15 Photos Of Jen Selter Your Girlfriend Doesn't Want You To Look At

In the age of the internet and reality television, becoming famous is seemingly easier than ever. We have seen the rise of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, based on little more than their physical appearances and some clever marketing. When you add social media to the mix, becoming a celeb seems like an obtainable goal for almost anyone.

One of the latest internet celebs to burst on the scene is a 24-year-old New Yorker by the name of Jen Selter. The 5-foot-6 brunette is a fitness model who has used her outstanding physique to become a major internet celebrity. Selter, much like the previously mentioned Kim Kardashian, is also known for having an ample rear end, which is often the primary focus of the many photos she shares on social media outlets like Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, Selter has managed to gain over 11.6 million followers on the popular site. To put that in perspective, she has more followers than some of the world’s most popular athletes including names like Ronda Rousey and Maria Sharapova.

Jen Selter shows us how far a few fitness tips and prominent backside can get you these days. In honor of her success, let’s take a look at 15 of her best pics, most of which, your girlfriend definitely wouldn’t want you to see.

15 Subway Stopper

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Most us have heard the old expression, “looks that can stop traffic.” However, in this instance, Jen Selter appears to have looks that can stop potential subway riders. The photogenic brunette shows off her famous physique and some stylish gold shoes, as she stretches out near the subway entrance. The Internet sensation looks amazing in this unique image.

Fanny Fact: You may have noticed that women often have larger backsides than men. The reason females tend to have larger bottoms, is due to their bodies producing estrogen which causes fat to be stored in their backside, as opposed to the abdomen for men. This provides health advantages for women, as storing fat in the midsection can increase chances of developing diabetes and even heart disease in some cases.

14 Made In The USA

Forgot my gloves at home 👊🏼

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The 24-year-old New Yorker shows off her patriotic side and some killer abs, in this fun Instagram photo. Her combination of the American flag cape, and what looks like a championship belt, make the social media sensation look like a cross between an attractive superhero and a professional wrestler. The white thigh-high boots also add some flair to an already eye-catching photo. Selter sizzles in a pic that you doesn’t need to be an American, in order to appreciate.

Fanny Fact: 16,000 women participated in cognitive (IQ) tests conducted by the University of Pittsburgh and California at Santa Barbara. Interestingly enough, women with larger bottoms performed better than those lacking extra junk in the trunk. This may be because the rear end stores omega-3, a fat that is said to be good for your brain.

13 Strike A Pose

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You don’t gain almost 12 million Instagram followers as a fitness model without learning how to strike a pose. In this image, Selter shows us her modeling skills as she poses in front of this massive plant. The gorgeous brunette’s flattering two-piece exercise attire helps to showcase the features that made her a social media star. Selter makes looking good seem easy in this eye-catching photo.

Fanny Fact: The gluteus maximus is actually the largest muscle in the human body. Moreover, besides its obvious function, the muscle is tasked with the job of keeping the trunk (torso) upright. It is also the primary area used when climbing stairs. While it may be the largest, the title of hardest working muscle in the body belongs to the heart.

12 Just A Sip

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It’s clear that Jen Selter puts a great a deal of emphasis on her backside. However, as we can see in this photo, having a prominent rear end is good for more than just gaining a few followers on social media. That’s right, Selter can also use her posterior as a sort of portable bar table. In this photo, the Instagram queen can be seen enjoying a beverage using a very long straw, while wearing an extremely figure-flattering black dress.

Fanny Fact: Kim Kardashian may very well have the most famous rear end on the planet. This is has led some to speculate that the popular reality star has had implants. In order to clear up the controversy, Kardashian had X-rays showing a lack of implants done and shared them on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

11 Team Effort

There is nothing quite like doing squats on a rooftop while carrying a world famous internet celebrity on your back. Selter can be seen flashing a peace sign while getting a piggyback ride from a member of her private Facebook group. Both women in the photo look to be in peak physical condition, while sporting matching workout gear. The fitness guru even provides a motivational message for fans in the caption that reads, “Surround yourself with positive people who bring you up.”

Fanny Fact: While there is some dispute over the title, American Sarah Massey may have the worlds largest backside. If measured all the way around, Massey’s rear end is approximately 7-feet. Her large bottom can make everyday things, like putting on a seatbelt, difficult at times.

10 Poolside

Ladies, train with me! Link in my bio 😍💪🏼🌈

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This stunning poolside photo shows the fitness guru posing next to a swimming pool in bikini bottoms, and a rainbow themed top. The caption below the image states, “Ladies, train with me.” Based on the shape she is in, there will likely be several women interested in the offer. With exercise machines in the background, Selter proudly shows off a physique that has benefited greatly from countless hours spent working out. The curvaceous brunette definitely knows a thing or two about obtaining the perfect bikini bod.

Fanny Fact: Another famous booty belongs to the popular pop singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez. For years there have been rumors circulating that Lopez has had implants. Moreover, there has also been some chatter suggesting that the singer has her world famous bottom insured for millions.

9 Bath Time

Despite being taken next to a bathtub, this photo is anything but a wash. Selter shows off her impressive physique in this revealing red one-piece swimsuit, as she ties her hair back. The caption reads, “Just trying to IG model on a bathtub because my sister said it looked cool… how did I do?” Based on the number of likes the photo received, it would be fair to say that she did quite well.

Fanny Fact: One of the most popular songs ever written about derrieres is the 1986 hit, "Baby Got Back." The iconic rap single was recorded by Sir Mix-a-Lot and is by far his most popular single. The song peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100, while also letting ladies know that it’s ok to have a big booty.

8 Squats

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Jen Selter is a fitness personality that understands the value of good form when performing an exercise, as we can see here. The image highlights her world-famous backside. Given the amount of attention Selter has received, it’s probably no surprise that there have been accusations that she has had implants. However, despite having worked for plastic surgeons in the past, Selter claims her seat is 100% real. That being said, she has admitted having rhinoplasty (a nose job) in the past.

Fanny Facts: In many cultures, the buttock has been used as a primary target for inflicting punishment. This is because the region is protected by a layer of fat. This layer protects the punished party from serious injury, while still allowing them to process pain.

7 With Michelle Lewin

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In this photo, we see Selter getting cozy with Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin. Lewin is another popular fitness guru who also has a huge following on social media. In fact, the Latina fitness competitor has 12.6 million followers on Instagram alone. Lewin has competed in numerous bodybuilding contests and has placed in several popular events, primarily in the southern region of the United States. This exciting image showcases two of the hottest stars that the world of fitness has to offer.

Fanny Fact: While folks like Selter use their rear end to market themselves, others have different ideas on how to best use their derriere. For example, in some societies, one might show their rear end as a practical joke, sign of displeasure, or to protest something. This act is known as mooning.

6 Barking Up The Right Tree

Happy Friday!! Feeling like Spring in NYC 😍

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The proud New Yorker shows off her dog, as she poses in the middle of the street. The Instagram phenom displays her fit lower half, while wishing her legions of followers a “Happy Friday!!” Jen Selter is never shy about wearing yoga pants and seemingly always looks amazing while wearing them. Even with a cute dog in the photo, it may be hard for spectators to take their eyes off of the stunning brunette.

Fanny Fact: Musician Yoko Ono  is best known for dating John Lennon,  and at least according to some, having a hand in breaking up the iconic rock band known as the Beatles. In 1966 she made a film called No.4 (aka Bottoms). The experimental film featured a human bottom in motion, while the subject walked on a turntable.

5 Hanging With Mom

It would appear that Jen Selter isn’t the only fitness fanatic in the family. In this touching Instagram post, the 5-foot-6 brunette wishes her mother a happy birthday. If the photo is any indication, it would appear that @mamaselter also spends her fair share of time in the training room. Both ladies appear to be in outstanding physical condition in this fabulous mother and daughter photo.

Fanny Fact: In the United States and Canada, the word fanny has long been a socially acceptable term to use in writing. However, as time has gone on, it has become more and more acceptable to use more derogatory verbiage. Interestingly enough, “Fannie” is also a female name in some parts of the world, though it’s spelled differently when used in that manner.

4 Wall To Wall

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This is either a very narrow hallway, or Jen Selter is a bit taller than her listed height of 5-foot-6. Whatever the case may be, the internet star once again proves she can rock a pair of yoga pants like nobody's business, in this fun shot. It seems like no matter what the photo entails, Selter  always  finds a way to make her backside a focal point. While the shot looks amazing, one has to wonder if the owner of this building appreciates someone putting their shoes on the wall.

Fanny Fact: In the late 19th century many women used a type of framework to support their dresses called a bustle. The bustle made even the smallest rear end appear to be much larger than it actually was. The bustle is no longer used today.

3 Sleepy Time

Being an international fitness celebrity can be hard work at times, but it would appear the Jen Selter managed to find some time for a little rest. This photo shows the lovely model sporting a pair of Calvin Klein undergarments. While she may appear the be sleeping, based on the caption, it would seem she is actually contemplating her next giveaway. The post reads, “What should my next giveaway be?! Activewear, sneakers, fragrance, makeup, video games….comment below!” It seems that she is as generous as she is beautiful.

Fanny Fact: The North American painted turtle is one of the few species that can actually breathe out of its rear end. Supposedly, this unique skill allows the creature to preserve energy over the course of its hibernation period.

2 Award Winning

It would appear that Jen Selter’s backside has finally been honored with an award and can also balance a trophy. If you ever wondered how all this got started, according to her website, “Surrounded by seasoned gym goers, Jen felt she needed motivation to encourage herself to keep trying, and created an Instagram account to build a community of supportive, like-minded individuals. What started as a hobby turned into a social media empire, capturing the hearts of millions of supporters worldwide. “ Images such as this one likely  helped Selter build the social media empire.

Fanny Fact: Jen Selter is often credited as the person who made the “belfie” famous. A belifie, as you may have guessed, is simply a selfie of one’s backside.

1 The Dress

A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

This is a rare image of Selter when she isn’t wearing workout attire or a swimsuit. Even when wearing a dress, such as the one in the photo, the Instagram stars curves are still quite prominent. This shot also showcases Selter’s impressive back muscles as she stares at the sky. The stunning brunette shows that she still looks phenomenal even when she isn’t wearing provocative attire, with this breathtaking pic.

Fanny Fact: In a recent interview with Women’s Health, Selter was asked if her famous backside has fake. She replied, “My butt is not even big enough to be fake. If it is big enough to look fake, I’d take that as a compliment. I have a body that anyone could have if they work hard and work out consistently.”

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