15 Photos Of Maryse That Would Drive The Miz Crazy

Maryse Ouellet made her debut in WWE back in 2006 after she had auditioned for the Diva Search earlier that year. The French-Canadian star then went on to become a two-time Divas Champion and the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. She held this record until it was broken by AJ Lee in 2014. Maryse was one of very few Diva Search contestants to be able to make an impact in WWE and give the WWE Universe something to remember them by. Even though Maryse incredibly made the decision to walk away from the company back in 2011 to pursue other opportunities that included starting her own clothing and jewellery line and becoming a qualified realtor.

Maryse returned to WWE the night after WrestleMania 32. Upon her return she was a consistent force behind her husband The Miz throughout the past year and a half. The former Diva Search contestant announced back in September that the couple were expecting their first child, something that has kept her off WWE TV ever since. Since the fans obviously her beauty on their screens, we decided to give you all a treat.

The following article looks at 15 images of the former Divas Champion that The Miz would probably have wanted to keep to himself, even though once it's shared on the internet there's no way to remove it.

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15 Daisy Dukes

#stagecoach on my way!!!!!

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As Jessica Simpson once famously said, "These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do" and that's exactly what Maryse decided to do back in 2011. Also inspired by Jessica Simpson, Maryse is definitely rocking the daisy duke look!

Her stint in WWE was so impressive that she was actually ranked at number nine of the top 50 female wrestlers by PWI back in 2009. She was the longest reigning Divas Champion for more than five years before AJ Lee broke her record back in 2014 and she was the first woman to win the Divas Championship more than once. It seems that Maryse felt that it was time for her to hang up her boots since she had accomplished everything she had desired at that point.

14 Close up

Beautiful glam for NYE by my girl @jenniferconejobeauty last night 😍⚡️🎉

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Maryse is not technically part of the current Women's Revolution since she hasn't wrestled in a number of years aside from her match at WrestleMania against John Cena and Nikki Bella when she teamed up with her husband The Miz.

Maryse was part of an era in WWE where it was more about looks than about wrestling ability. Incredibly, Maryse was still able to hold her own in the ring and if she wanted to she could easily make a return to the company in a physical sense. Maryse proves time and again that she is much more than just a pretty face. She can still wrestle at a very high level. The Miz is definitely one very lucky man.

13 Photoshoot Queen

Going back the Daisy Duke look, Maryse is the queen of the photoshoot. While The Miz calls himself the A-lister, it is clear that Maryse definitely draws more attention. Well, at least from the male audience anyway.

The couple's relationship continued to blossom until The Miz proposed back in 2013 and it was said to be a perfect proposal. The Miz met Maryse at a room in the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles back in 2006. Miz decided to recreate that night and get Maryse back to the same room so that he could propose to her in 2013. Maryse was shocked by the gesture since the hotel held a lot of memories of the Diva Search which was one of the best experiences of her life. This could be one of the reasons she decided to say yes.

12 Beauty And Brains

Ultra glam by my girl @jenniferconejobeauty today!!!!💋💋💋

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Maryse is rarely ever seen with a normal amount of clothes on, so it shouldn't come as a shock that she looks this good in a selfie. What is perhaps shocking is the fact that Maryse is another beauty who also has brains.

Maryse opted to walk away from WWE back in 2011 because she wanted to pursue her own ventures. This included starting her own clothing and jewellery line called House of Maryse, the former Champion started working on her own make-up line when she was still in high school which shows that she always had quite big plans for herself. As well as launching her own line, another venture included working as a realtor which she began in late 2013 after earning her real estate license earlier that year.

11 Rocking It On The Rocks

Maryse burst onto the scene back in 2006, even though she may have only been there at that point because of how attractive she was at that time. Those looks have allowed to also be very successful as a model.

Maryse later injured her knee at a house show and the company decided to leave the title on her whilst she recovered from injury. Right now only The Bella Twins, Maria and Maryse are the women remaining that came through the company thanks to the Diva Search and Nikki Bella is the only one who hasn't already or is set to become a mother in the near future.

10 Hotel Life

Life on the road appears to be just fine for Maryse, as she continues to use her social media account to increase her already huge fan base. It hasn't always been this way though since Maryse wasn't fluent in English when she first came to WWE. This was a huge barrier between the former Divas Champion and The Miz for a long time. Maryse herself even revealed that Miz would be mean to her about the fact that she couldn't speak English and asked her what she was even doing in WWE. Luckily, this motivated Maryse to learn the language and then allowed her and Miz to become much more than just colleagues. Looking at Maryse in the above photo, it is unknown how Miz managed to ignore her charms for so long.

9 Red Siren

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

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Maryse is one of the women of WWE who makes up the cast of Total Divas. Over the past few years (like many other women in the company) she has become reliant on Social Media and watched her fan following continue to grow ever since she returned to WWE back in 2016.

Maryse has posted a number of images much like the one above, which makes it so easy to understand why she has such a big following on Instagram. It seems that despite only stepping foot in a wrestling ring once over the past six years, Maryse still visits the gym on a regular basis and has been able to remain in great shape. It could be argued that she is in better shape now than she was when she was wrestling in WWE.

8 Wet And Wild

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Maryse returned to WWE back in 2016 the night after WrestleMania 32, but it seems that she could have returned to the company much sooner if it wasn't for two of the women she thought were her best friends meddling in her business.

Nikki and Brie Bella had been offered contracts to return to WWE back in 2012 along with Maria and Maryse but all four women decided to hold off on signing and ask for more from the company this time around. Nikki and Brie went behind their friend's backs and signed with the company before then convincing WWE not to resign Maria and Maryse after all. Maryse later confronted Brie about this on an episode of Total Divas, but it seems that the issue was never resolved.

7 French Connection

Bonne Nuit!!!!

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One of Maryse's most distinguishing qualities is the fact that she can speak both French and English. It is something that caused Maryse and Miz a few problems earlier in their relationship since Miz was unable to learn the native language of his wife.

Maryse was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and grew up in Edmundston, New Brunswick. It is one of three Maritime provinces on the east coast of Canada. Even though Maryse is seen as one of the most feminine women on the roster right now and even attempted to teach Alexa Bliss how to dress a few weeks ago on Total Divas, in High School she was actually the only female in her class. She was able to run the schools fashion show for a number of years.

6 Dark Side


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One of the low points in Maryse's life came just a number of months after she left WWE back in 2011 when it was revealed that she was being stalked. She asked a judge for a protective order against a 61-year-old crazed fan before later filing for a restraining order.

As part of the filing, Maryse claimed that the fan had sent "numerous terrifying letters to my home and left more than 50 voicemails on my personal cell phone all of which are extremely disturbing and delusional." Many of these letters began sounding harmless before his later notes saw him claim to be coming for Maryse in LA and that he was going to take her to heaven with him. This made Maryse fear for her life and the court later granted her the order.

5 Acting Career

Even though Maryse has become well-known as a wrestler and model it seems that she also has quite the resume when it comes to her acting career as well. Maryse made her acting debut back in 1994 in a film called Octobre where she played the role of Pouilleuse.

She has since been part of Sharknado 3, Karla, Santa's Little HelperEnter the Fist and the Golden Fleecing, Deliah and most recently she was seen alongside her husband and a number of other WWE stars in The Marine 5: Battleground as well as Total Divas. The former beauty pageant contestant has proved over the past few years that she really does have a number of hidden talents that are finally beginning to be unveiled.

4 Black And White

Bonne Nuit!!!!

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Maryse has a number of incredible images online much like the one above, which could be because she is quite well trained as a model. She began her modelling career in Beauty Pageants when she was much younger and was able to win the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada back in 2003 when she was just 20 years old.

The following year she was one of the finalists of the same competition but was unable to retain her crown. As well as Pagaents, Maryse has also been featured in magazines and whilst she did quite a lot of modelling during her time in WWE, she also appeared on the cover of Playboy's Girls of Canada calendar back in 2007 which was published during the time that she was contracted to WWE.

3 Beauty In Black

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Maryse and The Miz worked together on WWE TV for a number of months before they decided to start dating. It seems that the two former Champions are another couple that owes WWE's booking team for pushing them together in the first place.

After dating for a couple of years, Miz and Maryse announced that they were engaged back in 2013 before they married in the Bahamas in February 2014. The couple has recently been featured on Total Divas where they have shown off their huge home to a number of other WWE divas. The couple most recently announced that they had sold this house and moved into a castle that they so aptly referred to as Castle MarMiz. It seems that the couple's personal life is coming together ahead of the birth of their first child.

2 Baby Bump

20 weeks 🤰🏼🤗 !!!! I cant wait to meet her ❤️ #itbaby

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Maryse and The Miz are expecting their first child together. As seen from the photo above, Maryse looks just as good rocking a baby bump as she ever has. The Miz really is one of the luckiest men on earth.

Obviously, Maryse doesn't ask her husband's permission when it comes to uploading images of this kind online and sometimes even sends them over to him. This backfired for Maryse on Total Divas last year though she accidentally shared an image with her entire contacts list when it was only meant for her husband. Maryse should probably stick to images that do leave some things to the imagination, even though she has posed for Playboy, but these images don't get her into as much trouble and will be less embarrassing in a few years time when her daughter googles her.

1 Giving A Peek

#longhairdontcare 😎

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Over the past decade, Maryse has been able to branch out into a number of different things which has allowed her to lift her own net worth to $1.5 million. As well as supporting her husband on a regular basis, Maryse runs her own business and appears in Total Divas as one of their main characters.

The former two-time Divas Champion has proved that you can climb your way up through a business and only be known for your looks but deep down you will always have dreams of her own. While it is highly unlikely that Maryse will ever be returning to a WWE ring as a wrestler after her daughter is born, it seems that she could be back by her husband's side in the near future, since she makes him a much stronger champion.

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