15 Photos These Athletes Don't Want You To See Of Their Daughters

Being a professional athlete comes with plenty of perks. Not only are you a national celebrity, you also have millions of dollars, a recognizable face, and multiple opportunities that a majority of Americans simply do not have or may ever have. It is much different than being a Hollywood celebrity because you actually perform a sport that isn't pre-determined and involves years of training and practice just to become the best of the best.

Do you honestly think these athletes were born to become a stud? No, they have to earn it the hard way. Tom Brady was a fourth string college QB at Michigan until a lucky break gave him a shot. He had the same issues in the NFL after being a sixth round selection and then being buried in the depth chart. That is, until Drew Bledsoe got injured. It's all about the work and sacrifice that these players have to endure to get to where they are today.

But those are the perks. The downside of becoming a professional athlete is that you are eventually going to have a family to protect and thanks to some blessed genes, you might end up with a daughter that will cause you some issues when they turn 18 and start becoming an adult.

Let's take  look at 15 photos of some of the hottest daughters of professional athletes that their fathers simply wished would be taken off the internet.

15 Alexa Flutie (Daughter Of Doug Flutie)

Before any of us knew about it, Doug Flutie had a daughter. But then, in 2012, Alexa Flutie got a job working for the New England Patriots cheerleading squad and all bets were off. After a year in New England, she moved to the beautifully sunny climate of San Diego to continue her career as a cheerleader, working for the Chargers. She has since continued to dance and is still teaching and training other dancers.

If there was any photo on Instagram that Doug Flutie hates, chances are it is this one, taken recently, that showcases his lovely daughters flexibility. What father would want to see this type of photo on the internet knowing that it will be shared from site to site until the photo has been turned over more times than an overcooked pancake.

14 Abby Hornacek (Daughter Of Jeff Hornacek)

The best ❤️

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Did we miss something? When did Jeff Hornacek produce this amazingly beautiful human being? Abby Hornacek is not just a beautiful face posting photos while living off the accolades and funds of her father. She went to USC and earned herself a job as the host of Watch Stadium's The Rally. She is also a sideline reporter for the underrated ESPN2 Drone Racing League show and USC football. She has a knack for sports and it shows.

Once a beautiful woman ends up getting jobs working in sports, they usually tone down their Instagram posts but Abby went the other way with it and some of her photos got even more beautiful. Since her father Jeff Hornacek is an NBA coach and former Utah Jazz legend, chances are he hates her posting any photos showing off her skin, let alone this one in a tube top.

13 Deiondra Sanders (Daughter Of Deion Sanders)

*inserts happiness quote* Part 3..... #parkinglotphotoshoot

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Deion Sanders had a gorgeous wife but then everything went haywire and the next thing you know, he was divorced. At one point, his ex-wife had been held in contempt and served time in jail while also losing a defamation suit against him and having to prove her faithfulness with her husband while they were married for 14 years.

In that marriage they produced a few children with Deiondra Sanders being one of them. Unfortunately for Deion, he might have been the fastest defensive player of all time, and one of the best, but he is not fast enough to stop her from posting all kinds of amazing shots on Instagram. Deiondra has discovered a new way to showcase the gifts that she was given from the lord above, and she does it quite nicely too.

12 Deepika Padukone (Daughter Of Prakash Padukone)

Most Indian people have heard about Deepika Padukone because she is one of the biggest film stars in India. We wanted to introduce her to you because she is also the daughter of the world-famous badminton star Prakash Padukone. Yes, that is right. We said badminton..

One of his biggest accomplishments (besides dominating the badminton court) is producing one of the finest women from India ever. But her biggest accomplishments, besides her lavish beauty, is her acting resume, in which she has won three Filmfare Awards for her acting abilities. She continues to remain one of the most popular celebrities in India as her career rises to levels not seen before in the country. As any father would say, they would love to see their daughters succeed but not pose like the photo posted above.

11 Sydney Esiason (Daughter Of Boomer Esiason)

As sweet as she is beautiful! 💕 #CG60years

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Who is Sydney Esiason? Besides being the daughter of legendary NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, Sydney Esiason is an Alice Eve clone and one of the most beautifulladies in the country today. Her Instagram is littered with photos that any father would like to take down but we find that this one is probably the worst of them all. It is fair to assume that the more skin you see, the less you want it online.

Lucky for Sydney, she got started early off in life thanks to her father's NFL connections and her natural talents including posing for Sports Illustrated. She also loves enjoying NHL and NFL games, and spending time with her friends and family. Given the relationship a father and daughter have with each other, we can safely assume that Boomer would rather not deal with images of his daughter such as the above where she can be compared to Kate Upton and hold her own!

10 Britney Calcavecchia (Daughter Of Mark Calcavecchia)

After attending the University of Florida, Mark Calcavecchia went on to play in the PGA Tour from 1982 until 2009. In that time, he won 13 tour events including one of golf's largest major championships, The Open Championship at the British Open back in 1989. He continues to play on the Champions Tour while playing a very limited PGA schedule.

Somewhere along the way, he created the beautiful Britney Calcavecchia. After looking at photos of Mark, it is tough to understand how a man that looks like that could create such a perfect specimen such as Britney. She is dabbling into real estate and making a name for herself along the way. Since she is now married, chances are her Instagram is going to get toned down, which is common amongst women that look that amazing.

9 Jasmyn Wilkins (Daughter Of Gerard Wilkins)

When the booze cruise turns into a photo shoot with the Lincoln Memorial #CUinDC

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Of the choices on this list, Jasmyn Wilkins could possibly be the most mysteriously hot. Her beauty speaks for herself in her countless photos on Instagram, all of which could replace the one listed her for hottest photo of her. As a former Miss Georgia, Miss USA, and Clemson grad, Jasmyn continues to excel in her modelling career. She is starting to lead the way for gorgeous athlete daughters.

Her father is none other than the former New York Knicks role player Gerald Wilkins. Gerald would play for Cleveland, Vancouver Grizzlies and Orlando Magic throughout his career. He is a career scorer averaging 13 points, 3 assists, and 2.9 rebounds per game. His 11,736 career points are also impressive. But he is most famous for one reason, not his daughter either, it's his older brother Dominique Wilkins, who was a two-time slam dunk champion and perennial all-star.

8 Angela & Amber Cope (Daughter Of Darren Cope)

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Don't look now but we found a set of twins that can only be described as amazing. The Cope Twins, Amber and Angela, are involved in the NASCAR and racing world thanks to their family's racing roots that date back to their grandfather's rookie days. Angela has raced in the NASCAR Xfinity Series plus the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Amber had less success in NASCAR, racing in just two races in the Xfinity Series back in 2011 and 2012.

The beautiful twins set a NASCAR record in 2010 by becoming the first twins to ever compete in any of its' top three racing series (Camping World Truck Series, Xfinity Series, or the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series). Their beauty is just an added bonus to their driving skills. Derrike Cope, the 1990 Daytona 500 winner and longime #00 NASCAR driver is their uncle.

7 Callie Rivers (Daughter Of Doc Rivers)

pop two, i'll take oooone for him 🎶

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Doc Rivers played in the NBA from 1983 until 1996 and was named to the All-Star team in 1988 while playing for the Atlanta Hawks. It only took him three years before he got into coaching when he took over the Orlando Magic in 1999. He later coached the Boston Celtics, the team that he would win the Coach of the Year award as well as becoming an NBA Champion.

He would eventually get his son signed to the LA Clippers to play for him making a dad's dream come true, to coach his own son. Lost in the mix is his beautiful daughter, Callie Rivers, who was a former volleyball player at the University of Florida. She eventually started to use Instagram and show herself off to the world. As busy as Doc is, we guarantee that he still gets updates on his daughter's Instagram posts that he wishes were private.

6 Brittny Gastineau (Daughter Of Mark Gastineau)


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Long before most of these fathers had to worry about the millions of men gawking and staring at their daughters, Mark Gastineau was dealing with the problem like few others. The father of supermodel Brittny Gastineau has been fighting off guys since the 90s.

That makes her one of the earliest viral daughters in sports that figured out how to use her looks to her advantage and she did it without the use of Instagram or the internet. Her first big start was in magazines and on television, posing in sensual outfits and designer brand clothing. If there was ever a worse picture to want removed as a father, this has to be at the top. There is not a father on this planet that would want his daughter to shine this much.

5 Elisa Johnson (Daughter Of Magic Johnson)

Boots all summa🏁

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Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard to ever play in the NBA. Period. He is one of the most accomplished superstars in NBA history and yet he continues to establish himself as an entrepreneur and business mogul with his most recent hiring as the Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations.

He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, was an analyst for TNT and ESPN's NBA Countdown while creating Magic Johnson Enterprises, worth almost $700 million. He also has a controlling interest in EquiTrust Life Insurance, and is a part-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. So when his daughter grew up (and got incredibly beautiful in the process) he had to have been worried. Once she found out you can post photos like this one on Instagram, it was game over for him as a father.

4 Avery Schelereth (Daughter Of Mark Schelereth)


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Mark Schelereth is the man you probably hear analyzing the NFL all year long on ESPN but forget that he was once a player. Mark is easily one of the smartest analysts that ESPN has ever hired. His ability to breakdown a system, a player, and a coach is the best in the business. If there is anyone you want to listen to on the world's most successful sports channel, it has to be Mark.

Now that he does not have to worry about blocking schemes and reading linebackers, he has to deal with the men trying to get with his two daughters. Both are insanely gorgeous. You could easily pick either one of them but we went with Avery for one reason, her Instagram portfolio rocked like few others.

3 Bianca Gascoigne (Daughter Of Paul Gascoigne)

Yeah, that is Bianca Gascoigne in a bathtub. Her father is Paul Gascoigne, famous English footballer that played for the England national team as well as Newcastle United, Tottenham, Lazio, Rangers, Middlesbrough, and Everton. He even managed Kettering Town for a season in 2005. He has reached 57 caps all told while earning around $25 million over the course of his career.

He was once considered to be the most naturally gifted English midfielder of his generation and his daughter knows it. She has used that popularity to her advantage to help her become one of the most famous sports daughters in the industry, ever. It's easy to see why, as she is absolutely stunning, daughter of an athlete or not.

2 Crosby Hull (Daughter Of Brett Hull)

Found a lake @ Arizona

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Crosby Hull has not only one of the greatest names for a sports daughter, she also has one of the wildest sides of them all. She loves to have fun and her Instagram proves it. For those of you who have no idea who Brett Hull is, he is a legendary hockey player who was an eight time NHL All-Star, a Hart Memorial Trophy winner, three 1st team All-Star appearances, and a two-time Stanely Cup champion. He played in 1,269 games and ended up with 1,391 points for a career. After all of those fights, hits, slams, and goals, Brett Hull created a free-spirit, hippie loving, wonderful woman with the most epic of names. He probably hates that she is such an open book online that he would more than likely enjoy having Instagram ban her from posting more photos.

1 Paulina Gretzky (Daughter Of Wayne Gretzky)

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Paulina Gretzky suddenly appeared online in a skimpy Halloween costume and the internet nearly broke. The daughter of the greatest pro hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, was ridiculously attractive and she knew it. She started posting the greatest of photos on Instagram that we had ever seen. So it was easy to understand that Wayne probably wished she took about 90% of her Instagram photos down but she is an adult that earns a living now as a model and superstar wife.

However, this photo probably scared the hell out of her father because of who is standing next to her. Tiger Woods was once the greatest golfer of all time and was heading towards breaking the record on just about every course in America. But then his sex addiction hit the web and everything changed for the one time star golfer. He went from role model to the guy you wish your daughters would stay far away from overnight.

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