15 Photos Of Caroline Wozniacki That Will Explain David Lee's Retirement

Caroline Wozniacki is one of the most recognized and respected names in the world of tennis. While Wozniacki has had injury troubles in the past, life has perhaps never been better for Wozniacki who recently defeated Venus Williams in the WTA Finals.

One man who is surely impressed by Wozniacki is famed NBAer David Lee. The two publicized their relationship last February and this past November announced their engagement. That may seem like a quick turnaround time, but who could blame him, especially considering David Lee also recently announced his retirement from the NBA, which means he may have far more free time to appreciate Wozniacki for all of her talents.

Though as you'll see, you don't have to be impressed by her serve in order to be impressed by her looks! This is especially true when she leaves little to the imagination with several of our entries, including her trips to the beach with Sports Illustrated. You might miss watching Lee on the NBA court, but you'll definitely appreciate seeing these 15 Photos Of Caroline Wozniacki That'll Explain David Lee's Retirement.

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15 Her Amazing Alexa Magazine Photo Shoot

Via thesportster.com

Caroline Wozniacki is looking tremendous in 2017, something that we prove throughout this list. But for our first entry, we're jumping back to 2015 to share a photo that she did with Alexa Magazine. It's one that she was incredibly proud of and judging by the look of the finished photo, it's easy to see why.

The magazine promoted her appearance by saying "Elite Caroline Wozniacki plays a fierce game. She's also a fashion star in the making." It's evident that she looks just as amazing as she does in an elegant dress than stripping down for the beach or hitting up the tennis court, which means that if she does want to enter into the modeling world, there are several avenues that she should be able to excel in.

14 Enjoying The Beach With Lee

Via pinterest.com

Caroline Wozniacki looks tremendous when she is standing in a bikini all by herself. But we have to give Lee some credit because as is evident by our next entry, it's clear that he also loves joining along for the ride to the water when he can, something that we're sure he's going to be doing plenty of in the near future.

The above photo was taken when the two of them were enjoying a holiday out on the Sardinia island which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It may sound secluded, but with both of them being renowned athletes, are you really shocked that the paparazzi was able to track them down?

13 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition From 2015

Via reddit.com

There are many magazines that men should always be aware of when they come out. One of the biggest has to be the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition which often features some of the hottest models and athletes in the world rocking out in some swimsuits.

Wozniacki may definitely look tremendous when she is wearing more clothes than in the above photo, but are you really going to be left hating on the lack of clothing provided for her? We're sure David Lee isn't! Hell, now that he's retired we're sure he'll just follow her the next time Sports Illustrated comes calling for her.

12 She Looks Amazing On The Court Too

Via post.mk

David Lee is an incredibly accomplished basketball player. But Caroline Wozniacki may be considered even more successful in her sport of choice.

Wozniacki held the position of #1 in the world on the WTA Rankings for 67 weeks. Which means that along with looking amazing on the court, she is also an incredibly fierce competitor.

Wozniacki isn't currently ranked #1, but it may only be a matter of time before she retains that claim, especially considering she has perhaps never felt so much support in her personal life as she is at the moment from David, which definitely has to have an impact on her success on the court.

11 Wozniacki Trades Her Swimsuit For Body Paint In 2016

Via thefappening.com

This list is going to show you all different sides of Wozniacki. But we don't know if any entry is as revealing as her decision to appear in nothing but body paint for her entry in the 2016 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. It was her 2nd time posing with the company, so perhaps that's why she was feeling bolder!

Perhaps understandably, Wozniacki admitted the reaction to her was tremendous:

"I got a lot of positive reactions, some people didn't even realize it was body paint! It was a great experience and I love how the pictures turned out!" Which means that perhaps this won't be the last time!

10 She's Super Flexible 

On Sunday's we do retox! @iamyoustudio 📸@gibbsyyyy 🙏🏻

A post shared by Caroline Wozniacki (@carowozniacki) on

When it comes to being a successful tennis player, one of the most important qualities you can have is making sure you are in tremendous shape. After all, you aren't going to be knocking off too many opponents if you're sweating up a storm and unable to breathe by the end of the first match.

While there are many ways to improve your cardio, it's clear that for Wozniacki that her time at the gym also involves her working on her flexibility. Retired or not, we're sure David Lee is going to want to stay in shape, something Wozniacki might know a thing or two about!

9 Wozniacki Caught In Swimsuit By The Paparazzi

Via twitter.com

Caroline Wozniacki looks tremendous when she poses in a swimsuit for the camera. But judging from this above photo that was snapped by the paparazzi, it's clear she looks tremendous when she doesn't think anybody is watching either.

Wozniacki has experienced beaches all over the world, but the above photo was taken when she was enjoying the waters of Sydney, Australia - which you have to admit, would be a pretty awesome place to travel, especially because Lee and Wozniacki's bank account would allow them to experience all of the amazing things that Australia has to offer! Who knows, maybe for their honeymoon they'll get some selfies with kangaroos.

8 Looking Excellent For Esquire

Via esquire.com

Caroline Wozniacki obviously looks amazing whenever she is on the tennis court and in the middle of a heated battle. So perhaps it only makes sense that when she steps in front of the camera for a professional photo shoot, that her racket isn't going to be too far behind.

Wozniacki shared the above photo back in June 2016 and revealed that it was done for Esquire magazine. While we don't know if certain elements, such as her watch, would ever be practical in a real match, we definitely aren't staring at this photo and are left complaining!

7 Wozniacki Being Silly 

Via reddit.com

When Caroline Wozniacki takes the tennis court, her opponents would be correct in their assumption if they were afraid of her. But it seems like Caroline is always having a tremendous time out there and along with looking amazing, clearly enjoys making people laugh too.

We don't think the Ol' "racket through the legs while bending over" is a tried and trued Tennis move, but we wouldn't be surprised if she ever tried to pull it off in a match! At the very least we're sure it would be effective in making her opponent get distracted. We're sure on this particular day she's also glad she chose the proper underwear for the needed coverage.

6 Showing Her Support For David Lee In The Playoffs

Dressed up today😎 #letsgospurs #playoffs

A post shared by Caroline Wozniacki (@carowozniacki) on

David Lee played on several basketball teams throughout his tremendous career. One of the last stops for Lee was San Antonio in 2017. He definitely had some great moments there, but sadly his ultimate goal of joining the franchise - to win an NBA championship again, was not realized.

As we're sure you know, the Warriors dominated the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals, but prior to that, the Spurs did get past the Grizzlies.

The game in particular that Wozniacki was showing her support for ended up being a 111-82 win for the Spurs with Lee contributing 5 points. We're sure Lee loved seeing the support that Wozniacki had for his career, as well as the opportunity to show the same support for her.

5 Strong Is Beautiful

Via talksport.com

There are many characteristics that you may desire in a woman. But if you find yourself gawking over Caroline Wozniacki, then we're sure you must agree with the sentiment that is splashed across her chest "Strong is Beautiful".

Considering David Lee is also in tremendous shape, we're sure she also that it is a thought that she shares about her husband. While we aren't too sure what the reason for the photo was, it's clear by the big smile that is on her face that Wozniacki is having herself a pretty great day. One that is surely made all the better by knowing she was promoting a positive body-image to people who view the photo.

4 Her Recent WTA Finals Win

Via eleconomista.com

Caroline Wozniacki has a strong relationship with both Venus and Serena Williams, but until very recently, she had never beaten Venus in a match. That all changed on October 29th though, when Wozniacki toppled Venus in the WTA Finals.

While Wozniacki has had injury troubles in 2016 (including struggling with her ankle), it's clear that she is at the top of her game at the moment. And considering her opponent, Venus, was 37 and Wozniacki is only 27, you know her future could be as long as it is bright.

"It's been an amazing year. Last year was tough with injuries but I fought my way back and to stand here and win the title means a lot to me," said Wozniacki following her win.

3 This Is What Her Perfect Sunday Is

This list is full of photos of Wozniacki looking amazing. Something that we're sure you aren't going to get tired of anytime soon. But if you really wanted to be jealous of the life that David Lee lives, how about the fact that Wozniacki described the above situation as the "perfect Sunday".

Two TVs with football going, baked cinnamon swirls and a gorgeous girl by your side? Does it really get any better? Wozniacki has shown her allegiance to the Los Angeles Rams in the past, which also means the next few years of football may actually be enjoyable for her! Let's just hope Lee isn't a Seahawks, 49ers or Cardinals fan or things might start getting really awkward.

2 The Two Of Them Following The Proposal

Via etonline.com

There may not be a better photo to explain David Lee's retirement than the one of the two standing arm in arm following his proposal. I mean seriously, just look how happy the two of them look? The two were vacationing in Bora Bora at the time.

It's not the first time Wozniacki has had a ring on her finger. She was previously engaged to professional golfer Rory McIlroy. While we're sure that was a tough time in her life, it's evident by her happiness now that she is ecstatic at how her life has turned out.

And if things take a turn for the worse with Lee, at least she knows she's been able to survive a traumatic breakup like this before!

1 Wozniacki In Yellow For 2017's SI Swimsuit Edition

Via thefappening.com

The above photo that you may not be able to stop staring at was featured in the 2017 issue of Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Edition. This was the 3rd time that Wozniacki met with the company for a photo shoot. In the process, she made history as the first athlete to appear 3 separate times.

When talking about the experience, Wozniacki said

"I am sooooo excited about being back in this year's SI Swimsuit! We always have a blast on set and I love how the magazine promotes different body shapes and sizes. I am really proud to be in the issue again this year!"

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