15 Photos Of Kaley Cuoco That'll Drive Karl Cook Crazy

Kayley Cuoco is now engaged to Equestrian Karl Cook, and as seen by these photos he is one lucky man!

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Jennifer Aniston was considered by many people to be the hottest woman on television. But while her spotlight has faded, you definitely aren't going to be left complaining that it's Kaley Cuoco who the world can't seem to get enough of now.

Cuoco broke into the industry in a major way by starring on 8 Simple Rules, but her career took on even new heights when The Big Bang Theory became the cultural phenomenon that it has. Cuoco's time on top hasn't been without some rocky lows, including a high-profile divorce to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Cuoco was also a major target in the iCloud scandal, and in the process gave the world an in-depth look as to how she looks without clothes on.

But while those photos aren't going to be on our list, there are plenty of captivating Cuoco moments that leave little to the imagination and have her consent for you to gawk over. Something we're sure her current fiance, Karl Cook, is more than happy to do in his spare time. Cook may not be starring in your favourite show anytime soon, but to his credit he is an accomplished Equestrian and horses are definitely a quick way to Cuoco's heart! So giddy-up, because you're in for a wild ride.

These are 15 Photos Of Kaley Cuoco That'll Drive Karl Cook Crazy.

15 Putting Her Heels On For Date Night


If Kaley Cuoco has a "type" it may be that she loves tall athletes. Her past husband, Ryan Sweeting was a towering 6'4. And her current beau, Karl Cook, is a respectable 6'1. In contrast, Cuoco stands at roughly 5'5. But hey, maybe she is really good at giving a kiss while on her tippy-toes?

What that also means is that when she decides she wants to go out for a night on the town, she is probably plenty comfortable with selecting a rocking pair of heels to help complete the outfit. While our next entry appears to be for a professional photo shoot, it still features Cuoco looking tremendous as she slips on a pair of yellow heels.

14 Showing Off A Twisted Side With Her Ex


Wait...what is going on with this next entry?! You'd be right to do a double-take, but don't worry, we didn't sneak into Cuoco's bedroom life and reveal what would be one of the kinkier secrets of any celebrity. Instead what we're showing you is a screengrab from an episode of The Big Bang Theory that saw Cuoco clearly get extra close to her co-star Johnny Galecki.

We aren't too sure if this is an outfit that Cook would be hoping that Cuoco takes home with her after the day of shooting, but we're sure it definitely got a reaction out of him one way or another. In case you're really curious, the episode is "The Veracity Elasticity" and is found in season 10.

13 Cuoco And Cook At The Golden Globes


There are many photos on our list where Kaley Cuoco looks tremendous. But Karl Cook's favorite may be this next entry that gets to feature him standing beside her looking proud. The photo was taken as the two attended the Golden Globes. Not only was Cuoco dropping everyone's jaw with her own Golden (or Silver) Globes, but it was a huge event that the two got to experience together.

It's not the last, nor only, time that Cook has been on Cuoco's arm for red carpet events. But considering she looks like that, are you going to blame him if he makes sure he never misses one?!

12 Showing For Esquire


There are many magazines out there that are known for their ability to make even the best looking women in the world, even better. And while Kaley Cuoco isn't going to be stripping it all off for Playboy, she was clearly comfortable leaving little to the imagination when she decided to pose for Esquire back in 2012.

We're sure the chance to continue promoting The Big Bang Theory was an opportunity that Cuoco was more than happy to pursue. Just like we're sure you're more than happy to hear that this isn't the only time Kaley Cuoco put her assets on display for the magazine on our list. In fact, the other entry shows her embracing her nerdy side!

11 Lady In Red


Kaley Cuoco is arguably the best looking woman on television. So naturally, whenever she gets dressed up for an event like the Golden Globes, she's going to look her best. While she looks stunning in a silver dress during another entry, she also clearly looks ravishing in red!

This above outfit was worn to the 2016 event and judging from her downward glance, even Cuoco couldn't resist checking herself out. It's a shame that it's considered a fashion faux pas for women to re-wear outfits because we're sure Cook is as big a fan of this dress as you are and would love to see it on her again. Don't worry though, we're sure she'll drop your jaw yet again with whatever outfit she puts on for any of the numerous upcoming award shows.

10 Embracing Her Nerdy Side For Esquire


We don't know if the education that Kaley Cuoco had learned in science class has come in handy too often in her acting career. Though it's not like The Big Bang Theory is a show about stupid people? But in all fairness, the above "nerdy" elements of the photo were probably just props and meant to make a steamy photo all the steamier.

Though when you consider we promised that Cuoco would be embracing her nerdy side with our list, you can't honestly say we didn't deliver? While Karl Cook's athletic prowess also puts his past educational achievements on the backburner, let's hope they instill good educational habits for their potential future children.

9 Getting Stared Down On The Big Bang Theory


Kaley Cuoco has several outfits that she has worn on The Big Bang Theory that put her good looks on prominent display. But we don't know if anything she wears on the show compares to the black dress that we have featured for you on in our next entry.

Even Raj can't manage to keep his eyes off of Cuoco's assets! Which now that we've pointed out, we do have to also mention are not natural. Cuoco has admitted in an interview that both her chest as well as her nose have been artificially altered. And while some celebrities regret their decision to alter their body, Cuoco has also called the decision one of the smartest things she has done.

8 Looking Outstanding After A Fitness Class


When you are thinking about who your own biggest critic is, you're probably going to say it is you. But if you're a celebrity, the general public is probably going to throw a lot more hateful words your way than you're hopefully ever going to say about yourself.

But if Cuoco ever gets too down on herself, she should only have to look in a mirror to re-affirm that she is a strong, confident woman. It's evident from this paparazzi photo that she enjoys going to fitness classes, and it's even more evident that it is working for her! Let's hope Cook is able to keep up with her in the gym.

7 Literally Wonder Woman


The Big Bang Theory is one of the "geekiest" shows to ever be part of mainstream culture. And whether or not you're a fan of the show, there are definitely some huge advantages that have come with the popularity.

Such as the fact that it may have only seemed inevitable before the writers decided to throw Kaley Cuoco in a Wonder Woman outfit which she did for the season 4 episode "The Justice League Recombination. And while Gadot may have looked phenomenal on the big screen, Cuoco may have other elements that make you an even bigger fan of her rendition. If Cook is really lucky, Cuoco would be able to convince the creators to let her borrow the costume for a future Halloween!

6 Showing Off Her Abs On Lip Sync Battle


Do you think Kaley Cuoco's only talents extend to her acting ability? Aw heck no! Kaley is also one of the most accomplished (..okay we're stretching it now) musicians in Hollywood. And by that we mean she looked tremendous when she appeared on Lip Sync Battle!

Granted it may have helped that she decided her top was going to be a sports bra sponsored by Calvin Klein. The show, which is hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen, aired back in January and saw Cuoco perform the song "Move B****h" by Ludacris. We bet Cook loves it when Cuoco dances and sings around the house!

5 Embracing Her Love For Baseball


When it comes to sports, Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco may not actually be the biggest baseball fans in the entire world. But that didn't stop Cuoco from showing off her support for America's favorite past time when Cosmopolitan came calling in 2010.

The photo shoot came shortly after Cuoco's high-profile breakup from famed tennis star Ryan Sweeting. At the time, Cuoco said “It’s like losing someone. And all of a sudden, the sadness hits me out of nowhere. It’s a loss of hope, it’s’s a loss of hope.” Thankfully she was able to pick herself up following the divorce. We're sure Cook helped with that!

4 Caught Leaving Yoga


Kaley Cuoco has been known to share plenty of photos of herself on social media of her engaging in some yoga. But just because Cuoco is happy to share photos she takes herself, doesn't mean people are going to stop from getting their own photos of her when they catch her in action.

She had to know she was going to get at least some attention when she signed up to participate in a public beach yoga class, but kudos to her for not letting her fame from hindering her want to participate. Let's just hope she remembered to put some sunscreen on or she may leave the day with some serious regrets.

3 Showing Off For Women's Health


Kaley Cuoco has many passions in her life, but one of her biggest is horses. When she sat down for an interview with Women's Health in November 2016, who you can also thank for this photo, she revealed that her (then) 7 horses were instrumental in helping her recover from her divorce: "For a month straight, I would talk to my horse and just bawl. Finally, I went out and the crying didn't come. I was like, 'I think I actually got through this.'" Cuoco went on to talk about her initial meeting with Karl Cook, "Then I knocked into Karl—literally, we bumped arms at a horse show six months ago, and we each said, 'Oh, I'm sorry'- and everything changed. I looked at him, and he looked at me.."

2 Maxim-um Beauty


There are many different magazines and moments featured on our list, but if this above entry leaves you walking away with a greater appreciation for Maxim, we're sure you wouldn't be the only one.

Cuoco lent her talents to the magazine back in July 2012. But instead of posing for the North American version of the magazine, Cuoco actually was posing for Maxim Australia. Perhaps they promised her a didgeridoo if she agreed? Either way, it's clear what they think is attractive in Australia is the same as what people in North America do!

1 Anything From Her Photo Scandal


Plenty of the photos on our list leave little to the imagination. But it was a few years ago when fans got to see how Cuoco looked with absolutely nothing hidden when she was targeted during the iCloud scandal. We assure you the above photo is a hilarious screenshot from a SnapChat Cuoco sent, and definitely not a photo that was part of the hack.

Though you can imagine that shocked face was probably pretty similar to the one she had when she found out she had photos leak. We're sure that even though Cook wasn't with Cuoco at the time, he still isn't a huge fan of his current fiance being violated like she was in the past. We're sure he also wouldn't blame her if she was less willing to send risky photos his way!

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