15 Photos Of Golfer WAGs That Would Make Tiger Woods Strike Again

Remember back when we all thought Tiger Woods was the perfect human?  He was always so clean cut, so professional, kind, and so dominant on the golf course that we almost forgot to think of him as a real person.  Well the real Tiger got revealed on Thanksgiving night 2009 when his wife at the time, Elin Nordgren, beat him and his care senseless with one of his own golf clubs (I enjoy the irony in that at least).  Since then, Tiger has never been the same.  He has had to attend sex anonymous classes and hold himself out of golf tournaments due to his various conditions and injuries.  The downtime has surely allowed Tiger some time to Instagram stalk some of the young and hot WAG's of golf today.

This list provides a list of 15 golfer wives and girlfriends that are so sexy and stunning that Tiger will be drooling all over his phone as he scrolls (luckily the new iPhones are water proof).  You have probably heard and seen of some of these women, but it's possible that there are some new faces that you haven't seen.  If you find yourself falling in love as you scroll through the following 15 beauties, just know that you are not alone in that.  The women listed below are the top of the crop of golf WAG's and will have Tiger trying to find his clubs to get back out to the course as soon as possible so he can find his own new lady.  Good luck Tiger, these 15 are already taken. Enjoy!

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15 Paulina Gretzky

I'm not everyones cup of tea but that's alright with me ☕️🌵

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Let's go ahead and get one of the obvious ones out of the way with Paulina Gretzky.  You clicked on this article knowing that she would be somewhere on here, so here she is.  This sexy fiance of PGA Superstar Dustin Johnson loves to show off her amazing assets on social media and surely Tiger Woods has taken attention to it, like many of us have.

In fact, in another post on Paulina's Instagram she is pictured with Tiger Woods at a party and the two look pretty familiar with one another. Maybe Tiger has already seen more of Paulina than this bikini photo reveals?  While we all know that Saturdays are for the boys, I think we all would certainly make an exception to join Ms. Gretzky and her "SaturDaze Vibes."

14 Pollyanna Woodward

This English smokeshow stayed true to her roots when she fell for fellow countryman Paul Casey in 2011.  The two later became engaged in 2013, but according to my source the two are still not married as of yet.  What are you waiting for Paul?  You need to lock that down before Tiger Woods catches a glimpse of her hotness and starts the prowl.

Woodward is a successful actress and host in England, but she could clearly be a professional model if her heart desired.  Woodward and Casey do have a three year old son together and the pair looks extremely happy together, so it's too late for Tiger to swoop this one.  But that won't stop him from drooling all over these photos of Pollyanna.

13 Ashley Perez

This one proves the age old theory that you don't have to be a prince charming to attract a sexy woman, you just need a lot of money.  At least that's the common take on how Fat Pat Perez was able to woo his incredibly attractive wife Ashley Perez.  Don't get me wrong, I personally love Pat Perez and think he is good for golf in a Happy Gilmore sort-of-way.

Ms. Perez seems to be digging it as well based on her Pat Perez (PP) necklace she is often seen wearing.  I'm sure Tiger Woods looks at this picture and sees a great marketing opportunity with his "TW" brand so maybe Ashley should expect a new necklace in the mail soon.  Honestly though, it shouldn't be a surprise that Pat Perez landed a hottie because what else would you expect from a former Arizona State Sun Devil?  Party on Pat.

12 Sonya Toms

via LOLWOT.com

For the next WAG, we take a retro look with this throwback photo of David Toms' wife Sonya Toms.  David and Sonya actually met before David had struck it big in the golf world, so it's evident that she truly loves her husband and is loyal to him through thick and thin.  The couple has been married for many years now and actually have a college-aged son.

So that would make Sonya not only a WAG, but also a hot mother. Young Tiger in the late 1990s was probably speechless when he would see Sonya at tournaments or in photo spreads like this one.  As ironic as it is to think about, it's probable that Tiger Woods was actually envious of David Toms at one point in their careers. Tiger did his best to find a strong, sexy woman like Sonya when he married Elin Nordgren, but we all know how that turned out.  Are you even reading this still or are you too transfixed on the white bikini above?  I wouldn't blame you if you answered in the latter.

11 Ellie Day

This is one that Tiger should probably keep his eyes to himself as Ellie Day is the wife of one of his closest friends, Jason Day. But in this photo, Ellie just has that look in her eye that can drive a guy like Tiger wild. She is sexy, yet conservative enough to keep the imagination wondering. Plus there is just something about chokers... may we all be thankful that they made a brief comeback.

As much as Tiger might want to try and run game on Ellie, he should use it as a chance to build on his new found character and morals that he has worked on in his "Sex Anonymous" groups. Ellie is a good girl and her relationship with Jason Day is excellent, including their adorable children Dash and Lucy.

10 Tori Slater

Happiest Sunday 🦋

A post shared by Victoria Slater (@torislater) on

Wow. Daniel Berger take a bow because I have no idea how you managed to pull this one off.  If you don't know who Daniel Berger is, he is a rising name in the PGA and was named the 2015 rookie of the year, but what is most important is that this is his girlfriend, Victoria Slater. This former Florida Atlantic University sorority star is now living the WAG life of the PGA tour and it looks good on her.

Slater also dabbles in professional modeling (duh), and is especially good at marketing bikini's with her flawless body and Victoria Secret Angel looks. So although Daniel Berger would never stand a chance against Tiger Woods in his prime on the course, Berger certainly holds his own in the WAG department. And with a woman like Slater waiting at home, it doesn't hurt so bad when you blow a three shot lead on Sundays.

9 Angela Garcia

Tiger Woods' hatred for Sergio Garcia has been well documented throughout the careers of these two legends. When Tiger was all the rave in golf, Sergio presented as a hard-charging and energetic Euro who lived for the chance to knock Tiger off his thrown. Unfortunately for Sergio, Tiger certainly bested him on the course throughout their lengthy rivalry.

Although Tiger hates Sergio, it's a fair bet to say that he would love Sergio's newlywed wife Angela (left above). Surely Tiger would strike at any opportunity to steal his former rivals girl, but the tides have turned in recent years. While Tiger is facing legal issues, injuries, and poor life decisions, Sergio has been busy winning The Masters and locking down a stunner like Angela.  Good for Sergio, the guy finally looks happy and he deserves it.

8 Kandi Mahan

via tbl.com

Remember when Hunter Mahan used to be good at golf? He appeared to be on the fast track to fame in the early 2010's, but his chunk chip during the Ryder Cup will forever curse him.  Anyways, the more important question here is "Remember when Hunter Mahan's wife was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader?"

Yes, it's true. Kandi Mahan (formerly Kandi Harris) was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader back around the 2013 season and we can see from the picture above why she made the cut. Being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is essentially the highest honor an NFL cheerleader can earn, as the Cowgirls squad is nearly as famous as the team they root for. Kandi Mahan is still a very beautiful woman and has been very supportive in Mahan's fall down the world rankings.  Good thing is is that she is use to cheering on losers from her days as a cowgirl.

7 Diane Donald

#aboutlastnight #elevatorselfie

A post shared by Diane Donald (@dianedonald) on

Nothing beats a woman who can pull of the classy and sexy look at the same time. Fortunately for Luke Donald, his wife Diane has one of those timeless movie star looks that turns heads everywhere she goes. The photo above would have Tiger wishing and praying that he could go back in time and do things differently to keep his own timeless looking wife, Elin. But the past is the past and Tiger can do nothing but sit here and drool over Diane Donald like the rest of us.

Diane is also a sports lover which sets her over the top on the hotness scale.  She is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and probably loves to drink beer and eat hotdogs, or so we can imagine. The best part of the picture above is that her dress is so slim that you can still see her perfect body underneath. You're a smart man Mr. Donald.

6 Allison Stokke

Ricky Fowler is young, rich, and an extremely talented golfer. If that isn't already the envy of nearly every man reading  this, let me add in that he is also dating one of the sexiest athletes in the world. Well Allison Stokee is for sure the hottest pole vaulter in the world, that is for certain.  Stokke gained a high level of internet fame after photos of her pole vaulting went viral and launched her into a worldwide sex symbol.

Knowing what we know about Tiger Woods, surely he has been aware of Stokke since long before she and Fowler became official. How the two met remains a mystery at this point, but Rickie does seem to be falling for Ms. Stokke and it's not hard to see why. Could Stokke be the one to finally slow down Rickie's bachelor-esque ways? Judging by that photo, I would say the odds are good.

5 Jena Sims

Palm reader 🏝

A post shared by Jena Sims (@jenamsims) on

Jena Sims is a former Miss Georgia and Miss USA contestant that clearly only continues to get hotter as she approaches 30 years old. While Sims also does some acting work (she is in one of the Sharknado movies), she really blew up in the spotlight when her boyfriend, Brooks Koepka, won the 2017 U.S. Open. Golf fans around the world saw her and immediately fell in love, including Tiger Woods.

But it was also a bit of an embarrassing start to her 15 minutes of fame because when she ran out to the green to kiss Koepka after winning, the TV announcer Joe Buck mistakenly called her "Becky Edwards." While mistaking somebody is usually not that big of a deal, Becky Edwards happened to be Koepka's recent ex-girlfriend. Buck later apologized for the ordeal. Even if her name is Jena here, I'm sure Tiger refers to her as "Becky."

4 Jillian Bradley

#rydercupgala #usa #wherespenny @keeganbradley1

A post shared by Jillian Bradley (@jillian_bradley) on

Keegan Bradley might be the most annoying player to watch on the PGA Tour due to his obessive-compulsive disorder and frequent spitting on the greens. Fortunately, his wife Jillian Bradley is much easier on the eyes. Hell, they should just show her for the 30 long seconds that it takes for Bradley to line up his shot and hit. Surely the TV ratings would go up.

It's important that we keep this photo far away from Tiger because in it Jillian is wearing a dress that will remind Tiger of his Sunday Red polo's. We all know that when Tiger is in his Sunday red that he becomes a superhuman.  But Jillian and Keegan seem to make a good match and the couple are expecting a baby soon, which hopefully get's its mothers looks. He may be annoying on the course but he's clearly doing something right off of it to score a woman like Jillian.

3 Amy Mickelson

via sportal.com.au

Let's take the time to do another retro photo and pay our respects to one of the pioneers of WAG's in the golf industry, Ms. Amy Mickelson.  In the 1990's, Phil was starting to become a major star in the game and Amy was busy stealing fan's hearts along the way.  This blonde bombshell was such a cutie and still remains that way to this day.

The two go back to Phil's playing days at Arizona State University, where Amy was also a student (see kids, that is why you should always go to ASU if you want to find a hottie).  Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and Phil suspended his tournament schedule indefinitely to care for his wife.  Thankfully she became a survivor and was able to see Phil win some more tournaments.  Although Phil is one of Tiger's arch nemesis, I think the only thing Tiger can do here is look on in awe.

2 Suzanne Stonebarger

via china.cn

Nothing beats an athletic, woman hanging around on the beach right? How about her playing a sport? For Suzanne Stonebarger, she spent many days around the ocean in her bikini as a professional beach volleyball player, so you know that she always kept her beach body on point. Stonebarger is still a stone cold fox today and is married to PGA pro Ricky Barnes.

There is something about her that reminds me of Tiger's ex Lindsey Vonn. Maybe it is the athletic build? The blonde hair? Whatever it is, if Tiger saw this it would absolutely make his jaw drop. Stonebarger is no longer a volleyball player, but she will always be one of the hottest WAG's for as long as Barnes can stay on tour. Tiger isn't golfing much nowadays, so he has some more time on his hands.

1 Amanda Boyd

Finally boat season. #boatdaysarethebestdays #swimmingfrenchie

A post shared by Prince Louie (@louiedufner) on

This one is a bit of a steal because Amanda Boyd (formerly Amanda Dufner) is not technically a WAG anymore since her and her husband Jason Dufner divorced. How Dufner ever convinced her to marry his dumpy, frumpy looking self is something that is beyond our human capabilities can comprehend.  Since the divorce, Boyd has just continued to get hotter and hotter too.

While this photo is certain to drive Tiger gaga, it might not be why you think. Of course Tiger would appreciate the pure sexiness that Boyd gives off in this photo, but there were rumors spreading in the past that Tiger actually slept with Boyd and that is what led to the divorce between her and Dufner. While these rumors are likely false, it's 100 percent true that Tiger is currently drooling while stalking her Instagram right now.

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