15 Pictures Of Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady Doesn't Want You To See

Brazilian native Gisele Bundchen is without question one of the best-known supermodels in the entire world.

The 5-foot-11 blue eyed starlet is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women in an industry full of gorgeous gals. Bundchen first rose to prominence in the late 1990s. There are some in the industry who claim that Gisele Bundchen’s rise led to the end of the “heroin chic “era in professional modeling. She is so respected in the industry that modeling legend Claudia Schiffer told Vogue back in 2007, that Bundchen was the world’s only remaining supermodel.

The 6th generation Brazilian is fondly remembered as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, a title she held from 2000 to 2007.

Bundchen has beauty, fame, and a great deal of wealth to go with it. She also has a husband, New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, who has more than his fair share of female admirers.

Brady seems like a pretty laid back guy. That being said, one has to wonder how he feels about some of Bundchen’s more risqué photos that are out there.

Brady probably couldn’t care less about his wife's pics, but if there were 15 photos that he didn't want the general public to see, than these would certainly be the leading contenders.

15 Long Shirt

The expression on Gisele Bundchen’s face in this particular picture might lead one to believe that she just wants to get this shoot over with. The being said, even when the model looks like she's getting a bit impatient, Bundchen still manages to look like a perfect 10. The occasional actress looks amazing in her comfy shirt and thigh-high boots as she helps to create, yet another memorable Instagram post.

Fun Fact: Bundchen’s significant other has had some impressive accomplishments throughout the course of his career. Tom Brady’s career highlights include; winning five Super Bowls, being named to the Pro Bowl on 12 separate occasions, and being selected as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in both 2007 and 2010 respectively. Brady will most certainly find his way into the Hall of Fame as soon as he's eligible.

14 Water

Bundchen uses this very proactive photo to illustrate the importance of drinking water in human society. The caption reads, “Have you ever imagined a day without drinking water? Without, washing, cooking, planting, drinking, …? It hydrates, quenches thirst, nourishes; it gives life, it is life! Have you ever thought about what you would do without it? “ The model asks a good question and looks good in the photo while doing so. Let’s hope that none of us ever have to attempt to survive in a world without water.

Fun Fact: Gisele Bundchen is a celebrity who truly cares about the environment. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme). Moreover, Bundchen also serves on the Rainforest Alliance's board of directors.

13 Black & White

via fashionmodeldirectory.com

Bundchen shows why she is widely considered to be one of the best in the business with this stunning black and white photograph. Her black undergarments help to showcase the lovely Brazilian's seemingly flawless physique. The supermodel’s exotic beauty is on full display as her half-covered face gazes seductively into the camera. This is a billboard-ready photo of one of the hottest models around.

Fun Fact: Bundchen’s husband, Tom Brady, has been named Super Bowl MVP on four separate occasions. He won the prestigious award for the first time at Super Bowl XXXVI all the way back in February of 2002. Brady was also named most valuable player at Super Bowl and XXXVIII, XLIX, and LI, the latter of which recently took place in February of 2017.

12 The Collection

The blue-eyed beauty celebrates the launch of her Gisele Bundchen Intimates Collection in style with this gorgeous Instagram post. Who better to model a line of lingerie bearing her name, than the woman herself? The Brazilian proves once again that no one can model lingerie quite like she can. This image is sure to keep her social media followers engaged, as the model sits in her beautiful white undergarments.

Fun Fact: In 2010, Bundchen was at the center of controversy yet again; this time regarding her stance on breastfeeding. She told Harper's Bazaar UK, "Some people here [in the U.S.] think they don't have to breastfeed, and I think 'Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?'...I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months."She later publicly apologized for the comments.

11 Against The Wall

via fashionopher.blogspot.ro

Gisele Bundchen seems to have a knack for making black and white photos look amazing. The supermodel is at again, as she poses in their tight-fitting black bottoms. Her partial shadow adds some artistic flair to this interesting pic. The tall Brazilian’s long legs are on full display in a photo that leaves little to the imagination.

Fun Fact: According to Forbes, Gisele Bundchen has been the world’s top-earning model for several consecutive years. In 2012, Vogue’s website summed the supermodel up nicely, "the Brazilian model is the King Midas of fashion. Everything she touches turns to gold and companies that have invested in her have reaped the rewards." The quote would appear to be accurate, as (according to Forbes) Bundchen made $30.5 million, in 2016 alone.

10 Smoking

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While Gisele Bundchen might not be doing the anti-smoking movement any favor in this particular shot, she still looks absolutely stunning in this fashion-forward attire. The thigh-high boot with exposed toes looks amazing on the supermodel's extremely long legs. The blue-eyed Brazilian is so beautiful she can even make smoking a cigarette seem sexy. Bundchen produces yet another amazing shot for her droves of fans around the globe.

Fun Fact: Prior to marrying the New England Patriots Quarterback, Bundchen has involved in several other high profile relationships. The model had previously dated Brazilian businessman Joao Paulo Diniz, actor Josh Hartnett, Leonardo DiCaprio, and professional surfer Kelly Slater. In fact, in 2004, DiCaprio and Bundchen were even listed as one of People magazine's Most Beautiful couples.

9 Vacation Time

Finally on vacation! 😎🌴☀️Finalmente de férias!

A post shared by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on

Gisele Bundchen is doing a cartwheel while enjoying a family vacation, at what appears to be quite the exotic location. The former Victoria’s Secret model showcases some impressive flexibility and upper body strength in this fun Instagram post. Tom Brady is certainly a lucky man, as there is certainly no shortage of men out there who would love to go on vacation with this lovely lady.

Fun Fact: Over the course of his career, Tom Brady has made appearances on popular television shows. The star quarterback has been featured on shows like Saturday Night Live (which he hosted in 2005), the HBO series Entourage, and has also done voice work for shows like The Simpsons (“Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass”) and Family Guy (“Patriot Games”). Could a career in television be a part of Brady's post-football plans?

8 Fashion Forward

#tbt @vogueturkiye by @mertalas @macpiggott 💄📷💋

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This gorgeous throwback Instagram post shows the 5-foot-11 model in a risqué black number that highlights all of her finer points. Her light brown hair blows in the wind as Bundchen casts a fierce gaze in the direction of the camera. Pictures like the one shown here, are just one of the many reasons that the international starlet has 12.9 million followers on Instagram. Those who aren’t following her on social media likely will be after seeing this breathtaking image.

Fun Fact: A September 2000 Newsweek article credited Bundchen as being the reason many young girls in Brazil wanted to get into fashion. The article stated, “Capricho, a glossy teen magazine, recently asked 1,100 Brazilian teenagers if they wanted to become fashion models. Eighty-six percent said yes.The reason for this craze stands 1.77 meters tall and has smoldering blue eyes. Her name is Gisele Bundchen.”

7 Back

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Gisele Bundchen almost looks like she has a backache in this photo, yet still manages to look smoking hot. The 5-foot-11 Brazilian beauty shows off her impressive lean frame in this stunning photo of her back. Her light brown hair looks nothing short of amazing in this captivating image. Bundchen proves that she is a model that looks good from any angle.

Fun Fact: Bundchen’s big break came in 1998 when she modeled for Alexander McQueen’s (spring) show. She was actually selected to participate in the show due to her ability to walk on a slippery runway in high heels. McQueen praised the Brazilians efforts which immediately heightened her profile in the industry. After the show, Bundchen saw a significant increase in her bookings, almost immediately.

6 Leg Up

This is one photo that Gisele Bundchen fans are sure to get a kick out of. The supermodel looks ready to shatter the glass in front of her in this extremely interesting Instagram post. The caption below the photo says, “When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails.” While the quote doesn’t seem to go with the photo, the post got over 163,000 likes, and she looks really hot in the picture, so let’s just go with it.

Fun Fact: Bundchen’s filmography includes three movies thus far. She appeared in the 2004 motion picture Taxi, in which played the role of Vanessa. She also had a part in the 2006 hit, The Devil Wears Prada. Her most recent appearance was in a 2008 documentary entitled Coracao Vagabundo.

5 White Gloves

Via pinterest.com

Bundchen appears to be having a good time while modeling her white gloves, hat, and incredibly stylish high heels. Her underwear seemingly leaves very little to the imagination, but it still manages to flatter the 37-year-old's impressive figure. The Brazilian's flirtatious smile helps to complete an already gorgeous image. Photos such as this one make it easy for folks to understand how Gisele Bundchen has become one of the most popular models in the business.

Fun Fact: Bundchen is one of the most financially successful models in the history of the industry. In fact, in 2011, Forbes magazine named Brady and Bundchen the World’s Highest Paid Celebrity couple. The pair beat out famous duos like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and even Beyonce and Jay-Z.

4 Sand

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One of the downsides to wearing a thong at the beach is having to sit in the sand. However, Gisele Bundchen decides to make the best of the situation by simply striking a pose. The model shows off her lower half in a swimsuit that could certainly be described as revealing. When it comes to rocking a bikini, Bundchen shows that she is second to none in that department.

Fun Fact: Like many celebrities, the Brazilian has had some controversial moments. One such moment came in 2002 when Bundchen was given mink coats to be in an advertising campaign for a company called Blackglama. This prompted PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protesters to jump on the stage at a Victoria’s Secret show in New York. Fortunately, no models were harmed during the incident.

3 Lingerie

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After seeing this photo of the supermodel in lingerie, it’s easy to see how she found success as a Victoria’s Secret model for all those years. The 5-foot-11 starlet looks immaculate in this extremely captivating black and white photograph. Gisele Bundchen is a woman who looks good in just about everything she wears, and this attire is certainly no exception. She steals the show yet again, in her stunning Lingerie.

Fun Fact: Despite only being picked 199th overall, Bundchen’s man had a solid college football career at the University of Michigan. During his two seasons as a starter, Brady tossed 442 complete passes, and had a 62.3 completion percentage. Moreover, he also threw for 5,351 yards and had 35 touchdown passes to go with them. The team went 20-5 with Tom Brady as their starting quarterback.

2 Tube Top

Via pinterest.com

Gisele Bundchen lights up the runway yet again, in another photo that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. The skimpy black top almost looks like a censorship line used on television. That being said, the supermodel’s fashion forward attire makes her look amazing as per usual It seems nearly impossible to go online a find a bad picture of Gisele Bundchen; she is simply one of the most photogenic women on Earth.

Fun Fact: The brown haired beauty is actually a twin. Bundchen has a fraternal twin sister named Patricia. Gisele is the older sister, as she was born 5 minutes earlier than her younger sibling. Besides Patricia, she also has four other sisters named Rafaela, Gabriela, Graziela, and Raquel.

1 For The Camera

This shot almost looks like a picture of a picture being taken. However, in this instance, Gisele Bundchen is using this Instagram post to try and convey an inspirational message. The caption states, “Life is like a camera, just focus on what’s important. Capture the good times and focus on them. Develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot at it.” Wow! That is a lot of camera puns packed into one paragraph. That being said, it sounds like the supermodel has the right idea.

Fun Fact: Bundchen came out of catwalk retirement in 2016 for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The event took place in Rio de Janeiro, located in her native country of Brazil.

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