15 Photos Of Danica Patrick That Will Have Her Ex Crawling Back

Danica Patrick is one of the most recognizable female athletes of all-time. While she earned plenty of accolades for how she performed around the curves of a racetrack, many people became gravitated to her for her own curves. As one the most attractive female race car drivers of all time, it's only natural that she attracted so much attention.

One man who was able to catch the eye of Danica was fellow famed race car driver, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. The two spent the last 5 years together and had shared hundreds of photos documenting their love. But after his decision to not propose to Danica - which allegedly is what led to their recent breakup - you may be left thinking he is dumber than Ricky Bobby!

It's going to become evident with our list that Danica has embraced her captivating good looks throughout her career. Whether it's documenting it herself through her active Instagram page or leaving even less to the imagination with professional photo shoots, she has always made sure to keep the fans happy.

This makes it surprising to hear that her relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. actually ended recently. While it's clear Danica shouldn't struggle to have men lining up around the block to take her for a spin, it is these 15 photos in particular that are sure to have Ricky Stenhouse Jr. crawling back to ask for another chance!

15 Promoting Her Other Business

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We aren't going to blame you if with our next entry, you spent the first few minutes looking at this photo and not even noticing that Danica is holding a bottle of wine in her hand. But we're sure that's the part of the photo that she is hoping you'd notice.

The brand in her hand - Somnium Wine - is actually one of her own creations. When talking about the inspiration for the name behind the brand on the wine's website, Patrick revealed "I named the vineyard Somnium, which means dream in Latin, because I thought owning my own winery was something that would just be a dream, but, it became a reality." Patrick is wrapping up her racing career in the near future, and in the process, also giving herself far more time to devote to other projects like this.

14 Relaxing Against A Car

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There is no question that Danica Patrick has earned a considerable amount of money from her talents on the race track. But when it comes to her future career, it's perhaps her past modelling experience that she may be leaning on to help support herself. Granted if this above photo is any indication, magazines should be lining up around the block to try and get their chance at having Patrick appear in their magazine.

It's only natural that a car still found it's way into this photo shoot, but we're sure you wouldn't fight us when we say the red lace corset that they put her in is the true standout feature of the photo.

13 Showing Off On The Beach

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Danica Patrick is one of the few female athletes that have ever been associated with the world of professional racing. And while that was inspiring to millions of people, others didn't take too kindly to her. This included driver Kyle Petty who described her as more of a "marketing machine" than a legitimate racer.

But perhaps Petty was just jealous (or petty?) of the countless lucrative and amazing offers that came her way. One of her most prominent photo shoots came with Sports Illustrated who had her pose for them in 2008. While she is starting to strip off her tracksuit with this entry, we assure you she is far more successful with that venture if you scroll down to our other Sports Illustrated shot!

12 Doing A Handstand

There were many elements of Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr's relationship that we're sure you would have been envious of. Such as the fact that they could definitely afford to live pretty comfortably. When Patrick shared our next photo on Instagram, she was sure to give credit to Ricky for "building our dreams"; seemingly indicating her then-living situation. Yikes! Talk about a sentiment that didn't age well. It becomes especially painful when you consider this photo was uploaded only a few months ago.

One thing is for sure. If getting to see Patrick prance around in a swimsuit at home was a common occurrence for Ricky, then his decision to not put a ring on it may be even more baffling to you!

11 The Two Of Them At The ESPY Awards

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Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. were often seen attached at the hip at various award shows throughout their time together. We don't know if they've ever looked better side-by-side than when they attended the 2017 ESPY Awards together.

People definitely grew to expect to see Danica to the extent that it was her recent absence at the NASCAR Cup Series Awards on November 30th where Ricky was present that started the rumour mill of their separation. We're sure there may be some incredibly awkward interactions in the future if the two find themselves crossing paths at award shows. Especially if Patrick finds someone willing to take the plunge!

10 Lounging On A Car

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Danica Patrick always seemed to look incredibly comfortable when she was sitting inside of a car. And naturally, Patrick's body in the driver seat may have been one of the many traits that drew Ricky to her. But for our next entry, while a car may be featured, a track is nowhere to be found.

That might be a good thing though when you consider Danica definitely isn't wearing clothing that seems to be appropriate for any type of race. We're sure Ricky has plenty of fantastic cars back home that he and Danica took out for some memorable dates. Or at least he did, because those memories associated with her may lead to him making some adjustments to his car collection.

9 Throwback To Tanning With Ricky

Sunday's off are pretty sweet....

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Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. had several ways that we're sure they used to love to relax. But as evident from the next entry, one of their favourite things was to lay in the backyard and take in some of the sunshine.

Patrick uploaded the photo of the two of them back in June 2015 when their love was realistically still growing stronger with every day. We're sure that if she decides that one of her ways to get over this relationship is to try and work on her tan that Ricky is going to find himself especially sad as the weather starts to get hotter. Especially if she documents her adventures under the sun on her Instagram page!

8 Promoting Her New Book

Danica Patrick has several things in her life that she is incredibly passionate about. It's obvious that racing (at least at one point in her life) was one of her biggest drivers. But now at the age of 35, Danica is looking forward to getting to pursue other areas that interest her.

Such as making sure she is eating right and taking care of her body in a healthy way. Patrick shared some of her most important thoughts and tips with her own book, "Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan that will absolutely Change Your Life" that is being released towards the end of 2017. While that's a big statement to make, this promotional photo for the book is definitely eye-catching!

7 Relaxing After A Hike With Ricky

Great afternoon hike love AZ 🙌🏽

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Instagram is great for helping keep track of some of your most cherished memories. For many people in a relationship, they may find their Instagram account full of photos of themselves and their partner. At least, y'know, until a breakup happens and then their social media profile can sometimes get scrubbed clean!

Stenhouse Jr. is going to have to put in some serious work if he wanted to erase all memories of his and Danica's relationship. Especially considering it was only 1 month ago that he shared this photo of the two of them following a hike alongside their two dogs. And while this isn't our steamiest entry, seeing things like this may definitely see him taking a turn down regret alley. Who knows, perhaps Danica was expecting a proposal at the end of a hike together? It definitely seems like she would have said yes. C'mon Ricky!

6 Paying Homage To Game Of Thrones

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Now if we're being completely upfront here, we don't know how big of a Game of Thrones fan Danica Patrick is. But she definitely looks right at home on her own version of the "Iron Throne".

Along with being a photo that exudes a great level of creativity on the photographers part, Patrick looks tremendous when geared up in her typical tracksuit. And while several photos on our list are going to feature Patrick wearing significantly less clothing, we're sure Ricky still constantly found himself enamoured whenever he got to see her out on the track and that included this outfit. Let's hope they weren't watching Game of Thrones together or the final season is going to be awkward to watch alone!

5 Promoting Her "Warrior" Fitness Line

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It's going to continue being evident (if it hasn't already) that Danica Patrick is in seriously good shape. So perhaps you'd agree that she was a tremendous candidate to run a successful fashion line of athletic wear. Dubbing her brand "Warrior", Patrick sells her clothing through the Home Shopping Network.

As you can see with our promo photo, it's clear that she is also a great spokesperson for the product! When talking about the project, Patrick said “I’ve been interested in fashion and clothes since I was a little girl. And for the last 10 years, I’ve dreamed of having my own clothing line, but I was waiting for the perfect situation with the perfect partner." That's right Ricky, she's also a successful businesswoman.

4 Side By Side On The Track

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When it comes to success on the track, it's hard to make the argument that Danica Patrick had a more successful career than Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has had (and is going to continue to have). But the knife may twist in his heart a little sharper when he sees any photo of the two of them on the track.

While Danica has recently announced her upcoming retirement, you need to imagine Stenhouse Jr. fans are praying that his breakup doesn't impede his passion for the sport of racing. Especially as he observes his former flame earning millions through other avenues and looking damn good while doing it!

3 Patrick's Got Milk (And Leather)

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There are several companies that saw the incredible marketability of Danica Patrick. One of the biggest that came her way was the infamous "Got Milk?" ad campaign. The famed slogan for this ad campaign has been in circulation for over 2 decades now, though it is now primarily only seen in California.

While countless celebrities have lent their image to the brand, your favorite may be when Danica stepped in front of the camera. Especially because while Danica with a mustache may not be completely up your alley, it's hard to argue that she didn't still look fantastic for the photo shoot. Though it may help her case that she is decked out in leather!

2 Showing Off How Flexible She Is

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As you'll read with another entry on our list, Danica Patrick is the author of a recent book that helps promote a healthy body image and eating right. But one of the other ways that Patrick tries to draw awareness to the importance of physical health is through her Instagram page.

Patrick constantly shares photos of her embracing various forms of workout. Perhaps her most breathtaking moments come when she decides to show the world just how flexible she is. We're sure that's something Ricky was well aware of, which also means it's something he is sure to miss!

1 Showing Even More For Sports Illustrated

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There is no question that if you are ever going to find yourself in a professional racing situation, that you need to make sure you wear a helmet for protection. Though we don't know how appropriate a helmet is for a day to the beach.

As you learned above with the tamer entry, the photo shoot was taken for Sports Illustrated back in 2008. And while that was almost a decade ago, we're sure Patrick would still be incredibly popular if they brought her back for the 2018 issue. Especially if Patrick - like other stars such as Caroline Wozniacki and Ronda Rousey recently have - agrees to be body painted!

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