15 Photos Of Elisabeth Hasselbeck That Would Drive Her Family Crazy

Since first hitting our screens on the second season of survivor in 2012, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has grown to become one of America’s most-loved television personalities. Other than her 10-year stint co-hosting ‘The View’ and two years on the breakfast show ‘Fox and Friends’, she is probably best-known for being the wife of former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck, whom she met in college then married in 2002. Tim’s older brother Matt Hasselbeck was also a successful NFL quarterback.

In 2015, Elisabeth made the decision to quit Fox and Friends to spend more time with her husband and children: Grace, Taylor and Isaiah. She’s stayed true to her word, making only the odd one-off television appearance since leaving the breakfast show. Having turned 40 earlier this year, Elisabeth is every bit the ‘super-mom’, often showing off her exploits as a parent on social media. She’s a proud Christian and has crafted herself a new niche as an expert on gluten-free living, having written two books on the subject and crafted a popular range of gluten-free protein snacks.

She’s been a sports fan ever since college and still loves to keep in shape. There’s no denying she remains a ‘yummy mummy’. In fact, there are plenty of pictures that defy Elisabeth’s squeaky-clean image and present her as the sexy, brave Survivor contestant that the nation fell in love with. Perhaps her family would prefer you didn’t see this side of her anymore.


16 Loving The Spotlight

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Elisabeth supposedly saw herself taking more ‘behind the scenes’ roles after her career took off, and had to be talked into auditioning for ‘The View’ by her agent. Fame hasn’t all been all buttercups and roses for her though. Her controversial on-air statements have led to a few minor media scandals, and she became well-known for butting heads with her co-hosts on ‘The View’. Perhaps her most famous on-air disagreement occurred when she and Rosie O’Donnell argued their opinions over the Iraq War. O'Donnell quit the show soon after that explosive episode, only returning in 2014. Former executive producer Bill Geddie dubbed it ‘a horrible day to be in The View studios’. She seems to be loving the spotlight in this photoshoot though, posing proudly in this skimpy pink swimwear.

Fun fact: Elisabeth and her family recently moved from Greenwich, Connecticut to a $2mm mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. Their Connecticut home was reportedly on the market for many months before they accepted a buyer.

15 Ready To Work Out

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As she has former-NFL quarterbacks as a husband and brother-in-law, it might be no surprise to hear that Elisabeth is an avid sports fan. She loves to keep fit and has shared her wisdom for staying in shape throughout parenthood in many interviews. In this shoot for Oxygen magazine, she shows off her fantastically toned arms and tight stomach. She told Oxygen that running was her favourite form of cardio, which she had loved ever going with her dad during childhood. Now, as a mum of three, she tries to squeeze an early-morning run whenever she can. It’s certainly done her body a ton of favours.

Fun fact: Despite looking to live mostly outside of the public eye, Hasselbeck is still a prominent social media user, with over 401,000 followers on Twitter and more than 68,000 Instagram followers.


14 Survivor

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This screenshot from Elisabeth’s appearance on Survivor: The Australian Outback in 2001 shows why the TV audience fell in love with her. Just 23 years old when she appeared on the show, Elisabeth won over viewers with her bravery, guts and determination. Survivor was one of the top-rated shows of the year, attracting around 30 million viewers per episode. Many noted how Elisabeth seemed to grow as a person as the series went on. She also looked fantastic in outfits such at this.

Fun fact: Despite only finishing fourth in Survivor, Elisabeth was the only contestant from that series to launch herself to legitimate fame off the back of the show. More than a decade later, she remains one of America’s best-loved television personalities. With that in mind, I suppose you could argue she was the real winner.

13 Blue Bikini

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During her spell as co-host of The View, Hasselbeck was the cover star of Fitness Magazine. In the interview, she discussed fame, family and how she finds the time to keep fit in spite of her crazy-busy parenting schedule. No doubt, the magazine‘s readers would have been envious of the washboard abs she paraded in the photoshoot. Elisabeth still loves to work out today, and remains in great shape. If this picture is anything to go by, her husband Tim is a lucky man. Speaking about fitness, she said: “Being in shape ideally means being completely confident in the shape you're in, and the shape of your situation. You're completely and utterly fine with where you are and who you are at the time.”

Fun fact: While attending Boston College, Hasselbeck worked for Puma. She remained with the sports company after graduating, as a member of its design team, before her television career.


12 Beach Babe

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After her appearance on Survivor, Elisabeth took on more serious roles on talk shows such as ‘The View’ and ‘Fox And Friends’. On these shows, she developed a reputation for being a feisty strong-willed woman, and would regularly stand up for many causes she believed in. This helped her win the respect and admiration of the television audience. Still, this beach photoshoot does a great job of showing off her other assets. She looks stunning in this two-piece orange bikini, and there’s probably a lot of men who wouldn’t mind being stuck on a desert island or in the Australian Outback with her. Of course, she’s been happily married to husband Nick Hasselbeck for 15 years, so these ideas will have to remain as fantasies.

Fun fact: Elisabeth has been a sports fan ever since college. She captained the Boston College women's softball team for two seasons, winning consecutive Big East championships.

11 Perfecting The Plank

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Hasselbeck has maintained a fantastic figure into her 40s, which made her somewhat of a fitness inspiration to women of a similar age. This demonstration of the plank makes it obvious why this is the case. Elisabeth has a body that most women half her age would be desperate to possess. The mother-of-three is living with celiac disease, and has also built an army of fans that are keen to follow her gluten-free diet plan. Discussing the challenges of keeping fit as you get older, she said: “It's challenging if you're a woman that tends to perfection or ambition." It could be argued she looks like the picture of perfection here.

Fun fact: Hasselbeck’s first book on the subject on living with celiac disease, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, has appeared on several best-seller lists. In 2012, her second book - Deliciously G-Free: Food So Flavorful They'll Never Believe It's Gluten-Free, was published.


10 Sesame Street

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This picture shows off Elisabeth’s playful side and her beautiful smile. She appeared on beloved children’s show Sesame Street alongside this frog to demonstrate ‘camouflage’. The skit, where Elisabeth wore a pink hoodie and initially couldn’t find her frog friend, shows that she can play fun roles as well as serious ones. She looked fantastic searching for the frog in the bushes. Her and Tim have a daughter Grace Elisabeth (born in 2005), and two sons, Taylor Thomas (born in 2007), and Isaiah Timothy (born in 2009). We can only assume they might be embarrassed in their tween years seeing their mom on this kids show. Elisabeth loves to cook with her children and regularly posts on social media about her boys’ sporting antics.

Fun fact: Hasselbeck was asked to return to Survivor, for the spin-off show Survivor: All Stars. However, she declined this opportunity.

9 The View

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Looking every part the glamorous TV host in this shot, it’s easy to see why ABC viewers took to Hasselbeck so quickly. She was initially one of a number of women given an opportunity to guest-host as a replacement for the outgoing Lisa Ling. It wasn’t until the best part of a year later that she became a permanent co-host. She would stay on the show for ten years. With outfits that show off her toned legs as well as this glamorous black dress does, it’s little wonder she was given the role on a full-time basis.

Fun fact: In 2009, Hasselbeck and her co-hosts were awarded the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host. This followed over a decade of nominations for The View with no win. Sadly, none of the hosts were available to appear at the ceremony to accept the award.


8 Fox And Friends

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Hasselbeck joined the Fox News morning show, Fox & Friends, replacing Gretchen Carlson in 2015. She debuted alongside co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. Within a year, the show's ratings had grown by 9%. With dresses like this pink number that showed off her fantastic legs, it’s little wonder more people wanted to tune in. Elisabeth was always a sight worth waking up early for. By this time, she had established herself as one of the nation’s most popular television hosts, and would always weigh in with valuable opinions on everything from hard news to sports.

Fun fact: Hasselbeck left Fox & Friends at the end of 2015 to spend more time with her family, saying she wanted to give them “the best of me, not the rest of me.” She has playfully described her new job title as a CBO (chief breakfast officer).



6 In The Outback

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Elisabeth looks beautiful in this screenshot from her appearance on Survivor. She avoided being voted out at the first Tribal Council in which her tribe attended. Who’d have known what would have happened to her career if the result had been different there? Luckily, she went on a winning streak from thereon in, proving to be a bold, brave and extremely valuable member of the team. She eventually finished fourth. Tina Wesson was named the Sole Survivor and won the $1 million prize.

Fun fact: Since her appearance on the show, former Survivor host Jeff Probst has revealed that every member of the crew fell in love with Elisabeth during filming. He said: “We watched this young girl mature into this fighting phenomenon, and everybody wanted to date her. They thought about marrying Elisabeth. It was all in our fantasies.”

5 Passion For Protein

You can see the passion and joy in Elisabeth’s eyes in this Instagram post she made earlier this year. She was celebrating the fact that her NoGii gluten-free nutritional products had been name-dropped by some of her favourite fitness influencers. Hasselbeck introduced the NoGii line of protein snacks to the world in 2011, and it would be fair to say that this has become one of her main passion projects. These snacks, bars and shakes are aimed at adults and children with active sporty lifestyles. If they’re good enough for a woman with a body like hers, they’re good enough for us. If they’re half as delicious as Elisabeth looks in this image, we’ll take a lifetime supply.

Fun fact: She has taken a hands-on role developing NoGii products, having her say on almost everything from the ingredients to packaging design.


4 Co-Hosting The K-Love Awards

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In 2016 and 2017, Elisabeth was asked to co-host the K-Love Awards by contemporary Christian music radio station K-Love. Both times she accepted the honour. This show of Hesselbeck looking simply adorable in a pink and white ensemble perfectly captures her mood throughout the shows. She beamed throughout both broadcasts, clearly loving every moment alongside co-host Matthew West. Explaining her decision to host, she said: “When the spirit moves you, it’s not like you can say no. I’m thankful to be here with my family and let the kids see a big party for God.

Fun fact: Hasselbeck is a proud Christian and has been publicly vocal about many key Christian issues in recent times. She has publicly condemned the persecution of Christians in Iraq, as well as the removal of Bibles from hotel rooms in the United States.

3 Babe In Blue

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Hasselbeck looks like a true babe in blue at this public appearance, sporting a smile that has become synonymous with her bubbly character. She’s dabbled in the world of fashion, having launched a range of NFL-themed maternity wear in 2009, while pregnant with her third child Isaiah. She developed a reputation for looking fantastic on screen, and she sure looks great in this blue playsuit. Elisabeth and Tim commonly attend sports award shows and product launches together. They could be described as somewhat of a ‘power couple’, having both made a huge impact in their chosen careers. She’s certainly a woman that any man can be proud to have by his side at public events like these.

Fun fact: Despite being most noted for her outspoken support of conservative politics, Hasselbeck has stated that she doesn’t define herself as conservative nor a liberal. She was born and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island by liberal parents Kenneth and Elizabeth.


2 Pretty In Pink

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It was a moment of sadness when Elisabeth announced she’d be leaving our TV screens to concentrate on raising her family. She’d become a part of the furniture for everyone who watched ‘Fox and Friends’ before their journey to work. Upon making the decision, she announced “Oftentimes, the most difficult decisions are between two great things. I am entering into a season where I want to start my day with my children first. “With a heart full of gratitude and the peace that God has given me, I am confident that this personal decision is the right one for our family.”

Fun fact: Her role at ‘The View’ is her most high-profile television gig, but it wasn’t her first role after appearing in Survivor. From 2002 to 2003, she hosted the Style Network's The Look For Less where she helped find stylish clothes for bargain prices

1 Glamour Girl

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From brave reality television star to controversial co-host, best-selling author and gluten-free snack-maker, Elisabeth Hasselbeck already seems to have done it all. Who can blame her for wanting to take some time out of the spotlight to spend with her loving family? Both her and husband Tim are lucky enough to have found passions beyond the jobs they were most famous for, and we couldn’t be happier for them. With a former NFL quarterback as a husband and blossoming television career behind her, the world is her oyster. This picture shows Elisabeth looking picture-perfect in a pink outfit.

We’ll certainly miss her endearing smile and glamourous outfits on our television screens, but our loss is her family’s gain. We can always cross our fingers and hope that she accepts another regular television role, perhaps when her children get a little older.


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