15 Photos These Athletes Wish We Would Unsee Of Their Secret Partners

With the rise of technology, we now get intense access to some of our favorite athletes – for better or for worse. The rise of social media has exposed the lives of numerous athletes and in this article, we document the worst times that saw an athlete’s life get exposed through either infidelity, or through a secret partner they just didn’t want us to know about.

The athletes featured in the article are no average Joes, they include the best of the best from the worlds of soccer, basketball, baseball and other Olympic sports as well. What do these athletes have in common? They were all caught with secret partners they likely didn’t want us knowing about. For the most part, few of the athletes on the list have addressed these situations and that isn't too shocking.

From Tiger’s numerous secret partners to even the great Lionel Messi undergoing a secret hookup, these are 15 photos these athletes wish we would unsee of their secret partners. With most of the athletes now in happy relationships and even starting families, the last thing they’d want to see is such images. We begin the list with soccer icon Lionel Messi and a story he’ll want us to forget about! Enjoy folks and be sure to share the article with a friend.


15 Lionel Messi – Xoana Gonzalez

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It’s almost a decade now, Messi has been in a relationship with Antonella Roccuzzo - the two have known each other almost their entire lives and went public with the relationship in 2010, although the rumor mill indicates the two actually started to date in 2009. The happy couple now have two children with a third currently on the way.

His personal life seems clean cut, however, there was a story of Messi being unfaithful as Xoana Gonzalez herself detailed the incident of Lionel being unfaithful back in 2011. According to the model, Messi requested time with the beauty – though the request didn’t come from Lionel himself, it was actually the security team of Messi that approached her. Ultimately, the two allegedly hooked up, with Xoana referring to Messi as a major flop in bed – she even made the claim that it felt like she was having intercourse with a dead body, yikes!

14 Usain Bolt – Stephanie Mal & Gemma Casemore

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Bolt is regarded as the fastest man alive and with such a moniker, he’s doing a great job of living the same kind of life in the fast lane off the circuit and when we mean living life in the fast lane - we mean doing lots and lots of partying along with hooking up on the regular.

Just days ago, Bolt was at it again, this time partying hard down under in Australia. The night started off for Bolt in the club, he later took a marketing graduate who has both the looks and the smarts apparently, Stephanie Mal back to his hotel room for a little more fun. According to the details, Mal and Bolt partied it up in a Jacuzzi taking it all off till 5 AM. They weren’t alone either, British bartender Gemma Casemore also joined the two as well. Once Usain finally settles down, he’ll want us to completely forget about such wild nights with smoking 24 years olds.


13 Tiger Woods – Laci Kay Somers

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We all know of the many women Tiger hooked up with during his scandal, however, another name recently emerged following his terrible arrest when he was found completely passed out inside of his car. The charge was officially rock bottom for the golfer who immediately checked into rehab following the entire ordeal.

With the media world buzzing, the name Laci Kay Somers emerged to the surface. According to various publications, Woods was partying with Somers the night of his arrest, which was rather conflicting given the fact that he was dating his ex-girlfriend at the time, Kristin Smith. Once again, the rumor mill was indicating that Woods was playing the infidelity card, though in his defense, Somers denied the claims. He’s in another relationship today with Erica Herman, a manager of one of his restaurants, it remains to be seen if Tiger’s going to keep things legit this time around or add yet another secret partner.

12 Neymar – Laryssa Oliveira

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Nowadays, Neymar is dating a plenty as he’s had a slew of beautiful women to his disposal as of late, however, a couple of years back that was not the case as he was in a serious relationship with Bruna Marquezine, a Brazilian model and his longest serving relationship.

The couple would eventual split and details emerged that infidelity had a lot to do with it. According to the reports, Neymar had a secret partner while dating Bruna, the name to come up was of one Laryssa Oliveira, another model and television host. If you studied Neymar’s past with the females, you know he loves himself a model. Nonetheless, the news was pretty revealing and something Neymar want us to forget about. He’s now happily playing the field getting linked to a new female monthly it seems.


11 Derek Jeter – The One Night Stand Women

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When it comes to Jeter’s impressive dating history, in truth – there simply aren’t many names he’d want us to forget about. His list of ex-girlfriends is pretty remarkable and it includes the likes of current wife Hannah Davis, Mika Kelly, Jessica Biel, Adriana Lima, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson just to name a few, seriously take your pick on such a list!

However, there is a certain urban legend circulating that’ll he’ll want us to unsee. According to the rumor mill, Jeter had a slew of one night stands with random females and that’s not the bad part, what was worse is what ensued after a night of fun. Apparently, Jeter would arrange private transportation for the female in the wee hours of the evening. In the car, was a gift basket by Jeter himself which included signed memorabilia! No need to continue as to why he’ll want us to forget about his secret one night stands.... #GiftBaskets

10 Michaels Phelps – Taylor Lianne Chandler

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Taylor Lianne Chandler might be the biggest mistake of Phelps’ life. According to reports, Michael briefly dated the adult inter-gender star. When the two broke things off, Taylor went on a rampage for a couple of years letting out descriptive details pertaining to their time together.

Chandler revealed text messages along with revealing photos of Phelps. It didn’t stop there however as in 2016, she took shots at Phelps for having a history of being unfaithful, making the claim he would date several women at once, even when he was with his current wife back in the day. Nowadays, the swimmer is putting those days behind him getting married to the previously mentioned Nicole Johnson along with having a son, Boomer Robert Phelps.


9 Shaquille O’Neal – Dominica Westling

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Here’s a name you likely didn’t expect to see on such a list, but yes, even the great Shaq had his fair share of controversy back in the day. To his credit, he owned up to most of the allegations which for the most part, took place while he was still married to his ex-wife, Shaunie Nelson.

A specific report showcased intimate text messages between Shaq and model Dominica Westling. In the messages, the two had arranged to meet and the buildup to the meeting was followed up by several “Not So PG” messages, especially coming from Shaq. Again, the incident took place during the couple’s relationship and judging by the texts, it seems as though the two had already hooked up prior. The legend has done a great job of putting the incident in the past as few recall this situation taking place – he’ll want to keep it that way.

8 Michael Jordan – Karla Knafel

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Sticking with the theme of great basketball players - we now turn our attention to arguably the greatest off all-time, Michael Jordan. Similar to Shaq, Jordan was in a relationship at the time with his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy. The marriage began in the late 80s and would come to a halt in 2006. The decision was said to be mutual and on amicable terms – after all, Vanoy walked away from the relationship with a cool $168 million, so yea, she was fine.

A controversy that sprung during his marriage dealt with what many believe was a case of extortion. Karla Knafel came forward claiming Jordan offered her $5 million to keep the affair a secret. She even made the claim that Jordan was the father to her child, something that eventually was deemed untrue. Like Shaq, he’s done a great job to suppress this story in the past.


7 John Terry – Vanessa Perroncel

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Oh Jon Terry, this story was so bad that it actually still gets mentioned on the regular. Looking back at his career off the pitch, he surely regrets this one act that damaged his reputation pretty severely with all ends of the spectrum from the fans to even a lot of the players.

Basically, Terry hooked up a teammate’s partner, which is an absolute no no. French model Vanessa Perroncel was the one implicated in the ordeal and the poor guy on the other end was fellow Englishman Wayne Bridge. According to the rumors, Terry had actually impregnated the model and arranged for an abortion. Once the world got out, Terry’s reputation took one heck of a pounding as he was also in a relationship and happily married. International coach Fabio Capello even removed his captaincy following the story breaking.

6 Ronaldo – Daniella Chavez

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Yup, another soccer player and it kind of makes sense, these dudes are not only loaded with money, but for the most part, looked like their chizzled out of granite and that’s certainly applicable for Ronaldo who’s dated a plenty throughout his life, particularly when he rose to fame with Madrid.

Some his private affairs made the headlines for all the wrong reasons however. Cristiano and his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk, a stunning model had a lengthy relationship, though rumors claimed that Ronaldo wasn’t faithful during the ordeal. Stunning Playboy playmate Daniella Chavez took to the press claiming the two hooked in November of 2014 while the two were still together. The cheating allegations would eventually cause a rift between the two leading to a breakup.


5 Dwyane Wade – Aja Metoyer

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Looking at oh so many examples of infidelity from the past, NBA players might be the very worst at keeping it in their pants when they’re in a relationship with a significant other. Wade joined that infidelity list when Aja Metoyer came forward with a shocking claim.

According to Metoyer, her recent child was not a “break baby” and according her own statement, she was not viewed as the “other one” while the two were in a relationship, which seems to have overlap from Wade’s relationship to Gabrielle Union. Aja was adamant during interviews that she wasn’t in the wrong and regarded herself as the victim in the situation, claiming she was the one to be cheated on. In any event, it’s a secret relationship Wade likely didn’t want to get out and one he wishes we could all unsee.

4 Alex Rodriguez – Madonna

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Most of the athletes on this list have got one heck of a dating resume, however, you can make the argument that A-Rod gets the nod for the most impressive dating history. Following his divorce, Rodriguez went full throttle on the dating scene entering relationships from the likes of former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson to his current partner, the ageless wonder Jennifer Lopez.

That’s the good but there is the bad as well, and that comes in the form of the name Madonna. According to countless gossip publications, Madonna was the main reason for Alex’s initial divorce back in the day as to the two were very close. Even his ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson blamed their breakup on his private relationship with the legendary songstress. Due to the fact that A-Rod never spoke a word about the secret relationship with Madonna and given the chaos in created, he likely want us to forget about it without saying a word.


3 Tony Parker – Erin Barry

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Similar to John Terry, Parker did the unthinkable by developing a secret relationship with a teammates partner, Brent Barry. The couples even have a picture together featuring the four of them as you see in the photo above, you can’t make this stuff up folks! The secret relationship was one that both Parker and Erin Barry likely wanted to keep on the down low, but obviously, that was not the case.

Both have gone on the record of making the claim that nothing ever took place asides from “Not So PG” likes text exchanges between the two. The incident would cause the split between Parker and Longoria as Eva listed infidelity for reason of separation. Parker has since moved on as he married French journalist Axelle Francine. The couple has two children.

2 Kobe Bryant – Katelyn Faber

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We close off the list of NBA players with secret partners featuring a disturbing story from Kobe’s past and one he’ll hope we forget about at this point. The incident was so bad and so out of hand that it turned into a trial over a decade ago back in 2003. According to the case, Bryant was in custody after he was accused of sexual assaulting a 19 year old hotel employee. Katelyn Faber, the alleged victim claimed Kobe had raped her during his stay at the hotel.

Bryant would admit to intercourse, though he denied any claims of foul play. The victim ended up dropping the charges and the situation was settled out of court. Katelyn Faber would continue her attack against Kobe however making public videos detailing their encounters – judging by her videos, she wasn’t in the best state of mind.


1 Tiger Woods – Mindy Lawton

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It was only fitting to end the article with yet another Tiger Woods story, when we think of secret partners, Woods is the poster boy for athletes and their infidelities from the past. During Tiger’s downward spiral, this story of unfaithfulness was perhaps the most disturbing of the bunch as Woods was linked to an $8 dollar an hour diner waitress. The two had kept the relationship secretive for the longest time as Mindy would meet Tiger secretly inside of a truck, which she was escorted to by Tiger’s security.

Once the women began to come forward, Lawton was encouraged to do so as well. The story made the headlines across the globe. Adding insult to the situation, it’s believed that the two held the secretive relationship for over a year.


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