15 Pictures Of Dak Prescott's GF That Would Drive Him Crazy

Considering the way her near perfect physique is splashed all over the web, here are 15 pictures of her that must drive Dak absolutely crazy.

Well, well, well. Look who’s got himself a brand new girlfriend. That’s right, second-year Dallas Cowboys starting QB Dak Prescott is once again off the market, and this time his newest love interest is none other than sizzling-smoking Instagram star, Yasmine Nicole.

Now, as hard as it might sound to take a step up from his previous gal pal, Playboy model Dallas Nicole Parks, Dak definitely made a vertical move when he linked up with Yasmine.

Rumors first started flying about the budding affair when she showed up sporting a No. 4 “Prescott” jersey on the sidelines of a Cowboys’ game back on October 1st. The relationship was all but confirmed a week later, when she surfaced again at AT&T Stadium, this time in a suite overlooking the corner of the End Zone.

The only problem, though, was that as soon as Yasmine came into the picture, the Cowboys immediately dropped two home games in a row. That’s when Dak, in all his infinite – if not confounding – wisdom, decided that he’d remain celibate with Yasmine until the season was over or the Cowboys were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. That’s gotta drive him crazy, right? Especially with a knockout like Yasmine just waiting in the wings.

So considering the way her near perfect physique is splashed all over the web, here are 15 pictures of her that must drive Dak absolutely crazy.

15 His No. 1 Fan


Good gracious, y’all. How in the name of Roger Staubach does Dak find a way to resist the basic carnal instinct to knock cowboy boots when there’s a woman who looks like this cheering him on from the sidelines?

Seriously, she’s got the face of an angel framed between those flowing golden locks. Plus, there’s nothing better than when a woman rocks a jersey with your name on the back. It’s like she’s staking claim to her man for all the world to see.

14 Hotel Room


This shot has to be an absolute killer for Dak. We’ve already gotten an eyeful of Yasmine’s gloriously plump backside, and now she busts out the “twins” in this white-hot little number, all while hovering suggestively in front of what could be perfectly good bed for… shall we say a high-energy session of aggressive cuddling.

13 Red Tank Top


So we already established that Yasmine is more than willing to let the “twins” out to breathe when the mood is right, but we had no idea she could unleash those puppies for a spontaneous tank-top pose in the kitchen like this. Man, she rocks the cleavage with a capital “C!”

It just goes to prove that she’s an all-around dual-threat who can bring it with the best of them in her photo-shoot glam shots and then turn right around and make casual look good from the comfort of her own home.

12 Bed Selfie


Not only is Yasmine scorching hot, but she’s also got some drop-dead gorgeous friends, too. And what’s better than a couple of beautiful women posing together in one drool-inducing photo? You guessed it: when it’s a mirror selfie.

It must be a naturally occurring talent for beautiful women on Instagram or something, because mirror selfies are straight fire. Every. Single. Time. Maybe it’s the angle of attack with the camera-phone or the fact that they can snap as many pics as they need until they capture that perfect shot. Whatever it is, we can never get enough of them.

11 Poolside


You knew we couldn’t neglect Yasmine’s most incredible physical asset for too long. That bodacious badonkadonk must bring ALL the boys to the yard – and probably a fair share of women, too, if we’re being completely honest.

By now, you’ve gotta assume that Dak’s number one job these days is to defend his turf against all of Yasmine’s most adoring male admirers – that and the whole starting-quarterback thing for the most valuable franchise in American pro sports.

10 Daisy Dukes


Serious question for all the guys around here: in your professional opinion, is there any one thing hotter than a good-looking woman rocking a pair of Daisy Duke cutoffs and a little white top? Actually, we won’t even wait for a response, because the answer – unequivocally – is, has been, and always will be no. Hell no, in fact. Not one single thing.

Daisy Dukes – and the women who aren’t afraid to wear them – are a gift to men straight from God Himself. They’re a universal flashing signal that says “come flirt with me, because I’m totally pulling this outfit off, and I know you’re checking me out.”

9 Golden Cowgirl


You’ve got to stop and wonder sometimes if Dak and Yasmine’s relationship was written in the stars from the very beginning, especially when you come across a pic like this. It was taken well before the two started going out, but the fact that she once posed for a picture wearing a bathing suit that reads “GOLDEN COWGIRL” and then later started dating the Dallas Cowboys’ golden boy might lead one to believe that this is Dak’s world and we’re all just living in it.

8 Shower Time


To be perfectly honest for a second, we just can’t get enough of Yasmine’s ridonkulous derriere. And we’d wager a guess that that’s probably the same story for Dak, too. Seriously, look at that thing. It’s enormous. But in a good way – exactly the way you like it if you like ‘em thick.

7 Red, White And Wow


At the risk of sounding repetitive, can we just point out that Yasmine’s body is out of this world? Check that – it’s out of this galaxy and deep into outer space. In fact, if you look up the definition of “most desirable woman’s body-type for men,” in the dictionary, you are guaranteed to see this exact photo of Yasmine in its place.

Slender, flat tummy, legs for days, a bulging bust and an hourglass figure that makes even hourglasses jealous, Yasmine’s physique is the complete and total package, and Dak is one tremendously lucky man, whether he realizes it or not.

6 Suite View


It must be awfully difficult for Dak to concentrate on the snap counts and play calls during home games when he knows a beauty like this is looking down on his every move from the sidelines. It’s no wonder the Cowboys only went 1-4 in their first five home games after he and Yasmine struck up their little fling.

5 Cruisemates


Look, Yasmine Nicole is a ten, a HARD ten. Probably an 11 if you ask enough people. And you would imagine it’d be hard to think of any other woman when you’ve locked someone down as beautiful as her.

But boys will be boys, and a pretty girl is a pretty girl, especially when they’re paid to show a lot of skin and look good in pictures on the web. So do you think it drives Dak crazy seeing all the insanely gorgeous women his girlfriend hangs out with all the time?

4 Bathroom Mirror Selfie


Told you mirror selfies are the greatest thing since sliced bread! This time, we’re treated to a scintillatingly intimate iPhone shot of Yasmine showing off those incredible curves in a barely-there bikini that doesn’t leave much left to our wandering imaginations.

There’s something inherently sexy about a beautiful woman with her hair up and bare feet that sends our hart rates through the roof and gets our motors running at 100,000 RPMs.

3 Smart Casual

Boom. Not only can Yasmine rock a teeny bikini like a world-famous supermodel, she can make a smart-casual business outfit look better than a magazine. That’s right, when she’s not snapping steamy pics on the beach for her red-hot Instagram feed, she’s apparently working long hours as a “nerdy financial analyst who works at an investment bank.”

Well, hot dang. Brains AND beauty? Hey, Dak, does your girlfriend have a sister? Asking for a friend or 60,000.

2 ‘Merica


God bless America, and God bless a patriotic woman rockin’ the stars and stripes of Old Glory’s red, white and blue. You’d have to be an enemy of the state not to appreciate those twin bombs bursting out from beneath that star-spangled top or the way those hips are as free as the home of the brave.

But just in case you needed a little more time to bask in the rocket-red glare of Yasmine’s all-American beauty, go ahead and take four score and seven more seconds to proudly hail the broad stripes and bright stars so gallantly streaming across her perfectly toned bod.

1 White Hot


What better way to wrap up this list of 15 pictures of Dak Prescott’s blazingly hot girlfriend that would drive him absolutely bonkers than with this full-frontal glam-shot in that stringy, white number?

On the outside chance that we haven’t established this already, let us state it for the record once and for all: Yasmine Nicole and her angelically hot body take the meaning of stunning to a whole different level. Those meandering curves can make a strong man weak in the knees. And that plunging bikini? It’s got us all hot under the collar. It’s a wonder her follower count isn’t over one million.

Dak definitely hit the jackpot when he landed this gal, and it must drive him crazy the photos that are out there of her.

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15 Pictures Of Dak Prescott's GF That Would Drive Him Crazy