15 Photos Of Beatrice Bouchard That Eugenie Doesn't Want Us To See

Sibling rivalry is always an exciting phenomenon to watch unfold, especially in the public arena. For millennia the great troubadours have told tales of brother against brother. Oftentimes jealousy rises in the hearts of those perceived to be unloved or unnoticed. It is a parable as old as time. If Adam and Eve had a brother and a sister things might have got a little more uncomfortable in the garden if they thought that their maker wasn’t paying enough attention to them.

It can be especially hard for a sibling if their counterpart rises to prominence in one area in particular, such as sport. Why weren’t they gifted with a mighty skill that propelled them to the top of their field? Why aren’t they the apple of everyones eye at a young age with a bright future ahead of them? And why can’t they be a potential champion? In the case of Beatrice Bouchard it can’t be the best feeling to watch your Canadian tennis star sister Eugenie get all the attention as the golden child of the tennis world. Eugenie got the skill and the looks, but lucky for us Beatrice is also incredibly easy on the eyes and she seems to have set out on a mission to let everyone know that although Eugenie gets most of the spotlight, Beatrice is no joke in front of the camera.

15 Nightlife

When every night is a party and everyone wants to be your friend and snap a photo with you to up there ‘likes’ and ‘friends’ it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and not very easy to wind down. Even if you have the will power to control your intake it can be just as detrimental to your health and your personal life away from the ‘scene’ to watch the sun come up every morning. Striking a balance between the weekend and the week is an easy way to stay grounded and not get caught up in the perpetual ‘morning after’. Beatrice will do well to remember that it’s just as beautiful to watch the sun go down before bed as it is to watch it rise after night out.

14 Trouble

Catch me if you can 🔪 . . . Makeup by @aliciatoledano Hair by @hairbyadrien

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When your younger twin sister is the apple of everyones eye in the tennis world there isn’t much room to slip up, because if you happened to be her gorgeous older twin, like it or not, the lens is going to focus on you as well. Every tabloid and paparazzo out there would kill to get their hands on the story of the golden girl of tennis and her screw-up sister. One to many drinks at a party, one dramatic outburst, one torrid affair would be enough for the locust to descend and start tearing your life apart, not to mention making any and every attempt to drag your superstar sister under the bus with you. Stay out of trouble Beatrice, for both your sakes.

13 We’ll Never Be Royals

In case you're looking for me ☀️

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Eugenie has played her way into the position of Canada’s tennis sweetheart and Beatrice is right behind her certainly making a name for herself as an ‘it’ girl around town and a budding model, but it will be impossible to reach the heights of their namesakes. Both Eugenie and Beatrice are named after the children of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and their sister Charlotte is named after Princess Charlotte and their brother William after Prince William. Now that Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle it looks like neither sister will ever rise to the rank of English royalty… but that may be because Harry hasn’t read this article yet and Beatrice isn’t on his radar. I mean which girl doesn’t want to be a princess in real life?

12 It Girl

Strawberry daiquiris got me like 🍓👉🏼😴

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It can be a strain on a young woman to suddenly be flung into the social spotlight and the demands on your time can start to pull you away from the normal life you still try to hold onto while still flirting with fame. It is similar in the world of sports, the further your star rises the less time you have to focus on the athletic skills that got you to the point where interviews and public appearances begin to eat up more and more of your minutes in a day. If you don’t focus on the balance of fame and reality it’s pretty easy to get lost in event after event and forget who it was that you were that got you past that velvet rope.

11 Keeping Up Appearances

Thank you @kids4kidsmtl for the fabulous evening 🍾✨

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Wether your facing down an opponent on the grass at Wimbledon or staring down the barrel of a Cannon about to snap your latest ‘duck face’ photo for your thousands of followers it can be easy to loose focus. The journey that Beatrice has started as an online personality is full of trolls and sharks that will gladly eat her alive and pin her as the ‘has been’ or ‘never was’ if her public appearance starts to slip in the slightest. The internet is a notoriously savage place were critics and tastemakers can rise and fall as quickly as rankings on the world tennis stage. You can have good weeks and bad weeks and drop or rise a few ladder rungs, but you better make sure you’re in top form to stay relevant.

10 Stay Hydrated


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Having your choice of party is a wonderful thing, there’s always something to do when you feel like it, but it can be easy to let that feeling take over every night of the week. Athletes have a very rigours schedule that leaves little time for drinking and a strict diet that doesn’t tolerate much alcohol, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to celebrate properly and cut loose every once in a while. Balance is key. As an internet celebrity it is more often than not too easy to cut loose every night and there isn’t much of a restriction on your alcohol intake so Beatrice is going to have to be sharp and try not to slide into the ‘party girl’ role.

9 Go Wild

Despite all the warnings about the trappings of ‘keeping up with…’ lifestyle it is important for Eugenie and Beatrice alike to get together with their close childhood friends a cut loose every once in a while. It’s easy to forget how much fun it was to go to a halloween party in your late teens when you have a Major tennis tournament to prepare for 3 months down the road or a television appearance or radio spot to record or the latest trendy restaurant to make an appearance at. Sometimes you have to cut loose alone though, like in the photo above. While it is a plug for a sponsor, we can't help but feel jealous if a lucky guy was able to test out the merchandise.

8 Relax


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It’s nice for anyone in the public eye to try to escape every once in a while. Wether you’re a super talented, super attractive tennis star or her older twin sister who is famous for being the hot sister of a super talented, super attractive tennis star. It’s always a good idea to hop on a plane and whisk yourself away to a tropical beach on occasion to take a deep breath, break away from your daily routine, and really reflect on how to get that ball over the net in a more efficient way or how to do your hair and make-up in a slightly different way. Eventually you will be flung back into the high-paced craziness that is your life in the public eye, so enjoy some downtime.

7 Twins

Reunited at the game 🔵⚪️🔴 #gohabsgo

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Beatrice and Eugenie are TWINS, which is probably every guys dream at one point or another, to be surrounded by gorgeous twins. So lucky us that Beatrice has counter acted her younger (slightly) sisters fame on the court by blowing up on social media and propelling herself into the spotlight as well. It would be a shame if the world was exposed to only Eugenie’s work on the court and not Beatrice’s work on Twitter and Instagram. The higher the athletic sister’s star rises the further it will propel the other into the upper echelon’s of social media fame. The twins are eternally tied together, what happens to one will undoubtedly affect the other. Let’s hope they both keep rocking it so we see even more of these two front and centre.

6 Shadow


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It must be tough for Beatrice to live in Eugenie’s shadow being the older twin. It’s tough on siblings when a younger sister or brother gets married before you, or is expecting a child before you, or graduates from University before you, imagine if your younger twin sister was the first ever tennis player from Canada to win a Grand Slam title with a singles victory at Wimbledon 2012 before you! That one has to hurt. There’s really no coming back from that one. After Eugenie set the bar that high, what’s a girl to do? I guess beatrice could be the first sibling to land on the Moon or woman a mission to Mars, so she’d better start taking steps towards a lofty goal if she ever wants to keep up to lil’ sis.

5 Friends

Holding on tight 💞

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It’s easy for a beautiful young lady to make friends in this world. It’s easy for a beautiful young woman to lose friends in this world. People grow and people change and our social circles don’t always remain the same, even stable, as we cruise through life. For the suddenly sensational older twin of a sports star beloved the world over you may find yourself in a unique position to add and drop friends in the blink of an eye over social media and in real life. It may be easy to loose some Canadian values in the shuffle, but we have faith (and so does Eugenie) that Beatrice will keep her head up and know who her try friends really are. Stay true B.

4 Diet

The main reason I’m not vegetarian 🦀🍽

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The parallels between being an internet celebrity and a famous athlete keep compounding on each other the further you dig. Eugenie has to keep her body a well tuned machine so she can readily handle opponents on the court and stave off injury, and if an injury does occur, she has to be in good enough shape that she can bounce back with little effort in the prime of her career. The same thing goes for Twitter/Instagram star Beatrice. In the ever more superficial world of Kardashians and Jenners to stay on top of the ‘I’m famous because I’m hot’ ladder you need to make sure you’re in very physically fit condition. That means no cheat days and counting calories like a mathematician. Stay on it B!

3 Personal Appearances

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Beatrice defiantly knows how to make an entrance and she has no problem being the life of the party and just like Eugenie there is now a premium placed on her presence and everyone wants to be around someone with buzz. Eugenie has to appear in front of microphones to talk about her last or upcoming tournament, she gets invited to every big event and has to choose which she will attend. On the other hand Beatrice get’s offered to attend every club opening and fashion show after party in her area and she has to know where and when to spend her time on the right things with the right people to avoid being taken advantage of and sliding into the realm of promo model.

2 Stay Natural

My workout routine = @drinkwell 🍓🍊🍌+ #Bodylicious™ 💪🏼👟🎧

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The allure of enhancing yourself in our modern world is very real and very attainable. Wether it be in the realm of athletics were doping scandals run rampant and there always seem to be a new way to beat a drug test or someone developing a new steroid that isn’t yet banned by some governing body or another, or in the world of modelling where beautiful young women who are naturally gorgeous are pressed into getting breast enhancements and lip injections or early preventative Botox, it is so important to stick to your guns and know that you are prefect just the way you are. Especially if your Beatrice or Eugenie Bouchard. These two twin sisters need no unnatural enhancements at all in our mind.

1 Best Friends

Smiling this big because we just ate a 20 pound lobster 😁🦀

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In this crazy world of high profile superstars and athletes it’s always important to keep your family close and your twin sister even closer. Despite the time they spend apart due to their busy schedules and demanding lifestyles, Eugenie and Beatrice are closer than ever and we know they always will be. Twins are twins for life and although their journey’s have taken them down different paths no matter where they end up in life they’ll always come back together with a big hug and a smile. Which is a good thing for us. Whenever these two beautiful, accomplished, talented ladies are side by side we can’t help but smile along with them. Congratulations Beatrice and Eugenie (in chronological order) on everything so far and all the great things to come.

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