15 Photos Of Jessica Simpson That Would Drive Eric Johnson Crazy

When you think of celebrities that could be classified as being "blonde bombshells", not many may come to your mind quicker than Jessica Simpson. Whether you know her for her acting, singing, or just because she's a gorgeous woman, Simpson has been kicking some serious career butt since making her debut in 1999. From radio icon to dukes of hazard legend who brought back the jean shorts as a fashion icon, there's not much she hasn't done.

And while she may have had some moments you'd rather not remember, such as when the tabloids attacked her for her weight gain, those moments aren't on our list today. Instead, you're going to get to see 15 of the best photos of Simpson that help explain why men go crazy over her. She has had some very public relationships with some high profile men, but that shouldn't stop you from dreaming!

One man in particular that can't get enough of her is former NFL Tight End Eric Johnson. They have been married since 2014 and have two children together. Though that's far from her only romp with an NFL player, as she also famously dated Tony Romo from 2007-2009. While Eric Johnson had a forgettable NFL career, his luck with ladies is incredible as shown by the following list of beautiful photos.

We're sure some of both men's favourite photos are included below, as we span the length of her entire career to bring you her most unforgettable photos.

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15 Being Inspired By Super Model Bridgette Bardot

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There are many people out there who take inspiration from Jessica Simpson. Sure, she has had some infamous gaffes, but she has also accomplished a heck of a lot in this world. Not to mention amassed a fortune that is worth hundreds of millions. But as much as Simpson inspires, she has also often found herself inspired by the superstars who came before her.

One of the models that Simpson admired and paid homage to with the above photo was Brigitte Bardot. Along with being considered a huge sex symbol of her era, Bardot was also a huge movie star and ended up appearing in over 40 films. While we don't know if Simpson's career will quite get to those heights, Bardot is definitely someone to look up to.

14 Showing Off Her Patriotic Spirit For GQ

via bravedefender.ru

There are many ways to celebrate being American on July 4th. You're probably going to indulge in some alcoholic beverages. You may want to light off some fireworks. And you may even bust out some of your favourite clothing that is patriot themed. If you're a famous celebrity like Jessica Simpson though, you may also spend part of your time showing off your patriotic spirit for a fashion magazine.

The above photo of Simpson is one of her most recognized and was taken for GQ Magazine, who just happen to know a thing or two about making women look good. Not like Simpson would need much help though!

13 Paparazzi Catching Her

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Jessica Simpson has been one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood for over a decade now. Which also means that she is no stranger to having the paparazzi follow her every move. And while that may get annoying, we're sure that she would be in agreeance that at the very least, the paparazzi caught her looking pretty beautiful on this particular day!

Maybe she was on her way to hang out with Eric? Regardless of how the rest of her day ended up, even if it was just getting gas and going home, we're sure the paparazzi still didn't leave her alone. Who could blame them when she looks that good doing errands?

12 Checking Herself Out On Stage

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One of the worst things that celebrities may experience is a wardrobe malfunction, especially if you are in the middle of performing in front of a large group of people. That may become an increasingly larger concern if you have certain assets that are prone to roam free; even if you've tried hard to have them do the opposite!

But Simpson had to know the odds were not in her favour when she took to the stage wearing a corset. And while we don't know if she managed to get through this performance without an incident, we definitely aren't going to blame her for apparently taking a moment out to make sure she was still locked in.

11 Selfie Time

via hawtcelebs.com

Jessica Simpson proves throughout this list that she looks tremendous regardless of the style of the photo being taken. So naturally, when she is in charge of the final product, as she is a selfie, she isn't going to walk away without a photo that truly highlights her good looks.

Though we wouldn't be surprised if it only took her one try to be satisfied! Given the fact that Simpson is also making the "kissy" face in the photo, we'd hope this was a photo that she was sending Eric's way. You just may find yourself disappointed that it's getting colder out in North America which means the opportunities for Simpson to pose in front of a mirror in a swimsuit are increasingly getting smaller.

10 Rocking Her Schoolgirl Look

via instagram.com

Jessica Simpson has pulled off many "classic" looks over the years. You're going to be fortunate enough to see many of them throughout this list. But with the above photo, Simpson is hoping to give you some old school vibes. She may not be in school anymore, but boy would we have liked to be there when she was if that's how she dressed.

She uploaded the photo to Instagram along with the caption, "Channeling my inner school girl #fall17". Perhaps it's her pigtails that really help sell the look? The photo is also one of her most recent, helping make it abundantly clear why even at the age of 37, she is still considered to be one of the biggest knockouts in Hollywood. Eric Johnson should consider himself a lucky man!

9 Rocking A Swimsuit For Vanity Fair (In 2004!)

via bijuk.ru

We'll be honest, we don't really know what is going on with this photo. Normally when you see someone holding a leash, it's a dog on the other end. But hey, kudos to Jessica for going outside of the box!

This is one of the oldest photos on our list, appearing in Vanity Fair way back in 2004. At the time, Simpson was married to Nick Lachey (they tied the knot the same year). Sadly though, as you can obviously tell by Johnson's placement in her life, the marriage fizzled and the two officially divorced in 2006. We're sure knowing a bombshell like this was walking away didn't make the divorce any easier for Nick.

8 Three Poses To Show Off Her Fitness

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When it comes to our next entry, we don't know if you're going to be able to pick which of the three styles of the photo that you're going to love the most. We do know that you're probably going to love trying to figure it out! In the meantime we wish there actually were three of Jessica so Eric wouldn't be the only guy enjoying her beauty.

For someone who has unnecessarily received too much hatred over the years for her looks, we're ecstatic to see Simpson clearly looking confident and pleased with the results of her hard work in the kitchen and with her exercise plans. It's definitely a tremendous example to set for her two children as to how to live life in a healthy way.

7 In Her Iconic Jean Shorts

via bravotv.com

Just because you probably knew you were going to see Jessica Simpson in her famed jean shorts when you entered this thread, doesn't mean you should be any less disappointed to see it. Especially considering it may be the most iconic "look" in Simpson's career.

The look, for those who are not aware, was worn by Simpson in the largely otherwise forgettable comedy Dukes of Hazzard that saw Simpson in the role of Daisy Duke. For those unaware, the character of Daisy was previously played by Catherine Bach in the television series and she too rocked some jean shorts. Some credit the movie with helping her get her start in the music industry.

6 Proving That A One-Piece Swimsuit Can Be Revealing

via instagram.com

Jessica Simpson looks tremendous when she is seen wearing a bikini. A point that if you even wanted to try and argue, we prove with this very list. But it's clear that she also looks tremendous when she is wearing a one-piece swimsuit! And honestly, given the amount of negative scrutiny her body has gotten over the years, we don't blame her for having a variety of styles to wear.

At the end of the day, you just need to feel confident to look great, and that's something Simpson is clearly exuding with the above photo. The photo was also captioned "Vacation Vibes" when Simpson shared it on Instagram. We're sure her and Eric Johnson love going places where swimsuits are required.

5 Johnson With Her Panties On His Face

via instagram.com

There are many potential perks that come with being a celebrity. One of the perks that you might find the most fun, is the invitations they must receive to some of the biggest and most fun parties. While we're not too sure who was hosting the above Mask-themed shindig, Simpson clearly brought her A-Game. Let's be real though, Simpson would need a much bigger mask than that to hide her gorgeous looks.

In case you're wondering about the mask on Johnson's head, Simpson explained "When your husband doesn't have a mask...A Hanky Panky lace option will be the hit of the party!!!" We can understand why wearing her lingerie in public would be eye-catching!

4 Cleaning

via pinterest.com

We honestly don't know if Jessica Simpson has too much experience when it comes to cleaning the house. Though considering she has two children, you better hope she does. Especially because the difference between a messy and clean house can be huge for someone mentally.

So at the very least, we hope she has hired some very capable help. She might want to be careful however when you consider how many spouses sleep with the hired help! If Simpson ever did do cleaning around her house, we're sure she would also probably do-so wearing a lot more practical clothing than the photographer decided for the above photo.

3 Showing Off Her Christmas Spirit

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We don't know if Eric Johnson has been naughty or nice this year. But if he wakes up on Christmas morning and gets to see Jessica in an outfit similar to the one we have featured, we know he's definitely going to think he is deserving of a reward. Even if that reward may be naughty.

The photo may be several years old, but considering the weather outside is increasingly getting colder, perhaps you feel it's appropriate for the season. And just in case you want to escape the cold, we're sure you're enjoying the other photos of Simpson enjoying weather that requires a lot less clothing than this!

2 On The Cover Of Women's Health

via instagram.com

There are plenty of celebrities who are in amazing shape, but seemingly never are seen spending time in the gym. When asked about it, some beautiful celebrities will even say they never work out! That isn't the case for Jessica Simpson though. Her dedication to her health and fitness saw her landing on the cover of Women's Health magazine back in August 2016.

When talking to the magazine, Simpson also made sure to stress the mental benefits that have come with working out, “Workouts are an emotional experience. I exercise to clear my head. It makes me stronger on every level."

1 Forgetting Her Tolerance Level

via dailymail.co.uk

Many of these photos will drive Johnson crazy in a good way, this one, maybe not so much! But we hope you don't mind us bending the rules just a little bit. You can imagine that when you go out to a restaurant that if you're as famous as Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are, that the wait staff is going to be fantastic and will continue to keep you served with drinks provided you ask for it.

The only problem with that is when your night ends at 2am and concludes with the paparazzi capturing your stumbling booty heading out of the restaurant. This was the case for Simpson back in September following what we're sure was a nice date prior to her forgetting her limit.

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