15 Pictures Of Lolo Jones That Prove She Is Hot AF

Lolo Jones is an Olympic track and field competitor who represented the United States in the 2008 Bejing Olympics as well as the 2012 summer games held in London, England. She also competed in the 2014 Winter Olympics as a member of the U.S. bobsled team, thus making her one of only a handful of athletes to ever compete in both games.

While her athletic accomplishments are certainly impressive, it was her stunning good looks that helped her gain mainstream attention in two sports that have relatively few household names.

At 5-foot-9 with light brown hair and an extremely toned physique, Lori Susan “Lolo” Jones stands out as one of the most attractive females to ever compete at an Olympic level. The green-eyed native of Des Moines, Iowa has appeared in numerous magazines and television shows, which have helped her, become the most followed hurdler on the social media site Twitter, with around 427,000 followers.

In fact, Jones was considered so attractive she was even compared to former tennis star and model Anna Kournikova by Janice Forsyth of the International Centre for Olympic Studies. One look at the photos in this article at it’s easy to see why.

So without further ado, it’s time to take a look 15 photos that prove Lolo Jones is one of the hottest Olympians ever.

17 Poolside Beauty

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Lolo Jones show off her bikini bod while standing next to the pool in this photo which was apparently taken in Miami. The multi-colored swimsuit likely stole the show at this Guest House event. Instead of consuming alcohol; it looks like the former Olympian opted to go with a can of Red Bull. The energy drink company appears to be sponsoring the event. Of course, if one wants to maintain a figure like Jones is sporting in this photo, then avoiding beer and other alcoholic beverage is probably a good idea.

Fun fact: In the 2008 Summer Olympics, Jones was the favorite to take home the gold in the 100-meter hurdles. However, Jones ended up tripping on a hurdle and wound up placing 7th in the event.

16 Red Carpet Diva

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Jones looked stunning in her stylish dress when she arrived at The ESPYS. After seeing this photo there is no question that the track and field star definitely belongs on the red carpet. Seeing Lolo Jones in this shot reminds folks why she is able to attract so much attention from sports media outlets. In this image the Iowa native redefines both class and style.

Fun fact: Jones and her family struggled to make ends meet when she was a young girl. Her mother worked two separate jobs to support her and her five siblings. Moreover, her father wound up in prison at one point. While the future Olympian was attending elementary school, her family was living in a church basement for a period of time. Jones is a great example of an athlete who was able to overcome hardship at a young age.

15 Having A Ball

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This artistic and tasteful image shows Jones sitting on a round red structure in a forest like area. The bobsledder looks almost like a statue in the photo while she shows off her well-muscled physique. She appears strong and defiant while posing for a picture that might well be suitable for a museum. In fact, one might even say that Jones herself is indeed a work of art.

Fun fact: Jones had an excellent college career as a member of Louisiana State University’s track team. She became a six-time SEC champion and an 11-time All-American. She particularly excelled at both the 60-meter and 100-meter hurdles. However, despite all her athletic accomplishments, she was also able to earn a degree in economics while attending LSU.

14 Birthday Suit

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This stunning photo was taken during Jones’s shoot for The Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine. The image highlights her tall slender physique. It no doubt took the Olympic hurdler years of training and countless hours spent in the gym to obtain a figure like this. This photo which was taken in 2009 shows that Lolo Jones is one Olympian that known’s how to pose for the camera.

Fun fact: Lolo Jones is a virgin who has been very outspoken in regards to her stance on sex before marriage. She shared this information with the public when she was featured on HBO’s Real Sports televison show, back in 2012. The 34-year-old's Twitter profile even playfully states “holding out till 41 because there needs to be a movie sequel to The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

13 Wake Up

Welp back to being single and putting out thirst trap pictures again.

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When you get a glimpse of this image it is hard to believe the caption below it. How can someone that looks like Lolo Jones still be single? That being said, the caption in this recent photo clearly states; “Welp back to being single and putting out thirst trap pictures again.” Apparently, the track star is still available for those who might be interested and there are likely more than a few guys out there who would love to take Jones out for an evening on the town. Moreover, it’s impressive to see that the LSU alum still looks this good first thing in the morning.

Fun fact: According to Urban Dictionary, the term “thirst trap” refers to, “A sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction.”


11 Exotic Location

This photo proves, once again, that no one can rock a bikini quite like Lolo Jones. The Instagram post shows the fit track star exploring the Arenal Volcano which is located in the nort-western region of Costa Rica. It’s a good thing she’s wearing a helmet, because like the caption implies it looks like she is about to run straight into the rock wall in front of her. This image captures the Olympic standout's playful side.

Fun fact: The Arenal Volcano unexpectedly erupted in 1968 destroying a small town called Tabacon. However, there was probably little reason for Lolo Jones to be concerned when this photo was taken back in August of 2015. That’s because the Volcano was been dormant since 2010 which is probably a good thing for nearby visitors.

10 Workout Ready

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The Olympic hurdler looks ready for an intense workout in this stunning photograph. Lolo Jones stares intently at the ground while showing off her lean midsection. The amount of time and dedication it must have taken to obtain this nearly-flawless physique is something that only other Olympic level athletes truly understand. From the looks of this shot, Jones doesn’t take too many workout days off as is evident from her apparent lack of any visible body fat.

Fun fact: The reason for Lolo Jones' infamous “trip” during the 2008 Olympics was actually due to a spinal injury, according to her ESPN documentary entitled Lolo. In fact, at one point Jones claimed she couldn’t even feel her feet due to the injury. Fortunately, she had surgery on the injured area and was able to continue her career.

9 Double Trouble

Amen, the worst is behind us now. See ya in 2018. #givesyouwings @lindseyvonn

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There is likely no shortage of women out there who would be understandably intimidated taking a photo next to Lindsey Vonn in this skimpy outfit shown in this Instagram post. However, Lolo Jones certainly isn’t one of them. Jones more than holds her own sitting next to the stunning blonde alpine ski racer. As hot as these two ladies are, they might just melt all the snow if they wind up competing in the upcoming Winter Olympics which are scheduled to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Fun fact: Lindsey Vonn has had a great deal of success in past Winter Olympics. She won the gold medal in the Women’s downhill competition back in 2010, making her the first woman from the United States to do so.

8 Meditation

After all that running it’s good to see Lolo Jones finding a little time to relax and meditate. This photo shows the track star getting her Zen on in her sports bra and yoga pants. Jones looks peaceful and focused while wearing a piece of jewelry which (according to the caption) tracks her sleep and breathing, among other things.

Fun fact: In 2014 Jones competed as a brakewoman for the United States Olympic bobsled team. The decision to add Jones to the lineup was criticized for being a publicity stunt by fellow bobsledders like Emily Azevedo. Azevedo was quoted in a USA Today article stating; "I should have been working harder on gaining Twitter followers than gaining muscle mass.” During the 2014 Winter Olympics Jones and her team ended placing 11th overall.

7 Running Gear

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It’s difficult, if not impossible to find a photo of Lolo Jones when she isn’t in excellent physical condition. However, the hurdler looks especially ripped when it comes time for race day. Judging by the expression on her face, the track star appeared to be happy with her results that particular day. This image shows Jones at her physical peak after finishing a race. Her running outfit is extremely figure flattering in this instance.

Fun fact: Jones qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England after placing 3rd at the U.S. Olympic trials. During the 2012 games, Jones won her first 100-meter hurdles heat and advanced to the semifinals. She came in 3rd in the semifinal round and thus advanced to the medal round. However, she ended up finishing 4th in the final round with a time of 12.58s and did not take home a medal.

6 Dancing Star

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Lolo Jones shows that she definitely has a face for television while posing for this Dancing With the Stars promotional shot. The Iowa native looks simply radiant in this low-cut ballroom gown. When you see this image it becomes easy to understand why the reality dance show was interested in featuring the Olympic star on their program. Jones’s competitive spirit, athletic ability, and undeniable sex appeal made her an obvious choice for the show.

Fun fact: While Lolo Jones did make the cast of the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars, she struggled right out of the gate. In fact, Jones and her partner Keoikantse Motsepe were the first couple eliminated from the competition. A disheartened Jones even expressed her frustration with her performance on air after her dance was complete.

5 Relaxing By The Window

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This image proves that the stunning Olympian doesn’t need to be in a skimpy bikini or her birthday suit in order to look good. This casual shot of Jones with her signature long legs stretched out across the window shows a very relaxed and confident side of this world class athlete. This captivating picture proves that sometimes the simple poses can be among the best.

Fun fact: After failing qualify for the 2004 Summer Olympics, a frustrated Jones briefly contemplated retirement. Moreover, her financial struggles at the time were also a reason she considered hanging up her running shoes once and for all. She ended up working as a waitress and in retail, but did ultimately decide to continue her track and field career and eventually qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games.


3 American Made

Via: I Love Design

The former Team U.S.A. member shows off her patriotic side with this American flag themed sports bra. Her denim jeans and jacket make this outfit as American as the 4th of July. Jones’s coy smile helps to complete this memorable image. The picture leaves little doubt that the former Olympian is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Fun fact: Jones is a charitable soul who enjoys giving back to the community. As a former student at Roosevelt High School, Jones decided to make to return to her old stomping ground with brand shoes for each and every member of the school's track team. Moreover, she also donated a portion of her winnings to a single mother from her home state of Iowa who was affected by the flood that hit the area back in 2008.

2 Night Out

Via: CLutchFans

The star runner looks ready to mingle at the club in this wild outfit. Lolo Jones looks both attractive and formidable wearing her spiked heels and matching bracelet. Perhaps she uses them to ward off unwanted attention from star struck male club goers. Whatever the case may be, the outfit also helps the world-class bobsledder show off her athletic figure, most notably her long legs. Jones even looks to be playfully blaming the photographer for whatever she just stepped on. This image shows that Lolo Jones definitely has a bit of a fun side.

Fun fact: Lolo Jones made her film debut in the apocalyptic thriller Left Behind. In the movie, Jones played the role of a flight attendant named Lori. She has also appeared on television as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2012.

1 Paradise

Jones makes this tropical paradise look even better while lying in the sand in her colorful bikini. Her humorous caption on this Instagram post says, “Consider it a business trip… I’m reviewing sand for future long jump pits.” Hopefully, she doesn’t try using this vacation as a tax write-off at the end of the year; it’s unlikely the IRS is going to buy her reasoning. In all seriousness though, there are few athletes on the planet that look as good as Jones does in a bikini.

Fun fact: Ever wondered how Lori Jones got the nickname “Lolo”? She is actually named after her mother. She started going by “Lolo” to make it easier on people calling their home. The catchy nickname wound up staying with her as an adult.

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