15 Photos Of Hilary Duff That Would Drive Mike Comrie Crazy

Hilary Duff is one of the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood. Anyone who grew up in the 90s may have watched her on Lizzie McGuire. Or perhaps you love seeing her on her current television series Younger. Maybe you just really love seeing her whenever she wears outfits that leave little to your imagination. Such as the numerous trips that she has taken to the beach or the other outfits that put some of her best assets on prominent display.

With so many steamy photos below, it's impossible for us to know which one is your favourite. We do know that you're going to love trying to pick! The only person who might not love staring at these photos is Duff's ex-husband, former NHL star Mike Comrie. The two were divorced in 2016 and Duff has gone on to several relationships, including with a personal trainer who definitely made sure her body was looking better than ever. You may have spent years thinking Comrie was the luckiest guy in the world, but after this list it may be hard not to feel sorry for him for letting a babe like Duff get away.

These are the 15 Photos Of Hilary Duff That Would Drive Mike Comrie Crazy

15 Showing Off For The Camera


Hilary Duff has several amazing assets that she puts on prominent display throughout this list. But for the above photo, it's definitely clear that she is hoping to highlight her legs. Something that we're sure you were more than happy to allow her to indulge in! We also wouldn't blame Comrie if he looks at this photo of Duff on the bed, and quickly finds himself missing the days where he was able to throw Duff on the bed in a similar fashion. Fun Fact: While the above photo has Duff looking confident, she has actually admitted in a past interview that her legs used to be one of her least favorite parts of her body.

14 Bending Over In Tight White Jeans


You can imagine that Hilary Duff would get pretty furious with the amount of attention that the paparazzi tends to pay her. But when you consider they've captured her wearing some incredible outfits, we're sure you aren't left too infuriated by their "body of work". It's clear from the above photo that even if Duff isn't looking at the camera that she still knows how to bring her A-Game. Fun Fact: You better be careful if you're the paparazzi and you're snapping photos of Duff and her child. She took to social media back in 2014 to lay into a photographer who crossed the line and she won't be afraid to do it again.

13 Showing Off In Cut-Offs


What is your favorite feature of Duff? No matter what your answer might be, it's going to be hard to leave this list feeling disappointed with the assets that she puts on display throughout it. Though the above photo could literally be the only one in this entire list and we're sure you'd probably still walk away pretty pleased! Thankfully, however, it's just one of many photos that we have that allows Duff to highlight her good looks. Something we are sure we wouldn't blame Mike Comrie for if he finds himself missing her on a regular basis. Fun Fact: Despite her naturally beautiful good looks, Hilary Duff absolutely loves rocking some makeup. She has mentioned in a past interview that she does not like the perception that people have that she is a tomboy. We're sure regardless of makeup or not, you're going to be constantly left stunned by Duff.

12 Ravishing In Red On The Beach


Hilary Duff looks ravishing in red, something that we absolutely prove with the above photo. But as you can see throughout this list, it doesn't seem to matter what color swimsuit Duff has on. If she's heading to the beach, you're definitely going to want to take notice. We wouldn't blame Comrie if he looks through this list and finds himself wishing that he and Duff had taken more trips to the beach when they were still together! Fun Fact: The above photo was taken on a trip to Mexico with Duff and her girlfriends. While she has dated since Comrie, we're sure the support of her friends was influential in helping her get through the breakup. Duff's support circle and career stability are also part of the reasons why she is excited to continue growing older.

11 Taking A Bikini Selfie


While Hilary Duff looks gorgeous when someone else is in control of the camera, it's clear that she is also a pretty phenomenal photographer when going for a selfie. Granted when you consider the fact that she is wearing a plunging swimsuit in the photo, she definitely stood a pretty good chance of leaving you looking amazing regardless on who was pressing 'click'. Fun Fact: Hilary Duff has an incredibly active Instagram page. She currently boasts a following of close to 9 million people. She has also uploaded close to 2,000 photos. Many of which put her body on full display. Even if the summer might be over, let's hope Duff is willing to spend the money to get her body somewhere where swimsuits are acceptable!

10 On Her Way To The Gym


Hilary Duff definitely looks to be all smiles in the above photo, something that may make her even more appealing to you. It's great to see her have a positive demeanour, especially when you factor in that the photo was clearly taken by a member of the paparazzi. I can only imagine being on the other side of the phone: "Oh man, I was just about to go into this yoga class and these paparazzi are getting all up in my business! Good thing I smiled and didn't give them the finger!" Fun Fact: Hilary Duff has opened up in the past about the positive impact that working out has had on her life. Her good looks and amazing figure have allowed her to land on the cover of Shape Magazine back in May 2015.

9 Legs On Display For Breathe In, Breathe Out Album


Hilary Duff may definitely be one of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood, as we'll show throughout this list. But with the above photo, it's clear that she's trying to embrace her more alternative side as she's modified her natural hair colour dramatically. We definitely aren't left with any complaints though! Especially when you consider she elected for clothing on the bottom-half that leaves little to the imagination. Not to mention getting a cool trippy effect with the mirror that she appears to be sitting on. Fun Fact: The photo appeared on the backside of Duff's album Breath In, Breath Out. When talking about the name of the album, Duff admitted that her reminding herself to focus on her breathing had been a huge source of strength in her own personal life.

8 Holding Fish By The Beach


Hilary Duff had plenty of reasons to be smiling in the above photo. The photo was actually uploaded to Instagram back at the start of the New Year and showed the gorgeous Duff on vacation. What better time of the year than December/January to get to escape the cold and take up the sun in Hawaii? And thankfully for you, Duff taking a vacation in Hawaii definitely meant that she found herself spending plenty of time on the beach. Fun Fact: Despite her amazing body being on display in the above photo, Duff was attacked on social media for her post-pregnancy body and the time it took her to lose the "baby weight". Duff has since shot back at her haters and has remained an inspiration for many women on how to properly lose the weight in a healthy manner.

7 Showing Off In Yoga Pants


There is no doubt that Hilary Duff's ex-husband Mike Comrie is probably in fantastic shape. But if we asked who you would rather stare at (Comrie in workout clothes or Duff) we're pretty sure the answer is going to come back Duff every single time. Especially when Hilary clearly knows how to pick pants that highlight her curves. Fun Fact: Mike Comrie played in the NHL from the 2000-2001 season until 2010-2011. While most of his time was spent in Edmonton, he did finish off his career with a 21 game stint in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for Comrie, the end of his relationship career came when he was revealed to allegedly be drunkenly hitting on a waitress and another female while at a dinner.

6 Lounging In A Swimsuit


When it comes to being a celebrity, you can imagine you must have an incredibly busy life. This means that when you can take some time out of your day to relax on the beach, that you bet your bottom dollar you do it! When you consider there are several photos of Duff throughout this list wearing revealing swimsuits, it definitely becomes abundantly clear that she loves showing off her body on the sandy shores. Though if we're being fair, it looks like the above photo may have been taken by a pool. Fun Fact: Perhaps Hilary's love of the water is inspired by her son, who she has also been spotted taking to the beach. Duff and Comrie's son, Luca, was born in 2012 with both Comrie and Duff being involved as active parents.

5 Posing With Mic In Hand


Hilary Duff is definitely best-known for her roles on television. This includes perhaps being a huge part of your childhood for her role on Lizzie Maguire. But in the above photo, it's Duff's musical side that seems to be getting the main focus of the photo. Though even with Duff holding a mic, we wouldn't blame you if your first thoughts when looking at the photo were of how gorgeous she was and didn't even notice it! Fun Fact: Duff's last album release was in 2015. It was her 5th studio album, but the first one she had put out in 8 years. She has teased fans online that a 6th album may be on the way in the near future. We hope if that's the case that she'll do plenty of photo shoots to help promote it!

4 All Smiles On The Beach


There are plenty of outfits that Hilary Duff is going to wear on this list that will help highlight all of her best assets. But when it comes to revealing nature, there aren't many outfits that a woman can wear that dial up the heat like a swimsuit! We're sure Duff had no shortage of compliments that were thrown her way on that particular day, which also may help explain why she has such a huge smile on her face. Fun Fact: Hilary Duff has been appearing on the television series Younger since 2015. It was recently renewed for a 5th season, which means that there will be plenty of opportunities to check out Duff in 2017/2018. While it was blurred, Duff also appeared in her birthday suit for the series.

3 Beautiful In Black Bikini


Mike Comrie was given plenty of opportunities to get to stare at Duff with little to no clothing on. And while you don't get the option of no clothing, the above photo is definitely another example in this list where Duff has the chance to leave your heart racing. With the number of times that she's going to leave you stunned in a swimsuit, you may find yourself missing summer now more than ever. At least the photos are still always going to be accessible in the winter time when it gets colder out and the beaches get bare! Fun Fact: While many celebrities have been beaten down and had their self-confidence ruined by people online, Hilary Duff has stood strong against her haters. She has admitted that while she knows some people might not think she has the perfect beach body, that she feels strong and healthy and that's what matters.

2 Celebrating Her 30th Birthday


One of the best days to get your photo taken is on your birthday. Especially if it's a milestone birthday like turning 30! Duff took the above selfie and uploaded it on her Instagram back in September. Duff captioned the photo "Sh*t. 30. Thanks for all the birthday love guys. I just ate some gluten and had a glass of wine midday"

Fun Fact: If there was anything that Duff could wish for her birthday, it may be that her fans do not mentally beat themselves up over their appearance. She has constantly preached messages of body-acceptance and not let body-shamers get you down. Duff recently also used her Instagram to promote the fact that she knows she has flaws, but that embracing them is part of what makes her beautiful.

1 Wearing Jeans To Son's Baseball Game

Hilary Duff looks gorgeous throughout this list in photos that span the last few years of her life. But for the above photo, we're not going back years but only (at least at the time of this writing) a few days as the photo was snapped on October 1st. Duff was seen with ex-husband Mike Comrie as the two helped cheer along their son, Luca, at his baseball game. We're sure Luca was ecstatic to have the support of both of his parents. Though we're sure Comrie wouldn't mind him picking up a hockey stick! Fun Fact: While there are many celebrity divorces that involve children can get messy, that isn't the case for Comrie and Duff. In a past interview, Duff recalled how she could not ask for anyone better to co-parent with.

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