15 Pictures Of Anna Kournikova That Prove She Is Hot AF

Before players like Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki cemented their status as The Women’s Tennis Associations top beauties, there was the Russian-born blonde bombshell known as Anna Kournikova.

The 5-foot-8 Moscow native’s natural beauty was the talk of the pro tennis world throughout much of the late-1990s and into the early-2000s. During that period it would be next to impossible to find a list of attractive female athletes that didn’t include Kournikova.

If one lived in or frequented college dorms around the turn of the century, they no doubt saw more than a few walls with Anna Kournikova posters plastered on them.

Today the retired tennis star is still only 36 years of age and looks every bit as good as she did in the prime of her tennis career. Kournikova is one athlete who definitely makes a point to stay in peak physical condition as you will soon see.

This article will show images from Kournikova in the prime of her tennis career and several photos which were taken as recently as 2016.

Anyone who sees these images simply won’t be able to deny the former tennis star’s beauty.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 15 pictures of Anna Kournikova that prove she is one of the hottest athletes ever

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15 Bikini Shot

via pinterest.com

If one simply takes a gander at this image it becomes abundantly clear that the Russian stunner looks as good as any bikini model. The photo shows a playful Kournikova showing off her seductive smile as she holds her hair in place. She clearly knows how to pose like a pro and it shows in this shot. It’s easy to see how she found herself on so many posters back during her playing years.

Fun Fact: During her playing career Anna Kournikova was never ranked number 1 in the world as a singles player (she was never ranked higher than number 8). However, she did become the top-ranked doubles player in the world back in 1999 while playing with her partner Martina Higgins. The fun-loving duo even used to refer to themselves as the “Spice Girls of Tennis.”

14 Stretching Out

#sundaymood #joy 💃🏼

A post shared by 🐾 Anna 🎈Аня (@annakournikova) on

This photo of Kournikova taken last August proves that she is still a world class beauty. The Moscow native looks like she is in good enough shape to step onto tennis court tomorrow if she so desired. The red bikini highlights a physique identical to the one we saw in her athletic prime. Moreover, this image shows that Anna Kournikova still has the type of balance that made her one of the top players in pro tennis over a decade ago. The caption below here is certainly correct; as we can all agree that Kournikova is capable of making any Sunday a joyous occasion.

Fun Fact: For three years between 2001 through 2003 fans flocked to the internet in search of images of Kournikova, thus making her one of Google’s most commonly searched names during that period.

13 Striking A Pose

#tbt to not that long ago... ☺️

A post shared by 🐾 Anna 🎈Аня (@annakournikova) on

Anna Kournikova looks nothing short of breathtaking in this black one-piece as she leans against the wall. This particular picture highlights the blonde beauties signature long legs in what appears to be a modeling shoot. It's fairly easy to see how this image was able to get over 8,000 likes on Instagram. Images like this will help ensure the retired tennis star has a strong social media following for years to come.

Fun Fact: Sadly, Kournikova was forced to give up her professional tennis dreams at just 21 years of age. She battled injuries throughout the latter portion of her career. A herniated disk combined other back issues forced her into early retirement. What she could have accomplished if she was able to remain healthy into her peak playing years will be debated by tennis experts for years to come.

12 Walking The Path

#tbt #summer #comeback #soon #лето #возвращайся #быстрее

A post shared by 🐾 Anna 🎈Аня (@annakournikova) on

The image of a young Kournikova following a trail into the jungle is a captivating image indeed. The photo highlights her toned lower half which helped make her a major celebrity back in the early 2000s. The Russian tennis model is looking back as if to ask someone to follow her. Whoever she is trying to lure into the jungle with her probably didn’t put up too much resistance before deciding to follow her.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova is actually a former Olympian. She represented her native country Russia in the 1996 games which were held in Atlanta, Georgia. Though she competed in the games she was unable to advance beyond the first round. She was defeated by Laurence Courtois from Belgium. Courtois would go on to be eliminated in the next round.

11 Throwback Beauty

via pinterest.com

Here is a classic Anna Kournikova shot from back in the day. The young tennis star looks radiant in her white see through top and dress like bottoms. It’s clear that she was able to master the art of modeling at a relatively young age which could help explain how she became such a sports phenomenon.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova appeared on Season 12 of the hit reality television show The Biggest Loser. She served as a trainer and attempted to help the contestants lose weight. The former Olympian replaced one the shows most popular trainers, Jillian Michaels. However, according to 2011 article from the International Business Times, “Some contestants found Anna Kournikova's style as brash as Jillian Michaels without the underlay of genuine sympathy and commitment that the longtime Biggest Loser trainer has always exhibited.” She did not return for the 13th season.

10 Red Heat

via comicvine.gamespot.com

The iconic Russian hat and red short skirt shot is one the images most often associated with Anna Kournikova. The picture shows the former Biggest Loser trainer playing a little air guitar (or perhaps more accurately racquet guitar) as the wind blows her hair to the side. The tropical scenery in the background helps to complete what is arguably one of the best pictures ever taken of the former tennis star and that’s really saying something.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova was such a big star back in 2001 that she actually had a computer virus named after her. The virus came in an e-mail that claimed to feature images of the tennis star. When the recipients attempted to open the attached jpg image it would launch a viral script that went to everyone in their Outlook address book.

9 Standing In The Pool

via freerepublic.com

It’s a good thing that the water in that pool is so shallow, otherwise, Kournikova might sink to the bottom with all those bracelets shes wearing. That being said even with excessive accessories (try saying excessive accessories 10 times fast) she still looks gorgeous. The black one-piece helps highlight the 5-foot-8 Russians long legs. Moreover, her ability to pose for the camera and make seemingly any photograph memorable is certainly being demonstrated in this particular shot.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova comes from a family full of great athletes. Her mother was a former track and field runner. Moreover, Sergei Kournikova (Anna’s father) was an accomplished Greco-Roman wrestling competitor. Her younger brother Allan Kournikova is also a youth golf champion. It’s fair to say that being a great athlete runs in the Kournikova family.

8 In The Sand

via desktopexchange.net

Anna Kournikova looks very relaxed while resting on the shoreline in yet another stunning bikini photo. The vivacious blonde proves that she doesn’t mind getting a little sandy in the name of helping capture the perfect photo. The shot shows the type of physique that only an athlete who is willing to spend countless hours on the court or in the gym can expect to be able to obtain.

Fun Fact: In 1999 Kournikova made it all the way to finals in mixed doubles competition at Wimbledon. The Russian star and her partner Jonas Bjorkman defeated the team of Steffi Graf and John McEnroe on their way to the final round. However, the duo would end up losing to the team of Lisa Raymond and Leander Paes in the finals.

7 Yoga Pants

via pinterest.com

Anna Kournikova is keeping the athleisure wear movement alive in her yoga pants and black top. This relatively recent shot highlights her toned abs. It’s likely that the former Wimbledon finalist generated a great deal of attention walking down the street in this number. At 36 years of age, Kournikova still looks every bit the stylish athlete she was in the prime of her professional career.

Fun Fact: In 2000, Anna Kournikova and her mixed doubles partner Max Mirnyi advanced to the final round of the U.S. Open. In the semifinal round, the pair ousted the Australian duo, Rennae Stubbs and Todd Woodbridge. In the final round, Kournikova and Mirnyi squared off against the team of Jared Palmer and Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, with Vicario and Palmer emerging the victors.

6 Impressive Back Bend

#enjoy #your #weekend #yoga #pilates #health #nature #loveyourself #nofilter

A post shared by 🐾 Anna 🎈Аня (@annakournikova) on

It’s fair to say to that Anna Kournikova is the type of girl that will “bend over backward” in order to get the perfect shot. This photo, which was taken in the summer of 2015, confirms the Russian tennis star is paraticing her hashtags #yoga and #pilates as she is defiantly displaying some impressive balance and flexibility here. Moreover, the scenery in the background is almost as beautiful as Kournikova herself…almost.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova's best singles Grand Slam performance came in 1997 when she made it to the semifinal round at Wimbledon. She defeated Croatia’s Iva Majoli in the quarterfinal round. However, she would go on to be defeated by Switzerland’s Martina Hingis in the following round. While Kournikova failed to make it to the final round, she did become the youngest woman to advance to the semifinal round of the tournament, at just 15 years of age.

5 Short Skirt

via pinterest.com

Here is a photo of Anna Kournikova actually playing tennis…well getting ready to anyway. This throwback shot shows a youthful Kournikova looking back at the cameraman while wearing a somewhat standard black tennis skirt. This reminds us that she doesn’t need to be wearing a bikini or yoga pants to look good.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova’s 2nd best showing as a singles competitor in Grand Slam tournament came at the 2001 Australian Open. She defeated the likes of Austria’s Barbra Schett and Germany’s Barbara Rittner on her way to the quarterfinal round, before being soundly defeated by American Lindsay Davenport. Sadly, Kournikova would never again advance to (or beyond) the quarterfinal round of a Grand Slam tournament for the remainder of her singles career.

4 Stunning Smile

via desktopexchnage.net

The former tennis star shows a set of pearly whites suitable for a toothpaste commercial in this photo. The white Adidas tank top blends nicely with her well-tanned physique. This photo shows the type of youthful exuberance that made folks who didn’t even watch tennis very interested in what Anna Kournikova was up to. Kournikova, is, was, and probably always will be one of the hottest women involved in the sport.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova’s last WTA tournament appearance came back in 2003. However, she has been known to compete in exhibition matched from time-to-time. In fact, back in 2010 she reunited with her old doubles partner Martina Higgins to compete in the Invitational Ladies Doubles event at Wimbledon. The duo even picked up a win over Anne Hobbs and Samantha Smith at the event.

3 Red Dress

via chouchoudress.net

This comfy looking red dress helps showcase the Moscow native’s signature curves. Red is a color often associated with Russia and the former Soviet Union which is perhaps why Kournikova seemed to often model in outfits which were that particular color. Regardless of the reason for her color selection; red definitely suits her in this image as she kneels on the shoreline staring seductively into the camera.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova has been romantically involved with singer Enrique Iglesias since 2001. The two have kept their relationship very private. In fact, there is even speculation that the couple may have wed, but it has never been confirmed. The two have been together for nearly 15 years, though they were thought to have briefly separated in 2013 before eventually getting back together.

2 High Heels

via onlyinhighheels.wordpress.com

Anna Kournikova looks more than ready for the red carpet in this stunning dress. The former Wimbledon semifinalist no doubt stole the show the Hard Bat Classic that year. She appears to be having a great time while laughing it up and kicking back her stylish red high heels. This stunning blonde likely gets the V.I.P. treatment at whatever event she may decide to attend.

Fun Fact: Anna Kournikova had the most success in her career as a doubles competitor. Along with her partner Martina Hingis she won the Australian Open in both 1999 and 2002. The duo even won the WTA Award for Doubles Team of the Year. It was that same year (1999) that Kournikova was ranked as the number 1 doubles player in the world.

1 Ocean View

via prosport.ro

This revealing photo showcases the beautiful blonde’s lower half. Judging by the tan she has been sporting in many of these photos it’s apparent that Anna Kournikova spends a great deal of time basking in the sun. The shot helps prove that there is no such thing as too many Anna Kournikova bikini pictures. Her cheerful smile combined with the ocean in the background help complete this gorgeous image.

Fun Fact: While Anna Kournikova is very private when it comes to sharing information regarding her personal life, she is known to have dated two pro hockey players back in the day. She previously dated Russian NHL player Pavel Bure. The couple has even rumored to be engaged at point, despite the fact that both parties stated otherwise. She was also romantically linked to hockey star Sergei Fedorov in the early-2000s.

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