15 Photos Of Anna Kournikova That Will Drive Enrique Crazy

Anna Kournikova was arguably at one time the most popular female athlete in the entire world. She seemed to appear in every magazine - often in little to no clothing - and made headlines on a regular basis for her actions off the court. This was the way it was for tennis players, and not much has changed since then. Neither has Anna, who continues to look absolutely stunning.

While she once engaged in some cross-checking with Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov, she has been linked to Enrique Iglesias since she appeared in his music video way back in 2001. Perhaps it helped his case that the two got very intimate in the video! The two did a lot more than simulate it in real life, with Anna recently giving birth to twins. Their relationship has been described as on again/off again. But it is clear that these two are extremely close and we can definitely feel the love.

Kournikova hung up the racket back in 2001 after injuries sustained over the length of her career, but that doesn't make our list that we have for you any less exciting. Especially when you quickly see that we've tracked down the hottest photos of Kournikova's entire life.

Whether that came from during her prime or were recently uploaded to her social media profile, these photos are sure to drive Enrique crazy!


15 Ravishing In Red

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When it comes to posing on a beach, there aren't many athletes that may look better than Anna Kournikova. That's why it only seems natural that whenever she decides to do a photo shoot, a little bit of beach clothing isn't going to be too hard to find.

The above photo that proves just how ravishing she can look in red was taken for Maxim magazine. We don't know if the company would allow her to take the swimsuit home with her. If not, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if Enrique made sure she had one in her collection that looked just like it. Maybe this photo had something to do with him wanting to become a father.

14 Country Girl

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Anna Kournikova always seemed to look comfortable when she was stepping foot on the tennis court. But judging from our next entry, perhaps she also would have been comfortable on a ranch! We don't know if there are too many instances in her everyday life where she needs to be wearing a cowboy hat like this, but we're sure Enrique wouldn't mind if she made it an everyday occurrence.

Even if his (and possibly your) favourite part of this outfit is probably the revealing nature of the top that the photographer decided helped pull the whole look together. Hard to tell him he was wrong! Though it is tough to imagine the elegant Anna in a farm setting doing any real work.


13 Red Dress Dream

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Normally when you go to the beach, you do so to swim. And while there are definitely some of those moments on our list, Anna Kournikova decided to leave the suit behind for our next entry. Even if she still decided to dip her hands into what appears at least to be some shallow water.

But there's no way that she was going to put that dress on, realizing what a smoke show she looked like, and not go ahead with the idea! Especially when you learn the photo was taken for Esquire magazine, who just happen to know a thing or two about taking beautiful photos of gorgeous women. We wouldn't recommend swimming in a tight dress, but we wouldn't mind playing lifeguard if something ever happened.

12 Showing American Pride

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When it comes to Anna Kournikova, you may be well aware that she is Russian. Despite this, she clearly didn't seem to mind picking up an American flag and posing for the camera for our next entry. Perhaps she was just happy with how amazing she was looking!  The photo was taken for Maxim magazine and was released in 2010.

The fact that she has spent a large portion of her life in America also may have made her more comfortable! It was currently reported that she resides in Miami Beach, but don't get any ideas about stalking her. We're sure she'd send Enrique after you. Or at the very least, her security team.


11 Anna Looking Amazing On The Court

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When Enrique and Anna Kournikova started dating, we're sure there were several things that they did at the very beginning. For Anna, it would be making sure she tracked down his music (or at least his biggest hits) and assuring yourself that you're a fan of your future partner's music. For Enrique, we wouldn't be surprised if he spent time watching some of Anna's biggest matches.

Which means that he, alongside yourself, probably gained a huge appreciation for how Anna Kournikova looked when she was on the tennis court! Win or lose, Kournikova always came out on top in the looks department. She seems to never age, which comes in handy when you become the mother of twins.

10 Beach Ready

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Anna Kournikova helped captivate the sports world with her gorgeous face and long, lean body. But even without her face looking at the camera, it's still easy to see why the world found her so captivating. Which also helps explain why the paparazzi found it necessary to follow her for a trip to the beach.

Enrique must know that his wife loves the beach. When he recently decided to have himself a new mansion built, he made sure the shores of the Miami beach were easily accessible. The mansion cost over $25 million to make, which means he may not mind when Kournikova drops another $100 on a new swimsuit to wear! It's all about return on investment, though $25 million seems a bit steep to be close to a beach.


9 Paparazzi Catches Her In Yoga Pants

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There is no question that Anna Kournikova needed to make sure she was active in the gym if she was to stay competitive. Which means that as familiar as she is with tennis outfits, she should be just as familiar in workout clothes. Good news for her fans is the fact that she (not shockingly) looks tremendous when she puts them on.

We're sure one other thing that Kournikova got used to over her career was the attention from the paparazzi. She probably wasn't planning to have her photo taken when she left the house for a workout, but this is the life for a celebrity! She definitely pulls off the look, and perhaps yoga is the reason she still looks so great.

8 Showing Peace On A Weekend Boating Trip

#Weekend 😎🎈😘

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How do you love spending your weekends? If you're Anna Kournikova, it seems like at least some of the time she manages to spend her day in the water. Judging by the big smile on her face, we definitely wouldn't be shocked if the person on the other side of the camera was Enrique.

While many celebrities are getting blasted online for what they post online, there's also little to be upset at here as Anna Kournikova made sure to send positive vibes to the camera by throwing up a peace sign. Enrique definitely seems to prefer making love, not war, with her! It's good to see that even with a busy schedule, Anna can still find time for the important things in life.


7 Rocking Out In Red

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When it comes to musical talent, there is no question that Enrique Iglesias is one of the most respected names. He has sold close to 160 million records and will continue to have a successful career as long as he chooses to pump out albums. But with how Kournikova is holding the racket in the above entry, it's Anna who looks like she is the one who is the rock star! After all, it at least kind of looks like she is holding a guitar.

But we wouldn't blame you if you were too busy being captivated by how ravishing she looks in red! Though it looks like her under garments didn't follow that dress code. Despite the mismatch, it still works for all of us.

6 Revealing Her Own Imperfections In A White Bikini

It may be hard to look at a photo of Anna Kournikova and come away identifying flaws in her appearance. But Anna Kournikova was open about her own flaws with our next entry, captioning the photo "tbt (throwback Thursday) to #waybackwhen #photoshop wasn't as good, as it is evident in my pimply teenage forehead." It is tough to read that a woman who is so beautiful thought she was anything less than that. But you have to admire someone who is humble and can also poke fun at themselves.

Despite the pimples on her forehead, which probably wasn't the first thing that caught your attention, we're sure this is going to end up being one of your favourite entries from our list. But when you consider she is wearing a white two piece, are you really too surprised?


5 Staring You Down In Yellow Bikini

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Anna Kournikova had a tennis career that saw her earn upwards of $3 million. But if she never picked up a racket, she'd probably still have managed to become pretty famous. After all, all she needs to do is throw a two piece on and she is sure to command the attention of everyone around.

Perhaps the above entry is her most captivating beachwear as her blonde hair is beautifully complemented by the yellow top. Though she could wear any colour in the world and probably still emerge looking like a knockout. She definitely could have turned her tennis career into a beach volleyball career, whether she was skilled at it or not. Fans would tune in just for her striking beauty.

4 Triple Threat

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Holy smokes, which one of the three poses are you going to be the most captivated with? Does it really matter? At the end of the day, you're really just a winner for getting to gawk at her in so many different alluring poses.

It was reported by Google analytics that during the prime of her career, Anna Kournikova was one of the most googled people (not just athletes) in the entire world. This may explain why magazines were so anxious for the opportunity to bring her in for a photo shoot! The above shoot was taken for FHM magazine and appeared in their September 2002 edition. Lucky for our readers, a copy isn't necessary anymore as the internet never forgets.


3 Sizzling In Silver

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It's definitely evident throughout this list that, at least during her prime, Anna Kournikova was in seriously good shape. So perhaps you can't blame her for often wanting to put herself in situations where she is flaunting that to the world. Something tells us Enrique probably doesn't mind! But Kournikova has taken a huge step back as of late, including being able to hide her entire pregnancy until the birth of their twins in December.

Kournikova may still find herself wearing swimsuits in the future, but perhaps it will be on family days to the beach and not in professional settings like for this entry. We hope the young twins she recently gave birth don't get bothered by fans at the beach trying to get a glimpse of the beautiful Anna.

2 Showing Off Her Flexibility

#happy #Sunday #yoga #sunshine #paradise no #nofilterneeded

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There is no question that being a professional athlete requires you to have many qualities. Such as being flexible. And even though Anna Kournikova is no longer dominating the tennis court, it seems from her Instagram page that she still made sure she kept active in her personal life. Stretching is very important for anyone who wants to stay in shape, but it is vital to any athlete to stay at the top.

The above photo was shared over 2.5 years ago but is a great example of just how amazing Anna can look when she is getting her flexibility on. Considering being a celebrity also means plenty of haters, we're sure she also enjoys having an exercise that helps clear her mind.


1 The "Escape" Music Video (How They Met)

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Perhaps you're not shocked that the two met in a situation where Anna Kournikova was definitely flaunting her good looks. It was back in 2001 that she was selected to appear in the music video "Escape" for Enrique. We don't know if he had any say in picking her, but we're sure whoever was in charge of casting thought it was an easy decision.

Considering the song also features the two getting all up on each other, we're sure it also helped their sexual chemistry. If the two ever do get married, at least they know what their first song should probably be. She was one of the most famous people on earth when this video came out, so it looks like this not only helped Enrique's popularity, but gave him a partner for life.


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