15 Photos That Prove Paige Spiranac Is The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Golf

If you know golf, you probably know Paige Spiranac. And, that means you probably have an opinion one way or another regarding how the very attractive and very public golf beauty has taken over women's golf, in some cases for the wrong reasons.

Not shy about flaunting how fit, attractive and beautiful she is, she's caused quite the stir on the LPGA tour and actually been told to dress differently, some of her outfits being "too much" for the sport. Because of her, in 2017 golf got talked about attire in a major way because she spat in the face of a much stricter dress code that told female golfers they couldn't wear shirts with plunging necklines, short shorts or skirts. If you've seen Paige's wardrobe, you can understand why the LPGA took issue with her if they were serious about this new dress code. But just because the LPGA has taken issue with her, doesn't mean thousands of men and women have. In fact, Paige has changed the way some women dress for golf and she's clearly made a number of fans of the men who will watch the game just to see what's she wearing.

As an article in the New York Post said it best, "There is more to Paige Spiranac than her collection of stunning Instagram photos, but it’s the reason the golfing beauty is breaking the Internet." We decided to show some of the 15 best photos that are making Paige a household name among golf fanatics. These photos will prove, perhaps, that Paige Spiranac Is The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Golf.

15 Happy Holiday From Paige

Feeling festive💃🏼💄 #isitchristmasyet #holidaymakeup

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Merry Christmas everyone. We figured we'd start with a photo to get us on in the holiday spirit. Ok, maybe Paige isn't dressed up specifically in a holiday outfit and maybe there's no tree, presents or actual Christmas decorations in the photo, but with Christmas right around the corner and red and green being the colours most often associated with the holiday, this red sweater speaks to us over this festive time of year. Perhaps so does the lowly cut neckline.

Spiranac has this naughty sort of Mrs. Claus look going on and I don't think too many fans would be upset if she were responsible for delivering presents this year. In her Instagram post, she simply writes "Feeling festive". Aren't we all. Yes, aren't we all.

14 She Brings Considerable Assets to Golf

Golf makes me smile...sometimes😂 #golf #18birdies

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Whether you like it or not, Paige Spiranac brings a certain set of assets to the game of golf. She often proudly puts them on display for people too. This photo we had to include just because of the caption and the comments.

She writes, "Golf makes me smile...sometimes?". Yes, yes it does. It also makes a lot of other people smile when you post photos like this. The comments are pure gold. From "I can't stop looking at your pictures I apologize for that", and "Very beautiful eyes..." Something tells me Paige doesn't want her fans to apologize for checking out her photos and we all know whoever posted about her eyes, isn't actually looking at her eyes in this photo. One person even wrote, "Makes me furious ??". Yes, it is frustrating that not everyone looks this good.

13 Good Causes

It's easy to say that Paige is bringing negative publicity to the sport of golf because she's known more for her looks than her game but you have to admit, attractive viewers in almost any way is helpful for the game, especially if you consider the eyeballs Spiranac can bring to excellent causes such as cancer awareness.

In one Instagram post, she writes, "October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 1 in 8 women have breast cancer. I know Saturday’s are for the boys... so boys, let’s do right and get this shirt for yourself, significant other, friend, or family member. 100% of the proceeds go to the save the ta-tas foundation!" How many guys might think about donating because someone who looks like Paige asked you to? It might be a less than noble reason to give to such a worthwhile cause, but if it makes you do so, then it works.

12 Yoga Pants

Holy yoga pants Batman! You'll find plenty of articles on this site about women in yoga pants because let's face it, women and yoga pants are about the hottest thing ever! But there's an argument one can make that no one wears yoga pants quite like Paige Spiranac does. If you need evidence, just check out this photo and then pull up a few other articles with yoga pants in the title.

Paige writes, "Rain or shine, you'll find me at the golf course. Unless I forget my rain gear like I did today then I'm outttt". One of the commenters wrote, "I'm so glad you exist." We have to admit, perhaps that person nailed it. How else can one articulately describe Paige's influence on the sport other than to say, she's just better for being a part of it.

11 Yoga Pants Part 2

Speaking of pants, when this photo was taken, do you think everyone said to themselves, "what is the best way we can use something that's already on a golf course and accentuate Paige's already very nice derriere? Well, when someone suggested having her sit on a driving range club rack, they clearly found a good way.

There's absolutely no shame in this photo that Paige shared with her legion of Instagram followers. Ironically, she writes, "First PXG Video Blog out! We are talking about price. See the link in my bio to check it out!" PXG (Parsons Extreme Golf) doesn't have much to do with this photo, but it's an effective way to get people to notice his clubs. This is probably why he chose to partner with Paige.

10 Who's Your Caddy?

When Paige asks in this Instagram post, "Want me to be your caddy?", how many ways can someone answer, "um, yes please." This picture was meant to promote a contest that would allow one lucky winner a chance not only play with Rory Mcilroy and One Direction band member Nail Horan but Paige would also caddy for you. When you think about how many possible fans this kind of contest covers, you have to wonder why it doesn't have more likes than just 51K. You've got young women who love boy bands, you've got true golf enthusiasts to play with one of the best male talents in the world and you've got some incredible eye candy to hang out with you for 18 holes. The real problem is, how long before you feel bad that someone so hot is carrying your clubs and you just end up doing it yourself?

9 The Kind Of Outfits That Got Her In Trouble

My kind of purse👛

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

There's a good chance it was outfits like this that got Paige Spiranac noticed by the folks who so badly wanted female golfers to stick to the dress code. Sking tight shirts and short skirts were not exactly on the top of the wanted list for female attire. That said, it's so old school to try and tell women that they can't dress up to play a sport that is 95% mental and much less physical than say tennis or another sport where women are dressing just as attractively.

Paige is obviously trying to gain more followers and bring more notoriety to her account because we have to assume she purposely took a photo in the tree line area and didn't actually hit her ball there. Is it all about the right lighting?

8 Gratuitous Fitness Shot

Ok, we'll be the first to admit this outfit has about as much to do with golf as Tiger Woods has to about playing good golf these days. This is clearly a shot in a fitness outfit taken on a golf course for the sake of putting Paige in a tight fitness outfit and talking about her workouts.

She writes, "I struggle with diet to be honest. I love my sweets and carbs but I make sure to never deprive myself and listen to my body. I've learned I don't have to be crazy strict to achieve my fitness goals. I've also kicked it up with my workouts and am excited to see how my body is going to change in the next couple months!" Something tells us she's doing alright with the workouts she's currently on. Don't you just hate it when someone who looks like her complains about not looking her best? Oh, the nerve.

7 The Fans

Growing the game, one selfie at a time😂🤗

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Of the photos on this list, this photo likely shows Paige in the least provocative of her poses. But let's face it, this is a list about Paige being possibly the greatest thing to happen to golf and you have to admit, she's got an entire legion of fans.

She isn't lying when she claims to be "Growing the game, one selfie at a time". These young men seem to be enjoying themselves and we know there are tons of adults out there that would seize the opportunity for a selfie with one of the world's most attractive athletes. When you consider that golf is in the background of every shot, you have to suggest that the game is better for it. You might not like her but she's doing wonders for the sport.

6 That Putt Never Stood A Chance

That look when you have no idea if it's breaking left or right...

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Some people say that putting is the hardest part of golf and where golfers tend to lose or gain the most strokes in their game. As such, putting is probably the most intimidating part of any round of golf. Perhaps not for Paige Spirananc who looks to be staring down this hole and intimidating the putt itself.

She writes, "That look when you have no idea if it's breaking left or right..." After seeing this photo, one has to ask, do we really care whether or not she made the shot? Just the fact that somebody decided to use this moment as a photo opportunity is enough to tell her it's a gimme/tap-in. Just pick up the ball and move to the next hole Paige, we'll call it good.

5 Not 100% Perfect

Ok. let's take a second to be critical but at the same time recognize not everyone is perfect. Spiranac posts a video at Topgolf and uses it as an opportunity to thank the fallen men and women who serve the U.S. military. We're not saying she shouldn't thank those people because they definitely deserve our praise but are you telling us she couldn't find a more appropriate way to do so?

There might be some who are critical of the platform she chooses to thank U.S. troops. She basically posts a short video that uses these fallen heroes as an excuse to post herself in a very "first world" kind of scenario. It seems odd to say that these fallen heroes should be thanked so you can go to Topgolf. With all that said, we could be nitpicking here and the fact that she is thanking them is never bad. To that end, she does look great. Not everyone gets it 100% right all the time and this is .just one of those times she could have taken a different approach shot.

4 Stranger Things

The fact that Spiranac is a fan of Stranger Things just makes her more attractive than any other golfer we know about. She says in an Instagram post "Who’s watching Stranger Things 2? How do you like it so far? I’ve had to stop so I don’t finish it all in a couple days haha." We'll start watching it now but something tells us no one will quite wear that shirt the way she does.

She's not even old enough to know what the 80's were like when Stranger Things took place. Then again, neither are a lot of the fans of the show. I suppose just the fact that she tagged the show and the word "eggo's" makes her a keeper in our books.

3 What She Really Looks Like

The best part about this photo is that this is what Paige Spiranac probably really looks like in most cases. She's in the middle of a round, she's got her game face on and she's thinking about a shot. To be honest, this is more attractive than many of her posed shots.

It is photos like these that make you respect what she brings to the game in a capacity that's more than just looking fantastic. You truly believe that she works hard to get good at the game and while she's doing so, she still looks like a million bucks and is one of the hottest female athletes in the world. We don't dislike the other photos, but something about this shot speaks to every golf fan in a different way.

2 Even Conservative Looks Good

This is a photo that brings the best of a couple fashion worlds. Paige is going for the conservative to mildly adorable to downright sassy look and it's working quite well. Her ready-for-a-picnic top and her short white skirt got a few of the commenters on this post going. Meanwhile, Paige simply writes, "When you don't know what to do with your hands haha. Always awkward, always smiling"

This is a fun pic and shows how Paige can relax and enjoy the game of golf. We have to say, we love the non-traditional shirt and it's probably a style the LPGA wouldn't give her a ton of grief over. We'd be ok with seeing her wear it on tour one day. As Ron Burgundy would say, stay classy Paige Spiranac.

1 Role Model For Young Women

Like it or not, Paige Spiranac has become a role model for thousands of young women who look up to her, find strength in her confidence and are taking up the game of golf because of the attention she brings to the sport. That she's giving back to the game by teaching these young women to play means she's more than just a pretty face.

Paige writes, "My return to the @omegagolfdubai has been an incredible experience. I'm so grateful for the opportunities that golf has given me to make a difference in other people's lives. I had so much fun working with these amazing kids at the clinic tonight showing them how much fun golf can be." You have to appreciate her wanting to give back and keep a healthy crop of new golfers coming into the game.

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