15 Pictures Of Lindsey Vonn That Will Make Tiger Woods Regret Their Breakup

When is it comes to big names in the world of alpine ski racing, Lindsey Vonn is in a class by herself. The Olympic gold medalist and World Cup champion has become a household name by competing in a relatively obscure sport. In truth, many sports fans couldn’t name another snow skier outside of Vonn, if their life depended on it. This  may lead one to ask, just what is it that makes then native of Saint Paul, Minnesota so special?

Her Olympic accolades are extremely impressive, but there are several great Olympians who aren’t half as famous as the skier. It’s Vonn’s combination of athletic ability and natural charisma that make her one of the most popular sports stars today. Also, it probably doesn’t hurt that the 5-foot-10 blonde is one of the most attractive women walking the face of the earth.

The skier’s undeniable beauty even caught the attention of the world’s most famous golfer, Tiger Woods. The pair met at a charity event and dated for almost two years, between 2013 and 2015. Sadly, things didn’t work out for one of sport’s biggest power couples. However, after seeing these 15 photos, Woods may wish that things had turned out a bit differently.

15 The Red Carpet

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Vonn shows off her curves and a stylish blue outfit, as she poses for the media at the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports awards show. The gorgeous blonde looks every bit the VIP, as she gives onlookers a confident over-the-shoulder stare. If they gave out an award for the world’s most beautiful alpine skier, one can be sure that Vonn will be the receipted on an annual basis. In case anyone was wondering, Vonn took home the prestigious Don’t Try This At Home Award, beating out the likes of NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the event.

Fun Fact: Vonn began skinning (or at least put on a pair skies) at the age of 2. As a child, she joined the Buck Hill developmental program under famed ski coach, Erich Sailer.

14 Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants have become increasingly popular in recent years, due in large part to being both comfortable and affordable. One of the many benefits athleisure wear offers is that it often helps to flatter ones figure . In this image, we see Vonn a sporting a pair of yoga pants that showcase her world-class curves. It would be nearly impossible to find another athlete (or woman in general) who can rock a pair of yoga pants like Lindsey Vonn

Fun Fact: Vonn’s achievements combined with her marketable appearance have helped her land numerous endorsement deals over the years. Red Bull, Under Armour, and Oakley are just a few of the companies that have worked with the alpine skiing sensation throughout the course of her career.

13 Gains, Bro

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This is hands down Linsey Vonn’s steamiest pick, due in large part to the fact that there is actual steam in the background. The popular Olympian appears to be working up quite a sweat, while pumping some iron. This photo reminds us that Vonn didn’t get her world-class physique by simply sitting around. The blonde stunner looks ripped as she stares seductively into the camera. While she may be beautiful, the skier doesn’t looks like someone you would  to mess with either.

Fun Fact: Vonn grew up idolizing Picabo Street, a fellow skier and something of a sex symbol in her own right back in the mid to late '90s. The two met when Vonn was just 10 years old. Interestingly enough, Street would later serve as a mentor to the (then) talented up and comer.

12 Winter Hat

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Vonn appears to be in peak physical condition, as she poses for this the camera with a stunning view of the mountains in the background. The being said, with this lovely skier standing front and center, there probably aren’t too many folks looking at the picturesque backdrop. This gorgeous bikini pic helps to showcase the Olympian's flawless physique, in a photo her fans are sure to love. Vonn's stylish white hat helps add some flair to an already breathtaking photo.

Fun Fact: Lindsey Vonn was born Lindsey Caroline Kildow. She took the last name Vonn when she married fellow skier Thomas Vonn, back in September of 2007. When the couple divorced in 2013, Lindsey Vonn opted to keep the last name, which she had achieved fame while using.

11 Split

The alpine skiing sensation shows off her skills on the balance beam, in this fun Instagram post. In the caption, Vonn admits that she isn’t on the level of Olympic gymnasts Aly Raisman and Simone Biles, but is still showcasing some impressive skills none the less. Moreover, the world champion's short shorts and skimpy white top help to highlight her toned midsection. From the looks of things, Vonn is an athlete that doesn’t take many days off when it comes to working to out.

Fun Fact: Vonn has won two medals over the course of her Olympic career thus far. She took home the gold in the downhill competition while managing to win bronze in the Super-G event. She won both medals at the 2010 winter games in Vancouver.

10 Out In The Cold

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Folks who think modeling is easy, clearly haven’t seen this photo. Vonn must have been freezing during this shoot. One has to wonder if they airbrushed the goosebumps off of her body prior to this photo being put into print. Temperature aside, the Olympic medalist looks nothing short of amazing in this white bikini, complete with tassels. The helicopter in the background makes the blonde bombshell’s hair flow in the wind. When it comes to delivering great photos, Vonn never leaves her fans out the cold. The skier shows us her championship grit, with a bikini pic in the snow.

Fun Fact: Vonn made her Olympic debut all the way back in 2002 when she was just 17 years of age. However, the young skier failed to take home a medal that year.

9 Captain Marvel

Vonn once again steals the show with her form-fitting Captain Marvel themed ski outfit. This probably doesn’t technically qualify as cosplay, but its pretty darn close. Cosplay or not, this is an outfit any comic book fan is sure to appreciate. The star athlete also flashes her gorgeous smile, along with a set of pearly white teeth that any dentist would be proud of. With over 72,000 likes, it's fair to say that her Instagram followers definitely appreciate Vonn paying tribute to the popular superhero.

Fun Fact: Vonn has been plagued by injuries over the course of her career. She missed part of the 2013 season and almost all of the 2014 season (including the Winter Olympics, which were held that year) due to a knee injury, torn ACL, and other injuries she sustained during a skiing accident.

8 Fashionable Lindsey

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While we are used to seeing Vonn in workout attire, or is some cases, posing in a bikini, the award-winning athlete shows fans her impressive sense of style with this outfit choice. The 5-foot-10 stunner likely turned plenty of heads with her zip-up dress and thigh-high boots. The gold medalist looks ready for the runway, as she smiles for the camera, while walking down the street. It’s easy to see why Vonn has been featured in so many popular magazines, after seeing this photo.

Fun Fact: At the 2013 World Championships held in Austria, Vonn suffered a horrific crash while competing in the super-G event. The frightening incident resulted in the world-famous skier being airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. Fortunately, she eventually went on to make a full recovery.

7 Strike A Pose

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Linsey Vonn looks like she is ready to let loose after a hard practice, in this photo. The star athlete poses in her sports bra with her skis draped over her shoulders. Moreover, Vonn’s patriotic leggings help to highlight her toned lower half. The blonde superstar makes skiing look like the sexiest sport around with this exciting image. Pics such as the one show that the alpine racer is capable of modeling with the best of them.

Fun Fact: Vonn had a tough time at the 2006 Olympic games. After clocking her second best time, in her first practice run for the downhill event, Vonn ended up crashing during her second run. Despite being hospitalized, the American returned just two days later to compete. Although she finished 8th, Vonn earned the U.S. Olympic Spirit Award for returning to the games.

6 Working Those Arms

This image shows Lindsey Vonn rehabbing her arm after suffering an injury. The caption reads, “Bummed I wasn’t racing this weekend but my are is getting better, and I’m working as hard as I can. One small step at a time. Shocked I don’t have a huge belly after eating so much turkey last night.” Vonn may have eaten a lot last Thanksgiving, but she definitely doesn’t have a “huge belly.” She finishes her caption with the hashtag “#strongisthenewbeautiful, which she proves with this breathtaking Instagram post.

Fun Fact: Vonn has won World Cup races in all five alpine skiing disciplines and is one of only six women to accomplish this feat. For those unfamiliar, the five disciplines are downhill, super-G, super combined, slalom, and giant slalom.

5 Sisterly Love

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This photo show Vonn and her sister Karin Kildow stopping for a photo op at The ESPYS. As we can see here, Lindsey Vonn isn’t the only beautiful women in the family. The two women both looking amazing in their stylish lowcut dresses. Unlike her world famous sister, Kidlow is not an athlete. The gorgeous blonde sibling is actually social media specialist who works for the beverage company, Red Bull. Kidlow has been spotted at several red carpet events with her sister and with over 18,000 Instagram followers, she has become a minor internet celebrity in her own right.

Fun Fact: Lindsey Vonn has a very unique pet named Olympe the cow. As you may have guessed, Olympe is a cow. She actually won her oversized pet as a prize back in 2005. Olympe resides in Austria.

4 Book Promo

Vonn uses her movie star good looks to promote her book entitled Strong is the New Beautiful. The book was released back in October of 2016. Strong is the New Beautiful offers readers tips on things like attitude, strength and overall fitness. Based on the lovely Instagram post shown here, it’s fair to say that Lindsey Vonn knows a thing or two about fitness. The alpine skier shows fans the type of physique they can hope to achieve with the right combination of hard work and eating right.

Fun Fact: Vonn, along with several other Winter Olympic competitors, appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010. The issue featured the famous photo, of Vonn, wearing nothing but body paint. Vonn is in good company, as only the most beautiful women in the world are featured in the popular publication.

3 Back To The Gym

In the caption below this Instagram post, Vonn quotes former first lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, “The Purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” These word appear to have motivated Vonn, as she walks with a great deal of determination in this photo. Based on the caption, one might conclude that the bombshell is heading to the gym; though it’s unlikely that she’ll be working out in this fashionable, form-fitting dress.

Fun Fact: Vonn is an athlete who takes training very seriously. The skiing pro works out about six days a week, with some of her sessions lasting as long as eight hours. Vonn’s commitment to fitness is certainly admirable.

2 With Wozniacki

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This photo shows Vonn hanging with the lovely tennis star, Caroline Wozniacki. It isn’t often you get to see a picture of two of the most beautiful women in sports standing side by side, as we do here. These tall, blonde superstars look amazing in there dresses as they smile for this amazing photo op. Interestingly enough, both these lovely ladies have been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. One could make a strong case that these are the two hottest women in tennis and skiing respectively.

Fun Fact: 5-foot-10 tennis sensation Caroline Wozniacki hails from Odense, Denmark. She has been ranked number 1 in the world as a singles player, despite having never won a Grand Slam tournament. She has also managed to win over $26 million during the span of her career thus far.

1 Throw Your Hands In The Air

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This image proves that Vonn looks smoking hot, even when she is probably pretty darn cold. Her form-fitting ski outfit, from the 2010 Olympic Games, help to showcase her world-class figure. In truth, Vonn looks almost as good in uniform as she does in some of her bikini shots. The blonde bombshell flashes a warm smile, while waving to her millions of fans around the world.

Fun Fact: Vonn’s ex, Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers to ever set foot on the green. He has been named PGA Player of the Year an impressive 11 times. Woods currently leads active golfers in both major and PGA Tour wins. Throughout the course of his career, he has been ranked number 1 in the world for a record-setting 683 weeks.

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