15 Pictures Of Danica Patrick That Would Have Her Boyfriend Crazy

Danica Patrick is one of the most influential women in all of professional sports. She was the first woman to race professionally in NASCAR and give the sport a fresh, new face to look at. She has had a lot more firsts when it comes to her career as a NASCAR driver. She was the first woman to have a lead at the Indianapolis 500. She was also the first moment to lead at the Daytona 500 and the Coca-Cola 600. Unfortunately, it's likely her career will end with only one win. She just competed in her final race with Stewart-Haas Racing, after previously announcing this would be her last full season. Her intention is to retire at next year's Indy 500.

Besides her racing ability, she also has the ability to dazzle in front of the camera.

Currently, she is dating someone and knows how to get herself in all of the tabloids across the world. She was also married for nine years to her now ex-husband Paul Edward Hospenthal. During that time, Patrick put up a lot of pictures of herself that definitely turned heads and had fans everywhere wanting to click and see what she would post next. Sure, she has her career as a race car driver that can last a long time. But she also has a career as a model if she chooses to stop racing professionally. We have seen her sizzling up the screen in the Go Daddy commercials, but this goes beyond those legendary commercials. We all have photos we don't want seen by the public, but these ones will be exposed for all to see. So without further adieu, we give to you 15 photos of Danica Patrick that are sure to drive her boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. crazy.


15 In Her Natural Habitat

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We begin our list with Danica Patrick taking a photo in a motor vehicle just like it is second nature to breathing. Patrick sure has captured our attention with her hard racing style and steamy photos off of it. She had a husband before, but apparently he didn't appreciate her enough to enjoy a photo like this. It has everything: style, flair, sexiness all in one tremendous package.

Patrick is standing by her vehicle wearing an opened up leather jacket and short shorts. This is only the beginning of the Danica Patrick picture spree. The pictures only get better and better. But for now, we'll enjoy a nice picture of her well dressed and flourishing in her natural environment of racing.

14 Little White Dress

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We realize that there are a lot of revealing pictures of Danica Patrick that fans are dying to see. But for now, we are going to take a look at one that looks just as good; even if she isn't in a bathing suit. As a professional athlete, Patrick has to go to big events all the time such as the ESPYs and the Oscars. This means she has to dress her best to make sure she doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Well, she definitely sticks out in a good way in this photo.

It is a very simple look, but it is one that works. We see the beautiful Danica Patrick showing off a white dress along with a pair of silver heels. This does a very good job at showing her shapely legs, the same legs that put countless hours in going around the track. She definitely has a busy life with practice, races, commercials, charity events, etc... You name it and Danica Patrick is probably doing it.


13 Need a Tune-Up?

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Some men are really into their cars. They love to get tune-ups every chance they get, they might love to get big tires for their trucks, you get the picture. The best part is when the woman you are seeing is interested in cars and can tell you when your car needs oil or when you need a new muffler. Danica Patrick obviously has a good knowledge of cars if she is racing them on an everyday basis. But she continues to show us that she can look good modeling in front of cars just as good as she can race them.

We love beautiful women in front of cars, it just looks right. Patrick looks right in this photo as she models red underwear while she is holding onto the car. Imagine having a woman look like this changing your tires or giving your car an oil change, it will make you want to come back to that particular auto shop more often than not.

12 Are We Racing?

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This is where most of the fun will begin. Naturally, Patrick races cars for a living. So she is bound to be doing some shoots of her in various appealing positions in her uniform. Well, in this case, Patrick was getting OUT of her uniform and on a beach on top of that!

Patrick looks incredible in this with her white bikini becoming more and more prominent as she slips out of her racing outfit. Patrick wowed Sport Illustrated readers with this shoot and it's no wonder she became such a household name in the sport of racing around the time of this photoshoot, almost 10 years ago. It seems like we're long overdue for her to give us another SI shoot, right?


11 Our Mouths Are Open Too

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Besides the obvious picture of little clothing and a lot of skin showing, Danica Patrick also proves she can pull off the sophisticated look as well. Sure, she had a picture earlier in this list wearing a dress. But the only reason she had that dress on was because she was at an event that required her to dress the part. It takes a true woman to be able to dress classy and still be able to look phenomenal. Patrick does just that in her next photo.

She isn't in a car, she isn't at a red carpet event; she isn't even at a photo shoot if you zoom in and look close enough. She is sitting cross-legged wearing a white blouse with black stripes along with a skirt that helps us continue to admire her legs. The mouth slightly open is a nice touch to the photo too for endless possibilities. Whatever the case may be, it is a great picture of Patrick that some don't want up but others love to view and admire.

10 Only A Quick Peek

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Sometimes, significant others need a quick peek just to get a thrill. Some people just can't help but be left wondering what is hiding underneath the clothes of their significant other. During her first marriage, there must have been times when Danica Patrick's ex-husband was left to imagine what could be going on underneath her dress or race jumpsuit or other clothing. That is exactly what this next photo gives us, a little sneak peak at what Danica Patrick has and is willing to share with the next man she ties the knot with.

So many of the photos we have showed so far have focused mostly on Patrick's legs. While they are very nice to view, we haven't had any good pictures yet of what is going on up top. Well, we get all of that here. We have seen snapshots of different parts. Now, we will start showing some photos that will bring it all together.


9 The Smile Says It All

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Now we will start getting into more pictures that show off Patrick's body like this one. We have to remember we don't see Patrick's body at all when she is in her races. She has to wear the full racing suits for obvious safety reasons. If she played a sport like beach volleyball, it wouldn't be as good because we would be seeing her in a bathing suit all of the time. But this photo of her in a bathing suit is great because we don't see it often and shows off all of her curves greatly.

The sparkling bikini look is a great one for Patrick indeed. There are a lot of good qualities that can be pointed out here. Her flat stomach shows how hard she works out and doesn't get lazy just sitting in a car and racing all day. Her hair flows lovely down to her mid-back region which we hardly see because her hair is typically in a ponytail under a helmet. Her butt makes a nice appearance to the picture as it is round and perky. Her ex and future husbands better hope there aren't more photos like these out there. Otherwise, they won't have a private stash to themselves for very long.

8 Showing Her Athleticism When Not Sitting Down

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One thing that you probably didn't know about Danica Patrick is that she is a big yoga advocate. Yoga is great for the body, mind, and soul which is something Danica Patrick clearly understands. We're so used to seeing her sitting in a car that we forget she has to workout and stay in shape in some capacity. Yoga is the way she does so and does she ever look good doing some of her trademark poses.

Imagine how difficult it is to hold a split in the air with a lot of pressure to hold you up. Now just imagine how difficult it is when there isn't a lot of pressure to help hold you up. Patrick felt daring one day as she attempted this while wearing a bikini. You see just how strong she is in her arms and core which is a huge turn-on for a lot of people.


7 Crawling to Her New Man

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A picture can say a thousand words, that's how the old saying goes at least. Danica Patrick has been displaying multiple messages as we have taken a look at her photo by photo. One has said, "I can do that tune-up for you if need be.". One has also said, "This may be a red carpet event, but I can still look really good." With this particular photo, it can be symbolizing Patrick crawling her way toward finding a new man.

Divorce is tough and people feel like they may never fall in love again like they did the first time. In Danica's case, she probably won't have to worry about finding another man with a picture like this. She is in a white bikini, basically on all fours; while giving a fierce look to the camera that could be saying, "I'm coming for you." She knows how to bedazzle the crowd with every picture she takes.

6 SI Knows What Danica Has Going On

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Sports Illustrated has been a popular avenue to look at pretty women in every professional sport possible. The big seller used to be the swimsuit issues that would constantly come out. That has seemed to taken a bit of a back seat to the body issue where more athletes willingly pose nude without their most private parts actually being shown. Danica however shows us that the swimsuit issue may not be as forgotten as some of us had already anticipated.

She is once again leaning up against a car with her hands behind her head, giving us full access to ogle her stunning frame. She shows off her curves while wearing a black bikini. She also gives us the fierce, race day stare that we are accustomed to seeing.


5 She Knows Her Ex is Looking

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It seems like sometimes, women will take photos of themselves as a revenge photo to an ex. It is a photo that says, "Well, we aren't together anymore so this is what you're going to miss." This message would be spot on for this picture of Danica Patrick coming in at the number five spot on this list. We are in the final third of this list and the pictures are only going to get hotter.

We see the lovely Patrick standing with the water in the background. Her right arm goes through her hair to make sure it is flowing through the air at the right angle for the camera to capture. It refers back to the song "Bedrock" by Young Money with the lyric, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave." That must be how Patrick felt when taking this picture thinking of her ex-husband. She hated to see him go from her life, but loved to watch him leave as she knew a better life was ahead. The ex would hate this because it is a somber reminder of what he once had and will probably never have again.

4 Soaking In The Sun

While Danica Patrick hasn't won many races in her career, her popularity never seems to waver in the sport, as she simply commands attention wherever she goes. It must be a real sight when someone is on the beach and they happen to spot her. While also being a professional racer, Patrick has also developed a second passion; making wine. Here she is endorsing one of her products the best way she knows how.

Patrick has made it clear that she wants her wine to stand out on its own which is why she decided to call it Somnium, rather than throwing her name on it:

"It’s better, she said, if the vineyard and the wine stand alone, “and then people find out that I’m involved and it’s my vineyard and kind of backs up the story in a really interesting way as opposed to ‘Oh, Danica’s wine? It can’t be that good.’

“That’s what I would think about a celebrity making wine. ‘How involved are they really? How good could it really be?’"


3 The Leaks

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This is one picture where not only would Danica Patrick's bf or ex-husband not want you to see it, but so would Danica herself. Like many professional athletes in recent memory, Danica's privacy was violated when back in 2014, an iCloud hack got a hold of some private photos of hers. It created quite the controversy as these pictures were clearly meant for a significant other of Danica's. Fortunately for Danica, it wasn't as graphic as some other leaks, but it was definitely an invasion of privacy nonetheless. While Danica has no problem posing for revealing photo shoots, it's a lot different showing some skin in a professional environment than it is when it's in the privacy of your own home.

2 She Does More Than Drive The Cars

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The number two photo on this list once again includes a car and Danica Patrick modeling it in a way most of us have never seen before. Everything about this photo just seems like fit. She is lying down on a Firestone tire her eyes focused solely on the photographer and the camera. She revels in modeling off her steamy black dress that leaves little to the imagination in the front.

Danica Patrick is just on another level when it comes to modeling. Sure, you have the Alex Morgan crowd, and then other crowds for athletes such as Skylar Diggins, Blair O'Neal, etc... But Patrick has a better case than most because she is one of the few if not only females in her sport and she knows she doesn't have any real competition for male viewings. She loves the camera and the camera loves her.


1 Nice Cars and Tattoos

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We have reached the final lap, the number one photo of Danica Patrick that her ex and future husbands do not want us to see. There have been 14 breathtaking and gorgeous pictures to fall in love with. But the number one picture brings all of the details together. This one is surely the one photo her ex and future husbands want only their eyes on, but unfortunately everyone can see.

She is showing her back to us which is completely okay with everyone viewing this. The red top and black bathing suit bottoms give us a great opportunity to see all of her curves. The one thing that stands out is her tattoo on her lower back. Viewed by some as a "tramp stamp", it shows that maybe Patrick has a freaky side that only few get to see when the race is over and the lights are out. Whatever the case is, it is a thing of beauty to see. This photo is definitely the one photo the ex and the future hubby don't want anyone to see. But we are thankful that we could see it!


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