15 Photos Of Sportscasters That Are Too Steamy For TV

Sports is often considered a man's world. Yet there are plenty of women who would argue with that statement these days. Once completely made up of men who treated sports broadcasting as a boys' club, the old walls that prevent women from working in the industry have come down. According to research, there is still a gender disparity in sports, however. Compared to traditional sports print media, the visibility of women is increasing in broadcast journalism.

Over the last two decades, more and more women have joined the sports reporting world. The increased coverage of sports along with new sports channels and websites have allowed for more jobs to open up. Whether it is with ESPN, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, the NFL Network or another sports channel, more women are getting an opportunity to report on the games they love. No longer is sports reporting exclusively a man's job.

The women who report on sports are a diverse group. Some come from the sports world and are ex-collegiate or youth athletes. Others parlayed their work in modelling and acting into a career in front of the camera as a sports presenter.

While the women who report on sports is made up of highly capable professionals, it is also a world of gorgeous women. These women cannot only talk about football, baseball, basketball or mix martial arts, but they have a look that is too hot for TV.

15 Britt McHenry

A former ESPN sports reporter, Britt McHenry gained a reputation for being the first to report on major news stories while working with the network. McHenry worked on a number of ESPN shows including Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter. In April 2017, McHenry was a casualty of ESPN's cost-cutting measures. She now contributes to Fox and The Federalist website. McHenry had insinuated her release from ESPN was due to her conservative political views, although that has been disputed. In 2015, McHenry's biggest claim to fame occurred. She was video recorded verbally abusing a tow truck driver. The video was posted online, and it resulted in McHenry being suspended by ESPN. The incident got so much news that people still refer to it years later.

14 Jimena Sanchez

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Jimena Sanchez has been called the new Kim Kardashian. We're not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. However, the Mexican sportscaster is one of the hottest properties on television in Mexico right now. Sanchez works for Fox Sports south of the United States-Mexico border, and is still relatively unknown to the audience to the north. Look at Sanchez's social media and you would think she is a model rather than a top sportscaster. Sanchez regularly shows off apparel from NFL, MLB and NBA teams on her Instagram, and has amassed 3.3 million followers. Compared to other sportscasters, Sanchez isn't afraid to show off her body on social media. It wouldn't be surprising if she pursued a modelling career when she finishes as a sports reporter. Due to the fanbase Sanchez has created, it's surprising Fox Sports hasn't brought her to the United States.

13 Marisol Gonzalez

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A former beauty pageant contestant, Marisol Gonzalez transitioned into the world of sports broadcasting. In 2002, the Mexican beauty won the Nuestra Belleza Mexico pageant. A year later, Gonzalez participated in the Miss Universe 2003 contest where she turned heads despite not winning the pageant. During the Miss Universe contest she caught the eyes of Televisa Deportes executives, and it wasn't long until she was working for the channel. As a sportscaster for Televisa she has covered the Super Bowl on several occasions. Along with working in sports reporting, Gonzalez has also found work in acting and starred on the Mexican soap opera Te Presento a Valentin. Gonzalez married Mexican boxer Rafael Marquez Lugo in 2014, and her Instagram is littered with family pictures. She continues to work for Fox Sports in Mexico.

12 Sara Carbonero

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Sara Carbonero isn't a sportscaster many in North America will be familiar with unless they watch Spanish soccer. However, the Spanish sports reporter rivals any and all of ESPN or Fox's female beauties. A graduate of Madrid University, Carbonero began her career at Radio Marca in the Spanish capital. She later moved to Telecinco where she worked before moving to Portugal in 2015 with her husband, professional soccer player Iker Casillas. She hasn't gone through her career without some controversy. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Carbonero was accused of distracting Casillas during Spain's match against Switzerland as she reported from the sidelines. The shock loss put the side in a precarious position, and caused many to question Carbonero professionally. Looking at Carbonero, it is easy to see why Casillas would have been distracted.

11 Alex Curry

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Alex Curry is a reporter for the Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Kings, respectively. But she has done so much more than just report from the field or interview ex-players. Curry is the host of the teams' weekly magazine shows. She also serves as the sideline reporter for the USA Network's Team Ninja Warrior. In addition to working in sports as a television reporter, Curry has worked as a model and actress. Curry received her BA in Journalism and Media Studies from San Diego State University. Along with being a rising star in the department, she also played soccer for the Aztecs. Perhaps adding her to the soccer covering in the United States would convert more people into fans of the world's game.

10 Molly Qerim


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Molly Qerim has worked on a number of high-profile sports shows since gaining her first position with CBS Sports. She has also covered a variety of sports that include the NFL, UFC and college athletics. Qerim's resume of television shows is extensive. She has hosted or moderated Bracket Breakdown, Full Court Press, SEC Tailgate Show, MaxPreps Lemming Report, and SEC Tonight. One of her highest profile positions has been as the moderator of First Take. The 33-year-old is currently working for ESPN, and is the girlfriend of the network's basketball analyst Jalen Rose. In December 2017, the two had a slightly awkward on-air moment when Rose made a remark about faithfulness during an episode of First Take that caught Qerim off guard. Fans of the show got to see her give Rose a disapproving look on camera which set the internet alight over the couple's relationship.

9 Charissa Thompson

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Charissa Thompson grew up dreaming of becoming a sportscaster. She successfully reached that goal when she became a sports reporter with the Fox Sports Network back in the mid-2000s. Compared to some sportscasters, Thompson's resume is very extensive. She has worked on NHL, MLB, NFL and NASCAR programs. Thompson even co-hosted NBC's Extra program. She worked on the show for three years before returning to the sports world. Thompson's crossover work didn't just stop with her departure form Extra. The 35-year-old co-hosted ABC's reality series Splash. In the summer of 2017, it was rumoured Thompson would be heading to ESPN. However, it was later announced she would remain at Fox Sports as one of their top female sportscasters.

8 Erin Andrews

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Voted America's "Sexiest Sportscaster" in 2007 and 2008, Erin Andrews is one of the most well-known female television personalities. The former ESPN sports reporter has been working with Fox Sports since 2012. Andrews has worked as the channel's sideline reporter during NFL games, but it isn't just football that she works on. Andrews has worked in baseball, ice hockey and NASCAR. In fact, it was the NHL where Andrews got one of her biggest career breaks during her early years in the business. From 2001 to 2002, Andrews worked for the Sunshine Network reporting on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Andrews hasn't just been a sportscaster. She was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Andrews is one of the rare female sportscasters who has been able to crossover into pop culture.

7 Erin Sharoni

Erin Sharoni hasn't had the extensive sports reporting career as others on this list, but her model looks easily landed her on it. Sharoni is quite multifaceted and it shows in the work she has done and continues to do. Sharoni spent her early years as an athlete and is a certified personal trainer. A graduate of Wesleyan University, Sharoni worked as a model for athletic apparel companies before getting her first job in media as a sideline reporter for the St. John's Red Storm basketball team. Sharoni went on to work on the Jim Rome Show, CNBC Sports Biz and Red Storm Report on SportsNet New York. Sharoni also worked for CBS Sports' website as a writer and podcaster. According to her Twitter page, Sharoni is now working as a DJ and producer along with her writing and TV presenting work.

6 Samantha Ponder

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In March 2013, ESPN announced Samantha Ponder would take over the lead role on NFL Sunday Countdown from legendary host Chris Berman. It was a major coup for women working in the industry. Ponder started out working in college football and basketball as a sideline reporter before getting the call up to the big time. Ponder's first big appointment came when she took on the role as co-host of College Gameday. As the current host of ESPN's premier NFL show, she is in a position few female sportscasters are. Despite her big role, it doesn't mean she hasn't experienced sexist men in the workplace. Ponder was the victim of abusive language from Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy in October 2017 when ESPN partnered with the group. It caused the sports giant to immediately part ways with Barstool.

5 Anna Kraft

Anna Kraft had a promising youth sports career as a sprinter. However, injury curtailed her dream of being a professional athlete. So, instead of quitting sports all together, Kraft gained a degree in media and communications from Cologne University. The German sportscaster began turning heads when she started work at Sky Sports News in her home country. Kraft's career took a major step forward when she became the presenter on Sport1's Bundesliga weekly magazine show. The blonde bombshell now works for German broadcaster ZDF as a soccer presenter. The former youth athletics star currently lives in Munich, but still has close ties to her former athletics club Bayer Leverkusen. Her ties to the sports club are due to her father, who coached soccer in the youth sector of the club while Kraft ran track. Unfortunately for sports fans, Kraft isn't likely to be taking a position anytime soon, if ever, reporting on sports in North America. 

4 Melissa Stark

Melissa Stark has done more in sports news than many of her colleagues rather they are men or women. Stark currently works with the NFL Network, and has been working with the channel since 2012 as she has focused much of her career on football. Stark's biggest claim to fame, however, came during her time with ABC's Monday Night Football as a sideline reporter. Stark is an example of a sportscaster that has worked her way up through the ranks. From an intern with Baltimore's WMAR-TV to being a production assistant on a local radio show, Stark has done just about everything in the sports news industry. Along with working as a football sideline reporter and current sportscaster for the NFL Network, Stark also covered the Olympic Games in 2004, 2006 and 2008 for NBC. She has done just a little bit of everything as a sports reporter.

3 Kate Abdo

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Manchester, England-born sportscaster Kate Abdo is one of the hottest female reporters in all of Europe. Abdo speaks four languages: English, German, French and Spanish, and thanks to her multilingual abilities, Abdo has worked in multiple countries in the industry. Prior to getting into sportscasting, Abdo graduated from the University of Salford. She followed it up by living in a variety of countries in Europe, honing her language skills. Abdo currently works for Sky Sports in England, and has hosted the Ballon d'Or ceremony to crown the top soccer player in the world on several occasions. In January 2017, Fox Sports hired Abdo to host the channels extensive soccer coverage in the United States. Not only is she good at her job, but she is the type of smart soccer presenter the US audience desperately needs.

2 Josina Anderson

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Josina Anderson is an Emmy Award winning sports reporter currently working for ESPN. Anderson typically works on the channel's NFL-related telecasts. Born in Washington D.C., Anderson attended the University of North Carolina. She received a degree in Exercise and Sport before pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. Anderson was a youth track and field athlete and ballet dancer. Her performance on the athletics track led her to star for the Tar Heels' track and field team during her time at the university. According to a number sources, Anderson is a very wealthy woman thanks to her work with various sports news outlets. Her net worth is reportedly over $2 million, which is typically far more than most sportscasters on television today.

1 Jenn Brown

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A two-time Emmy Award winning sports broadcaster, Jenn Brown is one of the biggest names in the industry. A graduate of the University of Florida, Brown has worked on the sidelines for some of the biggest college and NFL football games. Brown spent eight years working for ESPN on an assortment of assignments. She reported on the Little League World Series, X Games, NFL Draft and more during her near decade with the sports giant. Brown nearly went a completely different career route. After graduating from Florida, she applied to 17 law schools. Her intentions were to become a sports agent. In the end, Brown was offered a role as a presenter for a travel show in California. She took it, moved to Los Angeles, and become one of the top sports reporters of the last two decades.

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