15 Photos Of Female Tennis Players Taken By Creepy Photographers

Creepy people are spread all around the world. It is impossible for us to say that there is a safe haven for ordinary folks, where creepy people won’t live or work. That being said, these folks live anywhere and everywhere, and they also have to work in order to make a living. Most creepy people can go along with their lives without showing anyone how disturbing their minds are. Those are the very few for whom we should be thankful for. Nevertheless, there are some creeps out there who make it their job to show the world that they really do not care about what anyone else thinks. They just want to get whatever they want, done.

On the same line that we can’t say that a place or occupation is free of creepers, we also cannot claim that an entire profession is filled with creepy people. But if we had to choose one particular trade in which we think creepy people would thrive, it would be a photographer. The job description is pretty much just taking pictures of other folks, which a creeper is going to do anyway, so why not get paid for it? And we know this introduction is hinting at a very dark place, but that is exactly where we are trying to go. While the vast majority of them might be good, hard-working people, there are some sports photographers covering women's events who cannot hide the creepy bug living inside of them. In order to get you started into the world of creepy photographers, let’s go with tennis and show you 15 reasons why there are creepers among this most noble of professions.

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15 Maria Sharapova From Behind

via imgur.com

You cannot say tennis without thinking of Maria Sharapova. Every sport has that one athlete who makes it popular with people who would not otherwise be interested in the game. Women’s tennis owes a lot to Maria Sharapova in that sense. She is arguably one of the most beautiful women ever to take to a tennis court, and you won’t find many people who will even try to refute that.

With that in mind, you can easily imagine what a field day a creepy sports photographer would have if he got lucky enough to be assigned to a Sharapova game. And since we are not in the business of making you imagine stuff, we found one picture that showed very well what the result of that combination would be.

14 Was That Sharapova Stretching Shot Really Necessary?

via 4plebs.org

Yeah, there is going to be a lot of Maria Sharapova on this list. Still, we don’t see many of you complaining about that, which is perfect. Sharapova is beautiful. Sure, these photos are creepy and all, but since they’re already on the Internet, why not look? Wait, can we really say that? Well, you are going to see them anyway, so let’s get this over with.

Sharapova has won a lot of money playing tennis. Her career earnings are somewhere north of $36 million. And that money was well earned since she won nothing less than five Grand Slam singles throughout her career. One thing we didn’t expect though, is how much attention people paid to Sharapova while she was stretching. This creepy photographer was undoubtedly one of them.

13 Bad Timing For Kristina Mladenovic

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Let’s change gears a little bit and go from Russia, all the way to France. Not only the home of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, and croissants, France is home to Kristina "Kiki" Mladenovic. Our last tennis player was a legend who is trying to get her career back on track. This French counterpart, however, is someone who is still rising in her career. Kristina is only 24 years old, but she is already the number 10 tennis player in the world. She has yet to win a Grand Slam, but her career earnings are already almost at $7 million.

So one could easily deduce that she has a lot to celebrate. A lot of the celebration she does is inside of the tennis court. Hell, tennis players celebrate after every point. What they don’t expect though, is that at every celebration there is one photographer just waiting to snap a picture like this one.

12 Caroline Wozniacki Catches Some Wind

via imgur.com

It really does seem that the better the player, the more revealing moments that creepy photographers manage to snatch. That actually makes sense since the best players are always the ones who spend more time on the court and unavoidably give photographers more chances to snap pictures like this.

But here is one thing that we thought was interesting. Almost all tennis players wear those tiny skirts to play with the super tight shorts underneath them. After looking at so many pictures taken by creepy photographers, we cannot help but argue that there is really no reason for those skirts to be there. It is not like they hide anything anyway, just ask Caroline Wozniacki. With all of the movement the players have to do on the court, the skirts just keep flying up, and everyone can see everything that is underneath regardless of the situation.

11 This Cameraman's Happy Sharapova Dropped Something

via imgur.com

Seriously, we have already lost count of how many entries we 'dedicated' to Maria Sharapova. No, we are not complaining about anything. The more Sharapova, the better. This time, however, we came across one most unique near wardrobe malfunction a creepy photographer caught. We don’t know if she was leaning to catch her racket her fix her shoes, or whatever, but Sharapova got so close to a photographer snapping quite the revealing picture of her twins that she will be glad he did not snap this photo a second later.

Too early or too late, this is yet another reason why we have to enforce the idea we put out that it doesn’t matter who you are and what you are doing inside a tennis court, it is only a matter of time before you could become the next victim of a creepy photographer.

10 Not Even Ball Girls Are Safe

via pinterest.com

Did you think that the players were the only ones who had to worry about what a creepy photographer might be snapping while they are on the tennis court? Well, guess again. It turns out that no one around a tennis court is safe from getting snapped by a creepy photographer. As you can see on this particularly revealing picture, not even the ball girls who pick up the balls that hit the net and what else, are safe from creepy photographers.

Sure, if the guy is already prone to taking creepy photos, having a ball girl wearing a uniform like this one certainly is not going to help the guy keep his instincts in check. Seriously, look at what that girl was wearing. Is this really necessary for a tennis game?

9 The Photographer's Not The Only Creepy One Here

via reddit.com

Here is the one honorary fan picture of the day. The guy who took this photo certainly was not checking out Bethanie Mattek-Sands’ skills on the tennis court when he decided to snap this one. But what could’ve just been a creepy picture ended up becoming a hilarious one. And the only reason for that was because he is not the only creepy guy who decided to take a look at Bethany while she was resting between sets.

In case you haven’t noticed, that kid, who might be a ball boy or just a fan, seems to have his eyes set on one kind of prize, and we don’t think it is her racket. Poor kid, he probably just took one quick look and had the bad luck of being caught like this.

8 Martina Hingis: "Eyes Up Here"

via xhcdn.com

We talked about Maria Sharapova, but she is not the only former number one player in the world who has had to deal with creepy photographers throughout her career. Meet the Swiss legend, Martina Hingis. She is still just 37 years old, but this retired tennis star has probably already made more money playing the game she loves than most people will ever make doing a job they hate their entire lives.

Her career earnings have reached the ridiculous figure of almost $25 million. She was so good that she is already a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, which she was inducted into in 2013. Nevertheless, those accolades were not enough to keep her safe from a creepy photographer who caught her in a powerful serve.

7 Sharapova Getting Chilly?

via sensomatic.com

Maria Sharapova never caught a break throughout her career. Be it playing, giving interviews, feeling the love from the fans, or having to deal with creepy photographers taking pictures like this one. Hell, the woman cannot relax even a little bit without someone picking up a camera and taking a revealing shot of her. We do feel bad for Sharapova and any other athlete who had to go through something like this. Could you just imagine if someone did this to you?

Still, that seems to be the price people must pay in order to retain their status as a world-class tennis star. Well, not only tennis players because all other kinds of sports and athletes have to deal with the same stuff. For better or for worse, we bet many women would kill to have a picture looking like this.

6 Eugenie Bouchard Splitting

via blick.ch

In the Internet age, some athletes become known for their looks, before their skills in the sport have a chance to catch up. One of those people is Canadian tennis player, Eugenie Bouchard. This 23-year-old Montréal native is without a doubt one of the most beautiful tennis players we have in the world today.

The interesting thing about her is that her big break came very early in her career, as Bouchard managed to snatch a runner-up spot in the 2014 Wimbledon Grand Slam. That same year, she reached the ranking of number five in the world. The problem is that some off the court issues started plaguing her career and she began to struggle. Nevertheless, Bouchard seems to be getting back on track, and she is currently ranked number 81 in the world.

5 Garbiñe Muguruza's Just Trying To Get Comfortable

via reddit.com

Time to add another young gun to our list. This is the Venezuelan star, Garbiñe Muguruza. If you have not heard of her yet, that is all the more reason you need to start following women’s tennis. This is no one less than the number two player in the world today. Muguruza even got to the point of becoming number one earlier in September 2017.

Yes, this woman won the 2017 Wimbledon Grand Slam. She won the 2016 French Open, and she has a total of five WTA titles under her belt. That is no easy feat, but it also means that she is in the spotlight more often than the majority of other players. And when you’re in the spotlight as often as she is, fixing your shorts without getting caught by a photographer can be quite the daunting task.

4 Well…

via reddit.com

We already used one revealing picture of Caroline Wozniacki to try and talk about the lack of effectiveness of the skirts most tennis players wear to their competitions. And one of the reasons we thought there was an argument for taking away the skirts was that they weren’t hiding anything anyways. The shorts underneath already did a good enough job. And then we came across this particular picture. Caroline Wozniacki is one of the funniest tennis players to have hit the circuit in recent memory. You can see her interpretation videos, making fun of other players, which are hilarious. Although, we are not sure how funny she found this was when this picture went viral online.

Not only was this embarrassing for her, it ultimately debunked our argument for those shorts. It turns out that they don’t hide anything either, especially if you are wearing a leopard print thong underneath.

3 Old-School

via reddit.com

Well, folks, we are going a bit old-school on this next entry. It is not that old-school since Barbara Schett only retired a little over a decade ago, but it still seems like a very long time when it comes to sports. This stunning Austrian tennis player turned pro in 1992 and went on to have quite the successful career until hanging her racket in 2005. She never won any of the Grand Slam tournaments but did well enough to earn herself a little more than $3 million in prize money throughout her career. She also won three WTA titles and one ITF title.

What we found interesting here is that it doesn’t matter how far back we go, there is always a creepy photographer to be found. Remember this is before electronic cameras, so these guys literally had to wait for the right moment to take the photos. So yeah, this dude was waiting for this.

2 Poor Maria

via pinterest.com

Seriously, it doesn’t seem like Maria Sharapova can bend over anywhere near a tennis court without some creepy photographer snapping a picture of her behind. The woman cannot catch a break, come on guys. Now, we are actually wondering how much money do the creepy photographers make when selling these pictures. It has to be quite a bit, because they do make the rounds online, and most of them explode when they hit certain social medias.

It is not like you are going to see your grandma sharing a picture of Maria Sharapova like this, but within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we are sure there are a bunch of communities dedicated to spreading photographs like this. Hell, isn’t that the whole purpose of Reddit?

We are sure Maria doesn’t care that much, but it would be nice if guys gave her a break every once in a while.

1 Belinda Bencic Hoping To Bounce Back

via pinterest.com

Last but not least, we have another representative of Switzerland. Unlike her compatriot whom we mentioned earlier, Belinda Bencic is still very much active on the tennis circuit and has been doing pretty well for herself. Actually, she was doing fantastic before a series of injuries sidelined her, which led to a loss of form from which she is still trying to recover.

Nevertheless, this 20-year-old was ranked number seven in the world in February 2016. She is currently sitting in the 98 spot in the rankings. But given how much promise she showed before her injury, we firmly believe that she has the skill to make a comeback and become one of the best in the world. After all, this woman is still only 20 years old. Many great players were not even professionals by then.

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