15 Photos Of Brooklyn Decker That Would Drive Andy Roddick Crazy

When you think of the tennis greats, some of the first names that come to mind are Roger Federer, Rafael Nadel, and Novak Djokovic. But one name that gets overlooked all the time is Andy Roddick. Roddick was one of the best in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Along with Pete Sampras, they combined to make can't miss television for the tennis world. He had a 612-213 record. That accounted for 74.18% of his wins. He also has 32 career titles and had a number one ranking in the world in 2003. He also won the US Open singles title in 2003. He also doesn't have a bad doubles record either. He had a 68-51 record with four career titles. He won the Davis Cup in 2007 as well as a part of a double team. So the man can multitask. Roddick also has a beautiful wife by the name of Brooke Decker.

Decker is a fashion model and actress who was most well know for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She also has made appearances in movies such as Just Go With It, Battleship, Ugly Betty, and The League. She knows how to sizzle up the screen with any role she has and knows how to rock her body in a bikini. Her and Roddick have been married for more than eight years now and have a beautiful son and another child along the way. Just because they have kids doesn't mean that Brooklyn Decker can't still put out some good pictures that Andy Roddick wouldn't mind looking at.

15 Surf's Up!

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Andy Roddick is used to playing on all different types of playing surfaces. This man has played at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, the French Open, as well as many other significant tournaments. He has played on clay courts, grass courts, and hard courts. Where Andy wishes he could play now is in the warm weather on a beach. The beach is where we find Brooklyn Decker in our first photo of her.

She looks simply stunning right off the bat to start. Her long, blonde hair flows extremely well onto her back. She has a beautiful smile as she walks out of the water, having enjoyed a nice surfing session. Decker sure is in her element here and we promise there's more to come.

14 Pretty Polka Dots

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Roddick and Decker definitely have had their fair share of fun behind closed doors. Logically, if they have a child already and another one on the way, it just doesn't happen overnight. Who knows what exactly goes on behind those closed doors besides Roddick and Decker?

We love the fact that we can see her beautiful, blue eyes in this. She has a lovely polka dotted lingerie ensemble on and while not everybody is a fan of polka dots, perhaps Decker can change a lot of opinions here.

A fun fact about their relationship: Roddick had to put the work in to woo Decker. It took her five months to get back to him after Roddick first got his agent to call Decker's. Patience paid off.

13 You Like What You See?

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This next photo gives us a clear depiction of what Brooklyn Decker is working with from the back. Andy Roddick is one lucky guy to be coming home to this every night. He has played in over 800 career matches, won multiple tournaments, and this still might be his greatest accomplishment that he has pulled off. Imagine how Roddick must have been feeling, playing in some of the biggest tournaments around the world, and then having your stunning wife in the stands watching him? He probably didn't have his head in all of his matches 100% of the time.

She has that confident look in her face once again and while not every husband is comfortable with their wife posing in lingerie, that's a small price to pay for Roddick.

12 Want to Play Some Yard Games?

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The best part about the summer is the warm weather and everything that can happen outside. People are having cookouts with hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken on the grill. Kids are going over each other's houses to cool off in the pool. People even drive to the beach to enjoy a nice drink while going into the ocean and tanning. Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker are no different to still wanting to have some fun every now and then. Decker definitely gets into the summer mood with her next photo.

Surprise, surprise! She is in a bikini again with the setting of a private party or gathering maybe going on. We shouldn't be surprised that Decker is in a bikini, considering she made more than her fair share of appearances in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

11 Pick Your Jaws Off The Floor, Boys

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The best part about Brooklyn Decker is that she can look good in anything. Would you put it past Andy Roddick to have had fantasies of Brooklyn wearing revealing tennis outfits to his liking? I personally wouldn't. Brooklyn Decker could wear a garbage bag as a dress and she would find a way to make it look presentable and even fashionable. She isn't in a bikini this time, but she still has mouths drooling with this next picture.

She is in a white one piece while hanging on to some ropes that are up in the background. Her mouth is open once again, but in an appealing way. We haven't seen much of her smile yet, but we will be seeing a lot of it in the upcoming photos. For now, we will enjoy seeing Brooklyn Decker just hanging out and looking good while doing it. It must drive Andy Roddick nuts that she can look this good without really trying hard. What a win for Roddick!

10 Just Go With It

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Brooklyn Decker really started to pick up some steam after starring in Adam Sandler's romantic comedy Just Go With It a few years back. In the movie, Decker played Sandler's character's much younger love interest, and Decker provided a solid performance in the movie. While the film received mixed reviews from critics, the movie still performed pretty well at the box office, taking in $215 million on a $80 million budget. We can't help but wonder if part of the reason was Brooklyn being on several posters depicting a scene from the movie in which Decker slowly walks out of the water in a yellow bikini. It's crazy to think Decker was only around 23 when this movie was shooting. My have the years gone by quickly.

9 Back In Black

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The color black is great for a number of reasons. First off, it can go with literally any other color. It is a go to color when you are looking for something to go out in or dress up in. Second, it makes people look slimmer. People can feel confident in the color black without worrying about what their body type is. Finally, it can look good in different forms of clothing for both genders. Brooklyn Decker definitely doesn't have to worry about her body in this photo and she certainly knows how to make the color black look phenomenal.

We still don't know what Andy Roddick did to get a woman like Brooklyn Decker to marry him. But, we are definitely jealous of it and wonder if he has any tips to get a girl like that, along with having photos that can drive us crazy like this one does for Andy.

8 Always Styling for the Party

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There are certain themes for parties that need to be followed. For example, if you are going to have a Halloween party, you need to have hilarious costumes worn by everybody. If you are throwing a Christmas party, there needs to be ugly sweaters. We are not entirely sure what the theme of the party was for Brooklyn Decker in this photo, but we're glad she dressed up the way that she did.

Her black top along with black bottoms don't leave much to imagination. I don't think Roddick would be complaining much either. You're telling me Roddick is going to say something to Decker when she's wearing this? He is probably thinking about how lucky he is to call her his wife. Her smile comes into full display and her earrings are very pretty and creative as well.

7 Now THAT's Art

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Brooklyn Decker is no stranger to the beach and here she is modeling a stunning one-piece bikini with a zig-zag pattern and a matching head scarf. This shoot took place in Miami and while it was one of Decker's tamer swimsuit shots, it's still incredible. While many men around the world are wondering how Roddick managed to score a woman like Decker, she provided some insight in an interview with Glamour back in 2014:

"Is it cliched to say, "You just know?" You just do. I think it's someone who is a good teammate. You can have someone that you love, someone that you are super passionate about, and someone that is your perfect match, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are a good teammate. Having someone to go to bat for you and with you is the biggest thing."

6 Please See Me After School, Andy

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There is something about a woman in uniform in a photo that looks so marvelous to anyone that sees it. Just like how women love men in baseball pants, football pants, military uniforms, etc., men love to see a woman all dressed up. Brooklyn Decker shows that she doesn't mind getting dressed up in a skimpy, little outfit in this next photo. We know Decker is an intelligent woman for getting into the modeling industry. But she shows her book smarts with the teacher look.

She wears a white top and black dress while crossing her legs. Her legs look long and slender. She rocks the glasses look and this photo could make any man melt. One look at this photo and Roddick's probably thinking "more, please."

5 A Little Help Here?

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Putting a photoshoot together takes a lot of work. You have makeup and styling to worry about, lighting, camera angles, etc... When you're on a beach setting, the job can get even more difficult as you have to play with the natural lighting, meaning you have to get the right shots at a very specific time of the day. With the amount of shots Decker takes in every photoshoot, that means she has to have a lot of help on set to get ready. Many photographers and stylists may be directing her to certain spots. But why does one guy have his finger on her lips in this shot? While there's obviously trust between Decker and Roddick, we wonder if Andy got a little curious after seeing this picture.

4 Decked Out In Red

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We mentioned before that black is a great color that can go along with anything. But one other color that can look good as well is the color red. There are so many shades of red that can be colorful and used for different forms of expression. Any type of outfit has looked good thus far on Brooklyn Decker, and once again, her dress is looking really good on her in this next photo.

It is a simple photo of Brooklyn Decker in A red dress at the ESPYS a few years back. With all the attention she was getting, it was just a reminder of how beautiful she is. Her blue eyes shine in this photo as well as her hair being perfectly in place like we talked about before. While Roddick was presumably at the ESPYS as well, we doubt many eyes were on him.

3 Lights, Camera, Action

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The beach can sometimes be a place of annoyance. Before everyone starts flying off the handle, hear me out here. The beach is fun to go to with a group of friends. But the most annoying thing in the world is getting sand out of everything. Getting sand off your feet, towel, even body can be a pain in the neck. Brooklyn Decker has done her fair share of modeling on the beach, so she is always exposed to the sand.

From this SI swimsuit shot from 2011, Brooklyn seems to be getting ready for some action on the beach while holding on to a director's chair. Even if this was a candid moment, we doubt anyone would be asking Decker to get her hands off their chair.

2 Polka Dot Bottoms for the Win

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The polka dots are back with a vengeance! We have seen a lot of Brooklyn Decker in a bathing suit. What we haven't seen is how good she looks in tight clothing. That is exactly what this next photo gives us. Sure, we could look at Brooklyn Decker swimsuit photos all day considering that's where she got most of her stardom from. But we need to mix things up just a little bit to give us an alternative perspective.

We see Decker stretching out her white t-shirt and polka dot bottoms that hug her skin to perfection. Like we said, she definitely does her workouts to keep in the best of shape. Her smile and eyes can light up a room from the way she is standing. She knows we all are looking at her and wondering what it would be like to see her on a daily basis.

1 A-C-E, ACE!

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The beach scene is on hand for the final photo of this list. We have had fun looking at beautiful photos of Brooklyn Decker that would drive Andy Roddick crazy, so we figured one more photo couldn't really hurt. Once again, we see Brooklyn in her natural habitat, on a beach. Andy Roddick definitely has hit many aces in the past, but this is by far the best ace he has ever registered. It just goes to show that the best of athletes can get with the best-looking women so long as they have confidence and make that initial first move. In 2007, Roddick made his move and now the rest is history. It gives all men in the world hope that they will land the woman of their dreams someday. Well done, Andy Roddick!

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