different. That’s a shame too. Her YouTube is full of Q-&-A sessions, interviews, meal tips and workout routines. If you can convince your girl that you are simply scoping out Ana’s YouTube Channel for a solid meal plan, more power to you.

5 Ana Cheri’s Dress

via Pinterest.com

Even when Ana dresses more conservatively she still manages to make our head spin. In the barely legal dress, Ana Cheri is showing off a little more than we can handle. The light jacket is a nice touch, the boots are cute, the thigh high stockings works nicely with the ensemble and the dress is just… wow.

This is apparently another one of Ana Cheri’s casual outfits and again I’d love to see what she wears on a wild night out. Surely, this is another pick that will drive your girlfriend crazy, but it’s not your fault this is the most modest outfit Ana has. Maybe if your girlfriend saw other pictures of Ana, she’d know that this is one of the most classy and least revealing of her dresses.

4 Cheri_fit

In case you weren’t satisfied with Cheri’s Instagram account, or her Youtube channel or her Facebook or her website or her Facebook, well good news everyone, she has another Instagram account for her fitness programs. Her fitness account, Cheri_fit is far different from her personal Instagram account full of sexy pictures of her posing in revealing outfits. This one is full of sexy pictures and videos of Ana Cheri in revealing outfits, working out.

So, when your girlfriend is furious and asks what you’re looking at, clearly it’s not just the hot pics of Ana Cheri, which are unavoidable. It’s the intense training programs, meal plans and athletic accessories that are promoted and available through Ana Cheri’s Instagram and website. In fact, you may need these workout regimes to run away from your girlfriends jealous rage.


2 Miss American Pie

via pinterest.com

I’m happy to announce that there is no flag controversy surrounding Ana Cheri. She is perfectly comfortable draping Old Glory around her shoulders and waist. I guess we can’t be too upset that she’s covering herself up since she’s doing so with the stars and stripes in this case. This pic is from her Instagram page, and in it she’s wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. It’s a nice sentiment and reminder of why we say, “God bless America.”

Your girlfriend might not like it, but this is a very patriotic picture of Ana Cheri. You can’t tell me your girlfriend has a problem with Ana’s unwavering love of freedom. This is just a picture of Ana showing patriotism at its finest by covering herself with the flag. Who knew she’d be wearing only a bikini underneath?

1 Ana Cheri on the red carpet

via sports.cnhubei.com

Although she made an appearance in the charity event Babes in Toyland, Ana Cheri doesn’t make too many public appearances. However, when she does, she knocks them out of the park. Ana is seen here walking down the red carpet for the premiere of Manny in a very elegant dress, looking stunning. With models such as Arianny Celeste and Chantel Zales also attending, Ana was definitely not going to be outdone and killed it with her short white dress.

Even though it’s a premiere and the least scandalous Ana Cheri has looked, your girlfriend still might be a little sour if she catches you peeking at Ana in her dress. Maybe you’re just a big Manny Pacquiao fan and wanted to look at everyone that attended the premiere of the documentary, but I don’t think that excuse is going to fly. In fact, you might have to watch out for a knockout blow yourself.

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