15 Photos That Prove Paige Spiranac Is The Hottest Golfer

At 24 years of age, Scottsdale, Arizona’s Paige Spiranac is easily the most well-known unranked female golfer on the planet.

The gorgeous blonde has become nothing short of a social media sensation. Spiranac currently has over 1 million followers on Instagram, a number that will likely only increase based on the stunning images she posts.

Her rise to fame has drawn criticism from top-ranked LPGA golfers and few bitter fans as well. However, it’s like the saying goes “haters gonna hate.” While some folks may not like the reason why, the fact remains that the attractive golfer has brought attention to the sport she loves. Moreover, if she is able to generate more interest in the LPGA, then everyone involved in the league stands to benefit.

While Paige Spiranac probably isn’t on the fast track to the LPGA Hall of Fame, there is no denying that she is one of the most beautiful athletes currently competing in any professional sport today.

Moreover, she is just 24 years old and still has time to develop a golf game that would warrant the type of attention she’s received.

For those who are ready to see what all the fuss is about, here are 15 photos that prove Paige Spiranac is the hottest women in golf.

15 That Smile 

Golf makes me smile...sometimes😂 #golf #18birdies

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The busty golfer stops to pose for a photo while practicing at the driving range in this image. The mountains in the background only make this beautiful shot that much more engaging. The young Spiranac flashes her gorgeous smile and immaculate white teeth, in yet another photo that helps prove she is indeed the hottest woman in pro golf.

Fun Fact: Spiranac stance against bullying is likely due to the fact that she was picked on in her youth. She told Golf.Com “The girls on some of the other teams spread some really, really nasty rumors about me. None of it was true, but it really affected my life. I didn't have close friends to begin with and the girls I was friendly with just drifted away, because these rumors were so vicious no one wanted to be near me.”

14 The Cactus


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Paige Spiranac proves that she might just be the hottest thing in the desert while standing in between these two cacti. This pic shows the golfer being photographed from the back while flashing the smile that so many of her fans have come to love. The shot proves that it will take more than a couple of slightly dangerous plants to keep this young golfer from smiling. The 5-foot-6 blonde shows off her legs once again in her black shorts and top in this fun pic.

Fun Fact: Prior to becoming a professional golfer, Spiranac was an accomplished gymnast. While competing, she suffered a knee injury that cut her gymnastics career short. The future LPGA competitor retired from gymnastics when she was just 12 years of age.

13 Summer Days

Spiranac displays a bikini bod that even the most beautiful pro athlete would envy, in this breathtaking Instagram post. The resident of Scottsdale Arizona is hot in more ways than one while posing in 117-degree weather (if the caption below the photo is to be believed). The caption also says, “Happy first day of summer.” After seeing this picture, it’s likely that anyone's day would be much happier.

Fun Fact: Inspiring women is something that in important to Spiranac. According to her website, “Encouraging women to be themselves, fight for what they believe, and to embrace their true calling in life is extremely important to Paige. Through hosting events and clinics, supporting other incredible young women, and posting inspirational messages, Paige hopes to help women not only discover the game of golf but to also feel empowered to achieve their wildest dreams.”

12 Perfect Putt


Paige Spiranac has an intense look on her face as she appears to measure distance while preparing to sink a putt. The talented blonde shows of her top half in this particular image. There are a lot of great female golfers who know how to prepare for a putt; However, few ladies look as good as Paige Spiranac while doing so.

Fun Fact: Spiranac has been very vocal on her stance against bullying. In fact, her website even says; "Paige is intensely passionate about doing her part to stop bullying, especially cyberbullying and online hate. She is an official ambassador for The Cybersmile Foundation and often speaks out about her many experiences being bullied throughout her childhood, college, and golf career.” It’s always good to see a pro athlete embrace a worthy cause.

11 Fierce And Fit

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The lovely golfer proves she is never too busy to strike a pose, even when she’s out running, which appears to be the case in this photo. After seeing this image, is becomes clear that Paige Spiranac spends a great deal of time working out. The 24-year-old proudly shows off her well-toned physique in this stunning image. There are certainly more than a few guys out there who love to for a run with this charming athlete.

Fun Fact: Believe it or not, Spiranac actually struggled to make friends when she was a young girl. In an interview with Golf.com, she discussed her relationship with her classmates; "I was this weird kid with a bunch of problems, and they all shunned me." The beautiful young woman certainly isn’t being “shunned” these days.

10 White Dress

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The 5-foot-6 star once again stuns the masses in her immaculate white dress. The outfit highlights her beauty and the heels help to showcase the young golfer's toned legs. It’s fair to say that Paige Spiranac is an athlete that has been doing her fair share of squats at the gym. Her smile shines through once again in this memorable picture.

Fun Fact: Paige Spiranac was born in Wheat Ridge, Colorado back in 1993. Wheat Ridge is a suburb of Denver, which is located in Jefferson County. It is arguably best known as the home of the James H. Baugh House, a registered historic site. As of 2016, there are an estimated 31,372 people currently residing in the municipality; thus making it fair to say that one of the LPGA’s hottest girls was, like the famous John Mellencamp song says... born in a small town.

9 Selfie Fun

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Anyone who follows Paige Spiranac on social media will soon find out that the blonde bombshell enjoys taking her fair share of selfies. That being said, with a physique like Spiranacs, it’s easy to understand why she would want to post these types of images. The ripped social media sensation looks gorgeous while wearing her jean shorts, black top, and glasses. She manages to look both smart and sexy in this stunning selfie.

Fun Fact: Her golf coach Leslie Spalding has had great things to say about her pupil. She even told Golf.com, "She worked the ball more than any player I had ever been around: low cut, high draw, bend it around a tree. She had all the shots. As far as her power and her ability to shape the ball, the only players I can think of who compare to her are Kelly Robbins and Brittany Lang.”

8 Tight Dress

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Paige Spiranac once again steals the show with another dazzling selfie. This time the LPGA standout is wearing a tight dress that helps to show off the physique that made her famous. In this photo, the young blonde demonstrates why she is second to none in the curves department. Spiranac shows that she has an excellent sense of style in this shot.

Fun Fact: Spiranac is an athlete who is all about having fun. Her website even states; “From hosting fun golf clinics to partnering with companies like Topgolf and Callaway on exciting, innovative events, Paige is always looking for ways to add a little more spice to life. When she's not in the gym or working on her game, you're likely to find Paige playing around with trick shots, discovering new cultures while traveling the world, and enjoying her hobbies, like reading comic books and exploring the world of fashion.”

7 Cardio

In this Instagram post, Spiranac Claims “I don’t like cardio so I try to run like there’s a zombie apocalypse chasing behind.” Whatever she is doing appears to be working, as the blonde golfer looks amazing in her skimpy running attire. Spiranac looks more like a fitness model than a LPGA pro in this particular shot. She is yet another athlete who proves the cliché that strong is indeed sexy.

Fun Fact: Paige Spiranac currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale has a population of approximately 237,000 people and has a rich history that dates as far back as 300 BC. Scottsdale is known to have vibrant party scene that likely attracts more than a few beautiful women to the area. However, there probably aren’t too many ladies in the area who are as beautiful as Spiranac.

6 More Selfie Fun

In this particular post, Spiranac apologizes “for the lack of golf posts lately.” However, with selfies like this one, it’s hard to imagine that she is getting too many complaints. The selfie queen once again proves why she has over a million Instagram followers with a photo like this one. She looks gorgeous in her striped shirt, thigh-high sock, and glasses

Fun Fact: Paige Spiranac is a proud alumni of San Diego State University. The future pro even served as the captain of her school's golf team during her tenure there. According to her official website, she was also a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Her time at San Diego State allowed Spiranac to lay the groundwork for what would eventually become a career in professional golf.

5 From The Future

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Spiranac looks ready to convert any Sith Lord to the light side of the Force in this Star Wars inspired futuristic photo. As an avid fan of comic books, it’s likely that Spiranac had a great deal of fun while posing for these images for Golf Digest. In fact, a photo very similar to this one was featured on the cover of the prestigious publication. The blonde bombshell truly looks “out of this world” in this flattering silver space outfit.

Fun Fact: Paige Spiranac has various instructional videos posted on her website. The topics include things like “3 short game shots you need to know” and “How to hit a knockdown shot.” According to one of the post, she really enjoys the short game and even claims that “The short game is hands-down my favorite part of golf!”

4 Yoga Pants

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It's seemingly impossible to find a female athlete who doesn’t wear yoga pants these days and Paige Spiranac is certainly no exception. That being said, one would be hard-pressed to find an athlete who looked better wearing them. The vivacious blonde appears focused and ready to send this ball flying in her figure-flattering athleisurewear. The 24-year-old likely turned a few heads on the golf course the day this image was captured.

Fun Fact: Sprianac made her professional debut in the United Arab Emirates back in December of 2015. Given that the young golfer had achieved much of her notoriety via social media, there was some backlash from the media. The Irish Examiner even went so far as to say "With more selfies than birdies, golf shouldn't need Paige Spiranac." However, her legions of Instagram fans would certainly disagree.

3 Perfect Swing

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Spiranac shows good form as she watches the ball drift towards its intended target. The 5-foot-6 San Diego State alum looks outstanding in her regular golf attire. Paige Spiranac shows that she doesn’t need to be wearing a bikini or skin tight dress to look amazing. Even in somewhat standard golf wear, the young Spiranac proves she is still a knockout.

Fun Fact: While some folks resent Paige Spiranac for rising to prominence through social media, others have decided to embrace her. A golf executive named David Spencer recognized Spiranac’s potential immediately. He was quoted in a Golf.com article, when talking about inviting her to Dubai for a tournament, as saying "We detected this social-media explosion around Paige and noted that she was connecting with younger fans and those who might not otherwise be paying attention to golf. It seemed quite obvious to invite her."

2 Those Green Socks

During the course of this article, one might logically conclude that Paige Spiranac is absolutely addicted to selfies. That being said, it’s photo like this one that helped to make her a star in the first place. In this images we see the golfer sporting a pair of skimpy bottoms, a white tank top, and what are apparently (based on the caption) are brand new socks. She once again shows off a figure that is clearly lacking any noticeable imperfections.

Fun Fact: The many fans out there who dreamed of one day dating Paige Spiranac, had their hopes dashed when she announced her engagement in December of 2016. Spiranac is engaged to a former minor league baseball player named Steven Tinoco. The couple even posted a video on Instagram to announce the engagement.

1 Splits

The former gymnast shows off her impressive flexibility in this memorable Instagram post. Despite the fact that this position looks to be extremely uncomfortable the young golf star still manages to smile while holding her club behind her back. Photos like this one make it nearly impossible to dispute the fact that Paige Spiranac is not only the hottest woman in golf but also one of the hottest females in any professional sport.

Fun Fact: According to Excelle Sports, Spiranac didn’t create her Instagram account to become a social media darling. In fact, she stated in the article that ““I just wanted to post about golf and document my senior year at San Diego State. I just planned to post about golf because no one can say anything bad about a golf swing.” Whatever the reason was, it certainly worked out well for her.

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