15 Photos Of Torrie Wilson That Will Have A-Rod Crawling Back

Torrie Wilson will go down in history as one of the most popular Divas in the WWE. Near the top of everyone's best-looking list, Wilson is still in amazing shape today and currently has a career as a model and fitness guru who uses her website to promote her healthy living. She regularly encourages others to do the same. Her Instagram feed is flooded with photos and videos of her staying active, trying to be positive and sharing the love among her many fans. One person who might be missing some of that love is a former flame, Alex Rodriguez.

In 2015, A-Rod and Wilson split after a three-year relationship. The break up was apparently over the former baseball star's unwillingness to commit in their relationship and separate himself from his close relationship with his ex-wife. Something tells us that when he sees the 15 photos we've included below, he might have a change in attitude.

Clearly, Wilson is among the hottest women in the world. She's overcome tremendous obstacles, stays in fabulous shape, she has an upbeat attitude and she's someone who isn't shy about committing to something. Would these features shine through her photos enough to get A-Rod to come crawling back? Would she even want him if he did? Take a look at these images and tell us what you think. If you were Alex Rodriguez, would you come crawling back asking for Wilson to reconsider?


15 Athletic To The Bone

It is no secret that Torrie Wilson is in incredible shape. It is also no secret that she was quite athletic in a wrestling ring. From the photo above it is also clear that she is no stranger to other sports. No wonder she is so fit!

Torrie can be fierce. She was a WWE Diva for nine years and long before that she was forced to overcome an eating disorder, hypothyroidism, career-ending back surgery, bad relationships (like her breakup with A-Rod) and financial difficulties. In short, she knows how to battle. She's clearly not someone you mess with and perhaps she was too much for A-Rod to handle. He was known to take a few shortcuts to earn some of his accolades in baseball. That couldn't have rubbed Torrie the right way.

14 Cute Puppies

Torrie Wilson came to WWE during its most crass and boundary pushing time. Most of the storylines were raunchy. Women's (or Diva's) matches were fought in little clothing and with unusually intimate stipulations. The whole thing didn't exactly scream respect towards women. This lack of respect came straight from the top of the company all the way down to commentary.

Enter Jerry Lawler, who famously yelled "puppies!" whenever he caught a glimpse of some women's... assets. In this photo however, Lawler would be correct to point out that Torrie Wilson does in fact have two very nice puppies. Real ones. She is holding dogs. Literally. We can forgive you if you didn't notice them right away though, as Torrie Wilson is absolutely beautiful.


13 Down Home Country Girl

Before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career, Torrie Wilson called Boise, Idaho home. A country girl, she knew that Idaho was not where she needed to be if she was going to hit it big as a fitness model. But, just because you take the girl out of the country, doesn't mean you take the country out of the girl.

Interesting Fact: Wilson studied pre-dietetics at Boise State University. It was during her freshman year that she realized she was living an unhealthy lifestyle and dealing with an eating disorder that saw her weigh as little as 110 lbs. She opened a fitness magazine and decided she needed to change her habits. Wilson competed in only three fitness competitions before being noticed by magazine photographers.

12 How You Wish You Felt

After posting this photo, Torrie writes, "Feeling under the weather today, so posting a pic of how I WISH I felt." First, we know that even when she's under the weather, she looks great. We've seen videos of her working out while battling the flu and we know how good she looks. Second, if how you wish you felt is like how she looks in this photo, she has lofty goals because she looks fantastic!

Fun Fact: Torrie believes she's seen almost every gym in every major city of the U.S. With her crazy travel schedule, it was up to her to find time to get in the workouts she needed to and that meant a different gym in a different location. If you think about that for a second, that's literally thousands of workouts. No wonder she can look this good.


11 Happy Without Him

If you follow Wilson's Instagram page you'll start to notice a theme. As part of her mantra to live a healthy lifestyle and choose to think positively and make every day a great day, she often wishes people a Happy Monday!

This image preaches balance and enjoying life, which is short. We're going to guess she's not specifically talking to A-Rod and that she means us, but perhaps its a blanket statement in general. Someone in the comments section decided to say "Love u better with no pants!". We don't disagree as we often like to celebrate "No Pants Fridays!". We think it's a trend everyone (well almost everyone) should start.

10 Ready For Sun And Sand

This beach body may intimidate some men but you can't say she doesn't look like a million bucks. And, if you're one of those guys who think she's too big, she doesn't care. She writes, "Best anti-aging secret? Lift weights! A strong body is youthful & strength is empowering. - Often, women concentrate on being as thin as possible but as we age especially, thinness looks like frailty. Frailty has a bad rap for coming with age and it’s time to change that!"

Torrie Wilson is 42 years old and you'd never know it by looking at this photo of her rocking a skimpy bikini on the beach and flexing her muscles. She's not shy about the fact that she works out and she has no bones about having better muscle definition than a lot of men and women.


9 Wetter Is Better

via celebrityphotos.com

If we needed to make a list of all the things that are right with this picture, it would be a mile long. From the wet hair to the soaked top that almost reveals too much to the fact that she looks like she just kicked the gym @$$, Torrie Wilson is giving A-Rod more than he can handle if he sees this photo.

Fun Fact: As listed on her "About" page on her website, Torrie explains how she moved to Los Angeles after competing in three fitness competitions and wanted to make it as an actress. During many auditions, she was told she was too muscular. Instead of bowing to the pressure (like many struggling actresses do), she refused to alter her appearance. She was proud of her looks, got noticed by fitness magazines and eventually the wrestling industry, proving she made the right call. When it became more acceptable for women to have muscle, Wilson was way ahead of the curve.

8 Unacceptable Gym Outfit

via theplace2.ru

We know this photo is supposed to look like it was taken at a gym and potentially during a workout but, frankly, that is unacceptable. If Torrie Wilson ever walked into a gym with this outfit on and tried to get a workout in, she'd be the only one doing anything. There's no chance any other person in the fitness club (male or female) would be able to concentrate.

Sad Fact: In 2008, Torrie had to undergo back surgery to replace a collapsed disc. It meant the end of her wrestling career. People hoping she'd make a return to the WWE in any capacity are going to be disappointed as her injury allows her to stay active and fit, but likely not take the bumps that wear away at your back. Even with rumors that a number of former WWE Divas might return, this likely includes a brief appearance at the Royal Rumble in 2018 is out of the question.


7 Sending A Secret Message

"Keep smiling! ...and remember, if you don’t think you deserve better, you won’t get it. Just feeling like somebody out there needs to hear that."

Perhaps that was a hidden message to A-Rod who has a history of thinking a lot about himself and going through women rather quickly. His dating rap sheet is quite long. Maybe it was a message sent to someone else who didn't treat Torrie right and she's picking up the pieces of another bad break up. Or, perhaps it was a message just meant to be generally positive to her followers that love the fact that she seems positive, upbeat and ready to send that positivity out into the world. Whatever the case, Torrie is not letting things get her down and her message has some truth to it. If you know and believe good things are coming, good things tend to come.

6 Clinging to the Phone?

How would you not look at this photo and think to yourself, 'Wow! If only we knew who she seemed so desperate to hear from that she's holding that phone so tightly.' Maybe in A-Rod's head, he believes she's waiting for him to call and she just looks like this in the hopes he'll come back. The truth is probably anything but.

She says in her caption, "It’s never easy to look at our weaknesses but impossible to grow if we don’t. Look hard." It's hard to see what weaknesses she might be referring to here. To say the least, there aren't many visual ones. She's clearly ready to grow past whatever it was she had with him. Her words seem to inspire a lot of fans as her comments section is flooded with thanks for her positive messaging.


5 A 12-Year-Old Boy?

Most people look awful when they're laughing. Have you ever taken a look at yourself when you laugh or cry? Trust me, it isn't pretty. Yet somehow, Torrie still looks amazing and to boot, she's laughing after someone had the nerve to insult her. She says, "Why am I laughing? Someone just told me lifting weights makes women look manly..and that I resemble a 12-year-old boy. I’ll take that as a compliment because of the age. Lol -"

First off, who would say that to someone that looks like Torrie Wilson? Second, that she's able to laugh it off makes her even more attractive. She adds, "Listen... ALWAYS laugh off the negative things ppl say to you & remember it comes from others’ insecurities."

4 Strong Start To A New Year

Day 2 of 365. BELIEVE BIGGER.

A post shared by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

While we can understand you might not get past Torrie Wilson's Instagram page (there are tons of photos to gawk at for hours), a little bit more digging and you'll see she runs a site called torriewilsonfit.com. Her website is a home to improving your health and well being and her mantra seems to be LIVE A FIT & HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! This photo shows that she didn't waste much time after the New Year to get right back into the swing of things. She writes in her caption, "Day 2 of 365. BELIEVE BIGGER."

If you don't use her message to motivate yourself into the gym or to try and live a healthier 2018, then at the very least, be thankful she started your year out with such a wonderful image. While she works out and gets in better shape, you can just gawk at her beauty.


3 Summer Dress In November

Everyone loves a good summer dress. That said, when Torrie posts a picture in November with a summer dress on, there's something even more attractive about her choice in outfit and we have to assume A-Rod would love another chance at spending some warmer days with his former girlfriend.

Did You Know: While a huge motivational celebrity now, Torrie Wilson is most known for spending nearly nine years as a pro-wrestling superstar with the WWE. Torrie says in her bio that it wasn't the path most of her close friends would have picked for her but her charisma and personality made her a huge star. She started in WCW and made her way north after only a short stay. Wilson was a perfect fit for the Attitude Era in WWE where looks and personality made for the most popular Divas. Torrie Wilson was definitely one of the most popular Divas and she had a "do anything" kind of attitude.

2 Good Morning Gorgeous

Not one to shy away from all kinds of photos, this Instagram post went public with the intention of letting the world know, no matter what time of day or how prepared you are to face the world (full makeup or not), you can start fresh. She encourages her followers to put a smile on.

One of the comments reads, "The cup says it all. If you look like that in the morning I can’t imagine how you look cleaned up." We couldn't agree more. If you look like this in the morning, who in their right mind would walk away. There are a lot of women who don't look like this ever! Why wouldn't A-Rod want to wake up beside this face every day? It's a rhetorical question folks.


1 Playful

During Torrie Wilson's time in the WWE, she was popular when things were a bit riskier. From bra and panties matches to lingerie battles, there wasn't much Wilson wasn't asked to or willing to do. She was often seen making out with the men in storylines, including a fling with Vince McMahon, she had a bit of a dating history with some of the talents, including a long-term relationship with Billy Kidman and she eventually made her way to Playboy magazine where she was one of the most popular sellers for WWE Divas.

It makes sense then to put a newer but little more naughty photo to end our list. It's still a more wholesome shot but enough to remind us of some of Torrie's finer moments in the WWE.


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