15 Pictures Of Female Golfers That Prove The LPGA's New Dress Code Stinks

It was back in July that the controversial email sent by the LPGA to their members made the news and started making waves around the golfing world. Actually, it didn’t spark as much controversy within the golfing community as it did outside of it. In the age of gender equality and human rights, everything that smells like it could contain some kind of censure has, and should, be looked at with a microscope. This is what happened when the LPGA sent out the email telling their players what they could and couldn’t wear.

A few examples of clothing articles athletes would no longer be able to wear during professional golf competitions were joggers, workout gear and jeans, leggings (unless these were worn under shorts or something they call a skort), racerbacks that don’t have regular or mock collars, and by no means would anyone be allowed to wear something with a plunging neckline. These were the guidelines the overlords at the LPGA decided to put up to their players. But for some reason, it doesn’t seem like they were expecting to get as much backlash from it is they actually did. Most of the controversy came as people claimed this new practice basically meant that the LPGA was body shaming their players.

And you know we are 100 percent against body shaming. With that in mind, we decided to put together a list to show not only the fans of golf but the overlords at the LPGA that body shaming these beautiful women should be nothing short of a capital sin. So here are 15 steamy pictures of female golfers that prove that the LPGA’s new dress code sucks.

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15 Veronica Felibert

Sometimes your golf swing is not the most important part of your game. That sounds ridiculous, right? The thing is that sometimes an athlete may be well known, but not exactly for her skill on the golf course. That is the case with the Venezuelan beauty, Veronica Felibert.

Veronica has been playing golf since she was just seven years old. But despite the fact that she is indeed better than most golfers, she does not come even close to cutting it among the majors. Proof of that is that her current placement in the Rolex Rankings is not impressive at all. As of today, Veronica is ranked number 1022 in the world, according to LPGA.com. Nevertheless, she is one of the golfers who we firmly believe should never follow the LPGA dress code.

14 Holly Sonders

via golfdigest.com

Holly Sonders is someone who had to give up her dream at a very young age. She was a promising golfer and could have probably been someone who attained a high ranking within the community if she had been given a chance. But unfortunately, Holly had to go through a surgery in her early 20s that ended her dream of playing professional golf.

Nevertheless, not being able to play competitive golf was not enough to keep her away from the sport. No, instead of just giving up everything, she ended up becoming one of the most recognizable faces of the Golf Channel. If you follow the sport, we have no doubt that you have seen Holly’s face at some point. And we are also sure that you would agree that if she ever decides to tee off in an amateur competition or whatever, you would not want her following the LPGA guidelines.

13 Belen Mozo

The first entry of our list was someone who had Spanish as their first language, and we shouldn't leave her hanging. So let's throw another Spanish speaker who has dazzled golf fans all around the world into the fold. Unlike Veronica Felibert, Belen Mozo has from time to time featured among some of the best golfers in the world. She has almost $1 million in career earnings and has finished in the top 10 of four LPGA tournaments. As for rankings, Mozo currently sits in the 207 spot of the Rolex Rankings.

The only other thing she has in common with her Venezuelan counterpart is that this Spanish golfer is one of the most beautiful athletes you will see teeing off in any LPGA competition. And telling this woman what to wear when she is playing should be considered a crime.

12 Blair O’Neal

via blaironeal.com

No list of hottest golfers is ever complete without the obligatory mentioning of Blair O’Neal. This blonde bombshell from Illinois actually grew up in Arizona, where she started playing golf after her dad enrolled her in a junior clinic. From there, Blair never looked back and became one of the best junior golfers in America. Her biggest success, however, came at the collegiate level while she played for Arizona State University. There, she excelled and even won a pair of NCAA Long Drive Championships.

Unfortunately for golf fans, she had to put her professional career on hold for a while after an injury, but that didn’t stop Blair from making waves around the web as she became quite the successful model. She also didn’t stay away from golf for long, as she became a successful personality at the Golf Channel.

11 Lucy Robson

A post shared by Lucy Robson (@lucyrobson) on

This British beauty has yet to make her LPGA debut, but if what we saw from her college highlights showed anything, it is that she has potential and that she is someone who definitely should not become a victim of the LPGA’s new dress code. Despite being born in the United Kingdom, Lucy actually went to high school in the US and has stayed in America to improve her game ever since.

She is currently a collegiate golfer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she has put up some solid numbers. In the 2015-16 season, the best round of golf she played was a 72 she pulled off in the Bruin-Wave Invitational that was co-hosted by Pepperdine and UCLA at the San Luis Obispo Country Club.

10 McKenna Pautsch


A post shared by McKenna Pautsch (@mckennapautsch72) on

One thing we will see a lot is that there are a ton of female golfers who have hybrid careers, switching back and forth between their lives in the golf course and their lives as models. And, after seeing a lot of them, it is easy to understand why these beautiful women to make these career decisions. Someone who seems to be having a lot of success with a hybrid career is McKenna Pautsch.

Her biggest success in golf came while playing for the University of Redlands. In 2014, she was part of the team that won a conference title and earned the school a berth to the NCAA Division III Championships.

Not only a pretty face McKenna is also quite book smart as she was named to the Women’s Golf Coaches Association All American Scholar Team.

9 Anna Rawson

via pinterest.com

One thing that we have figured out so far is that a lot of golfers become models after they are discovered because of their careers on the golf course. Well, here is someone who did things the other way around. Anna Rawson was actually a model before she became a golfer. This Australian beauty began modeling at the age of 16 after she became a finalist in an Australian magazine cover contest. It was just after having some success as a model that she started appearing to the world on golf courses.

She won a few junior tournaments in Australia before moving to the US and playing for the University of South California. There, she excelled enough that she managed to turn pro in 2004 and just three years later was invited to join the LPGA tour.

8 Lexi Thompson

So far we have mentioned a lot of okay golfers who became known mostly because of their looks. Get ready for a switch, because here is someone who is not only one of the most beautiful golfers out there, but also one of the best. Currently sitting in third place in the Rolex Rankings and the number one spot in the CME Rankings, Lexi Thompson is a force to be reckoned with in the golf world.

With nine LPGA Tour victories under her belt, including a major win in the 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship, Thompson is en route to having one of the most victorious years in her career. She has already earned more than $1.6 million in prize money in 2017 and is sure to win much more as the year comes to a close. More than that, making such a professional and successful golfer have to follow some kind of dress code seems ridiculous. Lexi knows what’s best for her, so let her do whatever she wants.

7 Maria Verchenova

via speakerscorner.me

Maria Verchenova is not a member of the LPGA tour, but she is definitely someone who could at some point end up joining the ranks of golf’s top female tour. Born in 1986 in Moscow, this 31-year-old Russian golfer is probably one of the best Russian golfers of her generation. At least on the amateur circuit, she had quite a lot of success. Maria was a 2004 Russian Amateur Champion, a 2005 Latvian Amateur Champion and Slovenian Amateur Champion, and a 2006 Russian Amateur Champion and Austrian Amateur Champion.

She currently golfs in the Ladies European Tour and has five top 10 finishes. Her best round of golf was a 66. But she is one of the reasons we thank God for the Ladies European Tour not adopting such a harsh dress code like the LPGA.

6 Sophie Horn

via whatmatters.be

Where golfers are concerned, Sophie Horn is by far one of the hottest who has ever lived. She might not have made it big in the LPGA, but every time we see Sophie out on a golf course, we can’t help but imagine what a shame it would be if someone as beautiful as her would have to feel obliged to follow someone else’s rules while dressing to compete.

It seems like Sophie has been far from the professional circuit for a while, but that doesn’t mean that she has been away from golf for the same amount of time. In fact, instead of playing professionally, this talented athlete has become a professional golf coach and personal trainer. Two professions that we have no doubt she excels at.

5 Brooke Pancake

A former standout at the University of Alabama, this three-time All-American has been on the hunt for her first professional victory since turning pro in 2012. But while her first win has yet to come, there are a few facts about Brooke Pancake that make her one of our favorite female golfers to talk about.

The best of all the fun facts has to be that she is sponsored by Waffle House. Yes, Pancake is sponsored by Waffle House. How hilarious is that? All jokes aside, Brooke still seems way off from her goal of becoming one of the best golfers in the world as she is currently ranked 441 in the Rolex Rankings. Nevertheless, she is one of those golfers who tries hard every day to improve her game and has the stunning looks that attract lots of fans to watch her play.

4 Natalia Ghilzon

Just missing the top three on our list, we have one of our favorite Canadian professional golfers. This Ontario native gained quite a bit of fame after participating in the Big Break Atlantis in the 2012 season, but that was far from the first time this 27-year-old lady first laid her hands on a set of golf clubs.

Apparently, Natalia began showing interest in golf by the time she was only three years old. How crazy is that? By the time she was 11, she was already competing in tournaments and taking down people much older than her. Unfortunately for everyone, Natalia’s career took a turn for the worse while she was playing for Oakland University in Michigan. It was then that she found out she had a severe wrist injury and needed surgery.

The surgery was successful, but Natalia was never the same. We hope, however, to still see her kicking butt in LPGA courses, even if she has to deal with the ridiculous dress code.

3 Paige Spiranac

So excited for the US Open!? Who do you think is going to win?

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Paige Spiranac could undoubtedly be in the number one spot on this list. But we thought it would be fair to give someone else a chance since Paige is always number one in most lists about female golfers. The interesting thing about Paige Spiranac and this particular LPGA dress code issue is that Paige is one of the athletes who talked about the problem.

She was quite critical of the actions taken by the LPGA. In an interview, Spiranac made sure to explain her opinion and how she feared this new LPGA dress code might actually have the potential of stifling the growth of women’s golf. And we are with her on that. Limiting what athletes can and cannot wear in terms of dress code doesn’t really fit this new century’s mentality.

2 Charley Hull

via twitter.com

Perhaps today’s best British golfer, Charley Hull is another consummate professional who has not lost time in taking shots at the LPGA’s new dress code.

“I don't wear any of them, so it doesn't really affect me but I think it's a shame, as many people label golf old-fashioned and we need to move away from that,” Hull said. “Golf needs to be more original and athletic. If you look at most golfers, I don't think they look that good. If the clothes were cool, more people would play and watch it.”

When she says that golf is usually viewed as an old-fashioned sport, she is not wrong. And if this sport is supposed to continue growing year after year, something that the major tours around the world will have to do is find a way to appeal to younger audiences. And this new dress code is a huge no-no.

1 Paula Creamer

via embed.ly

We said that Paige Spiranac is usually number one in all of these lists, right? Well, if there is one woman who is always hot on her heels when it comes to beauty and golfers, it is Paula Creamer. Despite being older than Spiranac, this 31-year-old is the kind of golfer who can go head-to-head with anyone on anything.

Even if you believe Paige would have a slight edge over Paula in terms of looks, Creamer makes up for it with her accolades on the golf course. After all, we are talking about the 2010 US Women’s Open Champion. Creamer is also one of the highest-paid female athletes in the world, and she doesn’t need anyone, much less the LPGA, telling her what she can and cannot wear to improve her brand on or off the golf course.

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