15 Pictures Of Hannah Davis That Would Drive Derek Jeter Crazy

In an industry full of the most beautiful women in the world, Hannah Davis' looks still manage to stand out. She is  just under 5-foot-10 with following brown hair and captivating green eyes. A simple glimpse at the native of St. Thomas will leave little doubt that she is, without question, one of the best-looking women on the planet today.

The 27-year-old is arguably best known for appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2013 to 2016. In fact, she was even featured on the magazine’s cover back in 2015. Folks may also remember her as the star of the “Hannah and Her Horse”, a Direct TV commercial series. Regardless of where one first laid eyes on the supermodel, if you see her, you will certainly remember her.

There was likely a long list of men interested in the brown-haired diva. However, when the dust settled, Hannah Davis decided to marry none other than New York Yankees legend, Derek Jeter.

In this article, we will take a look at 15 photos that are so hot, that even Jeter himself may not want you to see them. Moreover, we’ll also throw in some Derek Jeter facts, so fans can relive some of the future Hall of Famer's greatest moments.

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15 That Smile

via imgur.com

The tall model sizzles in a dress that is the very definition of class and elegance. Davis’s lovely green eyes are on full display in this photo, as she smiles for the camera. Her flawless complexion and charming gold earrings help complete an already amazing picture. Davis looks every bit the VIP that she is in this glamorous shot.

Fun Fact: Derek Jeter produced some eye-popping numbers over the course of his career in Major League Baseball. During his nearly two decades long career in the majors, the Yankees standout had an impressive .310 batting average. The shortstop had an impressive 3,465 hits during his iconic career. Jeter was also a solid base stealer during the early portion of his career, and managed to swipe 358 bags.

14 The Jacket

via Pinterest.com

This is one picture that truly highlights all of the supermodel's finer points. The fashion forward low-cut jean jacket serves to emphasize her slim, toned, midsection. Moreover, the somewhat revealing black bottoms definitely emphasize Davis’s impressive long legs. This picture could be on the cover of almost any fashion magazine, and it would certainly fly off of shelves. Davis-Jeter shows us, yet again, why she remains one of the most sought after talents in the industry today.

Fun Fact: During his tenure in New York, Jeter was often praised as much for his leadership, as he was for his play on the field. He was respected by the majority of his teammates and the Yankees organization as well. This is one of the many reasons the Yankees retired his number 2 in 2017.

13 Red Swimsuit

#tbt @si_swimsuit 😍😍😍💃

A post shared by Hannah Jeter (@hannahbjeter) on

There are few models that can even come close to looking as good as Hannah Davis-Jeter when it comes to sporting a bikini. This stunning Instagram post, which features the gorgeous gal in a skimpy red bikini, will certainly get folks attention. The swimwear serves to highlight a figure which appears to be void of any discernable flaws. This Throwback Thursday photo was able to generate 19,600 likes on Instagram and deservingly so.

Fun Fact: Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis officially announced their engagement back in 2015. The couple would go to be wed in July of 2016. In February of this year (2017) the couple announced that Davis was pregnant with their first child. They also have an Italian Mastiff named Kane, which Davis purchased for Jeter as a Christmas present.

12 The Love

In this post, Hannah Davis is offering her Instagram followers a sneak peek at her photo shoot for The Love magazine. Despite the fact that this post is from February 12th, the supermodel appears to be giving her fans an early Valentine's Day gift, based on the caption below the pic. The caption also seems to suggest that she enjoyed the shoot, which produced photos like the one shown here. The image certainly highlights her prominent top half.

Fun Fact: Back in 2002, iconic Yankees owner George Steinbrenner publicly ridiculed Jeter for partying into the early morning hours during the season. However, the two apparently settled their differences and even made light of the situation in Visa commercial that came out the following year. All’s well that ends well.

11 Black Lingerie

via Pinterest.com

After seeing this stunning lingerie pick, it probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that Hannah Davis has worked with Victoria’s Secret in the past. The green-eyed beauty looks dazzling in this outfit which leaves very little to the imagination. Davis is definitely a woman who looks great wearing all black. That being said, she seems capable of looking amazing in virtually any outfit. Few models can do lingerie quite like Hannah Davis.

Fun Fact: Just because Derek Jeter's playing days are over, doesn’t mean he won't be involved in baseball going forward. In fact, he recently finalized a deal to purchase a 20% stake in the Miami Marlins franchise. He will also serve as the organization's Chief Executive Officer, meaning he will be in charge of baseball operations.

10 Relaxing With Some Stars

via Mrgoodlife.net

Modeling may not be the first job that comes to minds when people discuss stressful occupations. However, even the rich and beautiful supermodels need a little rest from time to time. Davis looks gorgeous and even a bit patriotic in this flattering one-piece bathing suit. The brown-haired beauty makes relaxing look easy, which it is, but few people look as good while doing it.

Fun Fact: Derek Jeter won numerous awards during his time playing for the New York Yankees. He was the American League Rookie of the Year in 1996. Jeter was also named the World Series Most Valuable Player in 2000. He won the Silver Slugger award on five separate occasions and the Gold Glove award an impressive five times as well.

9 The Pose

via etonline.com

In this photo, Hannah Davis strikes a pose in her form-fitting one-piece. Her flowing brown hair is on full display in a shot that her fans are sure to remember for years to come. Despite looking slightly annoyed in this shot, the native of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands also looks smoking hot. This museum-worthy picture is one of her best, and that’s really saying something.

Fun Fact: Derek Jeter player for 19 seasons in the big leagues. During that time he was an All-Star selection on 14 separate occasions. His first appearance in the All-Star Game came all the way back in 2008. His most recent (and final) trip to the prestigious game, came during the 2014 season. Not a bad run at all for the Yankees slugger.

8 Wrestling Match

Black Friday can be pretty intense for most shoppers, but these two ladies might be getting a bit carried away. This almost looks like a wrestling match between these two lovely models. If the gorgeous females are indeed grappling, it would appear that Davis is winning the contest, as her opponent appears to be holding on for dear life. All kidding aside, this humorous Instagram post does showcase Davis’s signature long legs while sporting some very stylish leggings. It’s fair to say that this one of the supermodel’s more interesting Instagram posts.

Fun Fact: A scout for the Houston Astros named Hal Newhouser wanted to select Jeter #1 overall. However, the Astors organization felt that Jeter would want a salary bonus to forgo his college scholarship, so they drafted a player named Phil Nevin instead. Newhouser was so frustrated over the decision not to draft Jeter that he resigned from his position.

7 Bag Lady

@kittengalore @thegal

A post shared by Hannah Jeter (@hannahbjeter) on

This is an interesting outfit to go grocery shopping in, but who’s complaining? Apparently, 2,295 Instagram followers love this busty black top, complete with fashion-forward gloves. There is something about a black and white picture that seems to bring out the best in everyone and this shot is certainly no exception. Fans who aren’t following this lovely lady on Instagram are missing out on photos such as this one.

Fun Fact: Folks who thought Jeter's numbers in the majors were impressive, will be blown away by his highs school stats. During his time Kalamazoo Central High School, Jeter batted .508 as both a junior and a senior. He had .831 slugging percentage during his final season in high school. The fact that he struck out only one time during his senior year was among his most impressive feats.

6 Stretch It Out

via Fashion Gone Rogue

Hannah Davis shows that she has legs for days in this breathtaking photo for GQ magazine. Her white t-shirt is being stretched to the limit as she stares seductively into the camera. Davis’s legs are long, but also extremely toned, which would lead one to believe that Mrs. Jeter spends a great deal of time in the gym. Davis shows why featuring her in virtually any magazine is always a good idea.

Fun Fact: Prior to marrying Hannah Davis, Jeter had been romantically linked to several high-profile celebrities over the years. His first well-publicized relationship was with none other than singing sensation Mariah Carey. However, the courtship ended up being relatively short and only lasted from 1997 to 1998. Carey would wind up being the first of many celebrity exes for Jeter.

5 The Rock

via bustedcoverage.com

Hannah Davis looks ready to join the wildlings from Game of Thrones in this fashion-forward fur vest. The tall, slender, model stretches her long frame across a peaceful looking rock pond. It’s fair to say that this is one Hannah Davis photo that really rocks! The gorgeous brunette puts her flawless figure on full display in this fun photo. Pics like this prove that Derek Jeter is a very lucky man.

Fun Fact: Besides Mariah Carey, Jeter has also been romantically involved with other big named celebrities. His dating resume includes names like Miss Universe Lara Dutta, Vida Gurrero, Vanessa Minnillo, and even Jordana Brewster. The former All-Star has also been romantically linked to actress Jessica Biel. The shortstop has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world.

4 Jeans And A Leotard

via Pinterest.com

Hannah Davis once again proves that bikinis can be overrated in this gorgeous black one piece swimsuit. It must have been a hot day out when she posed for this GQ photo, as the model appears to be trying to remove her jeans in this image. It truly seems like Hannah Davis couldn’t be involved in a bad photo, even if she tried to. Of all the beautiful celebs Jeter has dated over the years, Davis may very well be the hottest.

Fun Fact: Jeter has made a fortune playing in the majors for almost two decades. As a result, he owns homes in Tampa, Florida and Greenwood Lake, New York. He also has a third residence in Marlboro Township, New Jersey. Jeter definitely has options when it comes to places to stay.

3 All-American

Ready for the holiday weekend in my @opoceanpacific bikini! Happy 4th! #OpSummer

A post shared by Hannah Jeter (@hannahbjeter) on

Davis appears to be celebrating July 4th in style with this very figure-flattering, patriotic, America flag bikini. The models flowing brown locks are floating in the air as she enjoys a popsicle, which also happens to be red, white, and blue. It’s easy to see why over 15,000 people liked this photo on social media, as Davis wished her fans the best on the famed holiday.

Fun Fact: Despite his rigors schedule, Jeter is an athlete who finds time for charitable endeavors. In 1996 he established an organization known as the Turn 2 Foundation. One of the foundations primary objectives is to keep young people from becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs. His charitable work helped to earn the star shortstop and honorary doctorate from Siena College.

2 Tiger Print

via pinimg.com

The supermodel shows off her wild side with her tiger print lingerie. The 27-year-old truly looks like the queen of the jungle in this revealing attire. Lingerie modeling looks to be one of her specialties, though she looks like a 10 in just about anything she decides to wear. Its fair to say that Hannah Davis truly has the eye of the tiger in this breathtaking photo.

Fun Fact: Derek Jeter has been in several video games over the years. He was even featured on the cover of MLB 2K5, 2K6, and 2K7. The Yankee great also graced the cover of All-Star Baseball back in 2005.Moreover, he was  the subject of the mobile-based game, Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2008. Those who wish to play as Jeter on their game console have plenty of options.

1 Reflection

via Celebmafia.com

The reflection on the water almost makes it seem like there are two Hannah Davis pictures in one. However, with a photo like this, one is more than enough. Even the picturesque mountains in the background can’t detract from the supermodel's undeniable beauty. Images like this remind us why the stunning brunette has been asked to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on numerous occasions. Seeing Hannah Davis in a swimsuit never gets old.

Fun Fact: On his personal blog, Pitcher Curt Schilling summed up Jeter's career nicely, "Derek Jeter has always been above the fray. As someone who's wallowed in it, 'foot-in-mouthed' it hundreds of times, said dumb things and backed up dumber ones, it's refreshing. He's shown up, played, and turned in a first-ballot Hall of Fame career in the hardest environment in sports to do any/all of the above."

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