15 Pictures Danica Patrick Doesn't Want You To See

As time moves on, a legacy tends to take shape. When it comes to Danica Patrick, that legacy has multiple views. Some, rightfully so, see her as a trailblazer in the sport, breaking various records which we’ll discuss in the article. Others however, aren’t so grateful for her accomplishments in the sport, some drivers have refereed to Danica as a marketing wizard and not a driver. Others have also been skeptical of the revealing pictures she’s taken in the past, being such a trailblazer and being looked up to by so many young females, did those pictures with magazines like Sport Illustrated really send the right message? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

In this article, we take a look at some of the forgettable moments from Danica’s career. Thankfully, we have picture evidence from these moments. Photos featured in the article include some creepy candid shots that invaded her personal space, past revealing photo shoots and even an iCloud hacked photo that made the headlines a couple of years ago.

Strap on your seat belt and enjoy this article that features 15 pictures Danica Patrick doesn’t want you to see. Be sure to share the article and engage in conversation via our Facebook page. Start your engines!

15 Topless Sports Illustrated Photo

via si.com

Hardcore NASCAR pundits haven’t exactly been thrilled with Danica Patrick’s involvement in the sport. She opened new doors for racing, which included some involvement from the entertainment industry which was fascinated by her jump to the male dominated sport. Companies like Sports Illustrated wanted more from the driver and she posed for the magazine in a revealing shoot. This is one of the beach pictures from the spread which is quite revealing.

When it’s all set and done, Danica might regret such photos. At the age of 35, it remains to be seen if she’ll have a kid and if she does, these types of pictures are certainly forgettable. Some NASCAR fans also want to forget about these types of pictures as it shed a negative light on the sport. Of course, Sports Illustrated begs to differ as the revealing shoot was a massive success.

14 Creepy Candid Shot

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When you become a recognizable face, both the paparazzi and fans will do there absolute best to cross the boundaries of privacy and sneak in an inappropriate picture. For Danica, as you’ll see in this article, this has happened on more than one occasion. For the most part, they invaded her privacy and we believe she’d like these pictures to be extinct as she likely didn’t approve.

The front of the picture is quite nice as a young fans poses with her idol. However, the creepy snipe tells another story as Danica poses in quite the position with her backside sticking out quite nicely. Pretty weird how a picture can tell two different tales just by the angle it’s taken by! The picture went from rated G, to one you're hiding your child's eyes from.

13 Go Daddy Inappropriateness

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If you ask the casual human being, its likely some remember Danica for her involvement with Go Daddy as opposed to her days as a driver. Patrick was the company’s biggest sponsor as she took part in several ads, most of the revealing nature. Some in particular, like the one you see above of Danica receiving an exotic massage, might be the type of commercials she wants us to forget about when it’s all set and done. For little girls that aspire to be like her, the commercials weren’t exactly sending the strongest message.

The name Go Daddy also didn’t help her cause too much. The casual fan that doesn’t know the company sells domains would probably think it did something of the adult nature. Having her name linked to it constantly throughout her career might not have been the best thing. However, Patrick might argue that the dollar bills she received beg to differ.

12 CSI Gig

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Her fame really started to kick once her image was making the rounds, particularly during commercials with Go Daddy. Her stock was extremely high and many believed she even had a huge future in the entertainment business whether that was appearing in film or TV shows.

The outcome is something Patrick likely wants us to forget about. Her roles in the entertainment business were quite lackluster and her most promising cameo took place in February of 2010 during an episode of CSI: NY out of all things. On the show, Danica played the role of a driver (real original) suspected of a possible murder. Nothing really came of the spot, but she did have another cameo playing on The Simpsons which is pretty darn cool we must admit.

11 More Creepy Candid Pics

via dailymail.co.uk

We featured a creepy fan picture earlier and we now turn to a shot taken by the paparazzi as Danica tires to enjoy some relaxation on the beach. Judging by her face, she seems none too pleased by the photo. When it comes to athletes and paparazzi, the two clearly don’t mix.

The Wisconsin native likely kept her cool in the photo, but at the end of the day, we truly believe she doesn’t want us seeing the picture as it invaded her personal space. Had she been decked out in full makeup and a Photo Shop program, she would have said otherwise but that wasn’t the case with this candid shot. However, props to Danica who still looks great in the shot and maintains a healthy diet today at the age of 35. We’ll have more on that aspect of her life a little later.

10 The Struggle

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The amount of records Danica broke during her career deserves a list of its own. Quickly naming some of her accomplishments, she’s the only female to ever win an IndyCar Series event along with having the highest female finish in the Indianapolis 500’s history. She’ll forever be regarded as the greatest in the sport in terms of females and that’s something nobody can take away from her.

However, with the good, came a lot of bad, if you’ve followed Danica’s career throughout, you’re well aware she struggled at times and some would argue, she struggled more than she won during her career. This picture depicts the tough times of her career and surely, it’s a shot she doesn’t want us to remember now and when her career is all set and done.

9 Strong Girl Supplements

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Nowadays, Danica Patrick has shifted her focus into the world of fitness. Obviously, companies have demanded Patrick’s endorsement and one of the company’s she promoted for was Strong Girl. Danica was quoted on saying, the company is “the standard for high-quality nutrition”.

We dug a little deeper, and it seems like Patrick in no longer a part of the company as her presence isn’t seen at all on the main site. This is a classic move of an athlete promoting something they likely don’t take. With Danica being heavily invested into natural produce, we believe the likelihood of her actually taking the product was quite slim at that. At the end of the day, it might be just another sponsorship deal she wants us to forget about.

8 Yoga In A Bikini

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If you take a quick look at Danica’s Instagram account, you’re well aware that her new obsession has shifted from cars to fitness. Patrick posts a plethora of pictures whether it be a yummy, nutritional friendly meal she whipped together, or, a photo of herself performing some exercises like different yoga postures. She’s taken a liking for the movements and this photo clearly shows it.

The picture seems to be every male teenager’s dream, beautiful women in bikinis performing inappropriate movements. There’s no doubt Patrick meant good by the post, but we believe it inspired a different kind of audience. Nonetheless, Patrick remains active in the fitness industry as she’s now shifted her focus over to apparel. We hope it does better than the sponsored supplement line.

7 More Revealing Sports Illustrated Photos

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If Danica starts to think about all the youngsters that aspire to be like her, it’s more than likely she wouldn’t want them seeing such photos as she strips off her Indy jumpsuit while dawning a fantastic white bikini. We assume several of her fellow drivers have visualized that very moment.

Image wise, the SI shoot hurt her stock a little bit, particularly to those that looked up to her. The male demographic however, had a field day with the shoot. The patriotic Americans probably also love the fact that Danica has a neat little American flag located on her lower back. When it’s all set and done, this might be another photo Danica wishes she never took. But for now, men will look on in a state of absolute trance. If you’re spouse catches you starring, say you were looking at the water...

6 Previous Relationship

via divorcedebbie.com

You might not be aware, but Danica Patrick is yet another athlete that had the misfortune of having a failed marriage. Hmm we haven’t heard that before... All jokes aside, Patrick is seen in the picture with her ex-husband, Paul Edward Hospenthal. His name screams out NASCAR driver, but he’s actually a physical therapist. Her former hubby helped Danica nurse several injuries, particularly one she sustained while performing a yoga movement. That lucky son of a gun.

Danica even converted to Catholicism when the two got married in 2005. However, sadly, the relationship would come to an end seven years later in 2012. On the bright side, a rarity, the relationship ended on amicable terms and the two were able to move on, on positive terms.

5 Blowing Up On Other Drivers

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What’s made Danica even more beloved is the fact that she has a short temper. We’ve seen Patrick get into it with several drivers in the past, including a female counterpart at one point in time. The incidents made the headlines, but we believe Danica would have rather they didn’t, losing her cool in the situations.

This picture from 2015 shows Danica losing it on fellow driver Denny Hamlin. Of course, the story went absolutely viral with the likes of TMZ reporting on the incident. Patrick actually got physical with the driver accusing him of rear ending her. Danica actually grabbed him by the chest as the poor dude Hamlin was trying to calm her down telling her he was her friend. The entire ordeal was quite forgettable and something Patrick doesn’t want us to remember about.

4 More Weird Go Daddy Commercials

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The racing world has been very critical of Danica, some even criticized her unfair advantage of being lower in weight. For the most part however, some have had an issue with her advertising career outside of the sport. The likes of Kyle Petty claimed that Patrick shouldn’t be classified as a driver and instead, a “Marketing Machine”. Petty was critical of Danica claiming lots of drivers no how to drive fast, but few can actually race according to the veteran taking a shot at Patrick. Other drivers came to Danica’s defense after the comments, but it showed how critical some were of her involvement in the sport.

This commercial furthers that statement as Danica takes part in another weird Go Daddy campaign while rocking a muscular look. The ad is quite hilarious visually, but in truth, it only furthers the point made by Kyle Petty.

3 Racer Suit & Bikini Bottom

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Although Danica probably doesn’t want to hear this, but the SI photo basically sums up how her legacy is remembered. Some view her as a trailblazing female Indy driver, while others, believe she took that fame and made coin with it appearing as a sex symbol, more so than anything else.

Reviews are quite mixed when it comes to her legacy. Some believe her contributions will go down in the history of the sport while others believe, it’s been overblown. The likes of CBC New York labelled Danica in the top five in terms of being the most overrated athletes in the world. Her legacy is debated and this picture clearly sums up the debate the masses have when bringing up her name. How will you remember Danica?

2 Red Bikini & Muscle Car

via youtube.com

For the male demographic, this picture is an absolute joy. It features a stunning muscle car, along with a smoking hot beauty that has a passion for speed. The picture perfectly depicts that as Danica rocks a spicy red bikini. It’s visually pleasing for the male population, but the females, might be thinking otherwise.

With female empowerment movements across the globe, this is the exact opposite message females in power want to send. Selling sex has its place in the world, but when it comes to such a role model like Danica, many believe it was best that she took such a revealing route, posing in limited clothing for various magazines spreads. This another photo that Patrick might want us to forget about given all the women empowerment movements around the globe today.

1 The Leaked Photo

via therichest.com

Over the course of the last couple of years, massive phone leaks have taken place invading the privacy of several athletes. Through an iCloud hack, many popular female faces have seen some personal photos go viral, creating quite the controversy as most were seen in some graphic and revealing pictures.

One of them happened to be Danica Patrick as pictures of the race car driver were posted back in 2014. Compared to some of her other counterparts, the leak wasn’t all that bad as the images were quite tame. The only revealing photo featured was the one you see above exposing a part of Danica’s breast. It wasn’t much, but it’s still a photo that invaded her personal space and likely, the picture she doesn’t want us seeing the most from this list.

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